Asking for Trouble

Asking for Trouble Unmarried thirty year old Sophy Metcalfe told a little white he to soothe her nagging mother The white lies name was Dominic the ideal boyfriend charming successful the kind of prospective son in

  • Title: Asking for Trouble
  • Author: Elizabeth Young
  • ISBN: 9780380818976
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unmarried, thirty year old Sophy Metcalfe told a little white he to soothe her nagging mother The white lies name was Dominic, the ideal boyfriend charming, successful, the kind of prospective son in law that would make any mother proud But now that Sophy s thin and beautiful sister, Belinda, is getting married, Dominic is going to have to make an appearance in the flUnmarried, thirty year old Sophy Metcalfe told a little white he to soothe her nagging mother The white lies name was Dominic, the ideal boyfriend charming, successful, the kind of prospective son in law that would make any mother proud But now that Sophy s thin and beautiful sister, Belinda, is getting married, Dominic is going to have to make an appearance in the flesh which should be a pretty neat trick since the genuine article vanished from Sophy s life after a single, singularly unmemorable evening So she resorts to a very drastic measure aka Josh Carmichael, the escort she hires at the very last minute, sight unseen.But the trouble with white lies is that they tend to multiply The trouble with rugged, too sexy, and independent Josh is well, that Sophy s actually beginning to like him Even if they make it through the Wedding Day from Hell together with its new intrigues, old flames, and all too familiar faces there s the night that follows and, of course, the morning after And that could end up being the biggest trouble of all A hip, witty, and freshly fantastic delight, Asking for Trouble is the most hilarious and knowing novel to make the scene since Bridget Jones first set pen to paper to record her most intimate innermost thoughts.

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      Librarian note There is than one author with this name in the database.Elizabeth Young started writing after holding a variety of jobs that included modeling for TV commercials in Cyprus and working for the Sultan s Armed Forces in Oman She has two daughters and lives in Surrey with her husband who never once told her to forget writing and get a proper job.


    1. Reasons why The Wedding Date is better than Asking for TroubleThis sceneUnfortunately, this is another case of Movie Is Better Than Book. In this case, I know The Wedding Date is not perfect, but it is my favourite movie and it makes me smile every single time I watch it, no matter how unrealistic or predictable it is. I watch it whenever I have a really bad day and it never fails to cheer me up. Asking for Trouble did not make me smile once. The main character pissed me off, the story was too l [...]

    2. My dear friend Heather lent me this book and told me that I had to read it. The novelAsking for Trouble is what the movieThe Wedding Datewas based on. The movie was completely disappointing because the book is hundreds of miles better. The book is filled with innocent misunderstandings and such depth of emotional plot between the characters that it is hard not to get wrapped up with them. I had to go out and buy it before I returned my friend's copy and have since re-read it countless times. Set [...]

    3. Alright written, would be fine if not for all the rampant internalized misogyny, boy delirium and weight obsession. I couldn't like or relate to the main character, no matter how hard I tried, because she was so horrible to other women and hard on herself in a way that came across as insignificant and self-righteous. The writer also insists on having every single female character have broken up with their exes because the guys cheated on them -- which comes across as a case of "women become unli [...]

    4. 3 Wedding Date StarsNot like the movieAT ALL I loved the movie so much I have watched it more times than I care to say without looking like a crazy person. so when I had a few hours to kill I thought I would grab this book. It was not anything like I was expecting. It's an OK book not one I would've seek out on my own. Not really memorable if I'm being honest was just a good book to pass the time and that's OK not every book is going to be heart stopping or jaw-dropping right?*You don't have to [...]

    5. So sometimes a girl graduates from her great books school and says to herself, "I want to read trash! I want to read mush! I want to read the kind of book that I can speed through without missing anything and I want to love it." So I got "Asking for Trouble" for 99 cents at a thrift store and tucked into what turned out to be an awful, awful book. The protagonist spends half of the book talking about how fat she is and the other half of her time is spent lying to everyonecluding herself. It was [...]

    6. “If you ask me, it's all these skinny models that make girls anorexic," she went on, to Auntie Barbara. "I can't think why they don't use real girls with a few curves."

    7. Presenting Sophy.If you're in the mood for some british chick lit, then this book is for you. Have you read "Bridget Jones"?Did you like it? If so, you're accostumed to female characters who are slightly neurotic, who see themselves as fat "cows"(her words, not mine)d who see other women also as "cows", or "bitches". This book is of the same kind.If you're expecting something along the lines (americanized ) of the movie, in that case, don't bother with this.You know what i kept remembering throu [...]

    8. Sophie has one of THOSE mothers.The kind that want the best for you. As long as you want what they want. And as long they can brag about you to the competition. And the competition is fierce. Especially when your younger sister is getting married. And you don’t even have a date to the wedding.So Sophie hires one.Josh. Who she intends to break up with immediately after the wedding.But it turns out it can be even more difficult to break up with someone you aren’t really dating than with someon [...]

    9. I learned about this book after watching The Wedding Date. The movie is very (and I do mean very) loosely based upon this book. So if you've seen the movie and don't think you want to read the book because you're expecting the same story, you're wrong. The only thing the two have in common is that the main character hires a man to be her boyfriend for her sister's wedding. Apart from that, the plot is completely different.Sophy is pretty funny even if she talks about her "wobbly bits" a bit too [...]

    10. It was okay. After watching 'The Wedding Date', I had hgh expectations for this novel and was really looking forward to reading it. Sadly, it wasn't up to standards. The only reason I'm giving this two stars and not one is because the banter between Sophy and Josh was actually quite lovely. Other than that, I didn't feel much chemistry between them. Josh felt more like a good friend than someone who you just couldn't wait to rip his clothes off.

    11. I always liked "Will and Grace" so I watched Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney in the romantic comedy called "The Wedding Date." The movie is based on this book -- or so the credits said. The book bears as much resemblance to the movie and F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story does to Brad Pitt's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Uh, not at all!I say skip the book and watch the moviemething I RARELY say.

    12. A million times better than the movie (The Wedding Date)! This book is hilarious! I love how Elizabeth Young's characters are always getting themselves into impossible situations -- too funny. The movie changed quite a bit, and in my opinion was not good.

    13. I did eventually get into this book but it took a long time. I never got to the point where I liked the protaganist, she was kind of a spineless neurotic, guilt-driven compulsive liar. Plus I thought the plot was kind of crowded, too many unnecessary characters and the dialogue was overdone. Meaning the author was clever with dialogue but a little too clever, some of it came across as forced. Good book though, well written. Just not one of my favorites. Ah, but if you're really into British chic [...]

    14. I'm not going to say anything like how it pleased be in the literary sense or whatnot, because really, for books like these, it's all about how they make you feel and whether you laughed and cried in the moments when the author intended for you to. This book delivered on that front, but beyond that, I really liked how, despite the ridiculous set-up and frustratingly inane characters, they still managed to feel so real. The overbearing mother hurrying her children off to marriage (not unlike Mrs. [...]

    15. A funny British romp (ala Bridget Jones) this novel stars Sophy Metcalfe, a thirty-something woman who invents the perfect boyfriend to keep her mother off her back. Unfortunately, when her sister's wedding comes along her mother forces her hand and Sophy decides to hire an escort to help her get through the wedding weekend (instead of telling the truth, of course). When she begins to fancy the escort, she tells herself to curb her feelingsbut what if he feels the same?Sound familiar? This is th [...]

    16. The film The Wedding Date is one of my favourite rom-coms, and I've seen it a few times. I'd been meaning to check out the book it was based on for some time, and finally got around to it recently - so glad I did! It was a very fun, smart, satisfying chick-lit; Liz Young is now on par with Sophie Kinsella in my library. :) I like how Sophy was actually pretty and confident about herself - it IS possible to know you're pretty enough to turn heads, and still be terribly self-conscious and insecure [...]

    17. ¡Oh, Dios! Si, vi The Wedding date hace muuuucho tiempo, y a pesar que me apunté este libro de inmediato, lo olvidé hasta ahora. ¡Me ha encantado! Aunque la película no se parece mucho al libro, el libro me cautivó, es que Josh es extremadamente adorable, exquisito, divertido, simplemente perfecto. Y por supuesto Sophy no se queda atrás, está de remate y me hizo mucho reír. Excelentes personajes, divertida trama y me dejó con gusto a poco a muy poco

    18. I read the comments that said this book was so much better than the movie "The Wedding Date," and I heartily agree. Josh, the hired escort, was truly one of my favorite male characters in chick literature. Funny, sarcastic, nice but not too over the top for Sophie. The book has quite a bit of English slang, so sometimes, I had to stop and think about the meanings. A fun read.

    19. Great fungood honest chick-lit!I've watched "The Wedding Date" - which is based on this book - countless times. The only thing they really have in common is a girl hiring an escort for a wedding.rtheless both are well worth a look.

    20. Liked the beginning a lot, liked the end bit as well. In the middle there was maybe a part too long where I kept waiting for something to happen, or something more. Don´t get me wrong it was not bad or anything. I would have given 3,5 stars if possible, maybe. Well anyway ended up with four stars. It made me smile a lot, laugh a little as well. Quite easy to read. At some parts I felt glued to the book for wanting to read and read and read. But it did not last for the whole book. Light reading, [...]

    21. Such a great book! I got this because I liked the description and when I needed a break from the deep, loaded books, I picked this one up and was pleasantly surprised. I expected the typical girl falls in love with guy story, but it was well beyond that. Enough twists and unexpected surprises that kept me shocked many times throughout the book. I really thought I'd always know where the book was going, but many times I sat here thinking, "Man, I didn't see that coming!" I also enjoyed the writin [...]

    22. Ok, like other people said before, the books has nothing to do with the movie. I believe they give credits because of the whole hire-an-escort idea. I bought the book anyway knowing this and I really liked it. To me, the author writes in a lite and funny way. Even though sometimes I dislike Sophy and her behavior, I can relate with other traits in her personality. The style of the book reminded me o Shopaholic, for example.If you're expecting to find the movie in a book don't buy it. But if you [...]

    23. I started reading this book and thought "Wait a minute.I know this storyhaven't I seen this movie?!?!?!" I googled the book and yep.I was righte movie is "The Wedding Date" and I just saw it about 6 months ago. The book starts out the same but goes in a very different direction after the wedding and was definitely better than the movieen't the books always better than the movie versions?!?!? It was a light and fun readere are some terms in the book that I am going to google to find out what in t [...]

    24. Uff, hace bastante que me vi The Wedding Date y si la película me gustó, dije "¿Y por qué el libro no ha de hacerlo?" (Descubrí que estaba inspirada en un libro, lo descargué y estuvo en mi lista de pendientes por algún tiempo).Es verdad que es muy distinto a la película pero la personalidad de Josh, ¡Me encantó! Y Sophy, bueno, me hizo reír bastante. Ese Paul en verdad que es un imbécil, ¿eh?

    25. I loved this book! Sophy was a fun character and there was just something about Josh that I enjoyed. I hated Belinda from the beginning, and it didn't surprise me with how her part in the story turned out. After I finished the book I read that this is what the movie The Wedding Date was based on. I could see very very loose similarities, but just by the basic plot. I personally thought this book was better!

    26. Oh, karakter utama wanitanya kocak. di bagian awal banyak bisa membuatku tertawa-tawa geli. cukup kaget dengan rahasia yg terbongkar di bagian akhir.walaupun Josh bukanlah karakter pria idamanku. karena di sini dia disebutkan sebagai mantan marinir, agaknya aku membayangkan dia seperti tentara yang cukuran rambutnya cepak di bagian samping kepala dan tebal di bagian atas.

    27. 3.5Una historia que no tiene nada del otro mundo lo leí por que vi la pelicula hace algunos años.Hasta la mitad del libro me reí como loca, en la mitad queria ahorcar a la prota y algún otro personaje, al final aun quería cachetear a la prota, y el tipo pfff demasiado bueno para ser cierto.Pero es una lectura divertida y eso se aprecia :)

    28. Merci à Loucy pour ce livre, j'ai adoré !Un livre avec beaucoup d'humour, de scènes et des personnages hauts en couleur.J'ai beaucoup aimé les différents personnages principaux comme secondaires, notamment l'héroine et ces mensonges en tout genre; j'ai juste trouvé qu'elle pardonnait un peu trop facilement à sa soeur.Excellente découverte de cet auteur que je ne connaissais pas !

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