Grow Up Messy

Grow Up Messy Childhood is considered to be the best time of one s life What if you get a chance to live it once with a five year old Misry a naughty five year old girl lives with her parents in a B S F border ou

  • Title: Grow Up Messy
  • Author: Paromita Goswami
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Childhood is considered to be the best time of one s life What if you get a chance to live it once with a five year old Misry, a naughty five year old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo Bangladesh border But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely She tries to befriend some local village kids But they find her incompetent iChildhood is considered to be the best time of one s life What if you get a chance to live it once with a five year old Misry, a naughty five year old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo Bangladesh border But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely She tries to befriend some local village kids But they find her incompetent in their rural antics They nickname her Messy as most of the time she messes up their plan Can Misry really be a part of the gang Set in the early eighties, join Misry in the adventures of her life.

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      Paromita Goswami is a writer and storyteller by passion and a rebel by choice She says the world is full of stories and as a writer she loves to pen them down Her work is not genre specific From literary fiction to children book to upcoming paranormal thriller and women fiction Paromita Goswami s books offer the variety of life to her readers Besides writing, she is also the founder of reading club that enhances book reading habit in children She lives in central India with her family.Follow her blog, the diary of a rolling stone to know about her upcoming work.


    1. I don’t often read children’s books, but off and on, I’ll make an exception for a friend. And I’m glad I gave “Grow Up Messy” a chance, because it is a delightful read that manages to capture an adult’s attention and even heart just as easily as a child’s.The story follows five-year-old Misry alias Messy through her life, giving us glimpses of her daily routine and the family dynamics as well as offering startling and sparkling surprises of a child’s mind. The author manages to [...]

    2. #GrowUpMessy #ChildrensFiction #ChildhoodDo you remember incidents from your childhood days? They usually leave a grin on your face. Those were days of unlimited time, play, friends, innocence, curiosityParomita Goswami's book: Grow up Messy gave me that grin and curiosity of waiting to see what Misry aka Messy was up to next.Messy's characterisation is superbly penned. You can imagine her in real life enacting the episodes from the book. Loved that she is tough (wont call her tomboy) and sweet [...]

    3. Please visit guptakaushal/2017/04/bo to read the complete review of the book.Childhood, is that phase of the human life where almost everything is beautiful, everything is simple, everything is carefree, childhood is a stage when almost everything, be it a habit, preference, mental or physical development can be shaped up and molded in a way, one would want.First of all, is Grow Up Messy a book for kids? Yes, it is an ideal read for kids and a great one to be read along with kids. But, I wouldn' [...]

    4. A heartwarming read!!I have fallen in love with Misry aka Messy! I am reading a children's book after a really really long time. Reading one story after another from the book have back that warm feeling in our hearts that u get when we think of our own childhoods. I am sure Misry must have grown up in the eighties. It is such a refreshing read for children of this age who have totally different life experiences.This book can be read completely in one stretch or also good to read story by story e [...]

    5. Grow up Messy! by Paromita Goswami is the tale of a Bong child, Misry aka Messy, a little 5 yo, and her exploits in and around the places her army dad is posted. The story set in the 1980s, is divided into 3 parts, each giving a description of the girl’s stay at the border outpost, the headquarters and her dadu’s house.Misry, is the daughter of Madhavi and Anurag, an officer in the BSF. Currently Anurag is posted at the border outpost in West Bengal, with only his family in the camp along wi [...]

    6. I won't say I don't read children's books. If I chance upon a good children's fiction I dive right into it, simply because I find them richer in imagination. Grow Up Messy is a heart warming story which reminded me parts of my childhood having born and brought up in a 2nd tier city of Bengal. Misry's escapades during afternoon hours truly made me connect with her. How many afternoons I must have spent doing the same! How much patience my mother would have shown to tolerate my disobedience.Right [...]

    7. A delightful, heart-warming book that traces the journey of an impish little girl, Misry aka Messy. The stories are set in eastern India and carry a waft of the rural, simple life of an era gone by. Misry is impetuous, curious and often rebellious and one cannot help but fall in love with this adorable child's antics. The parents have been essayed so realistically, one can readily identify with their dismay, tenderness, annoyance and more in response to their little daughter's ventures. The lang [...]

    8. Cute, fun read ideal for reading wth your child.What a cute coming of age story! The adventures of Messy had me and my 10 yr old son rolling on the floor in no time. While Messy mostly behaved like the 5 year old she is, her courage during difficult times, esp when she was lost, was a real lesson for my son too. I loved how Ms. Goswami took me back to my childhood. I especially loved the Bengali connection.Great writing, great editing and a cutesy cover.

    9. How is it possible not to fall in love with a five-year old named Misry, who ends up being called Messy because she is anything but tidy? Her many endearing traits make her adorable, but she has her moments of mischief that get her into trouble often. Befriending children who are older than herself, asking crazy questions and craving the company of children apart from her cousin, Raju, Messy has a mind of her own which makes her do exactly what she wants to do. She is fearless, and does not shri [...]

    10. This is the story of a sweet naughty 5-year-old girl Misry who is called as Messy by everyone because of the mess she creates. Misry is the daughter of Anurag who works at Border security force and thus have to move to many places due to his dad'said work assignments. As expected, the story shows the world in the perspective of a 5-year-old, her naughtiness and her innocence. Like every other parent, her mother Madhavi sometimes says, 'Grow up Messy' because of the kids' naughtiness. Also, she l [...]

    11. How many times in your childhood have you been told ‘grow up’, ‘when will you behave like a grown up?’ or how many times you hear yourself saying this to your kid? Grow up Messy is a collection of innocent, day-to-day happenings of a 5-year old, cute bubbly girl, Misry, who has the tendency of messing up every situation she lands up into. So people have nicknamed her Messy instead. Children are innocent. Their point of viewing any situations or reaching any conclusion and reacting to it [...]

    12. I generally don’t read children books but there was something engaging in the title which made me sign up for the blog tour, that’s how impulsive I am (till date :P), but I am glad I picked this book. It will be a roller coaster ride filled with innocence, your childhood.BLURBChildhood is considered to be the best time of one’s life.What if you get a chance to live it once more with a five-year-old? Misry, a naughty five-year-old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near [...]

    13. Paromita Goswami’s book, “Grow up, Messy!”is about a precocious five year old, Misry.Misry is a little moppet who captures your heart with her jest for life and falling into trouble. The book is set not in the world of today’s kids but at a time when owning a television was a huge event; a time when it was safe for a five year old girl to roam around the village by herself. It brought back all the memories of a childhood spent decades ago.However, though the book is meant for kids, there [...]

    14. What I liked most about the book is Messy's innocence. My son is almost her age and hence Messy felt real. The doubts, mischieves and of course the insecurities when a younger sibling arrives are all so nicely described. Poor Messy is asked to grow up by everyone. I liked it when her parents ask her not to grow up in one of the chapters where she dresses up as a bride.Loved it.

    15. I absolutely loved how Misry explored various dimensions to have fun. The author has portrayed her as a fun loving child, and absolutely loved the way the author ended each chapter with a "Grow up/Don't grow up"

    16. It was so so. Nothing great but it earned a star for making me think of my kids and their innocence at some places.

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