Ansel Adams: An Autobiography

Ansel Adams An Autobiography In this bestselling autobiography completed shortly before his death in Ansel Adams looks back at his legendary six decade career as a conservationist teacher musician and above all photog

  • Title: Ansel Adams: An Autobiography
  • Author: Ansel Adams Mary Street Alinder
  • ISBN: 9780821222416
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this bestselling autobiography, completed shortly before his death in 1984, Ansel Adams looks back at his legendary six decade career as a conservationist, teacher, musician, and, above all, photographer Written with characteristic warmth, vigor, and wit, this fascinating account brings to life the infectious enthusiasms, fervent battles, and bountiful friendships of aIn this bestselling autobiography, completed shortly before his death in 1984, Ansel Adams looks back at his legendary six decade career as a conservationist, teacher, musician, and, above all, photographer Written with characteristic warmth, vigor, and wit, this fascinating account brings to life the infectious enthusiasms, fervent battles, and bountiful friendships of a truly American original.

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    1. Ansel Adams Mary Street Alinder

      Though wilderness and the environment were his grand passions, photography was his calling, his metier, his raison d etre From Ansel Adams, Photographer


    1. An Inside Look at Ansel Adams' Photography In Yosemiteyoutube/watch?v=-E0zR(really good!!) Ansel Adams A Documentary Film HDTV 720p Legendado PT BRyoutube/watch?v=hNvMB

    2. This is a great read. Having grown up in photography in central California, I grew up hearing about Adams and admired his work. It wasn't until after his dead, when my father and I viewed an exhibit of his prints that I understand why he referred the print as a performance. I stood entranced watching the details in a large print of "Moonrise over Hernandez". In this book he shares his love of performance, both the visual and musical.

    3. The plain language used to tell such an unusual life story helps you feel welcomed into his life. He had such a generous nature, yet incredibly disciplined and ethical. It also helped me fit together pieces of an important era of analog photography, and learn more about those who championed it as an art form.

    4. It's a bit disappointing. I was hoping to find something of Ansel Adams wisdom and experience in life but instead there was something that seemed more as history of records of some of his life marks. It's over detailed about the letters and messages between him and his friends. Moreover, it's divided into 23 sections mostly titled by the names of the people he have known. It doesn't follow a chronological order and I actually think it's a mess.

    5. I really enjoyed reading about Ansel's life from his perspective. He's such a sensitive and creative individual-- and I adore him! I learned that he was piano virtuoso, and I felt an even greater bond with him once I knew he loved music as well as photography. Its a great read- exciting and chocked full of real life obstacles and explorations.

    6. Ansel Adams seemed like he was really down to earth and an overall good guy. I would have liked to have met himI would have liked to study photography with himat would have been amazing! If you are interested in his life, thoughts, and photographic processes, this is a good book to read.

    7. Interesting read, lots of insight into the photographic process. Ansel led a full, illustrious and humourus life.

    8. I read this book about ten years ago and the book gives wonderful insight to this great photographer and his work.

    9. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and taking relatively frequent trips to the Sierra Nevada, including Yosemite National Park, Ansel Adams was somewhat of a household name for my family and me. I’ve always admired his uniquely enchanting photographs of some of the natural wonders that I hold so dear, so reading about his amazing life was wonderful. Ansel Adams had a very interesting childhood, which he remembers remarkably well. He could remember even his earliest days perfectly, and de [...]

    10. dreadful and agonizing and never ending and so badly written that I was happy when it was finally over. I love some of Adam's work in inked-print (I have yet to see a real baryta print of his that lives up to his proselytizing, but maybe the shows I've been to were just showing proofs or rejects [the Westons had always more punch in craftsmanship]. also within his technical books 'the camera', 'the print' and worst of all 'the negative' I could never find real answers to my questions - always h [...]

    11. Note: I'm not done yet. But I'll simulcast this from here:furstgwhoop/?p=1897I requested a biography on someone interesting for Christmas. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, selected Ansel Adams - a seemingly perfect choice for an occasional photographer. How could she have known how boring he was! I mean, I guess traveling across the United States with since forgotten self-important artists and other assorted social gadflies was interesting at the time, but now, I don't particularly care. It us [...]

    12. Wow. The photos, the artist, the man. Written so many years ago (copyright: 1985) and yet so many sections still applicable today. His comments on conservation and respecting nature are incredibly apt in the current fight against climate change (and those resistant to scientific truth). His experiences and his writing about the art of photography are simply beautiful, not to mention the actual images he created.

    13. This is a thoroughly captivating book. Adams' narrative is engaging also memorable discussing his own path in photography as art, teing stories of the vast number of people who became friends. His giving of himself to the efforts of maintaining and expanding the lands held by the National Parks and protecting them from commercial interests that would damage them so that the likes of them would never be seen agajn. The photos that are in the book could be a book by itself. They support his text w [...]

    14. Ansel Adams led a fascinating life. As a photography enthusiast I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how he went about creating photographs that were truly works of art. But it was also fascinating to read about life in the early part of the 20th Century and some of the other artists he spent time with; Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange, to name a few. There was no beaten path for these artists to follow. They were not just creating incredible images, they were [...]

    15. Two things made an impression on me in this book:1) Ansel's nose was broken by the 1906 earthquake.2) Ansel never imagined and purposed his photos to be the poster images for conservation. He simply captured beauty.I was disappointed photos weren't included in the book. Especially when he mentions specific photos and the contextd no photo to see. Boo.Other than that, I found it a little dry. But hey, he was a nature photographer and proponent, not an action hero.

    16. A fascinating person and a remarkable life presented by an amazing photographer. I was bored to tears by this book. I think it is one of the driest biographies I have suffered through. The information was interesting and you certainly come away with an understanding of Adams philosophy and process of his work and ethics. I forced myself to continue but could not complete the work. I hate to give up on a book but this one has defeated me.

    17. I expected to like this (love his photographs), but his account of his childhood interesting events, boring writing.I should skip ahead, but the book is too heavy for reading in bed. I'll try putting it next to the kicthen table, in place of another book that isn't good.OK, that works, and he does have some cool anecdotes. But he's not much of a writer. I'll skim some more and come backDue back. Hell with it.

    18. This is a most enjoyable book. He makes connections between himself and other artists that we tend to study individually in Art History that brings them all into perspective as a cohesive artistic and philosophical community, each influencing and contrasting with each other. Great insight into the personalities of those whose creations are so well known by themselves.

    19. ansel adams is such a babe. there is this one part in here where he's at this party and some god awful woman is all, "i assume you've been awl auva europe""no infact, i've never been to europe""well, if you had been to europe, where would your favorite places be"yeah. i dunno. climbing sierras, ragging on pictoralists and everything else you'd expect from this genius of no bullshit beauty.

    20. Really good, and really good writing!pg 25-26" I believe we are born with an incredible program for our life to be, tucked away in a small cranium and pressing to grow and function. I have often had a retrospective vision where everything in my past life seems to fall with significance into logical sequence. "

    21. Very interesting - especially to learn his love of the environment and just how difficult it was to get a good photo back then. Lots of planning so that you didn't waste supplies. Much, much different then the digital era of snap and delete.

    22. I knew somewhat about Ansel Adams the photographer and environmentalist, but didn't know about his talent as a musician, wordsmith and humorist. I worried it might be too technical regarding some of the photography, but it is as advertised--an autobiography.

    23. Have an Ansel Adams photography exhibition at museum & so was curious to learn about his life/ his art. Neat to read how he adapted photos to fit the image in his head, manipulating exposures & development. If you enjoy biographies, especially of artists, I recommend this.

    24. I did not learn how to take great photos, but I may have learned better how to see the world. It's a great and beautiful autobiography and occupies a treasured place on my selves.

    25. Another interesting look at the celebrities of the 30's and 40's and the growth of the environmental movement. Lots of stories about the artists of his time.

    26. Ansel was also an accomplished pianist and quite the bohemian / artist, interacting and exchanging information and ideas with the leading photographers of his time.

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