Finding Me

Finding Me Nobody knows me Not my neighbors not people I go to school with not even my family Somedays I am convinced that I don t even know myself How could I I haven t experienced anything to know if I like

  • Title: Finding Me
  • Author: Scarlett Haven
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  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nobody knows me Not my neighbors, not people I go to school with, not even my family Somedays I am convinced that I don t even know myself How could I I haven t experienced anything to know if I like it But here is what I know so far.First, I love the color orange Like the color of the sky, right as the sun is setting It is absolutely my favorite thing in the entireNobody knows me Not my neighbors, not people I go to school with, not even my family Somedays I am convinced that I don t even know myself How could I I haven t experienced anything to know if I like it But here is what I know so far.First, I love the color orange Like the color of the sky, right as the sun is setting It is absolutely my favorite thing in the entire world And I wonder, do all sunsets look like they do in Florida Or is it different in other parts of the world.Second, I love the smell of salt water Even though I live in Florida, I have never been to the beach, but sometimes, when the wind is blowing, I smell the salt water I try to imagine what it s like to walk on the sand and feel the waves crash around my ankles I think it would be nice.And third, this one I m not sure about, but I think I m a people person I love watching people to see how they interact with each other I always wonder what it would be like to be them to have friends I wonder what makes each person who they are I wonder what they are thinking I m not sure that I will ever truly know.But then I meet them.My world is turned upside down and I am introduced to a new world a world I didn t know existed.Finding Me is book 1 in The Spy Chronicles.Book 1 Finding MeBook 2 Keeping Me coming soon

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      Hello, world I m Scarlett Haven I write YA books about cute boys, boarding school, and awkward situations My first book, Fate New Hope Academy, Book 1 , is now available.Besides writing, I like to read, play the guitar and bass for my church, sing and watch way too many disaster movies Something about the world getting destroyed in full HD is oddly entertaining.


    1. I got the first book to this series as I loved the idea of a spy novel and it looked like it would be a fun teen Spy series. After reading the first few pages, I knew I was in for a bit more than your usual teen spy school story. It turns out Karlie is living with an abusive family and is the Cinderella to the family. She doesn't have any friends, and her punishments come in the form of starvation and the occasional beating. On the first day of school with no Andrew around, Karlie hopes this yea [...]

    2. 3.5 starsHave you ever read a book and thought"this is really simple"? Not simple as in bad and not simple as in a 5 year old could read it but simple as it just didn't require you to be really really focused and invested in reading it?Well, this is one of those books. Again, its not bad in any way and I liked the characters. Slightly cliché but still ok. It was just an easy, simple read. Its an interesting premise and I can see the series going places. In all honesty I wish the author would ha [...]

    3. **3.75 stars**First, let's begin with the main character, Karlie. who lives in an abusive household-she's been mentally and physically abused throughout her life and is isolate from everyone and everything around her because of this. But here's the best part-SIX GUYS. Can you believe it? Well I can and I FRICKIN LOVE IT!!!Brett, Gage, Hunter, Nolan, Jax, and Sander are the head honchoes and *fans myself* they're pretty awesome and most of their involvement is Karlie using them for fooduntil the [...]

    4. Finding Me is the first of The Spy Chronicles. It's a Reverse Harem novella that has potential. Karlie is a 17 year old girl starting her senior year of high school. She has grown up in a very abusive home. She's mentally abused, physically abused by her step-brother, made to work as a servant for the family, locked up, and deprived of food for any perceived infraction. She is completely isolated and friendless. This all changes on the eve of her senior year when she meets a boy at the park. The [...]

    5. This is second time I've read this book and it's just as good as I remembered it.💚 This definitely reminded me of The Ghost Bird Series, which I loved, so it's no surprise that I'm obsessed with The Spy Chronicles. Is this a reverse-harem? Because it's hard not to ship innocent Karlie with all the guys. They are all bring something different to the story. They are just so damn sweet and I love how protective they are of her. What a ending!!! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Kar [...]

    6. -‘Because last time I sat a a lunchroom table, my stepbrother punched me in the stomach. And when I couldn’t stand long enough without falling over to cook dinner that night, my mom locked me in the room and left me—for a whole week. I couldn’t go to school or do anything.’-Excellent start to the series. Ends on a cliffhanger so will be reading the sequel next. Needs some serious editing for grammar and spelling but great story.

    7. Finding me WowI loved it whoever introduced this book on my book group thanksI love all the characters especially the boysHope this is a rh once series is done I hope I can buy these books

    8. GreatThis book was easy to read an had me in edge of what may happen next. The characters are easy to connect with and has plots that I never saw coming. I would recommend.

    9. Finding me felt more like an introduction to the story that the story itself. Karlie is a 17 year old girl, who's terribly abused at home. She's lonely and confused about herself. Her parents forbid her to speak to anyone, so she does not have any friends.Then she starts to meet this new boys at school and out of it, one by one. But they did not move here by accident. They are actually here for her. The story is very similar to the Ghost bird series, especially so in the firs part of the booke a [...]

    10. Karlie is just scared. Scared of her mother. Scared of her step brother. Scared to make friends. Scared to be noticed. She wanted to be rescued from her scared life. All she knows is how cruel her family is. From an early age she was abused. She never knew what love is or could be. Not even friendship. When she was younger, she tried just talking to a girl in her class. Later at home, her step brother hit her so hard in the stomach she had to take off over a week from school because of the pain. [...]

    11. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsFinding Me begins when Karlie actually has someone trying to talk to her at school. But, she's not allowed to have friends so she knows it's a bad idea. However, when these strange guys just keep turning up things start to look more and more strange to her. However, when she finds the truth it may be the best thing that ever happened to her. This was a very short book that introduces us to Karlie's old world and brings us into her new world. It lets us m [...]

    12. Where'd the story go???To be honest I LOVED this book or at least what I did read. The problem was that it was super short and ended on a cliffhanger. So while I will be buying and reading the books to come, I won't do so until all books in the series have been released. It seems as if this is leaning towards a reverse-harem type book, which I like, but if that isn't your style then maybe this isn't for you.This book was light, with no smut, and lots of romantic potential. My only setback was th [...]

    13. Loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeddddd it!!!! And the ending?!?Such an awesome book I just wish it was a wee bit longer. Dude the ending was crazy and sweet! There is so much more to the story to yet be revealed and I can't wait. So any questions and from the beginning you feel for the h!! Wonder who her H is gonna be!!

    14. It was okayThis book had a lot of similarities to the Academy books. It just wasn't great. It was okay or maybe even a little entertaining. I'm a sucker for reverse harem books or I might not have given this a try. Hopefully the next book is better.

    15. this book pissed me off there's not alot of details and the whole book was just rushed and was to short why was it so short? my guess because it was rushed and lacking.ahhh wish I didn't bother reading at all the thing is the storyline and the idea behind the book is good

    16. Great read. Can't wait for next book in series, has me curious and a little confused. Although, the minute the school was mentioned I was like, I want to hear more about it. Hoping everything gets a little more exciting and more in detail.

    17. Good intro. Hopefully the next book will go into more detail about the guys. How did Karlie/Serenity end up with the people she was with. Most of allNolan. That means a longer read than 93 pages.

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