An Ishmael of Syria

An Ishmael of Syria Adam is a tortured soul Exiled from his homeland forced to watch the horrors unfold from afar His family still living or surviving in war torn Syria struggle daily to feed clothe and educate their

  • Title: An Ishmael of Syria
  • Author: Asaad Almohammad
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam is a tortured soul Exiled from his homeland, forced to watch the horrors unfold from afar His family, still living or surviving in war torn Syria struggle daily to feed, clothe, and educate their children.Adam tries to be a global citizen and become a part of his new community in Malaysia, but is constantly faced with intolerance, bigotry, and plain old racismAdam is a tortured soul Exiled from his homeland, forced to watch the horrors unfold from afar His family, still living or surviving in war torn Syria struggle daily to feed, clothe, and educate their children.Adam tries to be a global citizen and become a part of his new community in Malaysia, but is constantly faced with intolerance, bigotry, and plain old racism Opportunities are few and Adam finds himself working long hours for poor pay so that he can help his family.The increasingly distressing news bulletins, along with Adam s haunting childhood memories, compel him to examine his own beliefs in God, in humanity, in himself and his integrity as a reluctant bystander in the worst human catastrophe of the twenty first century.

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    1. Asaad Almohammad

      Asaad Almohammad, Ph.D is a Research Fellow at ICSVE studying dynamics of ISIS recruitment, leadership, operations and the fight against ISIS He is Syrian research fellow and novelist He completed his doctorate in Political Psychology and Marketing His academic work addressed how psycho political factors alter implicit and explicit emotional responses and to what levels these responses are predictive of political behavior He has also spent several years coordinating and working on projects across ISIS held territories To date he has addressed a number of financial, operational, and militant activities of the terrorist organization He is also interested in political branding, campaigns and propaganda, post conflict reconciliation, and deradicalization In his spare time Asaad closely follows political affairs, especially humanitarian crises and electoral campaigns He is especially interested in immigration issues.


    1. " their ears, being a Syrian sounds like you’re unclean, shameful, indecent; it’s like you owe the world an apology for your very existence."An Ishmael of Syria is the story of Adam, a young Syrian living in Malaysia, while the rest of his family face the daily horrors of life in war torn Syria. The story is not told in a linear fashion, much of it is told in flashbacks, the rest doesn't seem to take place in an particular order, yet this is a very powerful book. It gives us a glimpse into t [...]

    2. An Ishmael of Syria is not an easy book to read. It will challenge your idea of what a novel is and how a novel should be presented. Every so often you read a book, a book that takes everything you thought created an excellent novel and tears it to pieces in a display of pure individual brilliance. That is how I felt when I read this novel. The book has no clear structure. But, it works so well. It cements the book’s message and purpose underlining its meaning.Through the narrator, the book fo [...]

    3. This powerful and thought-provoking novel is the story of Adam, a young Syrian refugee, adrift in a word of racism, persecution and poverty. It’s a timely novel, given the worldwide attention on the plight of refugees, and is a portrait of an individual, rather than the “group picture” we see so often. Adam is prickly, intense, and angry, burdened with a tragic past and an uncertain future. Away from his homeland, the distressing news from Syria, where his family remains, increases Adam’ [...]

    4. A personal story told in the voice of Adam. A Syrian, living in Malaysia. Unable to live in his own country due to civil war and upheaval The story goes back and forth from the present to the memories of childhood .All of the different parts and pieces that make us who we are and shape our ideas of who we are and where we belong are brought into question. I felt as if I was reading someone's journal. The feelings of not belonging to any place and unable to go back home.were so heartbreaking. Try [...]

    5. This book is a powerful appeal against prejudices, stereotypes and war. I don't know how much of this narration is autobiographic but I'm sure personal experience, pain and grief found their way into this novel.Adam's sophisticated philosophical view on politics, religion, psychology and society is far from all clichés. I don't agree with all his views but they become comprehensible. He gives us insight into what it might mean for an individual to live in exile while their homeland is falling a [...]

    6. You can find a copy of this review at:thequidnuncblog.wordpressI have always associated reading the news with growing up. When I was a kid it always was a big deal for my family, we always fell in deep, profound discussions of the world's doings and that always resulted in passionate arguments for days. I do believe that especially today it is really important to try to be on top of what is happening, of course with so much going on, that is not an easy task, but it is worthy attempt. When I rea [...]

    7. This book was featured on Netgalley and I thought what a great idea, to learn about something about a tragic war from a different perspective, to humanize a news story as it were. It is a great idea indeed brought down by its far from great execution. The author is a research specialist and for the most part the book reads exactly like a research paper and when it tries to veer into a novel territory it does so in a clumsy jejune way that leaves much to be desired. This is meant to be a semi aut [...]

    8. There is never wrong time to publish a book which will wake up emotions. I believe Asaad Almohammad knew this, when he decided to write about war in Syria and pass on his knowledge. An Ishmael of Syria it’s not the easiest read for those who like to read mostly stories, but dear readers longing for awarness: You will love it!It’s a semiautobiographical novel, a political dialog, an essay, and who knows what more. It copes with different uncomfortable conversation topics and questions almost [...]

    9. Shocking. Anguished. Insightful. Don’t expect this to be a comfortable read. However, I’d rank this as a must-read, particularly for anyone interested in understanding the experiences and emotions of a man in exile. I should tell you too, that the style of writing may change forever your view of what a novel is or should be. I admit that being inside the head of the main character required all my concentration. We witness Adam’s fragmented encounters in Malaysia with strangers, fellow stud [...]

    10. An Ishmael of Syria by Asaad Almohammad is the story of Adam, an exiled Syrian living in Malaysia as his family still lives in his war-torn homeland. A self-proclaimed global citizen and philosopher of world events, Adam tries to make the most of his situation. However, he is met with intolerance and racism. He is a man without a country, without a home, without shelter from the cruelty of this cold world. Despite this, he does what he can for his family back home. As the news out of Syria becom [...]

    11. An Ishmael of Syria ended too soon for me. The writing is beautiful and haunting. The story is divided into three parts and each has a volume of stories. Taking altogether the chapters make up a story with a plot climax and resolution. I'm not sure if the beauty of the writing actually increased the further in I read; it felt like I fell under the a spell and couldn't break away. I have no doubt I'll come back to this book over my lifetime. I feel certain the lessons will change with each new re [...]

    12. An Ishmael of Syria is a powerful novel. Sometimes you read a book and you have to digest it for several days before you can encapsulate your feelings about the book correctly. An Ishmael of Syria unwraps the layers of prejudices, anger, helplessness, and human grief. Yet at the center, at the core of all these layers, is a kind of naked humanity that invites the reader to imbue meaning. I found this book to be really special, in fact extraordinary. Since the book arrived a few days ago, I have [...]

    13. An extremely interesting and timely read. The main character, Adam, is a young Syrian man living in Malaysia. He watches in horror as his country implodes, and has to deal both with his disagreement with the positions of his friends and family, and the racism and anti-Syrian prejudice he experiences from others.The narrative jumps back and forth between past and present, first and third person, Syria and Malaysia. The prose style varies between polished and rough around the edges, and Adam himse [...]

    14. A personal story told in a series of flashbacks and incidents from the present. The different excerpts intertwine to create a picture of a person feeling at a loss while struggling to find meaning and a sense of belonging. I read it in a day without struggle. Once I had started reading I didn't want to put it down. There is a feeling of effortless narration of difficult topics which I liked. It gave me a window into a life experience so different from mine and yet so similar. It is a story of wh [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the story of Adam, a Syrian refugee living in Malaysia. He talks about his daily life, childhood memories, his family's life in war-torn Syria, and many social and political issues. I liked the style and the content, as it is always great to be reminded of the fact that refugees have fled from violence, that conflicts are more complex than an outsider can imagine and that stereotypes are seldom true. Personal s [...]

    16. I first read an excerpt of the book advanced copy through a member of our book club. It is captivating! I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Adam. Highly recommended for its intrigue, and for its perspective on both the refugee crisis and the Syrian conflict.

    17. A Horrifically Beautiful Book. The lyricism in the book was breath taking. The story stayed with me throughout each day during the time I took to read it. It has moved me in such a way that I will never forget.

    18. It is an autobiographical novel. It has raw emotions. It captures struggle of the least fortunate of our fellow human beings, making some sense of what is going on in works today.

    19. Moving and Tense. Almohammad mastered the art of making us achingly aware of what goes unmentioned. Sometimes we might not even know what it is we're not being told, but it haunted this reader as much as it seems to haunt the protagonist (Adam). The plot is dark which is emphasised through the juxtapostition of the youth, in third person, and the use of Adam, as his narrator.It talked to me about how relationships change and we must be prepared to move on; how memories of key moments and places [...]

    20. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This timely book was very interesting; however, I was expecting more mention of major events and how they affected Adam in addition to the interpersonal relationships that he experienced. Since my knowledge of Syrian refugees has been limited to what I have read in newspapers, I was hoping to get some ideas in how to make a refugee's experience locally better when they arrive in our community after reading the description of the b [...]

    21. A semi-autobiographical, but fictionalized account of a young man struggling to find a home while his homeland (Syria) disintegrates into violent political and sectarian warfare, this book is intense. And nearly impossible to put down. Not for the faint of heart, this is a contemporary story that needs to be heard from the perspective of a Syrian who has first-hand had to wrestle with the values system of his cultural identity, which is so regularly reduced to violent extremism.

    22. Judging by the title, i thought the author will only tackle the refugee crisis. Which was well done by the way. Reading this book, you'll find yourself plunged deep into a world of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. It also cover issues like honer-shame complex, radicalization, and victimhood culture. The last three chapters are my favorite.

    23. I was hooked from when I read heard about it from a member of my book club.It's an incredibly fascinating and thrilling story that is very well written and engrossing.I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a fascinating insight into Syria's civil war (the second last chapter). The book was very informative.

    24. Powerful, brilliantly told story through the bitter perspective of the main character, Adam. Through his first hand accounts, Adam shares a range of hard to read topics covering racism, homophobia, radicalism, and the conflict in his homeland of Syria.

    25. First I would like to thank Net Galley, the Author and the Publisher for my advanced copy for a fair and honest review.This book is a well written and organized perspective of life as a refugee from war torn Syria while in Malaysia. His political views and arguments opened my eyes to things I had not previously thought, and all though I don't agree with all of them, the majority I do. He keeps a lot of the heart breaking tragedy faced by himself and his family, as well as his nation very factual [...]

    26. This is an excellent narrative by someone who has been there - starting in a country suffering violence and persecution; getting out and facing prejudice in a new country, and an individual's struggle to support himself, maintain a sense of dignity and morality, and striving to find a way of life that will make a difference.Well worth the read.

    27. Adam was born in Syria and as the current troubles increase he leaves to live in Malaysia. This novel looks at his life and family in Syria and how he copes living away from them in Malaysia.Asaad covers an awful lot of ground in his novel. His writing style is similar to Jeremy Clarkson and you can imagine Adam deploying a Yorkshire accent as he rants about Syria, politics, religion and women in a very blokey Top Gear way. I liked Adam’s character as he appeared very knowledgeable, educated a [...]

    28. When I read the description of this book on NetGalley, I was very interested and felt I had to request it. The premise was really great, but the execution was not what I expected. I see I am in the minority here, but I didn't enjoy this book, except for maybe about the last 25%.I really hated the main character, Adam. It's hard to get invested in a story with a main character that is that arrogant and egotistical. He speaks often about what it means to be a victim, all the while making himself o [...]

    29. A remarkable book. I could not put it down. I hope this book gets read by lots and lots of people. So timely.

    30. Adam is an academic, living in Malaysia and trying to scrape together a living. His family is still in Syria, and he can only watch news reports and wait desperately for news from home, hoping they are okay. He is poorly paid despite the work he does and the hours he puts in, but his really hasn’t much choice – without the money he sends to his family they will have even less access to food, water, medicine.An Ishmael of Syria is both a wonderful character portrait, and gruelling, haunting, [...]

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