პირველი სიყვარული. გაზაფხულის მღელვარე ნაკადები

  • Title: პირველი სიყვარული. გაზაფხულის მღელვარე ნაკადები
  • Author: Ivan Turgenev
  • ISBN: 9789941233043
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • , , 1818 1883 , , , , , , 1818 1883 , , , , , , .

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    1. Ivan Turgenev

      Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev Cyrillic was a novelist, poet and dramatist, and now ranks as one of the towering figures of Russian literature His major works include the short story collection A Sportsman s Sketches 1852 and the novels Rudin 1856 , Home of the Gentry 1859 , On the Eve 1860 , and Fathers and Sons 1862 These works offer realistic, affectionate portrayals of the Russian peasantry and penetrating studies of the Russian intelligentsia who were attempting to move the country into a new age His masterpiece, Fathers and Sons, is considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century Turgenev was a contemporary with Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy While these wrote about church and religion, Turgenev was concerned with the movement toward social reform.


    1. A handsome young Russian from the minor landowning nobility and the beautiful daughter of Italian shopkeepers meet and fall in love at her family's shop in Frankfurt in 1840. True love does not follow a true course, especially after a predatory Russian heiress sets her sporting sights on the young man. It's a bittersweet tale full of absolutely believable characters and told with limpid simplicity. Turgenev reportedly based the story very much on his own experiences, which likely helps account f [...]

    2. I'm not entirely sure that this edition is the same as others and so, from the get-go, I should say that the three stories I am reviewing here are The Torrents of Spring, First Love, and Mumu.The first of these, and the longest, along with the second not much shorter, resemble one another markedly in their themes of love and a femme fatale. Both have the same feel, being written in the third person from the point of view of the main character in the first instance, in the second in the first per [...]

    3. This is a sweet almost short story of 180 pages written in 1870, about Dimitri, a young Russian landowner, who travels to Frankfurt. He falls in love with Maria, a young Italian woman, who with her mother and brother runs a sweets shop. Dimitri fights a duel with someone who insults her honor, and decides to sell his land in Russia to finance the marriage. He runs into one of his friends married to a very wealthy woman. She seduces him; he leaves Maria after getting her to break up with a German [...]

    4. I love Turgenev. In my every day life I am strongly attracted to pastoral scenes and he creates these so well. He is also a master at capturing the emotional whirlwind of youth and the blindness of lust. Torrents of Spring has a love story, a duel, and betrayal all wrapped up in a well-packaged novella. First Love makes one wonder at the nature of Man and somewhat mirrors the first story but with its own peculiar twist. The final work, Mumu, reads more like a folktale and while not spectacular i [...]

    5. Read this via Kindle because Philip Roth had mentioned it in an interview he did for Esquire. Overall, I liked it, though you have to adjust for the sentiments (sentimentality?) of the period. In some ways I thought that the shorter stories (First Love and Mumu) were better than the longer one (Torrents of Spring), although all of them are fine works of craft with many acute human observations.Spoiler alert . . . I thought that the build-up to the hero's downfall in Torrents was too long, given [...]

    6. "The Torrents of Spring" may be minor Turgenev, but it remains the work of a master storyteller. The rise and considerable fall of 22 year old Dimitri Pavlovitch Sanin to head over heels love with a young German-Italian teenager in 1840 at first seems a conventional love story. But an unexpected meeting with an old schoolmate and his wealthy, domineering wife turns Sanin's life careening towards a surprisingly tragic trajectory. This was a book club selection and well liked by my friends. Recomm [...]

    7. My version only included the novella, The Torrents of Spring, which I think was recommended on Short Story Thursday. It seemed fairly conventional and predictable at first, but the characters quickly acquired depth and complexity. The writing, even in translation, was fresh and lively, and then the story took an unexpected turn that changed everything. Must read more Turgenev.

    8. The social conventions and stylisation of this 19th century novel now appear a bit stale, but this timeless tale of love lost and redemption remains extremely powerful and affecting. I found this passage the be particularly masterful: "We will not attempt to express the feelings [he] experiencedey are too deep and too strong and too vague for any word. Only music can reproduce them."

    9. I thought that the second two stories worked better than the first, but there was a terse power in all of them. Fathers and Sons is a superb book. These weren't quite as good, but were still well worth reading.

    10. Parecería que el mal de la literatura de cafetín de "terminemos rápido que esto no da para más" fue un invento de los rusos del siglo XIX. Pero aún así, es una buena historia contada con pericia.

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