Saving April

Saving April An obsessive unhinged neighbour Or a woman desperately trying to save a child A family broken by lies A woman traumatized by a dark past A child caught in the crossfire Who will save April Hannah Abb

  • Title: Saving April
  • Author: Sarah A. Denzil
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An obsessive, unhinged neighbour Or a woman desperately trying to save a child A family broken by lies.A woman traumatized by a dark past.A child caught in the crossfire Who will save April Hannah Abbott is afraid of the world Plagued by anxiety, she lives an isolated, uneventful life in suburban Yorkshire She rarely leaves her house, and her only friend is Edith, herAn obsessive, unhinged neighbour Or a woman desperately trying to save a child A family broken by lies.A woman traumatized by a dark past.A child caught in the crossfire Who will save April Hannah Abbott is afraid of the world Plagued by anxiety, she lives an isolated, uneventful life in suburban Yorkshire She rarely leaves her house, and her only friend is Edith, her elderly neighbor But when the Mason family moves in across the street, Hannah s quiet life is changed forever.The Masons pull Hannah into their tangled web of secrets She must decide what to believe and who to trust as she attempts to rescue their teenage daughter, April, from harm.Hannah knows only one thing for certain she can t be afraid any I found this an atmospheric and thrilling book The ending is fantastic Reviewer

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    About "Sarah A. Denzil"

    1. Sarah A. Denzil

      Sarah A Denzil is a suspense writer from Derbyshire, England She is also known as young adult author Sarah Dalton.Sarah lives in Yorkshire with her partner, enjoying the scenic countryside and rather unpredictable weather She is the author of international bestselling psychological thriller SILENT CHILD, which topped the bestseller lists on in the US, UK and Australia.


    1. Saving April by Sarah A. Denzil is a book that did what it set out to do, and it did it well. Did I like the depressing atmosphere, no! Did I like the story, not really. Was it well written, yes. It had accurately represented the gloomy characters and situations. I know, I grew up with a hoarder mother that wouldn't leave the house and a sister with depression and a panic disorder. I felt I lived in a mental instititute. That said, the book does show the real side of how weird life is sometimes [...]

    2. Definitely psychological suspense thriller.Had very hard time with this story. Two neighbors living across each other, can see and hear what they are doing. All the characters in this story had very troubled parents and growing up. It is like reading files form the mentally distributed, sick patients. Made terrible mistake, choosing to read this book.1.5 stars.

    3. After finishing Silent Child by this author, I was eager to read another book by her. Saving April has the classic characters. A young woman with major anxiety and issues from an event that take place years ago, a picture perfect neighbor, her douche husband, and their teenage daughter with her own set of problems.Hannah has suffered a traumatic event and lives her live as a recluse, only talking to her elderly neighbor Edith. That is until Laura and Matt move in with their 13 year old daughter. [...]

    4. Hannah lives a quiet life. She works from home, rarely goes out and minds her own business. Then a new family moves in across the street. Something is going on in that house; Hannah isn’t sure what but starts to take an interest in what’s going on over there. Is the husband abusive to his wife? To his daughter? Everyone has secrets and Hannah just can’t let it rest and puts herself in the middle of it all creating all kinds of havoc but no one will take her seriously. And it seems Hannah h [...]

    5. Saving April is two sides to a story with chapters told by Hannah, Laura and then an unknown narrator who is living a troubling life in an unhappy family.Hannah is an unreliable narrator, she's hiding from the world and watches the rest of her street live their lives. Why she hides in her house only time will tellLaura is working her backside off because her marriage is slowly falling apart as her husband wants to following his dream to be a personal trainer. Stuck in the middle is April, their [...]

    6. I found and voted for Saving April at Kindle Scout. I'm happy I did. I won't give any spoilers, but I will say I this story kept me in suspense, wondering who the villain really was. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy a good mystery and characters who have suffered but for the sake of humanity, and of right and wrong, would save another, or kill to punish those who wronged.

    7. Slow I didn't enjoy this book. It was slow. Pretty boring. Nothing special at all. I kept reading hoping it would get better but it didn't. I don't recommend this book.

    8. Saving April is by Sarah Dalton. This is a psychological suspense. Sarah explores the psychology of looking into the minds of our neighbors. She looks at how well we know them and what we know about what goes on behind closed doors. The story starts off a little slow which made me want to put the book down; but it pulled me into the book and I finished it. I can’t say I liked the book; but it was well written and had some unexpected twists which really surprised me. It is told from both Hannah [...]

    9. Great thriller with a shocking twist. Things aren't always what they seem. I'm surprised what I believed wasn't what was.

    10. When the Mason’s move into the house across the street from Hannah she can’t help but envy them. They have the life that she didn’t have, all she had was fear and the confines of her small house and even smaller world. As she watches the family from her window she realises that something isn’t quite right and somehow she finds the strength to look deeper, but with her history no one would ever believe her.This thriller had me hooked from the start. Hannah is a vulnerable character who ha [...]

    11. Review: SAVING APRIL by Sarah A. DenzilThis was a nonstop read! Immediately I was very involved with the characters and my empathy was quickly elicited. Like protagonist Hannah, I was quick to "point the finger" of blame, and like Hannah, totally astonished when the story turned upside down and inside out in a suddenly startling denouement!! A startling psychological thriller loaded with suspense!

    12. ChillingRead this book in virtually one sitting. Really enjoyed the unfolding of the plot through the eyes of the main protagonists and the unexpected revelations as the story unfolds. An excellent read.

    13. BrilliantReally enjoyed Saving April, great storyline, never read anything by this author before, will definitely be downloading more, would definitely recommend.

    14. It’s a beautiful in the neighborhoodwouldn’t you like to be my neighbor?Saving April delved into the emotional state of minds of Laura, Matt, April, and Hannah in this psychological suspenseful thriller that had me guessing from the very beginning. This book explored the various levels of mental activity of its characters and the complexity of their mental and emotional lives. Saving April was a character driven story. The story took place in London on Cavendish Street. The Mason were new to [...]

    15. Laura, A mother who works for living thinks she is bad as a mother and is not doing justice to her daughter. Matt, Father who is jobless, but has plan in his minds to execute and earn for living. They fight everyday over a lot of common reason. April, a teen daughter,the victim who is afraid and watches her parents fighting everyday. Hannah living across street neighbor who watches the scene. Trying to figure out what is going on with the family. She is writer who is more like surviving everyday [...]

    16. I listened to the audiobook for this. (The audiobook edition isn't listed as an option in .) I literally WOW'ed aloud when I finished it. Let me start off by saying that Sophie McSheera (known as Daisy from "Downton Abbey") did an excellent job narrating Saving April by Sarah Denzil. I spent a good portion just trying to figure everyone out. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Everyone seems to have a secret. And what I have always loved about a good thriller--or any good book for that matter--i [...]

    17. Hannah is a recluse who works from home when a new family moves in opposite. The daughter, April seems withdrawn, a bit odd and Hannah feels compelled to help April but everything is not as it seemsI have read Sarah's other books, The Broken Ones and Silent Child which I absolutely loved so I assumed this would be just as good. Unfortunately this book didn't come up to the mark in comparison. I did enjoy it and I liked that it was fairly short so you got to the conclusion quickly but I guessed t [...]

    18. I wanted to give less starsBecause the writing, while nice, could have been much more detailed and I had so many questions by the end. But, while the e-book was straight forward and I wanted more explanation, the story still super creeped me out. It has a "Rear Window" vibe and I never knew who to trust. I was constantly switching sides, never knowing which POV to go with. Other books by the author have more build and suspense that I missed but I liked it that this one didn't wallow in the first [...]

    19. Great book, a real page turner. I found that the author very successfully portrayed the devastating affect that a traumatic event can have on someone's life through the depiction of Hannah's character. This was an easy and enjoyable read and I found that the momentum of the story was maintained throughout. I was satisfied with the ending where, unlike other books, all the storylines were brought to a conclusion and where I was not left wondering what happened to any specific character.

    20. The Bad Seed all overSaving April started off a little slowly, but the patterns of the character's views became more intriguing as the chapters moved on. April was a very manipulative child who journaled her life for her audience and herself. She picked her adoptive parents, figuring she gotten everything she wanted. But how often does reality yield to our whims? You won't want to put this novel down!

    21. I really enjoyed the author's other books, so I had high hopes for this one. It wasn't nearly as amazing as the other two, but then I found out this was her first suspense book, so I can forgive. The character of Hannah and her anxiety and panic attacks were really well done. The author described them pretty accurately. I figured out what was happening pretty early on, but it was still a fun easy read!

    22. Destinies can changeAt first reading about Hannah and later Laura and April. Sharing their pain but not knowing why. Not knowing their history but sharing the difficulties they all face. One having little chance to overcome her childhood experience. Matt being not likeable. A control freak. You think he is capable of anything in his favour. I did not get so drawn into the story like the Silent Child but very well written and once into the story found it hard to put down.

    23. GoodThe beginning of the book was very slow. I wish they would have stated that Hannah had the accident with her daughter and husband because her anxiety I couldn't figure out until later. The ending of the last few chapters explained everything about April,Hannah and Laura. Good book.

    24. Easy readAt first I was confused with the set up of reading each person's view but then I got caught up in it. Very good book with a surprising twist. Good reminder of how cycles are followed within families as well as how we don't realize we are living in the past and not getting on with our lives.

    25. It was a well written book and did hold my interest. However; once I realized that April wasn't the victim it became a little too weird for me.It reminded me a lot of the Bad Seed that I read years a go. I also watched the movie based on that book. It's hard to imagine a child doing those things.

    26. A different twist to a tired plot, but still a tired plot. In addition, there was no character to root for or even relate to. They were all equally pitiful with very few (if any!) redeeming qualities. I don't mind tragic figures, but I read for entertainment!

    27. What a truly twisted, suspenseful and riveting story! In trying to feel compassion and empathy for April and hoping that she indeed gets saved - what a surprise to find out that you may need saving from her!

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