Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid From original story and game by Hideo Kojima skilled retired FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake returns to his expertise neutralize an epic crisis Six deadly FOXHOUND renegades control a nuclear disposal fac

  • Title: Metal Gear Solid
  • Author: Raymond Benson
  • ISBN: 9780345503282
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • From original story and game by Hideo Kojima, skilled retired FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake returns to his expertise neutralize an epic crisis Six deadly FOXHOUND renegades control a nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in the icy Aleutians If their demands are not met, a powerful, top secret weapon will be unleashed upon the world The solo mission is to breaFrom original story and game by Hideo Kojima, skilled retired FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake returns to his expertise neutralize an epic crisis Six deadly FOXHOUND renegades control a nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in the icy Aleutians If their demands are not met, a powerful, top secret weapon will be unleashed upon the world The solo mission is to breach the heavily fortified base, rescue hostages, and destroy the superweapon His only obstacles are brainwashed commandos, DNA enhanced troops, and six extraordinarily able assassins But nothing is as it seems secrets, a hidden agenda, and revelation to Snake of secrets from his dark past that would shake any man to his core.

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      Raymond Benson is the author of 35 titles Among his works are the critically acclaimed and New York Times best selling serial THE BLACK STILETTO, and he was also the third and first American continuation author of the official James Bond 007 novels His latest novel is THE SECRETS ON CHICORY LANE.


    1. Metal Gear Solid is, without a doubt, THE BEST GAME EVER. As someone who has played it through and through numerous times, I was thrilled to find out there was a novelization. Since Hideo is quite careful concerning his precious, and is reluctant to give someone else rights to mess with the franchise as they please, I had hopes the author commissioned to pen the novel would be someone of the highest caliber. Raymond Benson is NOT the person I had in mind.The plot is the same as the game: the FOX [...]

    2. As a very devoted fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I have to say this book is incredibly lacking in accurate characterizations. Most notably, Snake goes from the serious mostly-professional soldier he was in canon to an action hero spouting one-liners. In fact, I daresay everyone is spouting one-liners, up to and including the narration. If one were to approach this book expecting an accurate adaptation, they would be not entirely let down--about 85-90% of the dialogue is straight from the ga [...]

    3. "Metal Gear Solid" by Raymond Benson is based on original story and video game by Hideo Kojima, and highly resembles latter. Solo mission for "Solid Snake": neutralize "Metal Gear" nuclear weapon and rescue hostages - VIPs Anderson and Baker with detonate-disarm codes and cards, plus Colonel's niece Meryl. Theme is "When the going gets tough, the tough beat the shit out of everyone else" p224. Like a computer game, Solid conquers increasingly challenging levels, grunts, and bosses, to the top, h [...]

    4. While I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid the game, I thought the book lacked something. I know it has to be difficult to try and convert a story that was based on a list of items to be completed for a game with a strong subplot thrown in, but come onlet's not just take the script from the game and then insert a little description here and there and call it a book. If anything Mr. Benson should have to share the stage with Hideo Kojima and the script team at Konami for the credit here.I think I missed th [...]

    5. Pretty good for a novelization of my favorite video game. The author portrays the main character's personality a little different that I perceived it from the video game, but that's pretty minor to the story.

    6. Ok. There where some interesting parts in the book. It got into scientific detail in which the game could not, thus it was more sci-fi than pseudoscience.Everywhere else the book failed. Why books are different from other mediums? Because they give you the space to imagine as no other form of art can. Also they should also have some literary merit. The book lacks both.It doesn't even serve as a reminder of the excellent video game. It feels distorted. Snake is not portrayed as he should. Some pa [...]

    7. Recreates the atmosphere and characters of the first video game well, but fails to personify the main character the same way as that game. There were many moments in the novel where I just had to shake my head in disgust for the failing of Snakes personality present in the book which was not present in the video game. Still a good read if you can't handle playing the old PS1 game on an HDTV.

    8. This book was perfect! All the dialog from Snake fits his personality perfectly! Wonderfully written. Raymond Benson is brilliant! He and Hideo are amazing story tellers. I couldn't have imagined the game written as a book any better.

    9. The following review has been copied from behnamriahi.tumblrMetal Gear Solid, written by Raymond Benson (& Hideo Kojima) and published by Del Rey, is a third-person, plain-spoken novel written primarily from the point-of-view of Solid Snake, retired operative for FOXHOUND, an elite black-ops unit of the American military. Called into action by his former colonel, Roy Campbell, Snake is torpedoed to Shadow Moses, a secure military facility taken over by FOXHOUND renegades, “The Sons of Big [...]

    10. I am not a Metal Gear Solid (MGS) fan. Thanks to my brother’s passion for the game, my knowledge was expanded to the identities of the Twin Snakes, Otacon, Ocelot, and especially the one and only handsome Raiden. That’s all! Don’t ask me for more! Raiden is my only interest. But then, when my eyes caught the title MGS among the pile of worn-out books at an old bookstore in Thailand, the book was brought home without hesitation. Well, one day, my bookshelves will be filled by video game ada [...]

    11. A faithful depiction of the video game. Enjoyable to read. Something is missing though, the text lacks punch compared to the game.

    12. Being fairly new to the Metal Gear franchise and recently besting MGSV I wanted to back track and experience the earlier story. I've read that people found Snake's one liners out of character, but I couldn't help but enjoy them. The games are known for their fantastic plot and odd humour and I think it's fair to say the book followed suit.Story was amazing, of course, the book was well written and I'd definitely recommend it. I look forward to playing the original games even more now.

    13. "This is Snake. Colonel, can you hear me?" It seems one of my most favorite games(my first favorite is the Metal Gear Sold 4) has been made into a book, and a pretty good in fact unless you don't like well told action books. Unlike other stories this story is more focused on it's story than the actual action. In the bottom of this review where I will explain I liked the game better than the book and some of it are spoilers so ****SPOILER ALERT****Our main protagonist in this story is Solid Snake [...]

    14. I started reading this book because I wanted to play the HD collection of the games after hearing SO MANY fantastic things about the franchise. I’m more of a PC gamer, so I never got around to playing any of the titles. But unfortunately the HD collection does not include the first installment of the series. I figured I would read the book and get caught up to MGS2. This novel did exactly that: it introduced me to the plot and told the story of the first game, in a very bland and straightforwa [...]

    15. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure if someone who is not familiar with the series would. The dialogue is kind of cheese at some points, and I feel that some parts that worked in the game (the heating and cooling of the PAL card, for example) don't work that well in a book format.Overall, I really enjoy reliving the story of Solid in Shadow Moses.

    16. So I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I'm a gamer, but I've never played the MGS games. I'm also a big fan of novels who has the tendency to get lazy, so this review is going to be based solely off of what I thought of the book. That being said, I normally turn a skeptical eye towards such novelizations, but I was surprisingly happy with this book. I enjoyed the plot and action consistently despite the occasional bitter splotch of painfully corny writing, cliche characters, or bad action sequences [...]

    17. It's hard for me to recommend this book. On the one hand, if you've played the video game this is almost a perfect transcript, which means all of the plot twists are still intact and all of the flaws and awkward dialogue are too. On the otherhand, if you haven't played the game and you don't have the amazing visuals to back up Benson's stark descriptions, I wonder if you'll really get a good sense of what made Metal Gear Solid a great game in the first place. I was really hoping that this would [...]

    18. An unusual but interesting experience for me. This book is actually just a plot of the iconic video game "Metal Gear Solid" by Hideo Kojima. In addition, the game by itself is a powerful narrative product with a great story, so the book is not for everyone. When you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid game series, this book can give you new feelings and emotions while reading. Because you know all characters, visuals and other stuff from the game. The book becomes a portal to the past, to your childho [...]

    19. No recuerdo exactamente cuantas veces he repetido la aventura de Solid Snake a través de los diferentes escenarios de Shadow Moses, solo queda decir que repetir aquella historia por medio del libro oficial ha sido una grata experiencia, la representación de los personajes, los momentos críticos de la trama, las boss fights, el desarrollo emocional todo ha sido espléndido! Solid Snake, la leyenda, el hombre sin pasado y sin futuro se ve mucho mejor cuando vive y sufre junto a Meryl y Otacon u [...]

    20. I remember reading this quite some time ago now. From what I remember the story followed the game as best as it could but the characters were sometimes off. Which I see has been mentioned many times below in different reviews. It is very unfortunate because if they were portrayed much better I am sure I would have liked the book a lot more. If you're a fan of Metal Gear or if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid I suggest you read this book but it's so much better to play the game instead though. [...]

    21. While I'm a huge die hard fan of the MGS franchise, this book is terribly adapted. Too many cheesy action sequences written in like a James Bond novel written for 10-year olds. You can get a glimpse of the story and where most people these days got started in the series, but don't take it as writ that everything in this book is canon to the series. The better option is to play the game and experience the story as it was meant to be seen. However, if you're a fan of the series and want to kill so [...]

    22. Before I started reading I was hoping to read a more fleshed out story , it is a novelization afterall, and with the Metal Gear universe there is so much back story to dive more deeply in to, but instead I felt like I was reading the exact same thing as I was playing it 10 years or so prior on the PSX. It made for a repetitive and boring read.My recommendation ? If you never played the game but you've always been interested in the story it's worth a read. If you have played it, don't bother, you [...]

    23. E' stato piacevole ritrovare personaggi del calibro di "David" Solid Snake incontrati per la prima volta tanto tempo fa davanti ad un monitor e riportati in vita da Benson che riporta fedelmente le vicende svoltesi nel videogioco pietra miliare di Hideo Kojima. Una lettura che mi sento di consigliare specialmente a coloro che abbiano giocato il videogame date che potranno apprezzare al meglio la trama avendola "vissuta" sulla propria pelle

    24. It's more or less the script from the game. But there are some differences. Certain scenes are included in the book that did not happen in the game. This book would be good for anybody who never got to play the first MGS game. This gives you an idea of what happen in the first game so you will handle the second game which is Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

    25. So far it's pretty good. It does capture a lot of the atmosphere of the game pretty close, but it is not the same Snake. He made a lot of witty comments in the game, but some of the things he says or is thinking makes him seem a lot more immature than he really was. I'm still reading it, as I would recommend it to anyone who likes the series, but we'll see how it goes from here.

    26. I read this hoping for some expansions from the original source material and I got some of it. I really enjoyed the modification to the boss battles and made them more realistic and different from the video game. Was worried it was going to be "Snake fires gun" then "Ocelot says 'I love to reload during a battle' and fires back". That would have gotten boring.

    27. This novelization of the video game is only interesting to see the author's take on the events of the game. Metal Gear Solid is famous for having a great story, so it could work well for a military/sci-fi book. But this book is not so great. I like the takes on characters such as Psycho Mantis, but that's about it. Curious, and only recommended for big fans of the game who have the time.

    28. The only reason I liked it at all was because it was tied to the game. All the improvised writing by Benson sucked, mainly by having Snake say things totally out of character, as well as ridiculous depictions.

    29. I love the story of MGS, but it seems like this book was written for people who like to pretend they hang out of helicopters with big guns. The author turned Snake into an 80s action hero, having him make cheesy one-liners at every opportunity it's not Snake.

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