Startup From veteran online journalist and BuzzFeed writer Doree Shafrir comes a hilarious debut novel that proves there are some dilemmas that no app can solve Mack McAllister has a million dollar idea H

  • Title: Startup
  • Author: DoreeShafrir
  • ISBN: 9780316360388
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From veteran online journalist and BuzzFeed writer Doree Shafrir comes a hilarious debut novel that proves there are some dilemmas that no app can solve.Mack McAllister has a 600 million dollar idea His mindfulness app, TakeOff, is already the hottest thing in tech and he s about to launch a new and improved version that promises to bring investors running and may turn hFrom veteran online journalist and BuzzFeed writer Doree Shafrir comes a hilarious debut novel that proves there are some dilemmas that no app can solve.Mack McAllister has a 600 million dollar idea His mindfulness app, TakeOff, is already the hottest thing in tech and he s about to launch a new and improved version that promises to bring investors running and may turn his brainchild into a 1 billion dollar business in startup parlance, an elusive unicorn Katya Pasternack is hungry for a scoop that will drive traffic An ambitious young journalist at a gossipy tech blog, Katya knows that she needs than another PR friendly puff piece to make her the go to byline for industry news Sabrina Choe Blum just wants to stay afloat The exhausted mother of two and failed creative writer is trying to escape from her credit card debt and an inattentive husband who also happens to be Katya s boss as she rejoins a work force that has gotten younger, hipper, and much computer literate since she s been away Before the ink on Mack s latest round of funding is dry, an errant text message hints that he may be working a bit too closely for comfort with a young social media manager in his office When Mack s bad behavior collides with Katya s search for a salacious post, Sabrina gets caught in the middle as TakeOff goes viral for all the wrong reasons As the fallout from Mack s scandal engulfs the lower Manhattan office building where all three work, it s up to Katya and Sabrina to write the story the men in their lives would prefer remain untold An assured, observant debut from the veteran online journalist Doree Shafrir, Startup is a sharp, hugely entertaining story of youth, ambition, love, money and technology s inability to hack human nature.

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    1. DoreeShafrir

      Doree Shafrir is a senior culture writer at BuzzFeed News and has written for New York Magazine, Slate, The Awl, Rolling Stone, Wired and other publications A former resident of Brooklyn, she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Matt Mira, a comedy writer and podcaster, and their dog Beau.


    1. This book is a fun, fast read. It's a novel about startup culture in New York City but it's also an examination of millennials and their ways (social media, different relationship to work culture, etc). The women at the center of the novel are interesting. Every single man in this book is trash like really just TRASH. I wish the book had more depth. The startup culture elements often felt like they weren't as fully developed as they could be and a lot of narrative threads are left dangling at th [...]

    2. I love books with an element of technology and for me this novel was interesting to read and fast-paced.The book takes a look into the startup culture in New York City as well as millennials' relationship to work. It also showed the strong dependency that people have to technology nowadays, the characters spent a lot of time on Snapchat, Slack, Twitter, texting and communicating with acronyms. I found the book highly entertaining and the overall message of the story seems to be:men suck and wome [...]

    3. So similar to my own start-up experience—some things I could not even laugh at. They were too real. This is a fun-to-read page turner. You'll fly through it and wish there was more.

    4. This book is such a fun read; if I could have physically forced my old tired ass to stay up after 10:00pm last night I would have finished it in one sitting - and I haven't done that in a long time. The book reminded me a lot of how I chuckled my way through Po Bronson's early work about life in Silicon Valley (The First 20 Million is always the Hardest), almost 20 years ago. I have lots of commentary about the characters and what happens to them, but I think that is best saved for a book club d [...]

    5. I might change my star rating eventually since I try to keep my 5-star ratings for books that resonate with me over time, but this was exactly the right book at exactly the right time. I read and enjoyed Hatching Twitter not long ago, so I was all-in for this lady-centric tech book. It was suspenseful, poignant, well-written, and fun - all things I think the book you read on your first day of summer break should be. I'm excited to hear Doree speak at the Printer's Row Litfest this weekend.

    6. This first novel written by Buzzfeed culture editor Doree Shafrir, is all about tech culture in NYC. But it is so much more than just that. It looks at bro culture in tech and startups. It looks at what it's like for a journalist these days to not only chase a story, but to break one. It looks at how we use all our apps to navigate our lives and relationships (romantic + otherwise). It provides insight into how much things have really changed in this digital age. With vivid observations that are [...]

    7. I have received this book through GoodReads Giveaway. I absolutely loved this novel.So funny and entertaining and so on point. The end of the novel is still making me think "what? What is supposed to happen next?" Do I have to write my own ending or will there be a sequel? The story takes place in New York City and is set in modern workplace. It talks about startup companies, their tech people, the social media and some personal drama of bosses and employees. Maybe because I am tech/ geek/ nerd [...]

    8. Super fun and readable, with engaging characters and a great plot. Reading this made me happy to have worked for a startup (ahem, you might have heard of it) that eschewed a lot of the ridiculousness of the startup world (despite much whining, we *STILL* don't have a cold brew keg. Like, not even Starbucks. I mean's like we're animals). This is a good look at a lot of what plagues the tech world -- particularly sexism and an arrogant sense of self-satisfaction-- but putting that aside, it's just [...]

    9. Fun fun read!!I was entertained from page one. Its easy to dismiss the millennial tech world as a caricature of itself,, but this was a funny book about realistic people faced with the myriad of situations unique to this time of adulting classes, happiness apps and usies. Well done!

    10. Doree Shafrir! Wrote a novel!!!This is a really enjoyable book, a super-modern workplace drama full of Snapchats and mysterious Twitter accounts and Slack emojis. It centers around an issue that is also thoroughly modern but certainly timeless too: What happens during and after an affair between a CEO and his subordinate? Can a young woman be believed to have given her consent in a scenario like this? What rights does a powerful man have to his privacy when he is engaged in a seedy drama of his [...]

    11. i'm another tech worker who found this book to be painfully accurate in its depiction of the industry.but it's also really fun. read it on the subway to and from my tech job.

    12. Great book! Could not put it down. Extremely relatable to a millennial. Throughout the entire book you can relate to all of the characters. Highly recommend!

    13. This book was amazing! Super funny and spoke directly to me, a young 20 something working in NYC. I can't wait to see more from this author!

    14. I loved this - the characters all felt real, the plot was really engaging, and I couldn't wait to keep reading. It was a super fast and well-written read and I'd definitely recommend it.

    15. Loved this book! It was the perfect vacation read and I hope the ending set it up for a sequel. I'd love to see what happens down the line for all of these characters- especially Mac!

    16. Loved Startup: A Novel by Doree ShafrirI couldn't put Startup down; I read it in less than 12 hours. I'm nowhere near my twenties (I'm 34), New York (I live in Ohio) or a venture capitalist (SAHM), but I felt immersed in the world of Startups and the drama that unfolds. Great book if you're looking for a page turner.

    17. Incredible narrator and a critical story about sexism and racism in tech and startup culture. The way this story covers so many aspects like the Pipeline problem excuse, the way uneven distribution of childcare duties plays out, power dynamics, sexual harassment, double standards, online harassment, mansplaining, nice guys in tech, calling women who disagree with you crazy, etc so effortlessly and complexly is incredible. I could have done without the explicit depictions of sex, and there's a bi [...]

    18. I don't know much about startup culture but I am a millennial and I think a lot of the social commentary in this book is accurate. I enjoyed the humorous perspective Sabrina had on millennials and our constant need to reshape workplace culture. Sign me up for Onsie Wednesdays please. I also thoroughly enjoyed Doree's portrayal of men. All the men in this story were distinctly deplorable. I personally really appreciated that detail because men don't seem to realize that just because they are not [...]

    19. I think this is the first book I've read since my son was born nearly 3 years ago STOP JUDGING ;) It was an excellent read and kept my attention from early on. I connected with the working mom's character the most. It is a tough balance! I enjoyed that each chapter was written from a different perspective and it kept me wanting more the whole time.

    20. How To Succeed in Business Without Really TryingBy Judge Glory EdimMillennials drinking green juice teetering between cushy benefits and Adderall addictions. The frantic pace, open office, the witty repartee, the keg parties. The mission! The stock options! Having worked at start-ups and in online culture for more than a decade, I’ve seen it all. And, based on my experiences at least, Startup captures the vibe perfectly.A satirical and intensely entertaining debut, Startup is an amusing story [...]

    21. Doree Shafrir’s novel Startup is set in New York City’s tech scene, but given its theme, there is, of course, a detour to Austin to attend South By Southwest. She describes it as “the tech industry’s five-day Super Bowl, prom, Oscars, and Coachella all wrapped into one, with breakfast tacos.”At this annual techie pilgrimage, she writes that standard-issue startup bro dorks eagerly seek out the requisite wristbands for exclusive parties while “desperately texting the person he knew in [...]

    22. Giving this one 5 stars because it made me look forward to my 6 month old's naps so I could get back to it! 'Startup' revolves around three women in the NYC tech world - Katya, a reporter; Isabel, millennial social media manager at TakeOff, a dime a dozen self improvement app; and Sabrina, 36-year-old wife and mother whose husband Dan is one the myriad problematic men in the novel. I thought the book did a nice job of playing out the ramifications of everyone's actions (being intentionally vague [...]

    23. Working in tech, this book was all that much more relatable and fun. The hectic city lifestyle, the characters idiosyncratic and unique as ever, and the [obviously] direct focus towards modern tech.I fell in love with the characters and the fast-paced life of Take Off from the very start. I felt like I was right there, working at the start-up with them. It has that glamorous appeal and doubles as an unwinnable. You'd have to be crazy to work there You'd have to be crazy not to work there! As the [...]

    24. This book is so ripped out of the headlines that it almost reads like nonfiction in its skewering of the more dysfunctional side of startup culture. It started off a little slow and almost too self-consciously mocking all that is mockworthy about tech bros and their companies. But there was just enough plot to keep you sucked in to what happened, and the more things that things unfolded, the more juicy it got. I can see some people not being happy with the ending, but I loved it. If the descript [...]

    25. Just got this in the mail! Thanks to Giveaways and Little, Brown and Company for the ARC.------Out today!3.5/5This is a fun, modern read that's really relevant to today's tech-centered culture. If you're looking for a satirical story that will make you both laugh and feel for its characters, definitely pick this one up!

    26. I live in Silicon Valley - land of startups, tech bros, and where the culture surrounding the advancing of technology touches everything. I say this because I feel like I personally have a strong grasp on what it means to be within a startupybe not one in NYC like in the book Startup by Doree Shafrir, but as a whole. I put this first because it really had a big role in how I approached this new book. To be honest with you, this book wasn't even on my radar until it popped up as an option for Boo [...]

    27. I enjoyed reading this fun debut novel that portrayed the current tech startup culture. This book was funny, and I even laughed out loud a few times, but it was also meaningful in the way it explored the differences between generations and what it is to be a twenty or thirty-something woman in the tech world.I really liked the changing perspectives in this novel, although I definitely preferred Katya’s and Sabrina’s over Mack’s. This writing style allowed a glimpse into the mindsets of the [...]

    28. This book is amazing! It's captivating from the start with interesting characters that are well developed. I loved how at times it was frivolous but wove in much larger issues we face in real life. The dialogue around the issues with men and their sexual privileges--it's so close to home. It was the perfect blend of astute, funny, and relevant. The only downside is that some of the threads could have been wrapped up instead of leaving so many questions.

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