Cold Earth

Cold Earth In the dark days of a Shetland winter torrential rain triggers a landslide that crosses the main Lerwick Sumburgh road and sweeps down to the sea At the burial of his old friend Magnus Tait Jimmy Pe

  • Title: Cold Earth
  • Author: Ann Cleeves
  • ISBN: 9781250107381
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the dark days of a Shetland winter, torrential rain triggers a landslide that crosses the main Lerwick Sumburgh road and sweeps down to the sea.At the burial of his old friend Magnus Tait, Jimmy Perez watches the flood of mud and peaty water smash through a croft house in its path Everyone thinks the croft is uninhabited, but in the wreckage he finds the body of a darkIn the dark days of a Shetland winter, torrential rain triggers a landslide that crosses the main Lerwick Sumburgh road and sweeps down to the sea.At the burial of his old friend Magnus Tait, Jimmy Perez watches the flood of mud and peaty water smash through a croft house in its path Everyone thinks the croft is uninhabited, but in the wreckage he finds the body of a dark haired woman wearing a red silk dress In his mind, she shares his Mediterranean ancestry and soon he becomes obsessed with tracing her identity.Then it emerges that she was already dead before the landslide hit the house Perez knows he must find out who she was, and how she died.

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      Ann is the author of the books behind ITV s VERA, now in it s third series, and the BBC s SHETLAND, which will be aired in December 2012 Ann s DI Vera Stanhope series of books is set in Northumberland and features the well loved detective along with her partner Joe Ashworth Ann s Shetland series bring us DI Jimmy Perez, investigating in the mysterious, dark, and beautiful Shetland IslandsAnn grew up in the country, first in Herefordshire, then in North Devon Her father was a village school teacher After dropping out of university she took a number of temporary jobs child care officer, women s refuge leader, bird observatory cook, auxiliary coastguard before going back to college and training to be a probation officer.While she was cooking in the Bird Observatory on Fair Isle, she met her husband Tim, a visiting ornithologist She was attracted less by the ornithology than the bottle of malt whisky she saw in his rucksack when she showed him his room Soon after they married, Tim was appointed as warden of Hilbre, a tiny tidal island nature reserve in the Dee Estuary They were the only residents, there was no mains electricity or water and access to the mainland was at low tide across the shore If a person s not heavily into birds and Ann isn t there s not much to do on Hilbre and that was when she started writing Her first series of crime novels features the elderly naturalist, George Palmer Jones A couple of these books are seriously dreadful.In 1987 Tim, Ann and their two daughters moved to Northumberland and the north east provides the inspiration for many of her subsequent titles The girls have both taken up with Geordie lads In the autumn of 2006, Ann and Tim finally achieved their ambition of moving back to the North East.For the National Year of Reading, Ann was made reader in residence for three library authorities It came as a revelation that it was possible to get paid for talking to readers about books She went on to set up reading groups in prisons as part of the Inside Books project, became Cheltenham Literature Festival s first reader in residence and still enjoys working with libraries.Ann Cleeves on stage at the Duncan Lawrie Dagger awards ceremonyAnn s short film for Border TV, Catching Birds, won a Royal Television Society Award She has twice been short listed for a CWA Dagger Award once for her short story The Plater, and the following year for the Dagger in the Library award.In 2006 Ann Cleeves was the first winner of the prestigious Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award of the Crime Writers Association for Raven Black, the first volume of her Shetland Quartet The Duncan Lawrie Dagger replaces the CWA s Gold Dagger award, and the winner receives 20,000, making it the world s largest award for crime fiction.Ann s success was announced at the 2006 Dagger Awards ceremony at the Waldorf Hilton, in London s Aldwych, on Thursday 29 June 2006 She said I have never won anything before in my life, so it was a complete shock but lovely of course The evening was relatively relaxing because I d lost my voice and knew that even if the unexpected happened there was physically no way I could utter a word So I wouldn t have to give a speech My editor was deputed to do it The judging panel consisted of Geoff Bradley non voting Chair , Lyn Brown MP a committee member on the London Libraries service , Frances Gray an academic who writes about and teaches courses on modern crime fiction , Heather O Donoghue academic, linguist, crime fiction reviewer for The Times Literary Supplement, and keen reader of all crime fiction and Barry Forshaw reviewer and editor of Crime Time magazine.Ann s books have been translated into sixteen languages She s a bestseller in Scandinavia and Germany Her novels sell widely and to critical acclaim in the United States Raven Black was shortlisted for the Martin Beck award for best translated crime novel in Sweden in 200


    1. I was first drawn to this series by the setting. Have a fascination with the Shetland Islands and these books will probably be the closest I will come, since I don't believe I will actually ever travel there. I kept reading them though because I enjoy the main characters Perez and Sandy. The story lines always fully engage my attention as well In this outing, a landslide at a funeral will reveal the body of a young woman and will throw suspicion on various island inhabitants. Enjoy the mix of pe [...]

    2. “Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”----Cormac McCarthyAnn Cleeves, the award-winning British crime author, is back with yet another intriguing thriller in her popular Shetland Island crime series called, Cold Earth, where the infamous protagonist, DI Jimmy Perez, is challenged with the landslides of Shetland that destroys an abandoned house on the island, revealing the body of an unidentified woman, whose death strikes Perez with the tragic death of the love of [...]

    3. There's nothing like the vision of a cemetery, caskets and headstones and all, sliding down the hill into the North Sea during a torrential storm in the Shetland Islands that will get your attention more. This is how the new Jimmy Perez book (number 7 in the series) starts in this action packed entry into the Shetland Series. So when a dead woman's body is found it's understandable that the police suspect the landslide was the cause of the death. The body of a beautiful woman, not from Shetland, [...]

    4. Wow, what a book. I have read every single one of the books in the Shetland series, but COLD EARTH, book seven, is my favorite so far. The story is intriguing and perplexing and I especially enjoyed the interplay between Jimmy Perez and Willow Reeves.The book starts with Jimmy Perez attending his friend Magnus Tait's funeral, but a sudden landslide puts an abrupt end to that. Luckily no one seems to have been hurt, the croft that was smashed in the landslide should be empty. However, Jimmy disco [...]

    5. Five big stars. I immensely enjoyed this book. I much more appreciate a good story and good detective work than stories with a lot of torture and easy anxiety. This book was like coming back to a place where you were on holiday before. You recognise it and enjoy the familiarity, but you also notice what's new and are interested to find out more. I hope there are going to be a lot more books in this series.

    6. Just when I was wondering when we would ever get a new instalment of the Shetland series, up popped Cold Earth on my horizon. Cold Earth is the seventh in the successful series, following DI Jimmy Perez up in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Like all the other Shetland lovers out there, I got myself immersed in Cold Earth as soon as I could.A landslide on Shetland leads to a body being discovered in a house. The woman has been strangled. Jimmy Perez and his team are soon looking for a killer. Who [...]

    7. This is the seventh Shetland mystery featuring police detective Jimmy Perez. He remains devoted step-father to his late fiance's daughter, taciturn, and a loner. Though he lived outside of Shetland for several years, you feel he belongs nowhere else. His sergeant Sandy Wilson from one of the smaller Shetland isles occasionally shines in his job, but you can't imagine him surviving in the outside world.There is a landslide, and a body of a woman is discovered. I don't know how often landslides oc [...]

    8. This book has been sitting in my shelf unread for at least a year, probably longer. I've read the other books in the series. Ann Cleeves is an "unreliable" author for me - sometimes I love her work, sometimes I hate it and usually it leaves me feeling nothing. This was one I really enjoyed. So much so that after buying a dozen books and just having read a couple of chapters in this one, finished it rather than move on to something new. Neophilia is a problem for me, I am loath to admit - but I m [...]

    9. It's only the second Shetland Island series that I've read and it will be my last.The locale detail is constant and intense and for some that will increase their attachment and interest. Not for me, I find in these long and very slow Ann Cleeves that after page 150 or so, the redundancy and the gloom make them such a slog I want to skip every sunken roofed croft or muddy rain splattered description.And the worst aspect is too many characters with not enough, IMHO, personality spark in any of the [...]

    10. When a landslide reveals a woman's body in the wreckage, Jimmy Perez thinks she's a victim of mother natureuntil the autopsy reveals she's a victim of a different ilk.Jimmy, Willow, and Sandy are once again racing against the clock to find a murderer, as the body tally begins to rise."Cold Earth" is brilliant, with more twists than a corkscrew, and with a denouement that will blow you away.Highly recommended.

    11. 3.5 starsI enjoyed the first half of the book. However, nearer the end I was less interested. It felt like the author had too many loose ends that she had to tie up.

    12. I give this wonderful book a 4.5/5 stars.A dark, cold rain has descended upon the Shetland Islands, as Jimmy Perez watches a landslide wreak havoc during Magnus Tait's funeral. The landslide destroys everything in its path, including an uninhabited house. However, in the aftermath, Jimmy discovers the body of an exotic lady, dark haired lady, attired in red, identity unknown. He becomes obsessed discovering who she is and where she came from, especially after an autopsy reveals cause of death as [...]

    13. I love this series! They are surprisingly compelling page-turners - I say surprising because they have a gentle rhythm to them unlike some of their grittier competition in the murder mystery genre. As with all the Shetland Island mysteries, part of the draw is the palpable sense of place. I want to go for a visit one day, especially after seeing the photos in Shetland, her love letter to the islands. This latest entry into the series has all the things I love - interesting people, fraught relati [...]

    14. A quick well-written read but a few frustrations about the story. We barely bury Fran, wet Willow is having baby cravings of the monstrous kind and poor Jimmy hasn't got a chance. We never really connect with the deceased, characters are thinner than usual and the denouement comes out of the shadows with barely any red herrings. I won't give up as the Shetlands keep calling me back.

    15. COLD EARTH by Ann Cleves is in her Shetland series, being introduced into the BBC line-up, and relates the mystery surrounding a murder that is discovered during the long, damp, dreary Shetland Island winter. These Shetland mysteries are traditional in the sense that they follow events in the relatively unique, closed environment and community present in this isolated North Atlantic/North Sea location from the unexpected discovery through the ultimate identification of suspects and circumstances [...]

    16. So, there it is. I managed to make it last for four days. Had to finish it, disappointed that it's over. I love Shetland - these wild, Northern Isles where I followed in Jimmy Perez's footsteps in May this year. Ann Cleeves has made them her own. She understands the Shetlanders and their way of life. And how they will react to a murder in their community. This number 7 in the series is another gem - a beautifully crafted slow-burner that sees DI Jimmy Perez and DCI Willow Reeves together once ag [...]

    17. Though I am not a frequent reader of 'series' I know that anything of Cleeves's is a safe bet, a comfort read if you will, and certainly this is the case here. This is my third of the series, and it pays to know a bit about the key characters. There is an early death, which turns out to be murder, but the real strength of the book is its setting and the culture of the islands. In many ways the murder investigation takes second place, but Cleeves does manage to make the book a 'whodunnit' with a [...]

    18. Good read that follows the previous ones - Cleeves writes well and this was an interesting plot BUT everything seemed to get wrapped up in a hurry in the last few pages (rather like the old country house mysteries of years past when the Great detective calls all the protagonists together in the library). Had Cleeves got bored or did the editor tell her she had only so many pages left? A pity because otherwise it's a good and well written book.

    19. The Shetland series seems to get better with each book - a complex pair of murders for Jimmy Perez and Willow Reeves to solve - and their personal relationship begins to evolve. Sandy Wilson, the sergeant, also develops a bit more as a rounded character. An exciting and violent end, not entirely predictable.

    20. Visit the locations on the literary map: Booktrail of Cold EarthA landslide on Shetland buries a house and a dead body is pulled from the rubble but the landslide didn't kill herAnd so does the latest Ann Cleeves mystery begin. I don't know another writer who manages to embue the drizzle, the smell and dampness of the earth and the intense claustrophobia that the Shetland islands can evoke.And is Shetland as quaint and innocent looking as it seems? Of course not, this is Ann Cleeves after all. T [...]

    21. My reviews/reactions to the Shetland Island books have been varied and now I almost want to go back to the beginning and start over again. Why? This book was very satisfying on many levels. The weather of Shetland Island is a major character in this one, competing with a variety of complex and interesting characters. It opens with a landslide invading the cemetery where Jimmy Perez is in attendance at a burial of a neighbor. The same general area of the island becomes the focal point of murder, [...]

    22. the darkest secrets are buried deepest a landslide destroys a croft called tain. it appeared to be abandoned but the body of a young woman in a red dress is found flung against the wall. it is assumed that the landslide caused her death but the post mortem proved otherwise who was she and why was she living in the croft? also why had nobody seen her? it is left to jimmy perez and his team to try and get to the bottom of this mystery. yes a lot of the islanders have their own problems and secrets [...]

    23. I enjoyed this narrator, Kenny Blyth, who I haven’t listened to before. The mystery was interesting but I found the development of the main characters a bit thin. I think the book would have been stronger if the author had left out the jaunts into the emotionally handicapped heads of both Jimmy and Willow.

    24. I am sad that the inimitable Morag has been dropped for the irritating Willow and that Jimmy isn't allowed a decent time to grieve before he is forced back into a romance (Ok, it isn't exactly 'romantic') but a quick and overall enjoyable read. I didn't find it as atmospheric as the others in the series and didn't sympathise with the suspects or the victims so, for me, it felt a bit flat/uninspired but only compared to the other Shetland novels. What on earth is Willow's sudden baby-mania about? [...]

    25. Just could not put this one down. Loved all the books in the series so far but this one just totally gripped me from page one. Love the back stories of the characters and the setting too. The author writes these so well, it's a shame I can't get on with the Vera Stanhope series, although I have tried. I blame it on the TV casting people - I just can't take Brenda Blethyn seriously as a policewoman and, when I read my first Vera book, kept seeing her and it really put me off!! - 9.5/10 for the la [...]

    26. So enjoy Ann Cleeves books it's like visiting old friends. In this latest book we see the relationship between Jimmy and Willow develop a little more, and also Jimmy's side kick, Sandy comes into his own. Of course there's a couple of murders, and the descriptions of the dramatic landscape and weather. This one kept me guessing right till the end, and I always rate a book more if I haven't managed to work it out. Can't wait for the next one.

    27. EXCELLENT! Eric & I watched the show and when I saw this book on audible, I decided to go for it. I didn't start the series at the beginning which made me nervous but 15 minutes into it, I didn't care. The characters were familiar, the narration spot on and the story well crafted.

    28. Brilliant bookKeeps hold of you till the end, never really knowing who was the killer till near the end; also includes all the people on the island that may be the killer.

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