12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Ways Your Phone Is Changing You Do You Control Your Phone Or Does Your Phone Control You Within a few years of its unveiling the smartphone had become part of us fully integrated into the daily patterns of our lives Never offline

  • Title: 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You
  • Author: Tony Reinke John Piper
  • ISBN: 9781433552434
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do You Control Your Phone Or Does Your Phone Control You Within a few years of its unveiling, the smartphone had become part of us, fully integrated into the daily patterns of our lives Never offline, always within reach, we now wield in our hands a magic wand of technological power we have only begun to grasp But it raises new enigmas, too Never connected, we seeDo You Control Your Phone Or Does Your Phone Control You Within a few years of its unveiling, the smartphone had become part of us, fully integrated into the daily patterns of our lives Never offline, always within reach, we now wield in our hands a magic wand of technological power we have only begun to grasp But it raises new enigmas, too Never connected, we seem to be growing distant Never efficient, we have never been distracted Drawing from the insights of numerous thinkers, published studies, and his own research, writer Tony Reinke identifies twelve potent ways our smartphones have changed us for good and bad Reinke calls us to cultivate wise thinking and healthy habits in the digital age, encouraging us to maximize the many blessings, to avoid the various pitfalls, and to wisely wield the most powerful gadget of human connection ever unleashed.

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    1. Tony Reinke John Piper

      Tony Reinke hosts the popular Ask Pastor John podcast, serves as a staff writer at desiringGod, and is the author of four books Lit A Christian Guide to Reading Books 2011 , Newton on the Christian Life 2015 , The Joy Project 2015 , and 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You 2017 He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife and their three children.


    1. (I listened to the audiobook version of this book on my iPhone. An irony that is not lost on me.)This is a book you will hate. One that you will love. One that you will love to hate. And one that you will hate to love. Why?Because this book is a mirror to your heart, and at some point while reading this book, your heart/flesh will hate it. It will scream at you, try to deceive you, try to tell you that no that's not really you. He's talking about other people. Or there are reasons you have to be [...]

    2. Excellent conversation on the pros and cons of smart-phones from a Christian point of view. I tend to be a highly suspicious technology geek. I am drawn to the latest technology while also sitting back and worrying about this is changing the world and me. I like how Mr. Reinke made the distinction that some people are called to warn others about technology and some are called to live without it as an example. That doesn't mean we all have to give them up but we do need to let our prophets be pro [...]

    3. The best way to summarize this book is probably to let the author do it.In the last twelve chapters, I have warned against twelve corresponding ways in which smartphones are changing us and undermining our spiritual health:- Our phones amplify our addiction to distractions (chapter 1), and thereby splinter our perception of our place in time (12).- Our phones push us to evade the limits of embodiment (2) and thereby cause us to treat one another harshly (11).- Our phones feed our craving for imm [...]

    4. Thank God that Mr. Tony Reinke wrote this book. Incredibly timely -so don't wait to read it it could be too late-. Mr. Reinke's book is well researched, Biblical (an arsenal of Bible verses as footnotes support his points), and super well balanced. It will make you think and talk about what you are thinking. It will make you think and pray about what you are reading. It will challenge you to be brave and ask hard and honest questions about your online habits. When I finished the book I wrote on [...]

    5. This book is convicting and hope-giving, and should be required reading for every Christian today. I read a pre-pub version in January and immediately made changes in my smartphone use. What I appreciate about Tony Reinke's book is that it doesn't merely provide a checklist of behaviors to change but an entire approach—a worldview—to (re)establish. He wants us to be deliberate, others-minded, and God-honoring in our use of smartphones rather than being used (mastered?) by them. Not only is T [...]

    6. "Self criticism in the digital age is a necessary discipline - an act of courage Our personal freedom from the misuse of technology is measured by our ability to thoughtfully criticize I and to limit what we expect it to do in our lives. Our bondage to technology is measure by our inability to thoughtfully criticize ourselves. What shall it profit a man if he gains all the latest digital devises and all of the techniques of touch-screen mastery but loses his own soul?" pg 194In an era of ubiquit [...]

    7. This is an incredibly timely and challenging book. I appreciated Tony's approach of, "Hey, I'm a tech user and a Christian too. Let's talk about how the two work together" as opposed to a legalistic anti-tech perspective. That's not to say Tony is pro-tech: there's a few chapters that will make you want to get rid of your smartphone. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.What's most impressive is how Tony is ultimately pushing the reader to consider Christ and Heaven above all else and ask the [...]

    8. Livro muito interessante e sobre um tema bastante atual: os smartphones estão mudando você! Foi difícil, mas edificante, ouvir cada uma das reflexões do autor acerca de como utilizamos nossos telefones hoje, ainda mais para alguém que usa tanto o celular como eu.Se você quer fingir que os smartphones não tem parte importante na sua vida e que eles não influenciam seu relacionamento com Deus e com os outros, não leia esse livro. Mas, se você deseja refletir acerca de como tem usado seu [...]

    9. This is one of those books that you are not sure you want to read because you are afraid that you might be convicted of something you aren't ready to let go of. This is a most amazing read. It isn't a "get rid of your phone" book at all. Gentle suggestions of "why" and "have you thought about it this way" lead you through to a conclusion that you make yourself. Books like this frustrate me- but in a good way - I read carefully- take notes and mark up as I go and when I finish - I have the urge t [...]

    10. changed my perspective a lot. was expecting another book saying to merely get off your electronics, but Tony really delves into the heart issues behind what we do on our phones and how it's changing us even it we dont realize it. 10/10 recommend

    11. The obvious point of this book is to point out that our smartphones are changing us, for better or worse.  I thought Reinke had a very balanced approach to the topic as he urges us to, “avoid both extremes: the utopian optimism of the technophiliac and the dystopian pessimism of the technophobe." Reinke has obviously done his homework and draws on the research of many others concerning the ways our phones affect us.  He quotes Seth Godin as saying "Social media wasn’t invented to make you [...]

    12. This book is a must read for any Christian alive in the 21st century. Reinke's writing is fantastic and engaging. Something I truly appreciate is amount of thought and research that went into his writing. This is made apparent by the abundance of notes at the end of each chapter. I also love that Reinke makes it obvious from the start that he isn't anti-smartphone and that he is actually more pro-smartphone. The book covers the many ways that we are inevitably impacted by technology as Christian [...]

    13. Although this came recommended by a trusted friend, I still fully expected any Christian book on the topic of smart phone use to be yet another simplistic diatribe or guilt-driven listicle. Much to my grateful surprise, it was neither. Tony Reinke writes a balanced and carefully researched series of points on the ways that this current technology has—or at least easily can—affect us, both for good and for ill. He points out the ways that smart phones have created unprecedented opportunities [...]

    14. In my opinion, this is the most important book released in some time. It is fundamental in helping us see how our smartphones affect us in both the good and the bad. I found Tony's balance to be most helpful in that he presents the facts and his opinions, but leaves the application up to ones leading of the Spirit. The way he contrasts the temporary and the eternal is hands down my favorite part of this book. If you are interested in why social media is so attractive (often addicting), and why y [...]

    15. If I am a social-media junkie, my lack of self-control feeds the social-media addiction in you. And the more I text and tweet and Snapchat, the more I drag you and others in the digital vortex of reciprocating obligation. This is the secret to how social media giants grow their valuation into the billions. They need me to entice you. No matter what your stance on social media, what extreme you hold, it behooves us to know the implications of social media. This is not shame text but a text that w [...]

    16. Well, if you weren't already convicted by how much time you spend on your smartphone, you will be after reading this book! The pros and cons of technology are discussed, particularly when it comes to our use of social media. The author asks some hard-hitting questions and talks about reasons we use our smartphones, things such as distraction and to avoid responsibility, for diversion, for affirmation and community."The question of this book is simple: What is the best use of my smartphone in the [...]

    17. Wonderful, convicting, well-researched cultural exegesis on the role of the smartphone (and similar devices) on our soul and in our relationships. Reinke also talks through FOMO, loving our neighbor online (how the weight of our words affect others), distractedness, as well as how to establish good boundaries with the use of technology in our lives-- like these helpful ones for me: *When eating with your family members or friends, leave your phone out of sight. *When spending time with family me [...]

    18. When I finished reading this book my first thought was: how can we get everyone with a smartphone to read this? It was brilliant and insightful and convicting. I have known for a long time that smartphones can be dangerous but I wasn't ever able to completely articulate all of the reasons why. Tony Reinke clearly shows us how we are being changed and aligns it beautifully with Gods word while reminding us of the importance of living for God, glorifying him and keeping our hearts focused on etern [...]

    19. I'm thankful this book was written. It had plenty of helpful stats and research, Studies and surveys. I have read other books that accomplished this too. What set this book apart from the others I have read is the application of that information. Specifically, what our attachments to technology are doing to our relationships, our thinking, and ultimately how those attachments are affecting our souls. This is not an anti-technology book. It is quite the opposite, and so helpful in that regard.Thi [...]

    20. Listened to this book on audible (ha ha) and initially tuned in skeptical, assuming a generic and typical lesson about the detrimental aspects about a smartphone. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the balanced viewpoints, the refreshing insight, and the convicting message. With our smartphones, we inflame our distractibility, loosening our mental muscles for sustained attention. We quickly lose the capacity to enjoy the one that demands most sustained attention of all. This book really push [...]

    21. Drawing especially on theological premises, Reinke elaborates on twelve unintended negative consequences of smartphone overuse. Those who wish to mitigate the negative risks inherent to technology use will find this book to be a valuable resource.

    22. This was thought provoking on multiple levels. It's not simply advocating the riddance of technology, but points the reader to several serious cautions of our current trends. It hurt so good. 😆

    23. The best, most balanced single resource I'm aware of on how to live Christianly with a smartphone. A simply excellent, and necessary read.

    24. More than anything I appreciated the tone of this book, that read as ultimately informational than trying to be sermonic or convicting. This is good information for all humans to think about but especially the people of God.

    25. Yup this was worth reading. I've been reading a lot of literature in the genre of let's-be-wary-about-technology-and-maybe-use-it-less-or-at-least-more-mindfully, but I appreciated this one in particular for the theological perspective. First, the 12 ways in summary (I'm using my own words because that'll help it stick better, as I'm learning fromLearn Better): we become distracted, we take real live humans for granted, we let our online identities shape our real identities, we suffer from FOMO- [...]

    26. I don't just think this book is a great read. I think it is an urgent read. A few ramblings:• I have often thought how glad I am that I lived many years without internet at all, and 38 years before I owned a smartphone. It provides a contrast and comparison for self-reflection in the way I lived then versus now, immersed in the digital age. It is a helpful point of reference, though not a cure for the misuse of my phone. But the current generation doesn't even have the ability to look back. It [...]

    27. Am I using my phone — or is my phone using me?We all feel it, our smartphones grab more and more of our time, changing us in subtle ways over the years. For well-reasoned counsel to help us thrive under the new pressures of the digital age, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You is a wonderful help, in these 12 ways.1. The book is God-centered. Many technology books lack any serious talk about God — his character, his word, and his Son. But this book clearly addresses the questions of the digita [...]

    28. It's a pretty good book about, basically, how, not just our phones, but all our distractions are dividing us. I would definitely recommend reading it, especially to teenagers, the reason it didn't get a higher rating was because it was a bit longer than it needed to be, but other than that, it was great.He expresses the issue in a more organized way than Horton (usually) does, but not a fantastic wordsmith or anything. I did enjoy it, and it was rather humbling, so if it makes you uncomfortable, [...]

    29. This is the best Christian book I’ve read in 2017. Timely, Gospel-centred, and extremely practical. It helped me - just as I think it will help others - to consider the time I thoughtlessly burn up on my phone 7 days a week. It’s the kind of book that’ll need a rewrite every 5 years or so due to technological advances, so take my advice and read it now. I highly recommend it, and will be encouraging plenty of people around me to grab their own copy.

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