Mick & Michelle

Mick Michelle Fifteen year old Mick Mullins has a great life his parents are sweet his sister is tolerable and his friendships are solid But as summer descends on Queens he prepares to turn his carefree existenc

  • Title: Mick & Michelle
  • Author: Nina Rossing
  • ISBN: 9781635337174
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook
  • Fifteen year old Mick Mullins has a great life his parents are sweet, his sister is tolerable, and his friendships are solid But as summer descends on Queens, he prepares to turn his carefree existence upside down by disclosing a secret he has kept long enough It s time to work up the courage to reveal that he is not a boy, but a girl and that her name is Michelle HaviFifteen year old Mick Mullins has a great life his parents are sweet, his sister is tolerable, and his friendships are solid But as summer descends on Queens, he prepares to turn his carefree existence upside down by disclosing a secret he has kept long enough It s time to work up the courage to reveal that he is not a boy, but a girl and that her name is Michelle Having always been the perfect, good boy, Michelle is terrified that the complicated truth will disappoint, hurt, or push away the people closest to her She can t continue hiding for much longer, though, because her body is turning into that of a man s, and she is desperate to stop the development desperate enough to consider self medicating with hormones.Most of all, Michelle fears that Grandpa, who is in a nursing home after a near fatal stroke, won t survive the shock if he finds out that his favorite grandchild, and the only boy, is a girl If she kills her beloved Grandpa by leaving Mick behind, she isn t sure embracing her real identity will be worth the loss.

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      Nina Rossing lives in Norway, where the winters are long and the summers short Despite the brilliant nature surrounding her, she spends time in front of her computer, or with a book in her hands, than in the great outdoors though you may find her out on her mountain bike if the weather is good She works as a high school teacher, which in her opinion is probably the best job in the world Nina is an avid and eclectic reader whose bookshelves are bursting and so is her e reader After thinking about writing for many years, she now finds time to live out her dream after her kids are in bed She prefers creating young adult stories where obstacles are overcome and endings are hopeful.


    1. Thank you so much to NetGalley and Harmony Ink for allowing me to read and review this wonderful new novel by Nina Rossing. Rossing does a fabulous job of taking us viscerally through Michelle's experience of feeling trapped in Mick's body in ways large and small. (view spoiler)[ There are the small things like a suitcase of girl's clothes hiding under the bed, and the ones that stab you through the heart--Michelle plucking out her body hair, dreading the thought of her voice changing, and hatin [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThere's always a hard balance between making a book about a trans teenager "happy" while also making it "real," and I think Nina Rossing hit this balance perfectly!Mick & Michelle is about a teenager, Mick, who is a girl with a boy's body. She has an older sister whom she envies and two loving parents that are tough-as-nails NYPD cops. She has friends, but none that she's told, and she's on the cusp of sixteen when irreversible c [...]

    3. Full disclosure: I received an ARC through Netgalley I've mentioned before that I find a lot of Harmony Ink Press's publications read like early drafts, and I'm pleased to say that this one is more neatly written. Technically speaking, it has no glaring issues. I do have problems with the narrative choices, though. Michelle's transition narrative reads like a Trans Issues novel that would have been published two or three years ago, which means as a 2017 or 2018 publication it's a bit backwards. [...]

    4. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending this my way to read and review. Mick & Michelle is a young adult contemporary set for release late October.The novel follows Mick, as he is struggling with his gender identity and trying to come out as transgender to his closest family and friends. I found it really interesting learning more about the psycho social toll that gender identity takes on someone. I applaud the author for bringing this topic into contemporary light and dealing w [...]

    5. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I have such a huge smile on my face after finishing this book. I adored Mick/Michelle’s story.You feel Mick’s emotions as he struggles to tell those close to him that he doesn’t feel right in his sixteen-year-old body, that he is someone else. The story isn’t only about Mick and how he copes it is also about the family dynamics, and how everyone plays a part in his life. His fears are real to him, the outcomes are real, and the stren [...]

    6. This story touches on many topics, exercise addiction, abortion, drugs, gender identity, to name a few and not all of those are to do with the main character. This author has a knack for creating three dimensional characters, and bringing the entire cast to life, including those who make minor appearances. While on one hand that’s something to be admired, on the other, it left me with too many questions. What became of Michelle’s marathon obsessed mother, her promiscuous sister, overweight f [...]

    7. ~ 3.5 Stars ~ Though it’s her third publication with Dreamspinner’s YA imprint, Harmony Ink Press, Mick & Michelle is the first book I’ve read by author Nina Rossing. I was intrigued by her first two books when they came out, but something about this cover and the blurb for Mick/Michelle’s story grabbed me. The book’s title includes both of the title character’s names for a reason, obviously, and at one point she does say that she is somehow both Mick and Michelle at the same tim [...]

    8. Rossing writes so clearly and emphatically you really feel for the journey that Michelle is on as she tries to break free from the body of Mick that everyone else sees. The way she talks about how Michelle feels, the things she must do to herself physically, the things she hides from others, her fears, all of it comes off the pages in waves of pain, sadness and confusion. If you aren’t transgendered it really makes you think about the extreme simplistic things we take for granted, that we don [...]

    9. Release date: 31 October 2017Actual rating: 3.5 stars I have read a few YA books about trans people and the impact that transitioning has on their life but this is the first one that I have come across where the main character had yet to say to their family “oh hey, I am transgender”, and that is what drew me to this book in the first place. Nina Rossing does a really good job of writing in such a way that even cis readers get a lump in their throat when learning of everything that Michelle [...]

    10. I really, really, really wanted to love this book. I wanted to be happy to see another book representing lgbt community in a great way, but that isn’t really what I got with Mick & Michelle.Why I didn’t really like this book:The writing in this novel felt off.The writing itself felt disjointed from what a realistic situation would have been like. No matter what the author tried to do to make this feel authentic for me, I just couldn’t see it, because every so often a character would sa [...]

    11. There is a lot of confusion in any teenager’s life, what with all the physical changes and trying to define what to do with a life that used to be determined by others. This story about fifteen-year-old Mick deciding to come out to let everyone know that he is Michelle touches on all of them – plus it adds the layer of being trans and determining what the best way forward is. Michelle knows she does not have forever to make the decision – physical changes are forcing her hand on that front [...]

    12. I received this book from Netgalley in for an honest review. First I wanna say Mick and Michelle is the first transgender fiction book I read and it wont be my last. I have 2 other transgender books in my boxes of books. I really enjoyed this book. Its basically a coming of age story. A teenage boy trying to figure out who he is and needing support from his family and friends. I would recommend this book to anyone in the LGBT community and family members and friends of someone thats transgender. [...]

    13. Mick is a 15-year-old boy, but not really. Physically, he is male, but inside he's a girl. Through a summer of renovating his grandpa's house, Mick struggles with his body's developments, and how to approach the subject of his gender identification with this family and friends.My heart breaks for those who feels like Mick; who feel like they were born in the wrong body. That being said, I didn't much like this book. There was hardly any story here apart from Mick/Michelle's inner turmoil, and th [...]

    14. A Hearts on Fire review. Keeping secrets doesn’t come easy to rule abiding Mick Mullins, whose greatest dream next to becoming a cop is to come out to the world as the girls she knows she is. But there’s always a reason to put off telling her family and friends, always some tragedy or drama to distract her from rocking the boat for the first time in her life. But now her body is changing in ways she doesn’t think she can survive, and she knows she needs to act fast to stop these things fro [...]

    15. Really 4.5 stars. 4.7. I liked it, okay? I came across the book by chance whilst browsing netgalley’s LGBTQIA one evening, downloaded after skimming the blurb, and devoured it in less than two days - a rare feat these days. The book tells of Mich Mullins, the 15 year old youngest child of two cop parents. As a notorious good kid, Mich is constantly pointed out as a very well behaved boy by family and friends, and grandfather alike - the perfect son. The thing is though, Mich is a girl, and her [...]

    16. I was given a copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review The idea of a YA book with a transgirl as a protagonist is what caught my attention. It is hard to find YA stories that don't focus in cis m/m relationships and I'm always looking for books that explore the LGBT+ spectrum. This book gives what it promises, the story of Mick/Michelle and the process of coming out to herself and to everyone as trans. However, that is everything what it is. There are not deep storylines nor deep devel [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis story touches on many important and hard topics but it didn’t feel overstuffed. Nina Rossing did an amazing job in creating a well rounded story about a transgender teen that showed all the problems and hardships that come with coming to terms with being transgender but still show happiness and hope. Definitely a book people should read to better understand Transgender teenagers.

    18. Not my usual read. This book is about a girl who is trapped inside a boys body. I have very mixed feelings about this book. It's written nicely. I'm sure the LGBT book lovers will like it.Overall, this book is a decent addition to the genre of LGBT YA novels.This review is based on NetGalley ARC provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.

    19. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this one. I thought Rossing did a nice job with Michelle's story. I really loved the family relationships and closeness. <3 Full review coming to thenovelapproachreviews

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