Close to Home

Close to Home Kelly Rolen is a CPA she s smart she s focused and she s worked hard to build an orderly career and a respectable life in her hometown of Darlington Illinois Everything is precisely as it should be

  • Title: Close to Home
  • Author: Rachel Spangler
  • ISBN: 9781612940816
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kelly Rolen is a CPA she s smart, she s focused, and she s worked hard to build an orderly career and a respectable life in her hometown of Darlington, Illinois Everything is precisely as it should be Well, it is until her father suffers a debilitating stroke during the busiest time of her year tax season Suddenly, Kelly finds herself overworked, exhausted, behind schedKelly Rolen is a CPA she s smart, she s focused, and she s worked hard to build an orderly career and a respectable life in her hometown of Darlington, Illinois Everything is precisely as it should be Well, it is until her father suffers a debilitating stroke during the busiest time of her year tax season Suddenly, Kelly finds herself overworked, exhausted, behind schedule, and forced to hire an intern to meet her deadlines.Elliot Garza is young and brash, but she s also a talented accounting student who is charismatic, driven, and solely focused on completing her internship so she can escape from the bleak Midwestern town to Washington, DC and her dream job She knows she has the professional skills necessary to do the job well, but she is less certain about her ability to handle her beautiful, prickly, demanding, and compelling new boss.In this fresh new romance from one of the genre s top young authors, will Kelly s past and Elliot s future add up to something greater than the sum of their escalating attraction, or will the answer to their equation end up hitting too close to home Rachel Spangler is the author of ten lesbian romance novels and novellas and the winner of two Golden Crown Literary Society Awards She pens the popular blog, Wonder Boi Writes, and lives with her wife and son in Western New York.

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      Rachel Spangler never set out to be an award winning author She was just so poor and so easily bored during her college years that she had to come up with creative ways to entertain herself, and her first novel, Learning Curve, was born out of one such attempt She was sincerely surprised when it was accepted for publication and even shocked when it won the Golden Crown Literary Award for Debut Author She also won a Goldie for her second novel, Trails Merge Since writing is fun than a real job, and so much cheaper than therapy, Rachel continued to type away, leading to the publication of The Long Way Home and LoveLife She plans to continue writing as long as anyone anywhere will keep reading Rachel, and her partner, Susan, are raising their young son in Western New York They spend winters skiing and their summers traveling and watching their beloved Cardinals Regardless of the season, Rachel always makes time for a good romance, whether she s reading it, writing it, or living it.Rachel can be found online at rachelspangler or on Facebook.


    1. I usually avoid books set in small towns for the exact reasons that kept Kelly in the closet in this one — the rumor mill and homophobic people who can't mind their own business. Rachel Spangler, however, is an author I like enough that I was willing to give this a chance, and I'm very glad I did.Kelly is a public accountant who works with her dad taking care of the finances and taxes of everyone else in the city. Her only friends are her dad and her sweet and caring ex-girlfriend Beth, who is [...]

    2. Redeeming a character can be a tough sell. How do you make a character, which said the character was downright terrible in a previous book your main character? Add into the fact that this is a romance novel, and your reader needs to have the feels. Tough, so tough, but Rachel Spangler does it like a boss.If you read The Long Way Home you will remember, Kelly Nolan. Kelly was Beth’s longtime lover when Beth meets Rory. (side note: you can totally read this a standalone, but I would recommend re [...]

    3. Close to Home is Rachel Spangler’s third book set in the tiny fictional college town of Darlington, Illinois. And while it has characters and themes that we’ve seen in previous books, especially The Long Way Home (I can’t speak for Timeless because I haven’t read it yet), it delivers something entirely fresh.Full review (Curve): curvemag/Reviews/Close

    4. I can’t believe this is the first review I have ever written for one of Rachel Spangler’s books. So without further ado, here’s my review of Close To Home.Close To Home is the third novel in Rachel Spanglers ‘A Darlington Romance’ series and it’s one helluva book.I would recommend reading the first book A Long Way From Home and then the second book Timeless before starting this one. It will help with continuity with the story lines and secondary characters, who most of where main cha [...]

    5. I've had this book for two months but I haven't been able to bring myself to read it. I love Rachel Spangler's writing so much that having this unread meant I was in a constant state of having something to look forward to. But finally, my desire to read her words overcame my desire to have a future treat, and I dove in. As expected, I loved it. Something about Spangler's writing always makes me feel like I'm being cracked open and experiencing the story along with the characters. These stories j [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect and I occasionally found the dynamic between Kelly and Elliot. For that matter, I was left wondering why Rory had such a antagonist relationship with Kelly, beyond the obvious. Regardless, this was an interesting easy to get into read.

    7. Kelly finally got her story told. I liked the way this played out. Very authentic. I've seen people complain about the price of the book. I don't get it, it's less than $2. I don't think the author sets the price. I enjoyed the book. Worth the extra $1.20.

    8. This is the third book in the Darlington Romances series, it stands alone, although it’s nice knowing the back history, especially of the inter-relationships.Kelly is a CPA who has grown up working with her father in their small town all-service accountancy firm. When her father is taken to hospital at the start of tax season she is left facing a mountain of returns to complete alone, while trying to visit her father and deal with her worry and stress. Elliot needs a CPA internship to get her [...]

    9. Enjoyable read with interesting characters that have a story to tell. I really liked how Elliot unfolded as she engaged with Kelly. Elliot grew so much unbeknownst to Kelly who was the motivator. The support of Beth to Kelly was unwavering in her willingness to care. Rory was supportive yet kind of an enabler to Elliot. Though the read was about Kelly as she was challenged to meet her current situation head on, it was also about friendship and different types of love. Smooth writing style with l [...]

    10. This is my favourite book by Rachel Spangler. I don't know why really I think I just loved Kelly and Elliot as a couple and of course their banter.And I loved Elliot's speech at the end, it was perfect!!

    11. All around solid read, can't say I love it but I certainly enjoyed it. The characters felt like actual people going through their issues, the conflict was well developed and it works as a standalone book. I've not read any other books by the author but now I'll have to take a closer look at what else she has to offer.

    12. I loved this! I read it in one day because I couldn't put it down. With a lot of romances, the reader feels pretty secure from page one that these two protagonists will have a Happily Ever After. No spoilers, but, there is genuine suspense in this story, and much more at stake than love (though isn't that a huge thing to have at stake?). This story is also about identity, and honesty, and agency--to hang onto old regret, familiar as it may be, even comforting--or to try again, to take a chance, [...]

    13. An emotional journeyI loved this book and stayed up way too late reading it because I just couldn't put it down. I loved the growth Kelly and Elliot experience under each others influence. Though it was an emotional journey, in the end each woman brought out the best in the other. I also enjoyed Rory and Beths presence in this story because I liked them in THE LONG WAY HOME. I'm glad Kelly got her happily ever after, and I thought Elliot was amazing for putting up with so much, still hanging in [...]

    14. I liked it.There was one particular part that emotionally crippled me, but everything else I felt great about.Elliot is a stubborn, and somewhat cocky college student who is close to graduation, all she needs is her internship.Kelly is a stubborn, and closed-off CPA who is being pulled in all directions by loyalty to her idolized father, and her absolute need for perfection in herself. Tall order for any person, especially when said father becomes ill.The thing that I liked most was the lack of [...]

    15. This was a beautiful book, so beautiful it made my heart ache with its honesty and raw power. I typically wait for a book to come out in paperback but had an opportunity to purchase this book earlier in ebook and am SO GLAD I did. This book drew me into a community I had visited in through two other novels (Darlington Romances, two other standalone novels set in the same little town with interlocking characters, but as separate stories.) It nicely dovetailed with my experience of life in small t [...]

    16. Spangler is a hit or miss for me. I love some of her books and don't always make it through others, but this one (actually the whole series), well she knocks it out of the park. I actually read this book first and then went back to read the other two books in the series. I actually LOVED the way Kelly's character was written so much so, I didn't want to read the other books in the series for fear of how she was portrayed. However, the writing and storytelling are so damn good in the whole series [...]

    17. I just read and re-read most of these Darlington books in the span of a couple days to help transition back into a happy and stable mindset after re-reading The Handmaid's Tale this weekend. 10/10 would recommend! I especially enjoyed Close To Home, after initially not thinking I would. But now I would like to read 438973948 more books with this couple.Updated to add: in all seriousness, I really enjoyed this and really have re-read it a bunch of times (and really would like more stories with th [...]

    18. Good story! Interesting characters and a happier ending than expected. Loved the innocence of one character, and the way she finally takes charge of what she really needs in her life. Also made you wonder what roles you fall into, even though the world around you changes.

    19. Amazing read, as usualI loved this book from the first page. I have read every book out by Spangler and this, by far, is her best. It's mature, which means a lot to an older reader.

    20. Not coming from a small town, it's difficult to understand living in the closet. Having said that, I loved the story, particularly the writing. I have also read The Long Way Home and enjoyed it a lot as well.

    21. Read a book published by a micro press and an LGBT romance novel for BookRiot's read harder challenge. The author's from the same hometown as my partner, so I could really relate to the characters and the rural Illinois setting. This was a fun read, and the characters were multidimensional and relatable.

    22. I have always loved Spangler's books and she’s one of my favorite writers. She’s one of the only ones who knows how to make us feel and feel her characters so much. This book is still very very good, it’s not one of her best but it remains the Rachel Spangler so a very good book that must absolutely read, because we have in hands a very beautiful romance To read absolutely !!

    23. I like this rewriting of a character seen previously under a bad light. It's believable and enjoyable. To read, especially if you liked "A long way home", you will enjoy it.

    24. Disclaimer: won this book via a contest.Good, very enjoyable read. Kelly and Elliot are both well written, and the romance is quite credible.As someone who's recently had family in hospital over a extended period, the related scenes were very accurate and captured the feelings of that sort of experience. In fact I needed to take a break from reading as it called up memories. My only bitch is that the ending felt a bit rushed, but that may be me.

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