Three Sisters, Three Queens

Three Sisters Three Queens As sisters they share an everlasting bond As queens they can break each other s hearts There is only one bond that I trust between a woman and her sisters We never take our eyes off each other In love

  • Title: Three Sisters, Three Queens
  • Author: Philippa Gregory
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  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As sisters they share an everlasting bond As queens they can break each other s hearts There is only one bond that I trust between a woman and her sisters We never take our eyes off each other In love and in rivalry, we always think of each other When Katherine of Arag n is brought to the Tudor court as a young bride, the oldest princess, Margaret, takes her measure.As sisters they share an everlasting bond As queens they can break each other s hearts There is only one bond that I trust between a woman and her sisters We never take our eyes off each other In love and in rivalry, we always think of each other When Katherine of Arag n is brought to the Tudor court as a young bride, the oldest princess, Margaret, takes her measure With one look, each knows the other for a rival, an ally, a pawn, destined with Margaret s younger sister Mary to a sisterhood unique in all the world The three sisters will become the queens of England, Scotland, and France.United by family loyalties and affections, the three queens find themselves set against each other Katherine commands an army against Margaret and kills her husband James IV of Scotland But Margaret s boy becomes heir to the Tudor throne when Katherine loses her son Mary steals the widowed Margaret s proposed husband, but when Mary is widowed it is her secret marriage for love that is the envy of the others As they experience betrayals, dangers, loss, and passion, the three sisters find that the only constant in their perilous lives is their special bond, powerful than any man, even a king.

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    1. Philippa Gregory

      Philippa Gregory was an established historian and writer when she discovered her interest in the Tudor period and wrote the novel The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a TV drama and a major film Published in 2009, the bestselling The White Queen, the story of Elizabeth Woodville, ushered in a new series involving The Cousins War now known as The War of the Roses and a new era for the acclaimed author.Gregory lives with her family on a small farm in Yorkshire, where she keeps horses, hens and ducks Visitors to her site, PhilippaGregory become addicted to the updates of historical research, as well as the progress of her ducklings.Her other great interest is the charity she founded nearly twenty years ago Gardens for The Gambia She has raised funds and paid for 140 wells in the primary schools of the dry, poverty stricken African country Thousands of school children have learned market gardening, and drunk the fresh water in the school gardens around the wells.A former student of Sussex University, and a PhD and Alumna of the Year 2009 of Edinburgh University, her love for history and her commitment to historical accuracy are the hallmarks of her writing She also reviews for US and UK newspapers, and is a regular broadcaster on television, radio, and webcasts from her website Philipa s Facebook page facebook PhilippaGregoryOfficial


    1. I would have loved if this focused more on the sister relationship. Margaret, while an interesting narrator, got to be a bit tiresome at times as she was veeeery whiny and jealous. I feel like I only got 1/3 of the story since it was only from her perspective. It would have been great to get Mary and Katherine’s perspectives, which based on the title I thought I would be getting. So not terrible, but a bit more dull than it should have been

    2. Philippa Gregory is a historian capable of crafting beautiful stories from her research and imagination. I rather enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, which had a full, fascinating ensemble of characters with many viewpoints. The title Three Sisters, Three Queens deceived me. I thought this book to be about the three queens and how their lives intertwined. A tale told from each of their perspectives. It was not. Very disappointing. Gregory's fictional portrayal of Margaret Tudor is one that is obsesse [...]

    3. Philippa Gregory has written numerous wonderful books about the Tudors. Unfortunately this isn't one of them. The narrator here is Henry VIII's older sister, Margaret. When the book opens, she is a whiny, self-centered 12 year old. Eventually she becomes a whiny, self-centered teenager, then a whiny, self-centered adult. Rather than shaping history, poor Margaret is mostly left sitting on the sidelines. I can't imagine a less interesting person through whom to explore this fascinating period.

    4. If you enjoy audiobooks, I would highly recommend listening to THREE SISTERS, THREE QUEENS, because Bianca Amato's narration is outstanding. This book has a big cast of characters with different voices and accents, and Ms. Amato handled it beautifully. Very entertaining and well done!So, the title refers to sisters Margaret and Mary Tudor, and their sister-in-law Katherine of Aragon. The book focuses mainly on Margaret, from her girlhood days in the Tudor court, to her years as Queen of Scotland [...]

    5. I really wanted to like this book. I was one of the first people to have it from the public library and I was so excited! Then I started reading, and this is the least interesting heroine I've read since a V.C. Andrews novel. Margaret is a whiny, self-centered person who judges EVERYONE. Gregory writes the book as though we are reading Margaret's journal or listening to the thoughts in her head so the only point of view we read is Margaret's. It is a very limiting point of view. The reader does [...]

    6. Fickle, vapid, vacillating – these are just a few words that can be used to describe the voice of Philippa Gregory’s Three Sisters, Three Queens. Don’t get me wrong; Margaret Tudor the real life woman of history is an intriguing figure. But the Margaret Tudor of this novel is greedy, spiteful, and vindictive. For those who were misled into thinking this would be a tripartite novel from the perspectives of Katherine of Aragon, Mary Tudor, and Margaret Tudor – it isn’t. Margaret is the s [...]

    7. Auch ein starkes Buch mit einer interessanten Protagonisten, allerdings haben mich die letzten 100 Seiten ein wenig genervt, das Hick-Hack hat sich die Klinke in die Hand gegeben und es war etwas lang, aber trotzdem ein sehr lesenswertes Buch. Aus der Reihe bisher aber der Band, für den ich etwas länger gebraucht habe.

    8. I find it odd that Philippa Gregory reminds us in her author's note that she writes fiction to flesh out the backgrounds of these noble women whom history has either glossed over, or left very unflattering impressions of. This novel does not show Margaret Tudor as having more complex emotions, she is entirely one-sided in her view of her sisters. She consistently suffers from jealousy of her sister and sister-in-law, and the constant inner narrative of her jealousy becomes tediously repetitive, [...]

    9. 4 stars - It was great. I loved it. I always enjoy Gregory’s historical fiction novels. She has a unique way of grabbing my interest from the first page and truly bringing historical figures to life. I appreciate that at the end of her novels she briefly addresses fact vs fiction (typically because the truth is unknown for these areas). Finally, I love that when I read her novels, I find myself researching more about the characters and events in her novels – always a sign of high engagement. [...]

    10. I have to say this for Gregory--she's not afraid to write an unlikable character. I also appreciate that she likes to throw a light on women that have been largely lost to history beyond a name--I certainly had no idea what Margaret Tudor's life was like after her widowhood. Considering that I found Margaret Beaufort to be appropriately insufferable, it feels right that her granddaughter should also be stubbornly more interested in her own precedence than true matters of state. It makes the read [...]

    11. OK, folks--full disclosure here. I read the Kindle sample pages only. They were enough to tell me what I needed to know.I absolutely fail to understand all the fangirl squeeeees!!!! about this writer's books and their apparent inability to discern good writing and factual accuracy from dreck.And oh, how I wanted to comment on the recent blog post about the new covers for this writer's books--something along the lines of sows' ears and silk purses

    12. Philippa Gregory puts the reader right in the middle of the lives of the rich and famous, even when it's over five hundred years ago. She makes historical figures come alive, giving them believable personalities, putting words in their mouths. We can watch a movie about historical figures accepting an actors interpretation without comment, yet when it is put in writing we somehow expect the author to know exactly what they were thinking. Gregory has created viable personalities for the famous wo [...]

    13. I've read almost of all of Philippa's novels, but this was my first audio, and I really enjoyed the experience. The narrator, Bianca Amato, does an amazing job. What an interesting life Margaret Tudor lived, and I loved learning more about Scotland in this era. I absolutely adored her first husband, King James IV of Scotland, and will try and get more books on his reign. I realize this is historical fiction and that we can never really know why anyone acted the way they did, but I thought Philip [...]

    14. Ревю => justonebooklover/2~ ~ ~Втора среща с Филипа Грегъри и отново останах удовлетворена! "Три сестри, три кралици" проследява живота на Маргарет Тюдор - обичната принцеса на Англия, превърнала се в кралица на Шотладния, като не спестява трудностите, които героинята ѝ среща, за да за [...]

    15. It takes an exceptional storyteller to craft a novel whose ending is already known, and Philippa Gregory is one such remarkable woman. She has made the Tudor kings and queens her subject matter over and over again, and I, for one, never get tired of reading her work.I read this EARC courtesy of Edelweiss and the publisher.

    16. Just feeling more recently with her books that they don't feel as exciting maybe its time to move onto a different period of history to excite us again

    17. Eine couragierte Tudor-Prinzessin, die versucht, sich in einer schwierigen Zeit durchzusetzen mit all ihren Waffen. Das Schwesterngespann - Margaret, Mary und Katharina - steht hier im Fokus der Geschichte. Spannend erzählt mit kleinen Schwächen im Mittelteil."Ich würde keiner Frau raten, auf etwas zu verzichten, das sie errungen hat. Keine Frau sollte sich selbst oder ihren Besitz aufgeben. Das Gesetz sollte die Rechte einer Frau schützen und sie nicht berauben wie ein eifersüchtiger Ehema [...]

    18. Special thanks to for a free copy of this novel, received in exchange for an honest review. “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory, tells the story of Katherine, Margaret and Mary, the three sisters of (whom we come to know as) Henry the VIII. Katherine, the wife of Henry, is envied by Margaret and adored by Mary, three sisters in constant power struggles with each other as the three countries they represent (England, Scotland, France) also face power struggles of their own. Greg [...]

    19. I found there was quite a bit of repetition in this book. That said it's a fun way to learn about history! And I feel like I know so much more now!

    20. This book makes me happy I don't have sisters.I have studied Tudor England from both literary and historical perspectives and it never occurred to me until reading this book that I have not learned very much about Henry VIII's older sister, Margaret Tudor. She's not remembered fondly for what information there is about her. Of course, this is a fictional portrayal, but it was new and fresh while being slightly familiar at the same time.Margaret is competitive, annoying, petty, selfish, proud, am [...]

    21. This book ended up being pretty disappointing. The premise was interesting enough, but I thought that it would at least be from the perspectives of Margaret and Mary (given that PG covered Katherine pretty thoroughly in The Constant Princess). Margaret's narration was mind-numbingly redundant and self-absorbed and the book simply jumped from plot point to plot point without fleshing out any other characters. It was interesting to learn more about Margaret and Scotland at the time, but I found th [...]

    22. 3 1/2 starsI finished this a while ago but was not sure exactly what I wanted to say about this book.It almost felt as if the title of the book was forced into the storyline, with the author referring again and again to the bond between the 3 sisters where there clearly was no bond between them. I am not really a fan of kings and queens books at the best of times but recently found a liking to listening to these stories rather than reading it.Margaret is not a very likable character, she is jeal [...]

    23. I'm fascinated by HenryVIII's sisters. There is very little written about them. If you are looking for the best book to learn more about them read The Sisters of HenryVIII by Alison Weir. This book was good, but I found it rather slow moving. I recommend it for true Tudor fans.

    24. I haven't been all that impressed with Philippa Gregory's books lately: most of her Cousins' War series was pretty boring (a lot of "This exciting event is going on while I sit here and stew over the same things I've been stewing over for the past 300 pages), and Taming of the Queen was just odd. But I was still eager to read Three Sisters, Three Queens - Henry VIII's sisters are fascinating people who don't get a lot of attention, and merging their stories with that of Katherine of Aragon's see [...]

    25. This review was originally posted on Between My Lines Relationships between sisters can swing intensely from a loving sister bond to driving you crazy, often within the same hour.  But the sisters in Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory bring that love/hate relationship to a whole new level.  Fraught with tension, and full of human frailties, I found it a gripping read. My Thoughts on Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory This book centres around Henry VIII's older siste [...]

    26. Well, this was a very informative and long story.I felt a bit bored and pissed off in the beginning with Margaret's change of moods. But later on into the story Felt sorry for her many times with all the changes her life took.

    27. I spent all of Sunday engrossed in this - a fascinating account of the relatively overlooked yet extraordinary life of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland and elder sister of Henry VIII.

    28. Three Sisters, Three Queens is a first person account of the life of Margaret, Dowager Queen of Scots, the older sister of Henry VIII of England. The two other queens are her sister, Mary, younger than Henry, and her sister-in-law, Katherine of Aragon. Knowing the events of the English court so well, it was very interesting to imagine what might have been going on in the mind of a related queen who was so far away from the drama, but immersed in a drama of her own.No one handles historical ficti [...]

    29. It's 1501 and Margaret Tudor (sister to the future Henry VIII) is our narrator in Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory. The sisters in the title are Margaret Tudor, her younger sister Mary and her future sister-in-law Katherine of Aragon. All three sisters will become Queens in their own right - of England, Scotland and France - but it's how they get there that kept me enthralled. In fact, after the first page I knew this was going to be a 5 star read and was already mourning the fact [...]

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