The Long View

The Long View With an introduction by Hilary Mantel One of his secret pleasures was the loading of social dice against himself He did not seem for one moment to consider the efforts made by kind or sensitive people

  • Title: The Long View
  • Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard Hilary Mantel
  • ISBN: 9781447272243
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • With an introduction by Hilary Mantel One of his secret pleasures was the loading of social dice against himself He did not seem for one moment to consider the efforts made by kind or sensitive people to even things up or if such notions ever occurred to him, he would have observed them with detached amusement, and reloaded dice In 1950s London, Antonia Fleming faWith an introduction by Hilary Mantel One of his secret pleasures was the loading of social dice against himself He did not seem for one moment to consider the efforts made by kind or sensitive people to even things up or if such notions ever occurred to him, he would have observed them with detached amusement, and reloaded dice In 1950s London, Antonia Fleming faces the prospect of a life lived alone Her children are now adults her husband Conrad, a domineering and emotionally complex man, is a stranger As Antonia looks towards her future, the novel steadily moves backwards in time, tracing Antonia s relationship with Conrad to its beginning in the 1920s, through years of mistake and motherhood, dreams and war Originally published in 1956, The Long View is Elizabeth Jane Howard s uncannily authentic portrait of one marriage and one woman Observant and heartbreaking, written with exhilarating wit, it is a gut wrenching account of the birth and death of a relationship as extraordinary as it is timeless.

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      293 Elizabeth Jane Howard Hilary Mantel
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    1. Elizabeth Jane Howard Hilary Mantel

      Elizabeth Jane Howard, CBE, was an English novelist She was an actress and a model before becoming a novelist In 1951, she won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for her first novel, The Beautiful Visit Six further novels followed, before she embarked on her best known work, a four novel family saga i.e The Cazalet Chronicles set in wartime Britain The Light Years, Marking Time, Confusion, and Casting Off were serialised by Cinema Verity for BBC television as The Cazalets The Light Years, Marking Time, Confusion and Casting Off She has also written a book of short stories, Mr Wrong, and edited two anthologies Her last novel in The Cazalet Chronicles series, ALL CHANGE , was published in November 2013.


    1. Beautifully written.Richly perceptive of ones emotions.Moving backwards in time reveals a portrait of a marriage.Antonia looks at her life and the choices she has made.Do we know what love is?This novel cuts to the heart with an eye for detail.I loved it!

    2. "Ora tutto quell'edificio franava come una massa d'argilla giù da una montagna, e la sua alta opinione mutò in una spaventosa, improvvisa indifferenza. Ci fu il silenzio completo e sinistro che sempre segue una valanga di quelle proporzioni."Ho letto questo libro allo stesso modo in cui ho guardato La corrispondenza, il film di Giuseppe Tornatore. Non ci sono paragoni tra i due, ma voglio dire che l'ho letto con una tale partecipazione che non so dire se sia un bel libro davvero. Partecipazion [...]

    3. The Long View by Elizabeth Jane Howard is a brilliantly written but ultimately depressing story of a marriage. When we meet the Flemings they are ”celebrating” the engagement of their son who is entering a marriage that looks like it will replicate the disaster that is his parents’. After reading this story of Conrad, an interesting but selfish, difficult, and unlikable man, and his wife, Antonia, who searches for his approval over what feels like a lifetime, anyone might pause before gett [...]

    4. The Long View, by Elizabeth Jane Howard, narrated by Mary Wimbush, produced by BBC-WW, downloaded from audibleThe main story is about a couple, Antonia and Conrad. It begins around 1950. This is the contemporary version of their marriage, basically a loveless marriage in which Antonia spent her life trying, and failing, to please Conrad, who married her because he thought he would have the pleasure of shaping her adult life. They have two children, both of whom have unsatisfactory love lives. Bo [...]

    5. storia di un matrimonio a ritroso nel tempo- e già dalle prime pagine si intuisce il carico immenso di dolore e il terribile fallimento. magistrale sia nelle descrizioni delle atmosfere che nelle caratterizzazioni dei personaggi, ma inesorabile e drammatico, senza nemmeno un filo di speranza (non si sfugge alla condanna all'infelicità).

    6. This is the sort of story that makes marriage (for a woman) seem like something to be avoided. The marriage between Antonia and Conrad is followed between different periods, and it is a cold, loveless one. Conrad is unlikable, distasteful- and easily one could ask is this what was expected back then, for men to 'father' their wife and have high expectations while being absent emotionally and often physically. Is this the recipe for the 'upper classes' in the 50's and before, all control and lack [...]

    7. '[She had] an expanse of face too large for unhappily delicate features: minutely thin pale eyebrows, small blue eyes, a child's nose, and a tiny mouth; so that her expression was constantly like somebody trying to have a large party in a room with inadequate furniture.' The Long View is heartbreaking, compelling and so human, and also littered with casual GEMS like the one above. I absolutely love ol' EJH.

    8. Gawd. This is a bleak backwardly constructed view of a marriage, told through the eyes of a woman who has been quite depleted by the various men in her life. The telling is rich, poetic and highly controlled, as one would expect from the genius EJH. Rewarding and revealing.

    9. Narrato come un percorso a ritroso, “Il lungo sguardo della scrittriceElizabeth Jane Howard mostra, attraverso la narrazione della famiglia della Antonia, le costrizioni di un matrimionio subito, una condizione matrimoniale scelta come fuga da una terribile famiglia di origine ma diventata un’altra prigione con un marito silenzioso, disinnamorato ma fedele alle convinzioni sociali, padre pessimo incapace di affetto nei confronti dei figli, perennemente critico nei confronti della moglie cini [...]

    10. First published in 1956, The Long View offers an insightful view of the different stages of a deeply unhappy marriage, one that ultimately seemed destined for disaster right from the start. The novel has a very interesting structure, beginning in 1950 when the couple in question – Antonia and Conrad Fleming – have been married for twenty-three years, and then winding back in time to 1942, 1937 and 1927, the time of their honeymoon. In this respect, it mirrors the structure of François Ozon [...]

    11. This book isn't at all what it seemed from the first chapter, which I thought would be something like a literary, well-written soapy novel. Instead, the chapters go back in time to reveal the main character's life and marriage. It's puzzling at times, but beautifully written and deeply psychological. I liked it a lot.Inspired to read this on the basis of a printed recommendation by Hilary Mantel: theguardianfi/books/

    12. There aren't enough superlatives to describe how good this is. So clever, such a way with language, I've been in awe throughout.The dissected history of a marriage from 1950 working backwards to 1927. Conrad Fleming is a Svengali-like figure who has moulded his wife; dictating everything about her from what she wears to her opinions. Mrs Fleming — we don't discover her name until halfway through the novel — appears cool, detached, uncaring and the novel traces her development into this creat [...]

    13. From the start where we're told of a wife 'sinking to the occasion' of organising a house party, where people would consume 'glazed dazed little pieces of food', we realise that this is not going to be a story about a story but about the author's writing style. We met several extremely boring, snobby and self obsessed people in a 1950's London suburb. A wife who knows that she is passed over for a succession of mistresses and flings elicits no sympathy for having no backbone. A younger man in Ed [...]

    14. Made it about halfway thru this confusing rambling story. It could be called The Long Read or The Long Reference List.The characters are sad, selfish and unlikable at the beginning. There seems to be a good amount of character development as you move back in time thru the story of the family and marriage. But, it is buried in layers of awkward references. The detail and rambling passages leave me wondering what the initial comment was about. There are many references that mean nothing to me. Sin [...]

    15. The Long View reveals a marriage by starting in 1950 and moving backwards to 1926 through several of the couple's decisions. The rationalized misogyny, the forced relationship norms, and the white privileged undertone undergirds this book the same way that it does in Mad Men. These flaws of the characters realistically reflect the time. Yet Howard managed to say quite a bit about people generally through them. She captures pretty well, for example, the way couples bicker or people get carried aw [...]

    16. Nearly impossible for me to give Elizabeth Jane Howard anything less than 5 stars because 5 stars means I will re-read and I always want to re-read her. Her single novels often have interesting structures and this is no exception. She begins her tale at the end of an unhappy marriage and cleverly plots backwards finishing at the beginning of Mr & Mrs Fleming's love affair. Most of the novel is seen through Antonia Fleming's eyes and it is heartbreaking as it's clear she's married a highly un [...]

    17. 4.5-5/5Elizabeth Jane Howard, scrittrice pressoché sconosciuta in Italia (benché qualcosa stia cambiando grazie alla traduzione in corso di una delle sue maggiori opere, The Cazalet Chronicles), è una raffinata narratrice, che sa scrutare con discrezione ma accuratezza l’animo umano e le dinamiche interpersonali.Quello che forse è considerato il suo capolavoro è Il lungo sguardo.La storia si apre su una Londra del 1950, a casa del signor e della signora Fleming, Conrad e Antonia, sposati [...]

    18. 1950 - una casa a Hampestead - 1926 una tenuta nel Sussex. Tra una data e l’altra, andando a ritroso nel tempo, la storia dei coniugi Fleming, della e delle loro famiglie, passando attraverso gli anni di guerra, una vacanza sulla costa francese, la luna di miele a Parigi e più indietro ancora, fino al primo incontro.Un rapporto, narrato da una madre-moglie-figlia, da subito complicato e complesso, a tratti, lunghi tratti, più una lotta sfiancante, snervante. Apparenze, bugie, tradimenti, cro [...]

    19. This book is brilliantly written - the description both of the surroundings, and insights into the character of the main players, is amazing. I gave it only 3 stars because, although I appreciate the talent of Elizabeth Jane Howard, I found it rather hard going in places.

    20. Another interesting narrative structure, in fact very similar to The Night Watch. Not one of my favourite EJH books, but still enjoyable and well written. Perhaps not one for reading if you were feeling a bit cynical about love!

    21. Loved it. A brutal, devastating account of a marriage - scarifying (almost) in its intense examination of control & domination.

    22. Brilliantly written, though difficult to read at times, as the structure of the whole book is backwards and the subject matter is dark. Overall, thought provoking and admirablly different :)

    23. If you think that you might read this book and don’t want to know anything about the plot, then read no further. Although the pleasure of the book is in the prose and acute observations of human relationships, so I don’t think that knowing a little about the book would matter much; and I’ve no idea anyway how much I will give away.I’m writing this on my birthday. I pay little attention to birthdays, unlike my children, but I’ve felt that because it’s my birthday I can indulge myself. [...]

    24. Parlando di questo libro non si rischia di raccontare come va a finire, bisogna piuttosto evitare di svelare come tutto è cominciato.Il lungo sguardo è infatti quello con cui Antonia ripercorre a ritroso la storia dei suoi 23 anni di matrimonio con Conrad Fleming, aprendo finestre temporali nel passato della sua vita coniugale Il viaggio prende il via dal 1950 quando, nella bella casa di famiglia a Londra, si svolge una a cena per festeggiare il fidanzamento di Julian, figlio di Mrs e Mr Flemi [...]

    25. Mi avvicino a questo romanzo piena di aspettative ma allo stesso tempo molto intimorita perché amando profondamente l'autrice con la sua famosa saga 'i Cazalet' temevo che avvicinandomi a un'altra opera potesse in qualche modo deludermi. Invece non è stato affatto così. Ho ritrovato la stessa Elizabeth Jane Howard, con il suo stile nostalgico, malinconico e 'classicheggiante'. Siamo anche qui a Londra e, come negli altri suo romanzi, i soggetti della narrazione sono appartenenti alla ricca bo [...]

    26. Il lungo sguardo, titolo del romanzo, è una scelta direi molto azzeccata perchè tutta la storia è come un lungo sguardo gettato al passato per ricostruire il corso degli eventi, a ritroso. Il libro, infatti, parte da un presente che vede i coniugi Fleming, Antonia e Conrad, alle prese con la festa di fidanzamento del figlio Julian e, per blocchi temporali, ripercorre a ritroso tutte le fasi salienti del vissuto della protagonista. Un romanzo molto intenso e coinvolgente, che racconta la stori [...]

    27. Elizabeth Jane Howard is undoubtedly an intelligent and talented writer. I recently read and enjoyed one of her other novels, 'After Julius'. I like 'The Long View' too. There is much to admire in it. It's a sensitive and insightful account of the breakdown of a marriage. But I don't think it's the classic that professional critics and other novelists, such as Hilary Mantel (who contributes an introduction to the Picador Classics edition that I have just read), seem to think it is. For me, it ha [...]

    28. I don't hold with reviewing a book by means of star-ratings, but since insists on it I'd better qualify these 4 stars. The final part of the book (the first episode chronologically) is absolutely brilliant. There are passages of prose that are so beautiful that you have to go back and savour them. The events here have an irresistible momentum - proof that a work of literary fiction can also be a page-turner. The characterization is nuanced, fascinating, insightful. When it comes to a climax, yo [...]

    29. I suppose this is influenced by JB Priestly and Proust-the experimenting with time and there is much of Virginia Woolf too. The novel's chapters progress backwards chronologically, as in Priestly, showing in subseuqent events what was the cause of the situation later in time with which we were presented earlier in time. The characters are grim and very egotistical but we see how they become so through the damage caused to them by their encounter with others. The main character of the novel suffe [...]

    30. This is an intimate look at a marriage between two very different people. When the story begins in 1950, Conrad and Antonia Fleming, an upper class English couple, are living separate lives and communicate via letters sent to his club. Their son, Julian, is set to marry an innocent, insecure young woman. Their unmarried daughter, Deirdre, is pregnant but does not love her partner. Then the book ventures back to 1942 and examines the Fleming's lives as World War II is taking place. We see the dep [...]

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