The Power of a Praying Woman

The Power of a Praying Woman Presents knowledge of Scripture and examples from author s own prayer life that provide guidance for women who seek to trust God with deep longings not just pressing needs cover every area of life wi

  • Title: The Power of a Praying Woman
  • Author: Stormie Omartian
  • ISBN: 9780736919265
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presents knowledge of Scripture and examples from author s own prayer life that provide guidance for women who seek to trust God with deep longings, not just pressing needs cover every area of life with prayer and maintain a right heart before God.

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    1. Stormie Omartian

      Stormie Omartian is an award winning bestselling author and speaker who personally connects with readers and listeners by sharing her experiences and illustrating how God transforms lives when we learn to trust in Him.The strength and transparency of Stormie s message has driven her books to the top of the bestsellers list More than 26 million copies have been sold worldwide of her Power of Praying Series, including The Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children, The Power Of A Praying Wife, The Power Of A Praying Husband, The Power Of A Praying Woman, The Power Of A Praying Parent, The Power Of A Praying Teen, and The Prayer That Changes Everything Her latest books are her recently updated and re released bestsellers Power of a Prayer Wife, Power of a Praying Woman, Power of a Praying Parent, Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, and Power of a Praying Husband In May 2002, The Power Of A Praying Wife broke a 21 year industry record by claiming the top spot on the Christian Booksellers bestsellers list for 27 consecutive months From 2001 to 2003, for an unprecedented three years in a row, it was named a finalist for The Charles Kip Jordon Christian Book of the Year Award It has been on the bestsellers list continually for over ten years It was replaced as number one by The Power Of A Praying Husband, which was honored in 2002 with a Gold Medallion Award The Power Of A Praying Parent has been on the bestsellers list for years In September of 2002, her prayer series astonishingly held the top four spots on the bestsellers list 1 Praying Wife 2 Praying Woman 3 Praying Parent 4 Praying Husband Among other of Stormie s bestselling books are her autobiography, Stormie, plus Just Enough Light For The Step I m On, Lord I Want To Be Whole, and Praying God s Will For Your Life Michael and Stormie have been married for 40 years and have two married children If you have any questions for Stormie, please send them her way on her Facebook page, the link is below facebook stormieomartitter StormieOmartian


    1. This book is all about learning to pray for yourself. The chapters are very short (only 3-4 pages each) and fairly quick to read, and each concludes with a prayer and Bible verses related to the topic. Ms. Omartian discussed topics that I had never thought to pray for myself for. I read this over the course of a month, but may reread it over a longer period of time in order to build each topic into my prayer time for a few days. I will definately come back to this book as it really has changed t [...]

    2. 5 Starsdid you hear me? * * * * * Stars! I LOVED this book. I've read the Power of a Praying Wife before this and was expecting this book to be very similar. Now don't get me wrong, the Power of a Praying Wife is also a very good book, but this book, this book breaks the mold. It's so much more.Stormie Omartian goes to the heart of the woman's soul and speaks to the very things that I think women all struggle with. This is probably the best supplemental book to the Bible that I have ever read. I [...]

    3. It is the best book a women can read, you usually pray for others but how can you take care of others when you are not taking care of yourself. It really spoke to me. God worked in me while I was reading it.

    4. Just like 'God's Word for the Single Believer' I don't really regard this as a book that i've 'read' but will perhaps continue to refer back to for the rest of my days. It was about at page 60/61 that I realised that the best way to read this book was not to read each chapter sequentially - instead this book requires life application, prayer and a heart that sincerely seeks change and spiritual growth through a closer walk with Jesus. To get the best out of this book (for me anyway), is to spend [...]

    5. *Listening to the audio CD version.I loved chapter 7 so far about how to gain a closer relationship with God, and to spend more time with Him. I also liked when she shared on "jobs/occupations" and chapter 13 on holiness and purity.I needed these friendly reminders. "Change me Lord prayers" is what I am seeking and working heavily on based on the calling that God foresees for my life.3.5 stars.

    6. Mrs. Omartian's book of praying woman is excellent. It helps you to pray for yourself and for others. It teaches you and helps with words that you might've not known. I bought this book for my daughter. I would recommend this book especially for single women and of course married women. It also helped to realize that I don't need approval from a man but from God. It helped me realize my self-worth as a Christian woman. I wished I had read this book when I was single. Its a powerful book.

    7. As wives and mothers, our personal needs often get pushed to the back burner-here's an easy way to move it front and center and get the support we all need. As with "Power of a Praying Wife", the book is set up in 30 chapters that can be read as a chapter a day for a month."In The Power of a Praying "RM" Woman, Stormie's deep knowledge of Scripture and candid examples of her own struggles and epiphanies in prayer provide reassuring guidance for those who seek a greater sense of God's presence in [...]

    8. What an incredibly encouraging read! So important to pray for ourselves as well as others. I have had a revelation reading this book that prayer unlocks everything God has for us. He wants to give it to us but we must first humble ourselves to ask.This might be on my 'read' shelf but this book will become a way of life for me. I can't just read it and let it collect dust on the shelf. Women of faith, you owe it to yourself to read this book! May God bless you

    9. This book is amazing, it came to me at the right time, going through betrayal, loss and heartache. I now know for sure the Lord will heal me and take me forward. I now know how to pray to reach God and I know there is a future for me.

    10. God is speaking through me with this book. I never felt that way about a book ever since reading "A Return to Love" in 2006. :)Two Thumbs Up!

    11. I love Stormie's books. She add a beautiful and enriching prayer at the end of each chapter which always seems to hit home!

    12. Two words: completely amazingIt took me almost a month to finish this book because I honestly didn't want it to end. Every chapter in every day was like my daily dose of fresh air. The perfect soul food to every woman who wants to live with more and more purpose all the days of her life . Will definitely reread the prayers.

    13. This is a must read for every woman trying to grow in her faith. It shows you the power of praying for yourself as well as others

    14. Beautifully written!! Definitely a book to keep on your shelf and turn back to as you work on your prayer life and strengthen your faith. Not just a one time read! I need I buy me a copy!!!

    15. Beautiful study group where woman got together to share in there faith in Jesus. Laughter, tears, joy and hope were shared here. Friendships were formed. Lookiing forward to the next one.

    16. Several years ago I had a realization that while being told to pray all of my life, my prayer life was indeed pitiful. At that point in my life I made a conscious effort to work on my prayer life and grow my intimate relationship with my God and Father. Stormie Omartian's books have helped me so much on my journey. The Power of a Praying Wife was the first book that I picked up by her and was impressed by the idea of spending time in focused prayer on one topic. Up until this point, I'd always t [...]

    17. Originally Reviewed For: Shauni's FaithThis book was hard for me to review because I don't usually review non fiction. But when I was browsing through Netgalley title really captured my attention.When I saw it I assumed it would share with me how my prayers could be answered but I also assumed it was about praying for others. To my delight it was about how a woman of God needed to remember to pray for herself. To stand firm in her faith and allow God to do the heavy lifting.Description:Stormie O [...]

    18. Immediately after I started this study, I felt a whole new connection to God. The reader quickly realizes this is not about changing your husband, or making him into the man you want. This is about strengthening your own prayer life, learning how to pray with a pure heart, and seeing how God works in your life, your husband's life, and in your marriage. This study was a blessing to me as much as it was, though he was unaware, to my husband. I immediately saw results, and I immediately saw the en [...]

    19. Hi. I have started reading this book and then it turned out I have to translate it into my native language; which made the experience with this book even MORE PERSONAL; I hope now that it will get published in my native language my friends, family and many unknown to me women will be able to profit from the spiritual nourishment the author gets to provide to a female audience. There is need for such spiritual advices. I really want to get copies of her other books: The Power of a Praying ~Husban [...]

    20. I have read through and prayed through this book many times over. What I love about Stormie's books are that they are filled with scriptures which are life giving and truths that are life changing. My mind is challenged and renewed everytime I read from one of her books.This quote from Chapter 14 really encouraged me in January 2008:"No matter how far off the path you have gotten from the plans and purposes God has for you, when you surrender your life to the Lord and declare your utter dependan [...]

    21. Excellent book! I added this into my personal quiet/Bible time in the mornings. It was a perfect addition. Short chapters followed with a powerful prayer and "God's Promises to Me". I love that she incorporated so much scripture in her chapters and prayers. Much of what she said hit me right where I needed it. This book was such an encouragement to me in a time when I didn't even know I needed it. A must-read for all women. I'm excited to begin another book by Stormie.

    22. I have been reading this book for devotions over the last year and it has been amazing. Not the book I thought it was going to be when I first found it though. Stormie knows what Christian women want, it was like she read my mind! This book isn't so much about the ins and outs of how to pray but rather a step to step guide of walking the Christian life and all the areas we need to pray in. I found it very well rounded over all. Some of the chapters seem to double up with others. Definitely recom [...]

    23. This book is wonderful and inspiring. Thanks to this book I have a whole new prospective of prayer, the possibilities it can bring and ideas of how to pray for just about anything and anyone. My favorite part was at the end of each chapter there was a prayer included covering what she included in the short chapter. I highly recommend this book to all Christian women out there.

    24. I had read it a few years ago and really liked it. I saw it on the shelve not too long ago and decided to pick it up again. The second time around was probably a lot better, too. It just makes you think about who you are and what you have and the people you get to share this time with and your overall purpose. Things can change in an instant, but it is your faith that gets you through it!

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