Dead Man's Rule

Dead Man s Rule A virulent biological weapon is hiding in a bank vault in Chicago a notorious Russian gang is fighting to obtain it and a legal technicality may hand it over to them without question It s up to one m

  • Title: Dead Man's Rule
  • Author: Rick Acker
  • ISBN: 9780825420061
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • A virulent biological weapon is hiding in a bank vault in Chicago, a notorious Russian gang is fighting to obtain it and a legal technicality may hand it over to them without question It s up to one man to dig deep into his reservoir of legal knowledge and personal courage to prevent such a tragedy in this Grisham like legal thriller A Guaranteed Fiction Title

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      248 Rick Acker
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      Rick Acker writes novels during his commute to and from his real job as a Supervising Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice His unit prosecutes corporate fraud lawsuits of the type described in the 1 bestseller, WHEN THE DEVIL WHISTLES, which award winning author Colleen Coble describes as a legal thriller you won t want to miss Rick has led investigations and lawsuits that made headlines in and out of California Most recently, he and his team won a string record breaking judgments and settlements against the Wall Street players who created the toxic mortgage securities that triggered the Great Recession Before joining DOJ, Rick was a senior litigator at Bingham McCutchen, where he worked on high stakes litigation, including a fight between two owners of the San Francisco Forty Niners and a multibilllion dollar international fraud case Rick has law degrees from the University of Oslo and the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with honors In addition to his novels, he is a contributing author on two legal treatises published by the American Bar Association.When Rick isn t writing or lawyering, you can usually find him with his wife, Anette, and their four children They ll be exploring in the hills east of San Francisco, watching a good movie together, or, of course, reading You can visit him on the web at rickacker


    1. Audible Review-Hmmm this was a bit hard to follow along and there were a lot of characters popping in. I thought some of the story was good but kind of got lost in "translation" as so many people had accents from either Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakian and English. A lot of terrorist action going on with a lot of God talk. There was some interesting court room action and some torture action going on. I did finish the book but only because I had time invested in it and wanted to see how it ended. [...]

    2. I had never read any books by this author Rick Acker, but I will definitely read more of his books. The Dead Man's Rule was a great first read, I did not want the book to end. I want to read more books with these characters. Ben Corbin was a great lawyer, but if I say anymore I will surely give away some details that I don't want to. Just please get the book and read this great story. Even though it is fiction this could actually happen.

    3. The transition from legal thriller to geopolitical thriller was somewhat jarring. Two-thirds of the story (I tracked it) focuses almost exclusively on the legal issue and the last third is devoted to the more serious problem. There should have been fuller integration of the storylines.That being said, Mr. Acker’s characterizations are excellent. I fell in love with Dr. Ivanovsky and appreciated Ben’s courtroom courage. The suspense kept me reading well past my bedtime. There’s a fair amoun [...]

    4. Dead Man’s Ruleby Rick AckerSome of the first comments I read about Rick Acker’s legal thrillers compared his work to that of John Grisham. I, along with many other more qualified critics, consider Grisham to be in the top in his genre. I snickered a little at this appraisal of Acker and said to myself, “Well, that’s a little overblown.” I am currently chewing away at my naysaying words. Grisham and Ackers both write legal thrillers with interesting characters, exciting action, strong [...]

    5. I won this book through GoodReads First Read program.Acker tells a great tale that sadly enough could in the future come true. Ben Corbin is an attorney in Chicago running his own law practice when he gets approached by a Russian doctor about obtaining the contents from a safe in a bank that he claims was sold to him by another Russian for $5,000. This is denied by the alleged seller of the property. No written contract is involved. The case is heading to trial when the alleged seller of the pro [...]

    6. It's easy to think a novel like this one might bury you with legal language and dry jurisprudence. But don't be fooled by this novel's start. Rick Acker's Dead Man's Rule begins as the story of a litigation lawyer, Ben Corbin, taking on a somewhat hapless property dispute case involving a retired, eccentric Russian scientist, Dr. Mikhail Ivanovsky, and some other Russian ex-pats. But Dead Man's Rule is one legal thriller that packs a serious concealed-carry punch. As the story unfolds, Corbin fi [...]

    7. Another great book by Rick! This is two I have read to review in the last two weeks! Again we see what this author is so good at, weaving a courtroom drama in with a twisting mystery that has men from exotic lands trying to wreak havoc in & on our people and land but there are always those who will work till they dig out the tiny little lies, mistakes or overlooked little tidbit that gets to the truth.And such is the case with the lawyer and his private detective in "Dead Man's Rule"! Every [...]

    8. Great read!Rick Acker's "Dead Man's Rule" was an exciting, terrifying page-turner. It's also timely considering all the plots and threats against society. Glad it was republished and available again. Everyone should read it this time.

    9. This book was fascinating. It is a mystery about bio terrorism. It has no swearing and no thing inappropriate in it. I thought is was very interesting.

    10. Rick Acker knows his law, and this is a clever and well-written book. I read Acker's YA book first, so I started this one with some trepidation, but was very pleasantly surprised.

    11. ExcellentI could hardly put the book down. It was well worth the read and very believable considering the crazy world we live in today.

    12. Title: Dead Man’s RuleAuthor: Rick AckerPages: 314Year: 2005Publisher: Kregel PublicationsBen Corbin is a young attorney who has left a big name law firm to start his own practice. He has been in business six months and has discovered he has no trouble attracting clients, but he does have trouble collecting his fees from them. He is in the middle of prepping for a trial when a former client recommends him to Dr. Ivanovsky, a former Russian biological scientist. The good doctor has paid $5000 t [...]

    13. I won this novel in a drawing.A lawyer that just left a high powered firm to strike out on his own is hired by a Russian. It seems this Russian bought a safety deposit box. The contents of this box are unknown. However, it seems that the seller changed his mind.Then all of a sudden the FBI wants to get involved.The lawyer has to find out what is in the box, and who all wants the contents.Very suspenseful.

    14. Very entertaining from start to finish. Great characters and the story was excellent. I highly recommend this book. I won it in a GoodReadsGiveaway.

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