Honor and Pride

Honor and Pride Since the topic of college hazing could be a trigger for some please consider this a warning as this may not be a book you d be comfortable reading Fizzbo is used to taking care of people He s the on

  • Title: Honor and Pride
  • Author: Ann Lister
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  • Page: 286
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  • Since the topic of college hazing could be a trigger for some, please consider this a warning as this may not be a book you d be comfortable reading Fizzbo is used to taking care of people He s the one in charge of the personal and professional security needs for both world famous rock bands, Ivory Tower and Black Ice Having their backs is what he does best, Since the topic of college hazing could be a trigger for some, please consider this a warning as this may not be a book you d be comfortable reading Fizzbo is used to taking care of people He s the one in charge of the personal and professional security needs for both world famous rock bands, Ivory Tower and Black Ice Having their backs is what he does best, and he takes pride in that, both on and off the job When he s called into action to save the man he loves, all of his skills are put to the test Suddenly, he isn t so sure his training will be enough, but saving Kensey is personal, and he s willing do anything to keep him safe Kensey Pride is the man who rocked Fizzbo s world when they met during the European tour with Ivory Tower and Black Ice Kensey s passion for his job, making people look and feel beautiful in their own skin, is something he lacks in his own life until the magnetism of a certain security guard comes along and breaks down the walls he s built around his heart to keep him safe For the first time in his life, Kensey discovers he likes who he sees looking back at him in the mirror Without the safety of those walls and his heart left unprotected, Kensey becomes an easy target for those who can t let go of the past Will Fizzbo s strength and love be enough to bring Kensey home, or will old truths be too much for the guard to handle

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      Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living in Florida with her husband She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels After graduating art school, marrying, and raising two daughters, she established her own video production company Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within the music industry and won her a coveted Telly Award Her behind the scenes exposure to the music world and her love of rock music is the inspiration for her erotic rock star romances The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Beyond The Music, Book 7 in the series, reached 1 in Gay Erotica in the Pre Order and held that spot for several weeks The last book in the series launches the spin off series, Guarding The Gods, which is releasing in early summer 2016 Fall For Me, Book One in the series was a Finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Award Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together musicians and the love between two men These stories focus on what it truly means to love love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment to just simply love.


    1. First let me start by saying that I absolutely loved Ann Lister's "Rock God" series. So naturally when I found out that there would be a spin-off of that series, I wanted to read all those books too.This is the second book in the "Guarding the Gods" series and though I enjoyed it, I was a bit confused. I figured with the name of the series, we would also get some celebrities.or at least some roadies from "Black Ice" or "Ivory Tower". No such luck though. Not even a glimpse of the "Rock Gods" fro [...]

    2. **3 small stars**Could be read as a standalone, this series being about the bodyguards of “Black Ice” and “Ivory Tower”, the rock bands from the “rock gods” series, and this time, it features Fizzbo, the security manager and Kensey, the new hairstylist of “Ivory Tower”. I was looking forward to get their story as the chemistry between them displayed in book 1 was palpable and promising.Well, it didn’t deliver for me as I expected. The plot could have been riveting has it been m [...]

    3. I loved this book! So good I cried(of course) some parts were hard to read, some sweet & sexy hot ;) I so loved Fizzbo & Kensey <3 I'm happy their story was told. Looking forward to Mason's story!

    4. Finally! Fizzbo gets his story. Been waiting for this book for a very long time, so lets begin, shall we.If you've been reading Lister's books since the Rock Gods series, then you know who Fizzbo is and what he's been through. You also know that the fire the guys survived weren't the only sparks flying on that tour. Let me start by saying the only thing about this book I didn't care for is Fizzbo's nickname. His name is actually Nick, so hence forth, I will refer to him as such since the name Fi [...]

    5. You learn something new everyday especially while reading. I had no clue what hazing meant and I was shocked to read about it. Although there was a few tense moments in this story and I was hanging on the edge of my seat with shaky hands flicking through the pages, Ann Lister dealt with the storyline with sensitivity and empathy. I’ve completely fell in love with Nick Honor’s character AKA Fizzbo. He’s the kind of alpha male we all dream about. Strong, loving, tender when needed, but also [...]

    6. Another great read from Ann. Loved Fizzbo ans Kens. A great addition to the series. The only thing I wished for was that there was some closure with Kensey and his grandfather.Looking forward to Mason's story!!

    7. This installment in Ann Lister's "Guarding The Gods" series had some very poignant and heartbreaking moments. Although the plot focuses on the developing relationship between Fizzbo and Kensey, Lister touches on some troubling issues. Collegiate hazing can be fun, but there is a dark side to hazing, too. Many times, we hear about abuse and exploitation in hazing rituals but, to me, what is more tragic is what we don't hear about because people are afraid to come forward and share their experienc [...]

    8. I wasn't sure about this book, because I haven't really cared for Fizzbo in the other books he's been in. I have no clue why, because he was a likable character, but I just never quite warmed up to him. I didn't really like Kensey all that much either, so while I enjoyed the story and the romance portion of the book is done well, as all of Ann's books are, this couple just didn't do it for me.What was amazing about this book was the mystery/suspense portion of it. It was phenomenal and if Ann ev [...]

    9. While I did enjoy this book more than I enjoyed the first one, Zac's Mulligan, I don't think I'll be revisiting this author's romances anytime soon. I went ahead with this series after the first book because I was intrigued by the blossoming romance between tough security manager Fizzbo and young makeup artist Kensey. I'm always a sucker for those romances between such opposite characters, and the idea of big bad Fizzbo becoming all blushing and tongue-tied around Kensey seemed so fun. But while [...]

    10. A SWEET TURMOIL!There are lots of stories within this story which made it pleasing to me! Kensey has caught the eye of security man Fizzbo when in Berlin and the fire. Kensey has avoided the mandatory counseling until the final group session. His past is, according to himself, not pleasant and he is very protective of himself. Fizzbo is determined to make sure Kensey is safe in his arms but when Kensey disappears on his way to Las Vegas, Fizzbo jumps into action. What he finds is chilling and, s [...]

    11. Another great sequel in the Guarding the Gods Series. Well written with great character development and continuity. As the group continue to recover from the Berlin fire, Fizzbo, the security manager, finds himself hoping the man who has caught his eye in Europe on tour will show up at their last therapy session. Kensey seems to have vanished for unknown reasons, but Fizzbo has hopes. When he walks in the last session Fizzbo is beside himself and is determined to hopefully get to know Kensey bet [...]

    12. Honor and PrideAnn really knows how to make my emotions run, in which way I'm not always sure but it's always a good thing. Rizzo and Kensly have had a rough time dealing with what's happen to them, Kensly especially but hopefully some Honor and Pride can help them heal.

    13. Fizzbo!!Loved it! I absolutely love Fizzbo and Kensey. I really enjoyed the Rock Gods series but I have to say I think I'm liking these more. I love the characters, their stories and of course the sweet alpha men.

    14. ExcellentI can't decide if I liked Kensey or Fizzbo better. I started out with Fizzbo since we already knew him from before, but Kensey was just so likable that I couldn't get enough of him. I can't imagine how stressful Kensey's life must have been like before he met Nick, and was able to learn to trust him. Fizzbo was just as honorable, and upstanding as I wanted him to be. I loved that he sympathized with Zac's desire to help Ben, but recognized that delivering vigilante justice wasn't the wa [...]

    15. Ann is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Her characterization is spot on with each individual flawed and totally human. Even the 'bad guys' come up with a redeeming sidewell except for the grandfather and Sean. Maybe not Adam either! Still the only loose end was the grandfather and what happened to him! There was a vague reference indicating he may have pulled one string to many but I guess I'll have to wait and see if it's mentioned in GTG, #3. I'm hoping Fizzbo and Kensey get an oce [...]

    16. Getting to Your HEA isn't Always EasyAnn Lister creates beautiful, loving stories, and gets her fantastic characters to their HEA. That, as in real life, doesn't always go smoothly. However isn't that often the point of a satisfying read? Ann has done it again with Honor and Prideoving that Love is Love. While you can read this book as a standalone I will encourage you to seek out all of her books.

    17. Of course I loved it!I think my favorite part is how the characters from both series intertwine. But this one took on a very dark element which kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved it!

    18. Ready or not Sometimes when you know you just know. And that's how it was with Fizzbo when he met Kensey. He didn't know that Kensey came with alot of baggage. but nothing could keep him away. And Kensey better be ready.

    19. Honor And Pride (Guarding The Gods Book 2)Loved it it was as great as the first one outstanding beginning to end can't wait to read more of this series and keep reading them .

    20. 3.5 starsIt was ok. Not as engaging as book one. The scene at the cabin was a little far fetched. The situation wrapped up nicely. Book three looks promising.

    21. Great Read!Love this author and series! Have read every book that this author has written. Can't wait for the next book to arrive. Happy reading!!!!!!

    22. I just loved the chemistry between Fizzbo and Kensey. Kensey just made my heart break with everything he had to go through past and present.

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