Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin She s lucky he s a charmer Lindi Parker works hard at being human not an easy task for a snake shifter She has no desire to search for others like her until a new case changes everything When Lindi l

  • Title: Under Her Skin
  • Author: Margo Bond Collins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s lucky he s a charmer Lindi Parker works hard at being human, not an easy task for a snake shifter She has no desire to search for others like her until a new case changes everything When Lindi learns that she s not the only shapeshifter in the world, she also realizes she might be next on a killer s list In order to save herself and the abused children she worksShe s lucky he s a charmer Lindi Parker works hard at being human, not an easy task for a snake shifter She has no desire to search for others like her until a new case changes everything When Lindi learns that she s not the only shapeshifter in the world, she also realizes she might be next on a killer s list In order to save herself and the abused children she works with, she will have to team up with Dr Kade Nevala, a member of the shifter tribe responsible for eradicating weresnakes and the most attractive man Lindi s ever met Even terrifying, she ll need to embrace her serpent side, a choice that has enormous consequences for Lindi, and for everyone around her.

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    1. Under Her Skin is by Margo Bond Collins. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author.So I want to admit upfront that I am insanely squeamish regarding snakes. This might seem funny for a woman that is getting ready to move to a new home very soon deep in the woods. But because of that fear, I was a little worried about reading this book. I’m so glad I didn’t give in to my fear though. I love Margo’s writing and even though the heroine was a snake [...]

    2. During the ordinary course of her job as a children's counsellor, Lindi Parker helps on a case involving a young female child who killed her abusive step-father. She goes with that child in the ambulance but instead of going to the children's hospital, the place Parker would normally find herself in a situation like this, they go to a different one. But then she already knows things are different this time. For the little girl lets her know that she knows that Parker is a shifter. And that the h [...]

    3. 2.25 ✭Well this wasdifferent.Lindi is a snake shifter. She knows nothing about her real parents, or if she is the only shapeshifter in existence or not. She's spent her whole life hiding the fact that she is different and learning to control her 'serpent' side by loving adoptive parents. A battle of nurture over nature ensues, which Lindi mostly wins.She's a councilor who works with abused children and when one of those children turns out to be another shifterLindi's world changes. There are s [...]

    4. ** Read as part of the Hearts Of Darkness Box Set **Under Her Skin is book one in The Shifter Shield series by Margo Bond Collins. It has a very interesting set up, with several surprises along the way, and a verity of unique shifters. First I have to say - weresnake, how awesome is that? We don’t see many shifter stores featuring reptiles. Lindi was a wonderful character. She’s beautiful and strong. I really liked the mystery surrounding her. She doesn’t realize their are other shifter ou [...]

    5. My first ARC and I JUST noticed the 'arc' written in the file name of this ebook even though I got this book in November :( I am sorry! Review below:Title: Under Her Skin (Shifter Shield, #1)Author: Margo Bond Collins Length: Approx. 59,000 wordsGenre: Urban FantasyThe author is really creative and can tie different situations together in cool ways. The concept of primitive enemies- the mongoose and snake- falling for each other was cool. But I felt like the book needed more 'showing' than telli [...]

    6. I absolutely loved the change of shifter focus to one I hadn't ever thought/heard about - snakes. I thought the writer did an excellent job creating her concept in regards to snake shifters; and presenting the dual natures of how a snake (especially one who is merged with a human) could be and the expectations from those who know them/about them. I enjoyed the possible powers and history of the race and really look forward to the mystery being revealed about the MC's past. Aside from the premise [...]

    7. Cool ShiftersVery cool shifter story. Usually a lamia is bad news but Lindi is special. She was raised by humans who knew what she was and loved her anyways? Now she is a counselor to traumatized children. Probably the most empathetic job ever, but being a cold blooded snake doesn't keep her from doing a wonderful job with the kids. I have only one issue and it's about how no one knew she was a shifter her whole life. At least not until she meets Kade anyways. It's a mystery that was never flush [...]

    8. This was an interesting story. I have never read about a were snake before. I liked the flashbacks/memories of her growing up.This book has a little of everything. Love, hate, kidnapping, learning about oneself, death, new life, and so much more.I do recommend this story.

    9. This was a completely serendipitous read for me something that happens to me often when we are talking about paranormal romance genre. A good blurb and even better cover always gets my attention and this love story is no different. As well as trying a new author this was a completely unique story for me to dive into. Yes, yes I have read plenty of shifter series and standalone but they always somehow revolve around wolves. This one was very different as the story was about a snake and mongoose. [...]

    10. 4 Under her Skin StarsWell now, I have a new author to follow. I won this ARC, and being as I like shifter books I dove right in.I can’t say I have ever read a shifter book about a snake or a mongoose, so that was pretty exciting. Different yet interesting enough I needed to know more. Lindy is a pretty remarkable young woman who has had to deal with being different but also both sides of herself. She was incredibly lucky to have been taken in by people who thought of her as their very own and [...]

    11. Lindi is a weresnake. She believes she is the only one. While on call one night, she is introduced to a whole new world and realizes there are multiple other shifters. She also realizes the other shifters hate her and would like to see her dead.I enjoyed this story so much. I liked Lindi and her "origin" story. I loved her parents! I didn't like Kade at first, I felt he overstepped. I liked what he was. I liked this world.What was disappointing to me were the editing and continuity errors. This [...]

    12. You can find a longer review on my blog: Raquel Gabrielle's BlogThis is a really good start to a series I hope. Not sure if it is going to be one yet or not. I liked both Lindi and Kade but sometimes I thought Lindi could have been a little more cut throat. I understand more than anyone about keeping things under wraps and being in control but sometimes you must release the inner beast to release some of the pent up emotions. I think she was coming to that conclusion by the end of the book. I di [...]

    13. I hated that the main story centered around kids being hurt, hated the opening scene where a girl fought back, then later learning about how many of the kids were murdered did me in. It didn't help that I don't like snakes and our heroine is a snake shifter. Too many things hit my buttons making this book not for me.

    14. This one started out with a strong and creative feel to it, but it seemed to fade pretty fast into the generic category. I will still give this author another shot, but this wont be a series I can continue.

    15. SnakeShe's a child advacote and a snake shifter raised by a human family. This is a great first book and excited to read more

    16. I really wanted to love this book, and I did love the H and especially the h. The originality of the plot was fantastic but it didn't live up to it's promise. So may awesome ideas.Major Issues-The H and h have this fantastic set up and hype but it never really goes anywhere and it's all left hanging and messy. I can guess there must be another book but even so its all over the place and even has several reference to discussing their relationship but it never happen! There really isn't much of a [...]

    17. There were things that I liked, and things that bothered me - some things bothered me more after I finished reading and I had time to think about it. In the end, it all evened out to a mediocre three stars.The first thing that bugged me was why didn't Lindi realize there were other were-creatures in her town? She worked with were-children! Were-parents! How could she not know? Then suddenly, she does know! And so do they! It really doesn't make any sense.Then there's the insta-attraction to Kade [...]

    18. ***I received a free advanced copy from the author in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions stated in this review are solely my own and no one else’s. ***Under Her Skin is a shifter paranormal romance novel by Margo Bond Collins. In this book we are introduced to Lindi Parker, a snake shifter. She is a counselor who works for the Child Advocacy and Protection Center. She’s good at her job but her latest case is about to put her on a collision course with meeting up with other shifter [...]

    19. Love itA snake shifter that doesn't act like a snake but more like her human side. She has more empathy though than even some humans do.

    20. Lindi Parker child services therapist has a secret she has to keep hidden. Adopted by loving parents who have taught her how to hide her other half and gave her a well rounded but secure life. She helps children deal with abuse. While on a case of child abuse she is surprised to discover the child is a shifter, follows the child to Kindred hospital where she meets Dr Kade Nevala. Lindi senses something different about him not to mention the immediate attraction but he's hot, warms her blood,and [...]

    21. Lindi is a snake shifter, possibly the last of her kind, as other shifters wanted them dead ( as they deemed them untrustworthy and deadly). She's also a social worker who takes her job very seriously. Kade is a mongoose shifter, a natural enemy of Lindi as she is a snake shifter, but he goes with his human side and realizes 2 things: Lindi is incapable of harming anyone, unless they were attacking her or the children in her care, and 2, she's his mate. Someone is out there kidnapping, mutilatin [...]

    22. First of all, no matter what I say, I love this book. Mainly, though, because of how fresh it is: the heroine is a were snake and the hero is a were mongoose. In a genre dominated by vampires and werewolves it's extremely refreshing to finally have a series that focuses on other animals. That alone should give people enough of a reason to give this book a read. If you need a break from demons or vampires or werewolves Under Her Skin is definitely worth a read.The writing and story are well done [...]

    23. 3.5 starsGood start to a series. Overall an entertaining and enjoyable listen. A different kind of shifter story. Not about big bad hulking shifters but smaller animals who are natural enemies and just as dangerous. This is the first snake shifter book I have ever listened to. I hate snakes with a passion but I actually was able to listen and enjoy this story. I didn't get all snake cuddly all of the sudden but I wasn't completely repulsed by the character. I'm actually interested in the story a [...]

    24. This was a fast fun read - it just feels like there could be even more to the story. I want to know all the different kinds of shifters, apparently there are insect ones too - why don't they have the same problems lamias have? Seems like spiders wouldn't be all lovey-dovey or scorpions either, so why are only the snakes the ones everyone fears? I get that in the past lamias tried to kill off every other shifter species, but why haven't the other non-mammals been similar? And then there's the ins [...]

    25. An interesting shifter series!Not your usual wolves and panthers, these shifters span the spectrum. No moon ties, no painful shifts. Our h discovers that she's not the only shifter out there while on a case. She's a counselor for abused children. But, while she isn't the only shifter, she is the last known lamia shifter. She's not as cold and ruthless as the ones killed before her. Apparently snake shifters were very seclusive. They tended to keep to themselves, except when they were killing oth [...]

    26. I am kicking myself for not reading this book sooner. I enjoyed this book. I liked Lindi's character and her stance for helping children. I liked Kade, though he is still mysterious to me. This story kept my attention. I thought the pacing was perfect and the storyline was interesting. The ending gave closure to the problem posed and didn't leave me hanging, though I still have questions that were not answered about Lindi, Kade and this world of shifters that Collins has created. Hopefully more [...]

    27. I received this audiobook free for an honest review. Margo Bond Collins does an excellent job of bringing you in to her stories and keeping you there. I hate to stop listening until it is finished, then I am disappointed that there is no more story. I was so excited to see this book was free. However, I would have bought it anyway. The narrator did a great job of developing and enhancing the characters. Lindi and Kade have a very interesting and exciting relationship. Being different shifters an [...]

    28. Thinking you are the only one of your kind had the main character always watchful. A shifter that never knew others of her kind existed lands herself in a new world of shifters and then finding out she is very rare on top of all this things are going to happen This starts the story off with a bang and it just keeps building. Where did she come from? What is she really? When a young patient points out that she knows her secret a new world opens up and the active mystery never stops until the end. [...]

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