The Reunion

The Reunion It s their twenty year school reunion but the Plunkett sisters have their own reasons for not wanting to attend Caroline now a successful knitwear designer spends her time flying between her busines

  • Title: The Reunion
  • Author: Roisin Meaney
  • ISBN: 9781444799712
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s their twenty year school reunion but the Plunkett sisters have their own reasons for not wanting to attend Caroline, now a successful knitwear designer, spends her time flying between her business in England and her lover in Italy As far as she s concerned, her school days, and what happened to her the year she left, should stay in the past.Eleanor, meanwhile, iIt s their twenty year school reunion but the Plunkett sisters have their own reasons for not wanting to attend Caroline, now a successful knitwear designer, spends her time flying between her business in England and her lover in Italy As far as she s concerned, her school days, and what happened to her the year she left, should stay in the past.Eleanor, meanwhile, is unrecognisable from the fun loving girl she was in school With a son who is barely speaking to her, and a husband keeping a secret from her, revisiting the past is the last thing on her mind.But when an unexpected letter arrives for Caroline in the weeks before the reunion, memories are stirred.Will the sisters find the courage to return to the town where they grew up and face what they ve been running from all these years The Reunion is a moving story about secrets, sisters and finding a way to open your heart.

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    1. Roisin Meaney

      Born on 3rd September.A published author of fourteen books for adults and two for children, Roisin has also written numerous articles for journals and newspapers She worked as an advertising copywriter for a number of years, and brings a vast amount of experience to the editing team Her first novel, The Daisy Picker, won a Write a Bestseller competition Her third novel, The Last Week of May reached number one on the Irish bestseller list and her fourth, The People Next Door reached number two Her books have been translated into several languages, and two, Semi Sweet and Life Drawing for Beginners, have been published in the US She is currently working on her next book, which is destined for publication in early summer 2018 She is also plotting another children s book shhhhh.


    1. I have read almost everything Roisin Meaney has written, and will continue to buy whatever she sells. She writes chick-lit, yes, but her stories always go deeper and are never merely about romance or silly antics. If you enjoy authors like Lisa Jewell or Marian Keyes, give Meaney a try:-)Find more reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

    2. Opening a school reunion invitation brings feelings of uncertainty for sisters, Caroline and Eleanor Plunkett. Do they want to return to their past? Caroline is now a successful designer, splitting her time between the UK and Italy. Eleanor is stuck in a rut, overweight and struggling to connect with her husband and son. Both women may have been born to the same parents, but their lives began to split while they were still in their teens. Can facing up to the past help them improve their present [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsWhat can I say about The Reunion, other than it was a fabulous story, and that I was hooked from the first few pages. The story was a reasonably quick read and when I first looked up I couldn't believe how much I had already read, and how much I was enjoying the content too. This is the story of two sisters, and it spans around 22 years since they were teenagers to the adults they are today. It is predominately spread around two particular time frames, although there are additional flas [...]

    4. I found this book to be a little gem. The storyline is based around two sisters, Caroline and Eleanor, who just received invitations to their 20th year class reunion. Caroline is a year older than Eleanor, but because of circumstances, she graduated a year late with her sister. Neither wants to go to the reunion, but it has each of them reflecting on the past twenty some years of their lives and how the events of the past, some absolutely devastating, and decisions that were made, brought them t [...]

    5. Róisin Meaney is a vastly under rated Irish author who in my opinion deserves much more recognition. She is a gifted storyteller who has the knack of drawing you in from the very first page and doesn't relinquish her grip until you have satisfyingly read the last word. I really enjoy her writing and believe she gets better and better with each new book published. I particularly love her series set on the island of Roone off the Irish coast. I recommended these books to a friend who had heard of [...]

    6. Roisin Meaney is one of my favorite authors, there is just something about her books. The novel tells the story of the Plunkett sisters, Catherine and Eleanor. Both just received invitations to their twenty year school reunion. The novel alternates between Catherine and Eleanor and the past and present. Both lead extremely different lives. Catherine was always the book worm while Elaeanor was more of a wild child. That all changes when Catherine becomes pregnant after being raped by a family fri [...]

    7. Sisters Eleanor and Caroline have never been that close while growing up. Only when an event during their teens mean a move to England for Caroline, the more studious and quieter one, does Eleanor realise she misses her.Twenty years on both sisters have done little to change their long distance relationship. Caroline has a successful career but has her ghosts from her past. Eleanor, unable to put the tragic death of her toddler behind her, now sees her life tearing apart.Roisin Meaney, as always [...]

    8. I loved this book. I thought it may be a bit fluffy but it was not at all. A really great story running consecutively over many years about two sisters leading very different lives. Really gripping with lots of emotion. I will be going to get some more books from Roisin Meaney as loved her writing. Thanks to NetGalley and Hatchette Books for the Advanced copy.

    9. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesThe Reunion took a number of tricky family dynamics and put them together in a novel that covered two time period in sisters' lives. Their teenage years were mostly focused on Caroline and an event that shaped her future and for Eleanor her present day story as an adult is monopolized by a recent part of her history. An invitation to their high school reunion opens up Caroline's past and makes Eleanor consider her commitment to her family. I found the connecti [...]

    10. A really good family oriented book that was as easy to read as it was compelling to read. It wasn't fast paced or full of drama as at times it was rather slow but it was heart warming and nice.I wasn't really drawn to either sister in the beginning at present day tho I felt that Caroline was rather boring and Eleanor a rather dull overweight housewife cliche. But I preferred Eleanor more, it felt that she had more drama to her life.When the book goes back 20 odd years to the sisters growing up i [...]

    11. Enjoyed it and a good storyIt was a good read and shows brilliantly how different people deal with tragedy in theirs lives. Highly recommended especially if you like stories about the bond between sisters

    12. Lovely, lovely, lovelyWhat a great book. It was like being wrapped up in one of the cashmere shawls that Caroline made. How true the characters are. This was truly a wonderful read. 😊

    13. Another page turner.Love this style of writing with wonderful and engaging characters. Every book I have read by Roisin Meaney has been great.

    14. I've been eyeing off Roisin Meaney's books for a few years and I finally got around to reading the latest one, The Reunion. While I enjoyed every minute of this book, there was something missing which didn't allow me to give 5 stars. I just don't know what lol maybe it's because the reunion was at the end and so brief it should have been given another title? Or maybe because it's like many other female authors in that Roisin's story centres around secrets, family and friendship. The secret that [...]

    15. I loved this book, but the title is quite misleading, as it leads you to believe this book is mainly about a school reunion, but apart from a mention at the beginning and the end it was absolutely nothing to do with a school reunion. But that apart it was a wonderful book about the lives of two sisters, alternating mainly between the early 1990s and the present day, and I couldn't stop reading to see what happened, a real page turner.The two main characters are sisters Eleanor and Caroline. Elea [...]

    16. 4.5 starsI love Roisin Meaney's books. She writes of real characters who are flawed and real and relatable.This book is on my list of lovely things to do this year, so I've been anticipating it, and it didn't disappoint.Read it!

    17. Irish sisters Caroline and Eleanor Plunkett both receive an invitation from their old high school for a 20-year reunion of their last class in school. Caroline, still unmarried, is living with her cousin in England, whilst Eleanor lives with her husband and son in Ireland, not too far from her parents. Although Caroline is the older by a year, they graduated together, but for various reasons they both discard their invitations and decide not to attend the class reunion. They certainly don’t wa [...]

    18. When Irish sisters Eleanor and Caroline receive an invitation to a school reunion after 20 years they both throw away the invitations but for very different reasons. In alternating chapters by the sisters we learn of the events of 1993 and the consequences on their current life.Eleanor was the pretty gregarious one full of fun and laughter and her life was perfect with her lovely husband, a great restaurant business and two young children - then tragedy struck and her daughter Beth was drowned i [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this book. It was beautifully written, and even though I had picked it up just to have a peek inside, I found myself putting it down when I was already 60% in and of course I then had to carry on reading, clearly! :) The story of Eleanor and Caroline is a complicated one. Both sisters have dealt with severe trauma in different ways and it shaped their lives forever. I love how the author describes both of them, their families and other secondary characters, I felt like I knew [...]

    20. The Reunion is a lovely book about two sisters who are invited to their 20th high school reunion. Both women declare their intentions not to attend for their own reasons. The book then takes us back through the events that have affected the sisters and veered them off the courses they expected their lives to take. Ultimately, The Reunion is about the sisters putting the past behind them, reuniting with each other, with themselves and with their happiness.The Reunion is well written and researche [...]

    21. Roisin Meaney is another new author for me as I read The Reunion. The background of the story involves a reunion but at the heart of this book is the relationships of 2 sisters now grown. I found it interesting to see the comparisons of their mother to their way of handling the sorrows that life can ambush you with. It is very much a character study as well as a family study.I wasn’t sure how Eleanor and Caroline would end up in this novel, the author definitely kept me guessing. I loved the P [...]

    22. The book is written from the viewpoints of 2 sisters, Eleanor & Caroline, in alternating chapters. Their invitations to a 20th Year High School reunion starts the journey of remembering back over the intervening years since high school.Both sisters have had tragedies in their lives, and their recollections show how events and the people in your life can shape things. There is plenty of family dysfunction, and the beauty of finding those in your life who end up being the ones you really need. [...]

    23. Sisters Eleanor and Caroline Plunkett have both received an invite to their 20 year school reunion, They both have their own personal reasons for not attending and as the book progresses we learn of the lives they have both ld from their final year in school up to the year of the reunion. Both sisters have suffered sadness and trauma in their lives. How are they coping ? We find this out as E progress through the story.As with all Roisin Meaneys books I adored this one, Tuis author has a wonderf [...]

    24. How I enjoyed this book it was like a lovely plump sandwich, full of tasty morsels and, just when you thought you'd had it all you came across another yummy bit! I don't tend to choose books about sisters - having no love for mine - but this novel was SO much more. Eleanor and Caroline's lives do intertwine from time to time but they are two totally different people, unfortunate enough to have the kind of buttoned-up mother so many of us have suffered.I do enjoy reading Irish authors works, and [...]

    25. I have read nearly every book of Roisin Meaney and she is one of my favorite authors. This story is about two sisters Caroline and Eleanor. Each chapter is told from the different sisters and moves between their teenage years and their adult lives. Caroline is the sensible one who is older than her years and Eleanor is more your typical teenager. Both suffer tragedy which shapes the adults they will become. Unusually for this author's books, it took me a little while to get into this story. Once [...]

    26. The book starts with 2 sisters, twins, both getting invitations to their 20 year class reunion. The book then steps back in time, to when the two girls were in their junior year. Caroline has a terrible secret and has to leave their home and go stay with a distant cousin. Eleanor has a very good life until the death of her daughter. The sisters have grown apart but the reunion brings them back together again. This is a very engrossing book, with likable characters and a captivating story line.

    27. A delightful book that held my interest . Even though many of characters had their own secrets and experienced tragedies the book brought home the point to carry on regardless . Florence and her generation were more open and forgiving than some of the younger characters . Both Irish sisters were able to pick up the pieces of their lives because of family and genuine friends. Loss of any kind is traumatic and every one deals with it differently as shown in this book . However when loss consumes i [...]

    28. A very enjoyable read. Loved the main characters, despite their flaws, and I thought they developed well throughout the story. I also loved the minor characters who really brought so much more to the story. I don't want to say too much as it will spoil it for others but I would recommend this book.

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