Dear Life

Dear Life Dear Life It s New Years Eve and time for a resolution Time for decision and self discovery After all isn t that what starting over in a new year is all about Forgiveness Clean slates Finding beaut

  • Title: Dear Life
  • Author: Meghan Quinn
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  • Page: 386
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  • Dear Life,It s New Years Eve and time for a resolution Time for decision and self discovery After all, isn t that what starting over, in a new year, is all about Forgiveness Clean slates Finding beauty in heartbreak and pain, and finding yourself along the way We hope so Because we ve immersed in the anonymously published Dear Life program, designed to help us step oDear Life,It s New Years Eve and time for a resolution Time for decision and self discovery After all, isn t that what starting over, in a new year, is all about Forgiveness Clean slates Finding beauty in heartbreak and pain, and finding yourself along the way We hope so Because we ve immersed in the anonymously published Dear Life program, designed to help us step outside of our comfort zones and start anew Forced to face obstacles and relinquish our demons we ll come together or fall apart to prove our existence Hollyn The perpetually hurtDaisy The sheltered and na veJace The athlete with a heart of goldCarter The bitter and pained dreamer Win big or lose it all, we re at a crossroads in our lives four strangers meeting in the middle Do we have what it takes to use this one chance and start over Or will we fall apart

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      Like me on FB facebook meghanquinnaWhen I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn t take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch It wasn t until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven t turned back since You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four legged children.


    1. 5 stars!!!Dear Life was my first book of the year, and talk about starting 2017 with a bang. This book was epic. It was a truly stunning and beautiful story about four separate people coming together for different reasons. Some have suffered loss, some are looking to be found, either way, they all need each other more than they’ll ever know. This is a story of healing, of letting go, and of people needing other people. It has so much truth, heart and it’s one of those stories that will stay [...]

    2. 5 Stars!!Meghan Quinn blew me away with this novel. 'Dear Life' was my second book by this author and while it was so different than the first, I loved it as much. Meghan delivers an amazing story, so well written, compelling and thought-provoking, and different from what I had expected and from what I read so far. I’m rarely blown away by an author or, in this case, a story, but Meghan Quinn managed to impress me and move me so much with this engaging, emotional read. She managed to make me f [...]

    3. 5 STARS ”Dear Life. Learn to live again.”Are you bored with the same old storylines? Have you been looking for something different in the romance genre to start your 2017 off right? Meghan Quinn delivers a four person pov story that was well entwined while high on emotion, laughter, friendship, growth, and love. As the four main characters attend a self-help weekly group called “Dear Life”, they all work on learning to live again. After loss, or disappointments, or even just finding out [...]

    4. Let's get my disclaimer out of the way first: I LOVE this author. Meghan Quinn is the queen of ROM-COM and so she is one author that I'll hit that one-click button on everytime. I didn't even look at what this book was about and I probably should have. Now if you hate my review. be it. I have a 1-800 number set up for you to call in with your tears.Because I kinda didn't like this book. You have four broken people. Hollyn, who recently was widowed and can't move on from her husband's death. Jace [...]

    5. *****5 Stars*****“Four lives. Four stories. Four sets of letters. Four brave souls in need of guidance while facing life’s greatest challenges.”“Dear Life” by Meghan Quinn was such a phenomenal story and unlike anything I have read to date. It was absolutely amazing and when I say amazing, I mean amazing. When I finished the book all I could think of was how brilliant it was and sadness that it ended, because I kept wanting more and more and more! I know it’s only the start to the ye [...]

    6. 5 Keeping an Open Mind Stars* * * * *Spoiler Free- It's LIVE!!!!Disclaimer: This Book lends itself to doing a review a certain way. Others, I know, will do it so much better in writing a letter to Life or Meghan Quinn. Please take every opportunity to read them. This, however, is my contribution My Letter to You.Dear Reader,When picking this book, I saw it was written by Meghan Quinn and knew it would probably be a good read. I had recently read a series by her and was taken by the themes, how s [...]

    7. ➦I'm glad I finally found the time for some older releases. I absolutely adored this book and it's definitely going on my favorites shelf!➦I've read Meghan Quinn's romcoms before and I love her sense of humor. Here, however, she managed to write an emotional story with a powerful message AND make it humorous in some parts. It was really a perfect blend of humor, angst and romance. I laughed, cried and hyperventilated.➦It's a story following four people who get into the Dear Life program, w [...]

    8. Genre:Contemporary RomanceType: StandalonePOV: First Person – Multiple Rating: Four different lives at the end if their roads were looking for a change of course. Some by choice and some by force, they joined the Dear Life program to embark on a journey to rediscover life. But changes could only happen from within and they had to learn to accept their shortcomings in order to move on.I've read and enjoyed several of Meghan Quinn's hilarious romantic comedy books. When I found out about this bo [...]

    9. ONE-CLICK here ---> amzn/2iBjcT9 Four lives, Four stories. Four sets of letters. Dear Life is a Contemporary Romance that immerses you into the lives of Jace - the baseball player, Hollyn - the perpetually hurt, Daisy - the sheltered, and Carter - the bitter prick. Teetering on the edge of making something of themselves or losing it all, they join the Dear Life program to ensure their chances at changing the lemons life has handed them. Be prepared to be swept away by the heartache, heart-war [...]

    10. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewDear Life by Meghan Quinn is hands down the most raw, intimate, honest, and vulnerable book that she has written so far. This is one of those reads that cannot be fully reviewed since Dear Life is about life’s journey. The good, the bad, and those moments in our life we want a do-over. Four lives. Four strangers are brought together where they bond over the fact that life is not fair. People they love had to die. Sacrifices had to be made. [...]

    11. My review is going to simply be, Read this book, it is absolutely amazingly beautiful. I'm left speechless at how much I fell in love with this book. Definitely a book I will reread!! And one I hands down recommend to you❤❤❤❤

    12. 4 StarsWow, this one took me longer than usual to read. Not because it was bad or boring. But for some reason, I kept on getting distracted by watching "fake news" on current US politics. Now, I can't even tell if this book was just slow paced or if the political status of America forced my concerned distraction! Damn you Trump!!Although I read this at a snails pace, I did enjoy what I read of this story and have little to no complaints about it. Lovers of safety don't have much to fear and can [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this one! The concept was unique and I really loved how MQ set it up, all four people were suffering from different things and yet I never felt like one person's pain outweighed another's. That's one of the great things about this book, I think given the varying personalities and types of pain, most readers could find something to relate to. And the ending message is very uplifting."Prove your existence. That's your new motto to live by. What did you do today to prove your exist [...]

    14. 4.5 "Let it all out" stars!!This will be a fairly quick review because I'm still buzzing over this book and I don't want to accidentally reveal too much.This story is about four people: Hollyn, Jace, Daisy and Carter. It's also told from each of their points of view, so we get an in-depth look at what's going on. Each person has been dealt a hard knock or two from life. They each find themselves at the end of their ropes. Defeated. Lost. The Dear Life program forces each of them to grab life by [...]

    15. Dear life is a book which gives you a very thought provoking, intense and emotional ride. I obviously cried, I mean I would have to be not human to not cry. There were things which were so realistic and so horrible for people to have to go through… it really is something which makes you think.I liked the concept of this story. It is very unique and provided a new experience for me as a reader. I always know Meghan as someone who’s writing can make me laugh to no end. But I didn’t know she [...]

    16. 5.0 "PROVE YOUR EXISTENCE" STARS!!!WOW! What a BREATH-TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL story! Hands down to Meghan Quinn because Dear Life just STOLE my heart and OWNED it! When she said this book is different from her other works, I never thought it's this DIFFERENT because for all of those holy, this book is UNIQUELY WRITTEN! It was so real, so raw, so honest and so awe inspiring I have no other thoughts except I LOVE IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY and it became a special part of me. And one of the most important part o [...]

    17. For only my second read by Meghan Quinn, I have to say I'm very impressed. I started this last night and couldn't put it down. This was a phenomenal story or to be more accurate, stories. In Dear Life, Meghan takes us through stories dealing with love, loss, grief, and new experiences. Hollyn, Daisy, Jace and Carter are the main characters. Each of them decides to attend a self-help group called Dear Life. In this group they are put together into one group to work together, lean on one another a [...]

    18. WOW WOW WOW! I am used to Meghan's romantic comedies - goofy, sweet, fun but Dear Life? We are seeing another brilliant side of Meghan and I LOVED IT. This book is inspiring, emotional, heartwarming, serious, sad but also hilarious as hell in some parts. I cried one minute and then the next I busted out laughing my a** off. Then I ugly cried happy tears at the end. You must read this. The story surrounds four people with very different lives and circumstances. Hollyn is a newlywed, madly in lov [...]

    19. Release Date:January 5, 2017 Genre:Contemporary Romance Release Day Update:This book is now LIVE! I highly recommend it to all fans of romance!Just to put it out there, I absolutely ADORE Meghan Quinn’s books. Most (but not all) are lighthearted, funny, and pretty over the top (in a good way). But this one. WOW. Talk about putting your heart and soul into a piece of paper… Meghan Quinn has surpassed all expectations that I had for Dear Life and this book will be hard to overshadow throughout [...]

    20. Dear Life, I'm so glad I picked this book! it was everything I expected and more, so captivating and addictive, the story of four people who suffer from different tragedies It was so beautiful and sad at the same time, I found myself crying most of the time without even realizing it!This book will take you into the journey of four people: Hollyn, Daisy, Jace and Carter. they meet through a program called Dear Life that will help them cope with their problems. As the program begins, so does a new [...]

    21. You might know Meghan Quinn for her hilarious (and yes, sometimes wacky) humor. She does the romantic comedy really well, but she also nails the serious and the heartbreaking, too. While there are still elements of humor in Dear Life, the intensity of the situations and the emotions really shine through, leaving you thinking about this story long after it is finished.Dear Life, the book, is a heartfelt and realistic look at four lives who have been changed or shaped by events beyond their contro [...]

    22. Dear Life by Meghan Quinn5 stars!!!“Life is bigger than this, live it, love it…prove your existence.”What a way to start 2017! Meghan Quinn brings a totally different side to her writing ability in this book and from start to finish this book hit me where it hurts…in the heart. The raw emotion poured into every word was apparent in spades and you could tell that certain aspects of this book were written from the heart, from experiences both good and bad. “It’s not until you face your [...]

    23. It's tough rating this because it started off great and then it kinda fizzled. I love Carter and Daisy and there was moments I was grinning so bad.“Thanks, Life. You’re a real peach. Once again, note the sarcasm.” But When a book goes overboard with the "life is short", "no regrets" quotes it put me off a bit. Also Hollyn's character irritated me.

    24. It's hard to start this review because I'm still so raw from reading Dear Life. This book is one of those books that changes you. Different facets of the four main characters lives so completely shredded my heart and yet, the author still found a way to repair that tear just as life has a way of working out the kinks. We evolve. We grow. We change. Every experience we have molds our day to day lives. Being open to each experience and taking part actively is imperative to the outcome. Even when t [...]

    25. 4.5 Stars "Prove your existence. That's your new motto to live by. What did you do today to prove your existence, what are you doing tomorrow to prove your existence in this world?"This book was very special. It was definitely a departure from Meghan Quinn’s funny, quirky, romantic comedies but it was so worth the read. It was different in the best kind of way. Dear Life is the story of Jace, Hollyn, Daisy and Carter. Four very special people that have been dealt a bad hand in live and when we [...]

    26. Dear LifeIf years could be described as cookies, then 2016 would have been Raisin Oatmeal. It’s only a cookie in name, but we all know it’s more of a thinly veiled healthy snack. And when you’re knee deep into satan’s waterfall every month I doubt any woman has ever said: “Let me at those Raisin Oatmeals!” Just like these “cookies” the year was filled with unwanted surprises, weird textures and chewy bits but still you’re just grateful to be having a cookie.This latest book by [...]

    27. Dear Readers,Meghan Quinn is known for being Queen of Rom Com. But with Dear Life, she has done something different. She has given us something poignant and thought provoking, something emotional and heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Meghan has given us 4 characters who have nothing in common but the life that has been given to them. Each suffering from something that emotionally and physically cripples them from living life to the fullest. Enter the Dear Life program; a program t [...]

    28. Slick's Review:Over the summer I thoroughly enjoyed author Meghan Quinn’s Stroked series and in one of those books, I saw where she had panache for writing more than sexy fun and good times. So, when Dear Life came up for review, I had a feeling this would be unlike anything I’d read by her and I was correct. Simply Put, Dear Life is an epic story of loss, hope, understanding, friendship, and love. I have visions of Ms. Quinn sitting at her desk pouring her guts into this book and it worked. [...]

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