My Father's Son

My Father s Son WHAT IF YOUR FATHER ISN T WHO YOU THOUGHT HE WAS I turn up the volume as a woman at a news desk announces This just in the alleged DB monster has been arrested Good The camera switches from the anc

  • Title: My Father's Son
  • Author: Terri Fields
  • ISBN: 9781596433496
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • WHAT IF YOUR FATHER ISN T WHO YOU THOUGHT HE WAS I turn up the volume as a woman at a news desk announces, This just in the alleged DB25 monster has been arrested Good The camera switches from the anchor to a mug shot and it is my face or at least my face as it will look thirty years from now A new image replaces the full screen mug shot as I see two cops hustling myWHAT IF YOUR FATHER ISN T WHO YOU THOUGHT HE WAS I turn up the volume as a woman at a news desk announces, This just in the alleged DB25 monster has been arrested Good The camera switches from the anchor to a mug shot and it is my face or at least my face as it will look thirty years from now A new image replaces the full screen mug shot as I see two cops hustling my handcuffed father into the back of a police car Kevin has to face the worst imaginable possibility that his father may be the man responsible for a series of vicious killings How much does he really know about his father

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      Terri Fields Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Father's Son book, this is one of the most wanted Terri Fields author readers around the world.


    1. This book took some interesting turns and kept me entertained for the entire story, I read it in one sitting. The only complaint I would have would be the simplicity of some of the dialogue and high school storylines, but teenagers are hard to capture.

    2. Bang! As soon as the book opens, Kevin sees his father on TV and he's not getting an award. Instead the newscasters are saying the his dad is the DB25 killer, a serial murder who has tortured and killed more than 13 women over the past few years. The evidence is pretty solid. His dad was apprehended by the police when he was climbing out of the latest victim's window. After this brief introduction the book goes back in time a few weeks to show just how normal Kevin's life had been and juxtapose [...]

    3. I have another suspense novel to recommend today! My Father’s Son by Terri Fields is a real page-turner! Can you imagine turning on the news and seeing the police arrest a serial killer—and then you realize it is your own Dad? That is just what happened to 17-year-old Kevin Winder. Could his father really be guilty! Kevin cannot believe it! Can his father really be the monster the media describes?

    4. Reviewed by Julie M. Prince for TeensReadTooAnother opportunity arose this weekend to read a book I couldn't put down. Don't you just love when that happens? In this case, the book was MY FATHER'S SON by Terri Fields. Kevin Windor's world is sent spinning off its axis when he sees his father's mug shot on the evening news. The same father who spends every other weekend kicked back, playing video games with Kevin. Authorities believe he is the hideous DB25 Monster -- the monster who tortures wome [...]

    5. Kevin Windor is just a normal boy with divorced parents. He lives most of the times with his mom, but he goes over to his dad’s house on the weekends. He does well in school and has a crush on a girl in Spanish class. She seems to have feelings for him too – that is if the kiss they shared is any indication.But then on one unforgettable day Kevin turns on the television to discover his father has been arrested as the notorious DB25 Monster, a man who has attacked at least 11 women, leaving m [...]

    6. Life for Kevin Windor spirals out of control when his father is convicted of being a sadistic serial killer. Even though his parents are divorced, Kevin enjoys the time he spends at both homes. He gets very angry with his mother for not jumping to proclaim his father's innocence and on top of that, his father (through his lawyer) refuses to see or talk to him! After his father is accused of the crimes and put in jail, Kevin's best friend moves on his girlfriend, his girlfriend ignores him, and K [...]

    7. What would you do if you happen to hear on the news that your father is being accused of being a serial killer? That's exactly what happens to Kevin one day after school and suddenly his world is turned upside down. Kevin has always thought of his father as a wonderful man. A man who loves him unconditionally and supports him with both money and with undying love. How can he suddenly be a monster? The rest of the book follows Kevin and his mom as they deal with the implications; from high school [...]

    8. When Kevin's father gets arrested by the police because of evidence that he is the DB25 serial killer, Kevin is convinced his father is innocent and will go to great lengths to prove it, including seeking out his estranged grandparents, risk getting suspended, and snooping through his father’s stuff. The portrayal of a normal life destroyed by the power of guilt by association through a teenage boy’s eyes, My Father's Son is fast-paced and suspenseful, although the relationships between char [...]

    9. Kevin is in high school, and lives in a city that has been terrorized by a serial killer, known as the DB25 Killer. At the beginning of the book, Kevin flips on the TV at his mother's house and sees a special news bulletin -- the DB25 Killer has been arrested! Good, thinks Kevin, until the news anchor switches to a mug shot of his father. Then, he sees a video clip of police officers shoving his handcuffed father into a squad car. Kevin is devastated and revolted -- how could his kind, nice fath [...]

    10. I liked this book a lot because it had a lot of twists and turns and suspenseful moments. I think that anyone that likes good plot and a lot of twists would like this book.In this book, Kevin Windor is just a typical teenager. His parents are divorced, so he only sees his dad two weekends a month. Every time he sees him though, it is all fun and laughs. He seems just like any other normal guy. But then, one day after school, Kevin turns on some TV and sees BREAKING! The DB25 Killer has been caug [...]

    11. there was one thing that i kept thinking while reading this book : everyone's a jerk! i dont know how to explain this but, oh my God! kev's so-called best friend is the biggest jerk, Kev's crush is immature, the other students are just plain mean! i just felt like i need to give them class on, oh i dont know, everything maybe. starting with attitude, coz i kid you not, they dont have that in their bones.rant overrst thing came to mind after finishing this book : omg are you kidding me?! this boo [...]

    12. The ending was just a little bit too hard to swallow, which kept me from giving it a fifth star. Still, the story itself kept me readingI couldn't put it down.The basic premise, that one day a member of your family is accused of being a horrible criminal, has been used quite a bit, but Terri Fields did a good job of making the son such a solid character that you could sympathize with his plight. It was easy to see how the people around him would have such extreme reactions, too.The author avoide [...]

    13. I just finished this book and I can't decide what I really thought yet. It is a very interesting plot. Kevin Windsor finds out his father has been arrested for the murders of numerous people in the tri-state area. He doesn't believe his father could be the killer, but the evidence is overwhelming. Most of the book is really about Kevin coping with the idea that his father could be a killer which got a little old after a while. Somethings like his mom's friend and meeting his grandparents seemed [...]

    14. This is a great mystery about a teen boy whose father is arrested after evidence comes to light that he is the perpetrator of several serial murders. As Jason struggles to make sense of it all he finds that his friendships are strained, adults are unreliable, his family has dark secrets, and his loyalty is challenged. The story has many twists and turns that kept me reading into the night. It makes you question the criminal justice system and whether or not someone is innocent until proven guilt [...]

    15. Boy turns on the news and sees his father's face, his face aged 30 years, above the caption "DB12 Monster Captured". What's more gripping than that? While the tale is gripping it also expresses the many periods of inactivity and waiting around that occurs when someone is in the criminal justice system. It shows how relationships are tested and twisted. Some relationships can be healed, others cann not. Is the boy's father really a serial killer? You have to read it to find out.

    16. awesome!!!! I love it!!!!! I would definitely recommend for a lot of people. For people who have fathers, wish to have fathers, and think their father is the best in the world. you might want to think again. You never know when your father is gonna do something bad like murder someone or hurt them and you end up looking like him and then nobody wants to be by you because they think you are him. (shiver shiver shiver) makes me wanna throw up!!!!!!

    17. The plot was pretty cool. However, it ended up disappointing me because the main character was unrealistic; a teenager boy written by a grown woman doesn't seem to work for her. Some authors can write from both genders', all ages', whatever else's point of view, but Fields does not seem to be terribly good at it. The plot was also unresolved in a most unfantastic, unexciting way, so although it was written decently, multiple factors contributed to an overall not amazing book.

    18. I was really looking forward to reading this book, but I didn't think it was very well written. The narrator's tone just isn't quite believable and it wrapped up a little too neatly.However, the story line is intriguing, so if you're looking for a book to just breeze through with not a lot of twists and turns, it might be for you.

    19. I thought that this book was very interesting. It was very sad how kelvins dad goes to jail for something that he did not do. Everyone is trying to find out who is the person who is going around and killing everybody. finally they find out that it was Kevin's dads manager that had been killing everybody. Then finally Kevin gets reunited with his dad when he gets finally out of jail.

    20. "When Kevin Windor's, father is accused of being a brutal serial killer, his life is turned upside down. I thought this book was pretty good. I thought that some of the characters were pretty flat and I would have liked to have seen a little bit more development of characters like Lani. All in all it was a quick good interesting read."

    21. This book started well and took off and kept my interest. I would recommend it to anyone - even those who "don't like to read". Story of a boy who finds out by watching the evening news that the serial killer is caught and it is his father!

    22. When Kevin's father is arrested in connection with a series of murders, Kevin struggles to come to terms with the possibility that the man he loves could have a connection with the murders.Interesting psychological suspense for teens.

    23. Kevin Windor's life is turned upside down when his father is arrested as a serial killer. At first Kevin believes his father is innocent despite the evidence. But, as the evidence piles up, Kevin begins to have his doubts.

    24. Kevin's life of high school classes, crushes, basketball, and shuttling between his parents' homes falls apart when his father is arrested as a suspected serial killer, leading Kevin to a new understanding of his family and himself.

    25. This book is not like one I have read before. I really enjoyed it. I can relate to what he was going through, the stress you have to go to school because your parent is in jail, how you want to help them out and prove them not guilty. Overall one of the best books I have ever read.!

    26. Well, that certainly wasn't the ending I was expecting. I feel like the synopsis is a little misleading, but I still enjoyed this book. It focused more on the son than the father which I wasn't expecting, but the way things played out was very interesting. Good for mid grade students.

    27. This book has a really interesting premise - a teenager sees his father arrested and named a serial killer on tv. Not only does the book cover how it affects him but also his thoughts and feelings about his father and how that changes as developments are released to the press.

    28. This was a great YA book dealing with family secrets, loyalty and perceptions. I had intended to only read 50 pages in order to rate it but could not stop reading unti I was finished. It is a book with a twist!!

    29. I liked that it showed the power of perception and rumors. It was full of emotions that were natural and raw. It was an easy read, though. I would use it with 7th/8th grade.

    30. He really annoyed me in the beginning in through the middle, but I'm glad we didn't see the side of a sadistic monster. Didn't enjoy this.

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