GoGo Monster

GoGo Monster Solitario y poseedor de una desbordante imaginacion Yuki Tachibana esta convencido de que su escuela encierra un misterio el cuarto piso de acceso prohibido para los alumnos esta habitado por criat

  • Title: GoGo Monster
  • Author: Taiyo Matsumoto
  • ISBN: 9788416581092
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solitario y poseedor de una desbordante imaginacion, Yuki Tachibana esta convencido de que su escuela encierra un misterio el cuarto piso, de acceso prohibido para los alumnos, esta habitado por criaturas invisibles Y su lider, Big Star, se muestra inquieto ante la irrupcion de espiritus poco amigables Semejante teoria, sumada a su extrano comportamiento, convierten a YSolitario y poseedor de una desbordante imaginacio n, Yuki Tachibana esta convencido de que su escuela encierra un misterio el cuarto piso, de acceso prohibido para los alumnos, esta habitado por criaturas invisibles Y su li der, Big Star, se muestra inquieto ante la irrupcio n de espi ritus poco amigables Semejante teori a, sumada a su extran o comportamiento, convierten a Yuki en objeto de burlas e incomprensio n Tan solo cuenta con la complicidad y la compan i a del sen or Ganz, conserje del colegio, de IQ, estudiante de cursos superiores que siempre cubre su cabeza con una caja de carto n, y de un nuevo compan ero de clase llamado Makoto Suzuki, quien pronto se convertira en su mejor amigo.

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      242 Taiyo Matsumoto
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    1. Taiyo Matsumoto

      Although Taiyo Matsumoto desired a career as a professional soccerplayer at first, he eventually chose an artistic profession He gained his first success through the Comic Open contest, held by the magazine Comic Morning, which allowed him to make his professional debut He started out with Straight , a comic about basketball players Sports remain his main influence in his next comic, Z ro , a story about a boxer.In 1993 Matsumoto started the Tekkonkinkurito trilogy in Big Spirits magazine, which was even adapted to a theatre play He continued his comics exploits with several short stories for the Comic Ar magazine, which are collected in the book Nihon no Kyodai Again for Big Spirits, Taiyo Matsumoto started the series Ping Pong in 1996 Number Five followed in 2001, published by Shogakukan.Source Lambiek website bio.


    1. GoGo Monster has become a reference buoy in my life. When I am adrift (and I am often adrift, sometimes pleasantly sometimes harrowingly) and I need to catch some sight or sign of home, some home lived only ever within my skin, some look-back to a complex of early feelings - feelings of awkwardness and alienation, but also of extreme receptiveness and openness and thus of being in nerve to nerve contact with life, and experiences of friendship as being ever-expanding worlds unto themselves… [...]

    2. Like all of us, I am unfortunately bound by certain culturally endowed predispositions that prompt immediate, involuntary reactions to certain encounters. When I see a picture of someone with neurofibromatosis, my initial reaction, sadly enough, is not compassion but revulsion. Compassion may speedily follow, but that was a learned response and not natural to what my society has built into me. When I hear hip hop, my instinct is to brush it off as if it couldn't possibly concern me—causing me [...]

    3. Matsumoto in transition, halfway between the action and explosive images of Black & White and the modest, perfect naturalism of Sunny. As such, it's totally fantastic,maybe the best of all Matsumotos. A slow creep of the otherworldly into the mundane, to the point of overwhelming, built on majestic image-cadences and associations. Intricate and beautiful.

    4. I felt dizzy after reading this. You could categorize this into tons of genres: fantasy, psychological, slice of life, etc. what looks like a cute manga about monsters from the front, is actually horror story in itself, as the main character's illusions lead the story. This manga also deals with not fitting in. Nobody will even talk to Tachibana because he draws scary things on his desk, talks to imaginary monsters, and hangs out with the other weird kid, only known as IQ, who lives in the rabbi [...]

    5. This is really a pretty amazing book, one that displays a sophisticated awareness of genre and which uses that to reach past that into some universal realm of growing older and exploring friendship.Ostensibly the story of two, or maybe three grade school friends, at the center we find reclusive and artistic Yuki Tachibana who draws obsessively on his desk and who can see "others," an extra-dimensional species (?) who threaten this reality from their base on the fourth floor of Yuki's grade schoo [...]

    6. Books in which children are special, different creatures from those strange adult people tend to be either excellent or terrible. Because there’s so much you can do with that premise – but there’s a danger of it getting to be cloying or precious.Gogo Monster handles this balance superbly. The book stars a kid named Yuki who’s right on the balance of teenagerhood. For him, getting older means not seeing the world’s wonderful monsters anymore – and he’s desperately scared that no mat [...]

    7. Absolutely brilliant, moving, poetic, surreal story that not only pushes the boundaries of comics and manga, but also shows what is ONLY possible in this medium. The art which seems awkward at first is a language in itself, in a way. And the more I read the more I became amazed by the art!Strange as it sounds, I felt this story shares similar themes to those found in the film "Donnie Darko." And this I think, is a good thing.

    8. I got lost with the ending-great ride though. The graphics were great-like a person's sketchbook-random at times.

    9. Huh. I'm not entirely sure what I just read.I don't often understand these types of books. but maybe there really isn't anything to understand and people who claim they do really are just trying to boost their egos. Who can say this manga has some rave reviews, but there really wasn't anything special about it. The artwork was really distracting and hard to look at. I know that was part Matsumoto-san's plan I'm sure make everyone look gross and ugly because that's how their personalities are and [...]

    10. Beautifully designed, drawn, and told manga. The story is a Japanese urban, apartment-land, schoolyard tale of horror and kids only being able to see things. Imaginary friends, dares to see people in mirrors, and don't go up there sort of stuff. Except there are all those things on the top floor of the school. Matsumoto draws with a waverly, sketch-like line that is both rough and elegant. The lines capture perfectly the landscape of numerous building steps, frequent passing airplanes, and ghost [...]

    11. Today I took my kid for stroll by the lake near our house and a young male deer decided to hang out in the parking area just eating plants and watching us.That might be the closest thing I have experienced to "GoGo Monster."The edition I read was not one of the editions they have listed here. This version was really well-crafted. A work of art like a deer in a parking lot.I am still not sure what exactly happened. Something magical. Perhaps a damaged side of the universe. Man trying to deal with [...]

    12. So hard to know what to make of this, if it's a fantasy adventure or a tale of mental illness. Either way, it's engrossing.

    13. Beautiful black and white manga about an introvert kit dealing with the challenges of childhood.It either drifts into the supernatural or feels like that because the protagonist fosters a vidid imagination that merges school reality with a fantasy-ish world. The tone of the story is subtle. Little happens apart dealing bullying classmates, retreating to an elderly man and helping plant his garden and other 'mundane' things.Still, the imaginative showdown, the amazing perspectives and line work o [...]

    14. This was such a great read!! It was abstract but also so realistic at the same time. The whole time I was wondering if Yuki was really seeing the Others or if he was just imagining it. And honestly by the end of the story I still didn't know. I'm not very good with reading abstract story lines, but that's my own fault and not the book's. Overall I loved this book and I absolutely adored the art style.

    15. Me ha gustado un montón. Taiyo Matsumoto tiene una sensibilidad especial para retratar la vida cotidiana de un niño y la manera de percibir su entorno. Además, el dibujo me encanta, muy potente y personal tras su aparente sencillez.

    16. A+ poetic visually and emotionally and as a unique and bizarre narrative that makes strange sense. I want to read it again already.

    17. No he entendido nada pero me ha gustado. El autor consigue crear tensión y un aire paranormal jugando con los elementos narrativos y sin mostrar nunca el "monstruo".

    18. I don't think I've seen another graphic novel handle background chatter quite so interestingly. All of the lines are a little chaotic but very well written and hit home. I felt like I was walking around in my old middle school.

    19. التصنيف: خيال. الحالة: منتهية, 5 فصول. أحداث غريبة تحدث في الطابق الرابع. يوكي يحذر بقية الأطفال بان المكان خطر عليهم بالأعلى لإن القادمون الجُدد ليسوا لطفاء كبقية مخلوقات العالم الآخر!يوكي تاتشيبانا هو بالصف الأول يشعر بوجود مخلوقات من عالم آخر. لا يراهم بعينه، ولا يسمع أصوات [...]

    20. another Japanese comic that fiddles with the line between reality and the supernatural or perhaps spiritual in the case of Gogo Monster.I wasn't sure what to think of this book when I finished it. honestly, I was hoping for the "other world" to explode into some kind of horror story but that was not the case. Gogo Monster leaves so many things up to interpretation and I think this aspect made me decide I liked the book. you have to do some thinking and pay attention to little clues here and ther [...]

    21. Yuki is in third grade. He has no friends, other kids think he is bizarre and rarely talk to him. This is not surprising as he talks to “imaginary” beings like Superstar.Superstar is a being who lives on the third floor of his school, off limits to students due to some unspoken danger. Occasionally he (or other beings) coming down to create havoc, steal things, and generally stir up trouble. the closer that Yuki gets to the world that Superstar rules, the hard it is for him to differentiate [...]

    22. Wow. I had only previously encountered Taiyo Matsumoto's work with the animated film version of Tekkon Kinkreet. The movie was enjoyable, but I felt like it was kind of disjointed and uneven and didn't think much of it. Having now read GoGo Monster, I think I just didn't get it, because GoGo Monster is a stroke of genius.GoGo Monster is the story of Yuki Tachibana and the world he lives in, which is only slightly different than our own. It is inhabited by the spirits of the imagination, demons, [...]

    23. Tekkon Kinkreet is a better graphic novel than GoGo Monster, in my opinion. But GoGo Monster is still pretty amazing. I think part of what makes me like Tekkon Kinkreet more is its sprawling nature--the entire city, in all its glorious detail, is such an integral part of the story. In GoGo Monster, the setting is also important and seems to take on a life of its own. But it's a very isolated space. 99% of this graphic novel takes place within the confines of an elementary school. At times it fel [...]

    24. I've been wanting to read this for some time, and our recent Comics Alternative discussion of Matsumoto's works gave me the occasion to finally do so. This reminds me in some way of what many consider to be his best work, Tekkon Kinkreet. It even has a strange, more surrealistic turn toward the end that appear to be part of Matsumot0's style.

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