The Rock: Murders In The Sun (Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigation Book 1)

The Rock Murders In The Sun Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigation Book The Rock Gibraltar In a fading colonial house overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood The steel handle of a knife protrudes from her chest

  • Title: The Rock: Murders In The Sun (Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigation Book 1)
  • Author: Robert Daws
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Rock Gibraltar 1966 In a fading colonial house overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood The steel handle of a knife protrudes from her chest, its sharpened tip buried deep within her heart The Rock Present day Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan arrives on The Rock on a three month secondment from the LondonThe Rock Gibraltar 1966 In a fading colonial house overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, the dead body of a beautiful woman lays dripping in blood The steel handle of a knife protrudes from her chest, its sharpened tip buried deep within her heart The Rock Present day Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan arrives on The Rock on a three month secondment from the London Metropolitan Police Service Her reasons for being here are not happy ones and she braces herself for a tedious and wasteful twelve weeks in the sun After all, murders are rare on the small, prosperous and sun kissed sovereignty of Gibraltar and catching murderers is what Sullivan does best It is a talent she shares with her new boss, Chief Inspector Gus Broderick of the Royal Gibraltar Police Force He s an old fashioned cop who regards his new colleague with mild disdain But when a young police constable is found hanging from the ceiling of his apartment, Sullivan and Broderick begin to unravel a dark and dangerous secret that will test their skills and working relationship to the limit Elegant storytelling, an original location and a fine sense of place Robert Daws is a very promising addition to the exciting canon of 21st Century crime writers Peter James, No 1 bestselling author of the Roy Grace crime novels.

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      As an actor, Robert Daws has appeared in leading roles in a number of award winning and long running British television series, including Jeeves and Wooster, Casualty, The House of Eliott, Outside Edge, Roger Roger, Sword of Honour, Take A Girl Like You, Doc Martin, New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, Rock and Chips, The Royal, Death in Paradise, Father Brown and Poldark.His recent work for the stage includes the national tours of Michael Frayn s Alarms and Excursions, and David Harrower s Blackbird In the West End, he has recently appeared as Dr John Watson in The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, Geoffrey Hammond in Public Property, Jim Hacker in Yes, Prime Minister and John Betjeman in Summoned by Betjeman.His many BBC radio performances include Arthur Lowe in Dear Arthur, Love John, Ronnie Barker in Goodnight from Him and Chief Inspector Trueman in Trueman and Riley, the long running police detective series he co created with writer Brian B Thompson.Robert s second and third Sullivan and Broderick novels Poisoned Rock and Killing Rock will be published in September 2016 and early 2017, respectively His first novella, The Rock, has been optioned and is being developed for television.


    1. "The Rock" is the debut crime novella by tv/stage actor and broadcaster Robert Daws, and is a great introduction to the Sullivan and Broderick murder investigation series.DS Tamara Sullivan is sent on a 12 week secondment to Gibraltar after failing to obey orders in the London Metropolitan Police. She soon finds herself involved in an investigation unraveling a dark and dangerous secret relating to an incident back in 1966. Her relationship with her boss - no nonsense 'old school copper' Chief I [...]

    2. This was a bit 'fluffy' with little substance to it. I made the mistake of reading this straight after a Jeffrey Denver book and, in comparison, this one just seemed like a schoolboy story. It is set in Gibraltar, which caught my interest, but you wouldn't know it other than the odd geographical reference. It could just as well have been set in England. I have been to the 'Rock' a few times and I never had the feeling of being there throughout this, thankfully, short novel. The humorous banter b [...]

    3. Fairly entertaining but could have been so much more.An okay procedural but nothing special about the characters or plot, both of which I feel missed many opportunities to be developed. A quick read and fairly entertaining, I just feel it could have easily been so much better.

    4. I received this book yesterday morning as part of the Urbane Publications Book Club, and thought I'd give the first couple of chapters a go to see if I'd enjoy it - 150 pages later I'd finished it and had thoroughly enjoyed this sharp, crime novella and am itching to start on book two of the series - The Poisoned Rock.Set on Gibraltar, we follow Tamara Sullivan who is a detective sent over from London for 3 months and we get a glimpse of what went wrong in London, and how she is thrown straight [...]

    5. I was drawn to this fast moving detective story, by actor and writer Robert Daws, because it reminded me of the old house in Gibraltar where my parents lived many years ago, but it will appeal to anyone who enjoys trying to solve a murder mystery alongside a bold heroine.Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan has been seconded from the Metropolitan Police force in London to what she imagines will be a quiet, rather boring time working in Gibraltar, but she soon finds that despite the relaxed attitud [...]

    6. When this book came to my notice, I liked the idea of a mystery set in Gibraltar. I'd visited Gibraltar, briefly c1993, so I had a sense of its atmosphere. It wasn't my intention to read it straight away. I added "The Rock" to my TBR list, and then the next day I was drawn back to it by serendipity. After reading the first 10% I got a feeling it was going to be a good read; I wasn't disappointed. The pace was good for me and my reading mood. There was minimum of grisly description which made the [...]

    7. This book is basically your bulk standard formulaic Police Procedural. It ticks pretty much all of the usual boxes for the genre. That said, it is a good example of it!Good characters & description with an interesting story all drawn together with neat writing.I don't know if it is my preconception, knowing the author is himself a TV actor, but the writing and indeed the length of the novel did come across to me to be a little episodic and I did wonder if that was a factor in the style the a [...]

    8. Good readIt was a fun short book with a lot packed into it. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, I would have liked to know more about what the old lady was going through. Thanks

    9. After a well described opening scene the story moves to the present day and Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan as she is airborne on her way to Gibraltar. She’s on secondment for twelve weeks from the Metropolitan Police after being cleared of the charge of professional misconduct. She considers this her punishment and is not looking forward to the deviation from her career plans. The Gibraltar police are short of a detective in CID so Tamara joins Detective Inspector Gus Broderick’s team, n [...]

    10. Rock Solid!A fast paced first novella by the multi talented Robert Daws. Daws, a highly accomplished actor from both stage and screen can now most assuredly add, author, to his list of talents. I whizzed through this book in two days such was my enthusiasm and intrigue as to what might be the outcome. Daws' knowledge of Gibraltar is impressive and I felt as if it were now somewhere I'd like to visit despite the high body count! The chemistry between the central characters was both palpable and b [...]

    11. Rocking on the RockI happened upon this novel by mistake, looking for something else, but, when I realised the subject matter and the location, decided to download this and the next Rock adventure. Mind you, living here in Gibraltar as I do, it was fun deciding where the actual locations were even though some were called by a different name. All in all, not a bad storyline and full of more excitement than RGP usually get

    12. I was given this novella to read by a colleague and she was correct in that she had said that it wouldn't take me long to read it, but I was very impressed with how much Daws packed into such a shortish novel. it moved very quickly but didn't, in my opinion, lose any of the content and plot lines. I would definitely read his follow up novel involving the two main police characters

    13. Gripping taleI was hooked from the start until the final word and I am looking forward to September and the next book. Well drawn characters plenty of action lead to a very enjoyable read.Robert Saws has found himself an excellent second career

    14. I really liked this Police Procedural. Tamara Sullivan, a detective from London, has been sent to The Gibraltar Police Department, because she didn't obey her superior's orders. Even though being sent to Gibraltar is seen as a demotion, Sullivan fits right in with her new colleagues.

    15. DISAPPOINTEDI liked the characters and was initially intrigued by the somewhat convoluted beginning, a lot of different directions for things to go just kind of tossed out thereen, I settled in for what appeared to be the beginning of an interesting tale. But, what I got was a really "blah" plot development with absolutely no tension and ludicrously simplistic developments leading to a too tidy ending - if only real police got cases that almost solved themselves! I'd love to see this author util [...]

    16. A very fine book.I thoroughly enjoyed this fine short book! The characters were believable, the action well written, the story line well thought out and a mystery that I didn't figure out until,as a reader, I was expected to. Very satisfying read all in all. The only problem I had was being an American reader the English slang was a little hard to understand. Didn't stop me from enjoying the book though.

    17. This book caught my interest because of the location and being an American it sounded like a nice place to base a series of books. The subheading "Sullivan and Broderick" caught my attention. A pair of crime fighters. Yet, the book really didn't seem to pull them together that much. I was a little surprised as to who the prime suspect was in the story line. I will read the second book in the series and see how it continues to develop the characters.

    18. Good startFor a writers first book , to me, this was a great story. I thought the characters were developed very well and the mystery held up well until the end. Well done to Mr. Daws. I would expect future stories will become even more polished by the experience of a story teller. I look forward to upcoming novels.

    19. This one was an inexpensive offer on Kindle. It was OK. The setting, plot and characters were good. The writing could have used some improvement. The denouement was a little sudden, and it wasn't clear to me that we'd been given enough clues to have deduced the identity of the villain.Maybe I'll try the second one in this series, where I hope the characters get developed more

    20. Good story good charactersI really enjoyed Broderick & Sullivan's banter. I love mystery with banter. Also loved the family side of the policeman's life. I.m hoping it is a series. The only thing I minded is it seemed to come to the end rather abruptly. Just didn't want it to end so soon. Guess that's the definition of a good book!

    21. Exciting MysteryIf you enjoy a police procedural that is well written, fast paced and infinitely hard to put down, then this is the book for you. Be prepared for lots of twists and turns in this tightly plotted book. Can't wait to read the next book in this series! Yet another talented author to follow and enjoy.

    22. A short police procedural set in Gibraltar. I'm giving it four stars for the excellent sense of place - it made me want to go to Gibraltar - and the characters of the detectives. The crime/mystery itself wasn't that great - there wasn't a large enough pool of suspects for a start. Off to read the sequel

    23. Good! MysteryThe setting of Gibraltar is most enjoyable. The early organization of the story was aty of the msutery. It was important to the story development but pieces of it remain mysterious after the rmd. Thlo twists were ingenious. Overall it is an enjoyable read that leaves questions in this readers and some speculation of future enjoyable reading.

    24. An excellent read for a novellaI enjoyed this novella very, very much. It was interesting and had a good bit of mystery about it. An excellent beginning to what I hope is a good series.

    25. The book was pretty good. The clues were few and far between but once the info came back it was a quick finish to the book.I didn't even suspect the guilty party. It caught me by surprise. That hardly ever happens. I did enjoy the book for a quick read.

    26. Took a while to get into itMindless but enjoyable fiction. I like books in this category that grab me quickly and hold on. This took a while. A lock box mystery, could have been only one person. That is why my rating is so so. Still, a fun quick read.

    27. BoringVery mediocre at best. Too many clues to the murderer and the standard, over used "closed" portion of a hospital for capture. Jumbled way of introducing characters. No mystery at all

    28. Good start of a seriesFor some reason I thought this book wasn't long enough for all the events crammed into it. I did not figure out who the killer was until the end and I did like all of the characters. I would enjoy reading the next book in the series

    29. Disappointing. Having visited (and loved) Gibraltar a year ago, I was hoping for more local flavor. This book had little of that, a simplistic plot and not much character development. The best thing about this novel is that it is short. Sorry, I won't be going on to the rest of the series.

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