Anatomy of Fear

Anatomy of Fear Nate Rodriguez is a police sketch artist for the NYPD and his success rate is high with one out of three of his drawings leading to an arrest But when he is faced with an unusually talented killer

  • Title: Anatomy of Fear
  • Author: Jonathan Santlofer
  • ISBN: 9780060881979
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nate Rodriguez is a police sketch artist for the NYPD, and his success rate is high, with one out of three of his drawings leading to an arrest But when he is faced with an unusually talented killer, he realizes that he may have met his match For this killer is a man very much like himself a man who sees and thinks in pictures A killer who leaves drawings at the crime sNate Rodriguez is a police sketch artist for the NYPD, and his success rate is high, with one out of three of his drawings leading to an arrest But when he is faced with an unusually talented killer, he realizes that he may have met his match For this killer is a man very much like himself a man who sees and thinks in pictures A killer who leaves drawings at the crime scenes depicting his murders in chilling, gory and prescient detail.As Nate s portraits become and accurate images of the madman the killer finds a way to steal Nate s portraits and then imitate Nate s own hand The conflicting evidence leads the police to suspect that Nate himself could be the killer and pushes Nate into a frightening cat and mouse chase for his quarry Life and death, art and artifice have never been so vividly bound together.Jonathan Santlofer pushes the boundaries of the thriller to new heights with this masterful blend of art and suspense With sequential sketches that alternate throughout the text first the killer s, then Nate s Santlofer teases us with irresistible clues and psychological details delivered in a highly original way.

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    1. Jonathan Santlofer

      Jonathan Santlofer is the author of five novels and a highly respected artist whose work has been written about and reviewed in the New York Times, Art in America, Artforum, and Arts, and appears in many public, private, and corporate collections He serves on the board of Yaddo, one of the oldest artist communities in the country Santlofer lives and works in New York City.


    1. Um policial que segue todas as regras: um assassino em série e as respectivas vítimas; um herói com traumas do passado e uma polícia gira - com romance entre os dois (truca-truca incluído); dicas subtis para o leitor construir as suas próprias suspeitas e o suspense necessário para que o livro se cole às mãos; não abusa das conversas policias e as descrições dos mortos não são violentas. Como presente, a narrativa é acompanhada por uns desenhos do próprio Jonathan Santlofer, que [...]

    2. Η αστυνομικός Τέρι Ρούσο, επικεφαλής μιας Μονάδας Ανθρωποκτονιών της Αστυνομίας της Νέας Υόρκης στο βορειοκεντρικό τμήμα της πόλης, μπλέκεται σε μια υπόθεση κατά συρροήν δολοφονιών, όπου πάνω στα πτώματα βρίσκεται πάντα ένα κομμάτι χαρτί με το σκίτσο του εκάστοτε πτώματο [...]

    3. I was going to rate this four stars but I really enjoy these books. Nate Rodriquez is a police sketch artist and his sketches are included throughout the book. These sketches seem to add so much to the story.So far there are only two books in this series and I can't wait for a third. In the meantime, his Kate McKinnon series has three books for me to start reading.

    4. Mi rating oficial seria como de 3.5 estrellas. El libro te gana por esta innovadora forma de contar una historia (O por lo menos hasta ahora no había leído algo así). Si te llega a mantener en suspenso varías ocasiones. Sin embargo siento que al inicio tardas en acostumbrarte a cómo salta de un tipo de redacción a otra, hay situaciones que creo se pudieron omitir o no darle tanta importancia para que no se sintiera tanto la ficción y algunos personajes creo q merecían más desarrollo que [...]

    5. Από τα βιβλία που παίρνεις "στην τύχη" και τελικά προκύπτουν να είναι μια επιτυχημένη αγορά.Κυλάει πολύ γρήγορα, διαβάζεται εύκολα χωρίς ιδιαίτερες απαιτήσεις για απόλυτη συγκέντρωση, ένα μεγάλο τμήμα του, μάλιστα, το διάβασα κατά τη διάρκεια ταξιδιού. Η υπόθεση είναι πρωτ [...]

    6. Πραγματικά αγάπησα το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο. Ήταν μια αγορά εντελώς τυχαία και μου κάνει ακόμα εντύπωση το πως αποδείχτηκε τόσο καλό. Το πάντρεμα της αφήγησης με τα σκίτσα , ευφυές, οι χαρακτήρες συμπαθέστατοι και αρκετά ολοκληρωμένοι, η λύση ικανοποιητικότατη. Η γραφή απλή [...]

    7. this book was really good , I really got into the main character " Nate" and "Terri" . it was not a scary book a little suspenseful and thrilling although not a " edge of your seat " kind of book . in a few places it got my mind and heart going a bit but this book Anatomy Of Fear is not a " nail biting , can't put it down all night , look over your shoulder kind of book not all throughout the book as my favorite authors (harlan coben ) & ( cheese Cain ) are , although these two authors are [...]

    8. This has to be one of the most exciting new books to come out in a long time. Santlofer brings considerable skills to his latest endeavor, as both an emerging talent over the past few years as a thriller writer, as well as a life long career as a significant artist, with work represented in various museums. Graphic novels have gained significant popularity in the past few years, along with a healthy new respect - these are not your childhood comic books anymore. Now that respect for the illustra [...]

    9. Bintang 4 Keren abis salut deh sama si pengarang, Santlofer Jago banget gambarYa, jalan ceritanya ada Nate Rodriguez, seniman forensik NYPD yang tugasnya menggambar wajah pelaku kejahatan berdasarkan uraian para saksi atau korban. Karna kemampuannya ini, Nate diminta bertugas untuk Detektif Terry Russo, yang lagi nanganin pembunuhan berantai. Kenapa? Karena ada 3 pembunuhan terjadi, di mana si pembunuh selalu meninggalkan sketsa pembunuhan di atas korbannya. Nah, si Russo ini mau Nate mewawancar [...]

    10. Kuakui, buku ini termasuk berat (untukku pribadi, sih). perlu beberapa waktu untuk bisa mencerna kata-kata di dalamnya. aku tertarik dengan novel yang menggunakan beberapa ilustrasi dan sinopsisnya sendiri cukup mengundang. awal saat membacanya, aku merasa kurang tertarik karena bahasanya yang tidak bisa dengan cepat kumasukkan ke dalam otak, tapi setelah cerita sampai pada gelagat-gelagat seperti kecemburuan Terri Russo (yang sebenarnya hanya pemikiranku bahwa Terri cemburu) terhadap perkembang [...]

    11. Nate Rodriguez, a NYPD sketch artist, is drawn into an investigation where the killer draws pictures of his crime and victims before killing them. Rodiguez uses his skills to produce an image of an unidentified murderer who becomes a threat to him. One unique aspect of Anatomy of Fear is the fact that there are pictures and sketches within its pages.The book is billed as the ultimate in suspense by reviewers, however, I didn’t get into the story until I was about a hundred pages in. I may have [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book by Jonathan Santlofer. Nate Rodriguez is a Jewish - Puerto Rican criminal sketch artist for the NYPD.He includes illustrations of the sketches that he makes in the book - I love it.I love the feel for Puerto Rican and Jewish cultures in NYC portrayed here, especially the detail on Santeria, a religion from the Caribbean. Nate's grandmother - who practices Santeria - is very well developed and she is very interesting - I'd really like to know her :)Plus since I teach Ps [...]

    13. La Anatomía del Miedo es un libro con mucho potencial. Un asesino que retrata a sus víctimas justo como van aparecer muertas y que deje como burla el dibujo al lado de la víctima, simplemente brillante. Sin embargo, el libro no es gran cosa, le falta ese "no se que" que tienen algunos libros de crímenes que te atrapan y no puedes dejar de leer. La historia del personaje principal Nate Rodriguez es interesante, sus habilidades como retratista también lo son y esos dibujos anexados al libro l [...]

    14. A police drama, into which a intuitive police sketch artist is drawn, unfolds in burst and starts, interspersed with bits of relationships, religion, office politics, childhood memories, etc. A lot like life.I liked this book much better than the previous Jonathon Sandtlofer book I read. The execution (sorry for the pun) of the murders were not the major focus of the plot and the author, a highly respected artist, has woven his drawing skills into the plot in a way that is refreshing and novel. [...]

    15. Author and artist Jonathan Santlofer has combined his two passions in Anatomy of Fear, including the drawings of police sketch artist protagonist Nate Rodriguez woven into the the text. This visual aspect is intriguing and involving and will appeal greatly to fans of televised forensics. The main story of the book is interesting enough--a serial killer has begun to leave crime scene sketches on the bodies of his disturbing variety of victims, making him a challenge to profile and anticipate. But [...]

    16. Kalau saja novel ini bukan novel pembunuhan berantai dan bergenre misteri, pasti akan kucampakkan dan tidak kubaca lagi. Bukan salah penerjemahnya, bahkan hasil terjemahannya sangat bagus untuk ukuran novel nyeni seperti ini. Mungkin karna penulisnya adalah seniman, bukan sastrawan, maka ekspektasi penulis atas sasaran pembaca novel ini adalah orang orang yang pernah mendapat pemahaman psikologi kriminal, bukan penikmat sastra. Penulis mengagumi karya Paul Ekman dan benar benar berkiblat pada bu [...]

    17. Novel yang "lain" karena diceritakan bukan hanya dengan media kata-kata, tetapi juga dikuatkan cita rasanya dengan deretan sketsa. Jalan ceritanya sendiri tidak terlalu kuat, sangat-sangat hollywood, terkadang sedikit membosankan (skipping pagessssss. ^_^), lalu endingnya, ya begitulah. (view spoiler)[(itu kasus pembunuhan suruhannya Perry Denton gak diselesaiken ya! tempelan ajah, buat menguatkan kesan "psikik-nya" si Rodriguez)(hide spoiler)]Namun demikian, grafis sketsanya justru mencuri perh [...]

    18. Oh My GODbuku ini, bener2 novel visualisasi yang sangat langka dan bagus banget.'s like watching detective movie in two hours! hikz sayang gue gak punya bukunya.mi(cuma minjem) baru kali ini baca buku yang tokohnya bener2 kerenpolisi hispanic yang berdarah clairvoyant dan punya scetching talent yang luar biasa, semua gambarnya seperti hidup,gak sabar mengungkap identitas penjahat lewat sketsa2 yang berusaha dikumpulkannya baik dari keterangan ara saksi ataupun dari visualisasinya lewat mimpi2.bu [...]

    19. orang lebih terlatih berdusta dengan kata-kata daripada dengan wajah mereka -PAUL EKMAN, Unmasking the FacePaul Ekman yang meng-inspirasi tokoh Dr. Lightman (Lie To Me) aku telah menyaksikan banyak hal untuk mengetahui bahwa prasangka hanya tersembunyi di balik lapisan paling atas kulit manusia, apapun warna kulitnya. Beberapa orang menyembunyikannya dengan lebih baik, dan yang lain berusaha mengatasinya. Namun, masalah itu masih tetap ada dan kurasa Beverly Majors menyadai kenyataan itu juga. . [...]

    20. Listening to the author read it on the podcast, Anatomy of Fear. Really wonderful. He has a few more episodes before it is done and it is addictive. A police sketch artist must help track down a serial killer who leaves drawings at the scenes of his crimes. When the killer becomes aware of the police artist, he turns the tables on him. Exciting and with a touch of voodoo provided by the artist's grandmother in a humorous but also effective manner.

    21. I was expecting a lot more from this book, but it ended up being just like every other police/crime book that's out on the market. It was heavily loaded with awkward use of police jargon that made it cumbersome and a mental ability, a psychic artist if you will, that seemed quite far-fetched at points and shottily constructed. Don't put it too high on your lists.

    22. I really enjoyed this book because I enjoy crime stories and with its use of illustrations, it intrigued me to read it. It offered a complex but extremely interesting main character, Nate Rodriguez, (police sketch artist extraordinaire) and a somewhat familiar but compelling and well-thought out storyline. I'm now ready to read more stories about Nate.

    23. "Anatomy of Fear" is a visual novel of suspense that introduces NYPD sketch artist Nate Rodriguez. This book blew me away. story that uses the author's artwork not just to advance the story, but to allow the reader to get into Nate's mind. Here's hoping Jonathan Santlofer has more cases for Nate Rodriguez to investigate.

    24. Fascinating concept! The mystery centers around two sketch artists--a cop and a killer. The cop is likable with layers, and I look forward to reading more books featuring him. What sets this book apart are the drawings each makes are included in the story. I will definitely read the next Nate Rodriguez story and recommend this one for any mystery fan.

    25. #1 in the Nate Rodriguez series.Nate Rodriguez, a sketch artist for the NYPD, teams up with detective Terri Russo to catch a killer. The killer stalks his victims and draws sketches of them that he leaves on the body. Sub-texts include the visions his grandmother has that Nate draws. The culmination of the novel brings all the threads together - too conveniently.

    26. A really good story read by the author. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. The sketches mentioned in the story can be found on the authors website. I liked the different dimensions of the book and the way the characters progressed. It's one that would have me picking up the sequel.

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    28. This was a fun book to read. It is a story of a New York Sketch Artist whos solves crimes through his drawings. What makes this book different is you see the sketch develop througout the story until you see the actual criminal. Sometimes it is chilling. Good read

    29. This is one of the most unique mysteries I have read. It is the first (of two that I know of so far)revolving around police artist Nate Rodriguez. It is filled with his sketches, thus making it visually appealing as well.

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