Irrevocable (Fated #3)

Irrevocable Fated Head of security for a prominent American family John Edwards is the epitome of the strong silent type With an all work no play attitude he guards his heart as fiercely as he protects his clients

  • Title: Irrevocable (Fated #3)
  • Author: A.S. Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781520749662
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Head of security for a prominent American family, John Edwards is the epitome of the strong, silent type With an all work, no play attitude, he guards his heart as fiercely as he protects his clients John only allows himself casual fun with easy women, punishing himself for a past he can t redeem.But when he meets Jasmin Carpenter, all bets are off Suddenly, John is falHead of security for a prominent American family, John Edwards is the epitome of the strong, silent type With an all work, no play attitude, he guards his heart as fiercely as he protects his clients John only allows himself casual fun with easy women, punishing himself for a past he can t redeem.But when he meets Jasmin Carpenter, all bets are off Suddenly, John is falling for the flighty and flirty British girl Quickly marrying her under the guise of her safety, he s determined to make this sham of a marriage stick While Jasmin desperately yearns for the security of marriage and the lure of unconditional love, she knows she can never give John what he deserves Now, he must convince Jasmin that they are destined to be together.He doesn t want He wants everything,Despite the irrevocable damage their pasts have created

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Irrevocable (Fated #3) - by A.S. Roberts ✓
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    1. I flove this series and was so excited to get Irrevocable into my hands! John and Jasmin's story is super hot yet emotional. Full review to come.

    2. The Fated series has been one of my favorites to read! All of the characters are strong and it's fun reading them weaving in and out of each other's lives. In Fated 2, when John was pushed into Jasmin's life to protect her I KNEW something was going to come out of it. When I read the blurb for this I may have squealed out loud because my wish came true! "I also needed you to understand I am not a little woman who comes to you when you click your fingers and goes away at the wave of your hand."Yo [...]

    3. 5 StarsIrrevocable is the highly anticipated third book in the Fated Series by A.S Roberts. It is a wonderful, erotic, suspenseful contemporary romance. Jasmin Carpenter (the older sister of Bella Carpenter who we met the first two books in this series) is twenty-six years old and is a bit of a ‘free-spirit’. She lives a relatively simple life- working three odd-jobs, is very artistic, loves reading and lives in her lovely old cottage with her gorgeous dog Coco. She carries a lot of grief an [...]

    4. Irrevocable (Fated series Book 3) by A.S. Roberts is the third book in the Fated series. This can be read as a stand alone but you will love how the author refers to characters from the previous books in this series. If you love this one you will love the other two. This story is full of action, suspense and of course hot, sexy romance. This story will pull you in from the first word forward. The author has created characters that will pull at your heart strings and you will find yourself relati [...]

    5. Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts is the 3rd book in The Fated Series and can be read as a stand-alone.John Edwards is a man of mystery. He is the head of security for the Blackmore Family and we’ve seen glimpses of him in books 1 and 2. From the very beginning, there was something about him that intrigued me and I’m so glad he got his own story. He’s a good guy and deserves the attention.Jasmin Carpenter is Bella Carpenter’s sister. Jasmin was given her beloved grandmother’s cottage after g [...]

    6. Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts an unmissable Five-star read. This is the third book in the Fated series, and we finally get to see behind the brick wall that is Head of Security for the Blackmore family John Edwards. This series has just gotten better and better as we have grown with the characters, growing to love their foibles as well as the things that make them great people.John Edwards is the strong silent type, blends into the back ground, trying to make sure everyone is safe, but sadly no ma [...]

    7. The third book in the Fated series, Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts definitely did not disappoint. The first two books have characters that are in al three books. For a third book it had all the wit, charm, humour and sexiness of the first two books. Jasmin, a very simple, small town girl that was badly heartbroken years back refuses to let anyone get close again. She enjoys her many jobs and friends and doesn't let boys get to close. John, a sexy, no commitment type guy also has a past that will no [...]

    8. So, let's start with boring bits shall weBook 3 in a series but can read as a standalone. but I suggest you read the first 2 first, just to get a real for this leading manw, onto my feels.John. I love John. I love his mardy self. I love his big fierce, brooding, handsome, intelligent self. His protective instincts, his dominant streak. I always have done, right from the first time we met. But now he has his own story I also love his inner turmoil, his fears, his love, his vulnerability. It's a n [...]

    9. This series has been an emotional journey not only for the characters but the reader as well. Jasmine & John's story is just as compelling as the previous ones. Amazing how one's childhood influences the person we become. Our thoughts and beliefs of ourselves are from others, usually our parents. Moreover, those words or deeds have a way of making a tape, which even once the person is no longer in our lives has a way of playing and making us believe the story they want to tell, not our actua [...]

    10. I'm so pleased to see this book getting the recognition it deserves it reeled me in.ewed me up and spat me out a 5+star read !! I have loved each and every book in the fated series and couldn't wait for this 3rd book and boy was I not disappointed ! A.S. Roberts never fails to deliver a story with all the feels, she drags you in to the lives of the characters, feeling every emotion possible, love, tears, angst.'s all there!! John is so damn hot and we see him fight with his past, feeling that Ja [...]

    11. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review This is a new author to me so I was excited to read it and I loved it to the point I couldn't put it down.I loved John and Jasmine and watching there love grow throughout the book. I now have fell in love with the Fated series and going back to read the other two.Reviewed on behalf of Amo & Sarah's Book Corner

    12. What happens when you are pushed together under the guise of protection? Jasmin, the unassuming English girl and sister of Bella (book 2) lives a quiet life in England. When Bella's past comes into the present there is only one controlling hulk of a man you want in your corner, John Edwards. The large dominant man with the impenetrable heart comes into Jasmin's life like a whirlwind. Events occur that lock them together. She becomes his everything. But can it be forever? Great emotional ride and [...]

    13. What an amazing addition to the series. The characters in the series become your new addiction, I couldn't wat to turn the page to find out what happens next. Even though it can be read has stand alone, I recommend reading the series from the beginning. Each book will be little more richer that way. I can't wait to read Jack's story.

    14. Fabulous book, entertaining reading. Didn't want to put it down and read it in one day! Was kept in suspense, lots of twists and turns and kept on edge until the end. Looking forward to next book!!!

    15. I loved LOVED this book. OK I love (its not in past tense) I fell for the main female lead Jasminn right away. Which is good for me. I can not and do not like crap female leads and Ms Roberts did not disappoint me at all. This story pulled me in so quickly. I had a hard time putting it down, and was extremely mad when I had to! I loved their love and watching it grow. At one point I just felt like it was sweet 2 lovers spending the time needed to fall in love (I don't want to say anymore in case [...]

    16. Sexy, steamy, emotional, soulful, suspenseful. Just a few words I'd use to describe this book. We first met John Edwards in Fated, Ms. Roberts' debut novel. There was just something about him that I was immediately drawn to. He had a quiet strength about him and you just knew that there was something about his life that caused him to build up the walls that made him the stoic man that is head of security for the Blackmore family. I couldn't wait to dive into this book and find out all about him. [...]

    17. Oh my gosh! I need a John Edwards. In the first book I needed a Jabby. In the second book I needed a Nathan. But now I know I need a John Edwards. In this story we continue through this great family of Blackmore men and the women they love. Jasmine is our leading lady and quite the character. You'll learn to love her caddy smart mouth responses as well as her outgoing bubbly personality. She's beautiful inside and out and a character you can easily relate to and learn to love. However she's in d [...]

    18. This is the third book in the series and each one is amazing. I love Jasmine and John's story. Their characters were touched on in the previous books but now you get to know them on a personal level and all of the baggage they carry. In this book you get to see the other side of John. Yes he is still dominating and powerful but he does have another side of him. He does not open up to many people but Jasmine is different for him. I can not wait to see what book will be next!!!

    19. Outstanding! The build up and anticipation of John and Jasmine's story is everything and more! The descriptive writing had me from page one. The comedy, danger and romance enhanced the storyline and A. S. Roberts created a world where not everything seems as it appears. Jasmine's journey to discover true love was a joy to read while John's troubles were felt deep. Can these lost souls find love? Will past secrets find them too difficult to overcome? Will family interfere? Book 3, Irrevocable, is [...]

    20. Irrevocable Author A S Roberts 5 StarsEight Years Ago: Jasmin was on her way to her Grans house in severe pain. She hoped on the way there no locals would stop and talk to her so they wouldn’t have to see the condition she was in. as she got to her Grans home she felt very wet between her legs and saw that she had blood on her fingers. Jasmin knew Gran would know what to do now that she had lost her baby.Seven Years ago: John is at the hospital with his wife who was not well. His wife’s preg [...]

    21. Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts is another must read. This is the third book to her amazing Fated series. This book could be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend reading the other books Fated and Inevitable. These characters stories build up in these books. Plus you will love these other characters as well. This author keeps on making me addicted to her characters. They feel like real people to me and also they go through real life situations. I read this book in a day and a half. This book [...]

    22. Irrevocable (Fated series Book 3)By: A.S. Roberts5 out of 5 starsThe story Irrevocable (Fated series Book 3) by A.S. Roberts is a contemporary romance book. The third book in the Fated series is awesome. It tells the love story of John Edwards and Jasmin Carpenter. They both meet when John is sent to protect Jasmin and her family from criminals who would stop at nothing, not even murder, to achieve their goals. When they both meet there is a spark that it lit in both of them and a chemistry that [...]

    23. 5 star reviewIrrevocable is the third book in the Fated series by A.S. Roberts. This book can be read as a standalone but having read the previous two I would highly recommend reading them first as these characters also appear in them as well. So if ever there was a series that deserved more than 5 stars it would be this one! I LOVED book 1, then I read book 2 and LOVED that but then came along this book and well, I’m still thinking about it now! I can’t say that this is my favourite because [...]

    24. *****5 STARS*****Irrevocable by A.S. RobertsIrrevocable (Fated #3) by A.S. Roberts is another 5 star book for this series. This installment of the Fated series follows John Edwards, former Navy officer and now head of security for the very well-to-do American family, the Blackmores. John heads up his security team as they work to protect a family and most importantly, Jasmin Carpenter. In order to make this sudden escape from danger, under the guise of the family taking a cruise vacation, severa [...]

    25. Irrevocable (Fated series Book #3)By A.S. Roberts5 Star ReviewIrrevocable by A.S. Roberts is another amazing story. A.S. Roberts continues telling the story of Jasmin and John, who is sister to Bella, briefly introduced in the Book #2 Inevitable. This story is the same time frame as Inevitable but it is not a retelling at all it is John and Jasmin’s story.Jasmin is Bella’s sister, she is sassy, 26 year old free-spirited, artistic, enjoys the simple life living in her old cottage with her dog [...]

    26. Irrevocable by A S Roberts is the third book in The Fated Series and my most favorite! This series has become one of my favorites and I can only hope that it's continued! I would recommend reading the first two in the series first just because it helps create a better back story, plus I love the series so obviously I would say to read them in order. A S Roberts has created a series that is much more than just a series, it's almost as though these characters are your friends and you can't help bu [...]

    27. Irrevocable by A.S. Roberts is the third book in the Fated Series. Yes, it can be read as a standalone and you will not feel like you are missing anything, but if you feel you may want to go back and read Fated and Inevitable, I would suggest reading those first as much detail in Irrevocable will give those other storylines away and believe me, you want to have those wonderful surprises to look forward to.Irrevocable is the story of John Edwards. He is Alex Blackmore’s head of security and a d [...]

    28. SECURITY IS ALWAYS BEST!!!This is the third book in the Fated series and let me say it is as good as Fated and Inevitable. It can be read as a stand-alone but if you read the first two you will recognize some of the characters mentioned in this book.Jasmin Carpenter lives the life that makes her happy. Sure, her little cottage could use some fresh paint and repairs but when the funds aren’t there you just do what you can. Her clothes are about the same as her house falling apart. Jasmin’s un [...]

    29. Jasmin is happy in her cottage that her gran left her with her dog coco and working three jobs, on the outside she is independent and strong and ready to take on the world but under that all she wants is someone to protect her and keep her safe, love her, cherish her which Jasmin completely deserves. When her sisters life is put at risk Jasmin is willing to do anything to keep them safe even if that mean marrying a stranger? John is always in security mode always on guard trying to protect and k [...]

    30. Irrevocable written by AS Roberts5 starsWell AS Roberts has done it againother heart tugging story that will have you laughing, crying, angry, hopeful, frustrated and fanning yourself. This story was so well written and left me sleep deprived. I just couldn't put the book down. Irrevocable is part of a series yet it can be read as a stand alone. After reading Irrevocable you'll wish you had read the others in the series~so you might as well one click them all and read in order. Jasmin Carpenter [...]

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