The Song of the Stork

The Song of the Stork Fifteen year old Yael is on the run The Jewish girl seeks shelter from the Germans on the farm of the village outcast Aleksei is mute and solitary but as the brutal winter advances he reluctantly ta

  • Title: The Song of the Stork
  • Author: Stephan Collishaw
  • ISBN: 9781785079191
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifteen year old Yael is on the run The Jewish girl seeks shelter from the Germans on the farm of the village outcast Aleksei is mute and solitary, but as the brutal winter advances, he reluctantly takes her in and a delicate relationship develops As her feelings towards Aleksei change, the war intrudes and Yael is forced to join a Jewish partisan group fighting in theFifteen year old Yael is on the run The Jewish girl seeks shelter from the Germans on the farm of the village outcast Aleksei is mute and solitary, but as the brutal winter advances, he reluctantly takes her in and a delicate relationship develops As her feelings towards Aleksei change, the war intrudes and Yael is forced to join a Jewish partisan group fighting in the woods Torn apart and fighting for her life, The Song of the Stork is Yael s story of love, hope, and survival It is the story of one woman finding a voice as the voices around her are extinguished.

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      Agent annettegreenagency Author of The Last Girl and Amber The Song of the Stork is out March 2017.Praise for The Last Girl Shockingly good, stylistically inventive and emotionally devastating One of those truly surprising and accomplished first novels The British Council astoundingly complextense, vivid, effortlessly real layer is wasted Each adds meaning, makes the whole uneasy and disturbing a feat few first time novelists could pull off The Guardian Read guardian books 2003 dependent arts ent.ishcouncil arts li


    1. A well-written novel with a great first half and a very disappointing second half crowned with a conclusion that has more loose threads than desirable.The plot about an adolescent Jewish girl seeking and finding refuge at a remote farm owned by a young man born mute was guaranteed to catch my fancy from the start, and Stephan Collishaw's economical, spare and uncluttered prose delivered it very proficiently and aided in the story's lack of action being barely noticeable, if at all. It was all ce [...]

    2. Distinctive, memorable and poignant. How such a slim volume can pack this much emotional punch, I have no idea. Its vivid, life-shattering horrors seized a little more of my heart with every passing chapter. During these uncertain times the contours of people’s bodies changed in tandem with the landscape; the deep ridges ploughed by German tanks mirror rib cages covered by streamers of shapeless rags, as persecuted human beings are reduced to scarecrows shivering in the fields they may have on [...]

    3. This was such a beautiful read! Once I was fully immersed in the story, it was impossible to put it down! This is a story about Yael, a Jewish girl who is on the run from the Nazis. She seeks shelter at a secluded house of an old aquaintance. What starts out as a wary and distant relationship between Yael and the mute Aleksei, turns into a sweet love. But the main focus of the story wasn't on the romance but on the self-development of Yael. She is safe at Aleksei's house for a few years until th [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this novel. I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. It's a beautifully written tale about a young girl's harrowing journey during the Second World War. It's about survival, love, friendship, and keeping faith and hope when the odds are stacked against you. It was haunting and eerie and kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the story, but it was lacking a bit of emotional depth for me. I felt like I never became completely consumed with the story, like I usually get [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this short but compelling novel set in Lithuania during WWII. It’s a poignant and moving story about a young Jewish girl on the run for her life who seeks shelter on an isolated farm with a village outcast. Well-crafted and well-paced, the book is a haunting tale of love and friendship, endurance and the survival of hope against all the odds. I very much appreciated the author’s rather understated style and the fact that he doesn’t spell things out but uses language and at [...]

    6. The Song of the Stork is a tale of harrowing survival, poignant loss, and overcoming overwhelming odds in Russia during World War II. Yael is a young Jewish girl on the run who takes shelter with her neighbor Aleksei who is reluctant and mute. While forced into running again, Yael later joins a Jewish partition group which is fighting for their freedom. While touching as most novels set in this time period are, I felt like the tale was rushed and bereft of enough depth that would allow me to rea [...]

    7. Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review. This novel is a gem of beauty. There’s something quite special about it, in the style of it, in the aesthetic of it all.It felt like watching a Monet painting, to me.Extremely detailed, very fluid, beautifully crafted, this story tackled a very hard topic of History, yet with incredible elegance. It was tough, intense, hard but hopeful.A tale of survival.Stephan Collishaw has a way with words, that’s a given. The respect he gives to them is pl [...]

    8. I was fascinated by the tone, it was suspenseful and read in sort of a haunting in a way. The writing captivated me. A compelling fable like story with sprinkles of love, and mostly of survival with an unforeseen ending that left me spinning.*Received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for and honest review* (Thank You!)

    9. In this tale, we find a young Jewish girl, Yael, escaping from the Nazis who are taking over Poland. On her own, she struggles to survive until she is taken in by the town’s ‘crazy man, only he’s not crazy, just mute. In the absence of words, the two bond, creating a romantic friendship in the midst of all the chaos. But when the Germans strike again, she’s forced to run from that love and struggle to survive on her own again. This book caught my attention when I heard it took place duri [...]

    10. I was torn somewhere between 2 and 3 stars for The Song of the Stork, but ultimately decided to go with 2. The writing was spare and pretty good, but there were narrative elements that really bugged me.(view spoiler)[First off, this book has two different plots. The first is about Yael and Aleksei, and I did enjoy that portion. The narrative seemed to match Collishaw's writing style. However, about halfway through the book, the story changed. It felt like Collishaw got tired of the plotline he'd [...]

    11. *I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley*The Song of the Stork is a tale of survival, loss, fear and finding hope and joy in the unlikeliest of places. The story is set during the WWII and follows the journey of a young, Jewish girl called Yael, trying to escape the clutches of German soldiers. she finds a safe haven in Aleksei's farm. He's a mute and solitary creature, who fears any interaction with people. He reluctantly takes her in. Later in the book, she's forced to escape the farm, a [...]

    12. *I received a digital copy for Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*3.5 star rating. I read this book in one sitting. The writing was great and I found it easy to get into, even though this was a new author for me. It really created an atmosphere of suspense. Even though there isn't a lot happening in some sections the writing and character development really pull it through. The first half was definitely stronger than the second half, in my opinion. I was a little disappointed that an int [...]

    13. I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn't think this book was very bad, but it was also nothing special. It was a quick read and it kept me interested enough to continue, but I didn't connect to any of the characters and the story remained rather superficial. The book is quite short but still covers 4 years of the war, and I didn't feel there was much depth to the characters or their decisions.

    14. The Song of the Stork is the complete package as far as beautiful books go. The cover is stunning and the title is really striking and the perfect fit for the story inside. Stephan Collishaw’s storytelling was built on atmosphere and tension, the unnerving feeling that something bad is going to happen without it being spelt out to us. The prose is dark and intense and my fear for what could happen to the characters I quickly cared for had me refusing to put the book down. Set around World War [...]

    15. *I've won this book through giveaway *So, what this book is about ? A Jewish teenage girl, who goes into hiding from German soldiers. She found shelter at the house of a mute young guy. At first , mute wanted nothing to do with runaway girl. Eventually they warmed up to each other. So much do that the girl finds out she's pregnant. But she learned of her condition while , once again, hiding in the forest from Germans. A group of partisans rescued her, and took her in. She was given a simple cho [...]

    16. There’s a certain calming charm to the prose of Collishaw and it doesn’t lose momentum even if certain scenes are distressing. From the desperate opening to a starved Yael in the woods and then to Aleksei’s tremor of nerves, the story flows like a calm river on an overcast day. I was moved by the simple grace of the story, and somehow the exchanges of silence between characters seemed louder than any dialogue. If the book doesn’t lure you in the first few pages, then it might impress you [...]

    17. The author skims around the edges of the horrific suffering - we see the persecution and rejection of the Jews and there are occasional shots fired and bodies falling by the wayside, but there are no scenes of graphic violence or cruelty. The prose is sparse and understated and it reminded me at times of The Secret Diary of Anne Frank, which hints at the barbaric events going on in the world without ever displaying them in all their technicolour horror. The writing is hauntingly beautiful and po [...]

    18. 2.5*A definite page-turner that I enjoyed (for the most part) while I was reading it, but very frustrating at the same time. To begin with I liked the sparse, fast-paced nature of the story, but then it just felt like the story was under-developed; like it was a quick summary of a deeper, longer, more fleshed out story. If this story had more time put into it it could become a beautiful epic war time saga, but as it is it is just too short and rushed. And that ending just felt like a door slammi [...]

    19. The Song of the Stork is a relatively short but very powerful story of survival against all odds during World War Two. Yael is a 15 year old Jewish girl in Lithuania who has been forced to flee for her life when the Germans raided her village. Finding herself alone, she seeks refuge with Aleksei who is mute and very much distrusted by his community. Together these two outsiders grow closer and support each other through a harsh winter until once more the Germans come and Yael is forced to find a [...]

    20. This book is an amazingly beautiful especially in displaying the bleakness of humanity. A lot of this book is spent talking about what is left of humanity when hope is gone and how evil anyone can become and this book never lets you forget how horrible the world is. It also creates incredicbly real, reable characters that truly drives the story. It isn't a book of happy endings and romance, it is a book of harsh realities and this is what makes it so good.I would recommend this book to anyone [...]

    21. I kind of found the telling of this to be a bit boring interesting story of course but it didn't really grip me the main characters weren't amazingly likeable to me and I didn't care much for the romance. (view spoiler)[Plus the ending was annoying - where on earth is Aleksei?! (hide spoiler)]

    22. Fifteen-year-old Yael is a Jewish girl living through the terrors of war. She has resorted to hiding in the woods as the Germans pass by. She is at the end of her tether; her friend has passed away in the long grasses of fields they were walking through. She is all alone now and dares not go back. Picking her way carefully through the trees she eventually sees a remote farmhouse. She is desperate for rest, food and water but she is not welcomed by the farmer. He chases her away; it is against th [...]

    23. Pros: ~ Interesting internal perspective of a young Jewish girl fleeing Nazipersecution~ Sweet love story I wish had been resolved better/developed more~ Heavily character-driven~ Explores the complexities of desperation~ Pretty much what you expect from a WWII novelCons:~ A very male-skewing perception of a young girls’ mind and thoughts~ Not a good “first” adult novel~ Aspects of the plot were skimmed over and underdeveloped~ Sexualizes teenage girls who have been starving and dying~ Th [...]

    24. On the run from the Germans, Jewish Yael can’t begin to know what else life can throw at her.I’m not sure I know where to begin to review The Song of the Stork. It’s a relatively short book with quite a bit of white space to its pages and yet it took me a couple of days to read because I wanted to savour every word and nuance. Equally, the intensity of the story is so overwhelming I needed to come up for air as I found I was holding my breath as I read and wondered what reverberating emoti [...]

    25. This is a beautiful tale, a sad story about Yael, a jewish girl who tries to survive during the war hiding in the woods, living in a farm and fighting with a partisan group. She only has with her the memories of the good moments with her family and that's what keeps her alive.I like how this book is written, it's like Yael is telling her story only to you, her painful but emotional adventure, where she will discover love, friendship and loneliness. Hiding to survive since she was only fifteen ha [...]

    26. All reviews can be found at thereadinglodge.wordpress/The Song of the Stork is a novel about the survival of a Jewish girl in war-torn Germany as the Jewish are sought out by the army. Dubbed to be “vermin” and with those around them threatened with execution for harboring anyone Jewish, Yael is in a precarious position. She has lost everyone that she has held dear to her, bar her brother Josef who is out fighting on the front-lines with the Soviet Army. After experiencing the death of a fri [...]

    27. I had so much hope that this book will be good, but it was really short, predictable, has really bad editing. The main character was strange, and I'm not sure why she does the things that she does. The background on any of the main characters or supporting characters were slim. And the ending had no finality. There were so many loose ends. I feel more disappointed at the end of the book.

    28. What I loved was the slow development of the relationship between the young couple, emphasising that neither of them dared take the other for granted. As Aleksei is mute and Yael naturally quiet – such that it feels a dreadful intrusion when the more extrovert Eva joins them – the tension has to be conveyed by gestures and glances or, more often, the avoidance of each other’s gaze. Full review coming soon to annegoodwin.weebly/annecdo

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