I Had Seen Castles

I Had Seen Castles The horrors of war and the necessity of peace become clear as John Dante looks back fifty years to his World War II experiences when as a seventeen year old he was torn between his patriotic fervor

  • Title: I Had Seen Castles
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant
  • ISBN: 9780152380038
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The horrors of war and the necessity of peace become clear as John Dante looks back fifty years to his World War II experiences when, as a seventeen year old, he was torn between his patriotic fervor and his pacifist girlfriend.

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      An author of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for children and young adults as well as an author and author illustrator of picture books for children, Cynthia Rylant is recognized as a gifted writer who has contributed memorably to several genres of juvenile literature A prolific author who often bases her works on her own background, especially on her childhood in the West Virginia mountains, she is the creator of contemporary novels and historical fiction for young adults, middle grade fiction and fantasy, lyrical prose poems, beginning readers, collections of short stories, volumes of poetry and verse, books of prayers and blessings, two autobiographies, and a biography of three well known children s writers several volumes of the author s fiction and picture books are published in series, including the popular Henry and Mudge easy readers about a small boy and his very large dog.Rylant is perhaps most well known as a novelist Characteristically, she portrays introspective, compassionate young people who live in rural settings or in small towns and who tend to be set apart from their peers from bookrags


    1. It's a tough little book. It's a lyrical little book.It's a book full of heart.It's honest.It leaves you humble.Cynthia Rylant's 97-page novel I Had Seen Castles is the fictional memoir of a man who came of age at the dawn of America's involvement in World War II. John Dante was a young man "pissed" about Pearl Harbor and ready to lay his life on the line in the name of his country.As he prepares to do just that, he meets a girl named Ginny who challenges his notion of what is right. She is a pa [...]

    2. The horror of 1939 when a family learns about the capabilities of the nuclear bomb. Pittsburg boy, 16-year-old John, is anxious to join the fighting in World War 2 until he meets Ginny, a pacifist who challenges his thinking and changes the course of his life.

    3. Rylant shines in this fiction work about World War II. This book shows the brutal honesty of what life was like in America during the months leading up to the war and the years that followed. The most poignant part of the book were the raw emotions of what life was like on the front lines and what the soliders, few more than boys, endured during their time overseas. Unlike most stories told about World War II, this book does not focus on just one event (the Holocaust, Hiroshima, the bombing of P [...]

    4. I Had Seen Castles by Cynthia Rylant. This is about a 17 year old boy named John Dante who was to make the choice to either go out to fight for the US in the Second World War. He must choose to leave his friends and family to go and fight, or stay and be known as a coward. The most humorous part of the book was when Ginny and John had sexual intercourse and he said later on that while doing that he had a craving for a Spaghetti Dinner at Luigi's Restaurant. It was quite funny because it was a pr [...]

    5. My heart has been profoundly touched by this simple book. I'm not sure if it is because so many of my family have served our country in war and in peace time, or if it is a story that will touch anyone's heart. Either way this has made my must read list for anyone middle school and older.Rylant has done such a wonderful job with the emotional development of the protagonist that by the end you felt this soldier's loneliness and regret. There are times when a single sentence spoke years of wisdom, [...]

    6. This is not meant to be a book of suspense. From the very beginning we know that the narrator is telling us the story of his experiences during World War II from many years since that time. We need not even have any suspense about the fate of his relationship with the girl he left behind, as it's reasonably clear that he's alone when he tells us the story.Rather, this is a story of what happened to one boy when the U.S. entered WWII. Told with incredible detail, Rylant puts us inside the head of [...]

    7. This is a short, quick book, but it is that very sparseness that makes the story so gripping, honest and memorable. This book does nothing to glorify war. It deals with the brutalities of war with harshness interspersed with honesty and it forces you to focus on the desolate nature of war. So many war stories deal with the bad by focusing on the heroic nature of their actions, never looking too closely at what those actions did to those soldiers. After Hiroshima, what did the scientists who crea [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book very much. This is a story narrated by John Dante in the first person. This book takes place in the 1940's in Pittsburgh.The themes of this book would be love and war. This is a novel and its also fiction. John Dante get mad when hearing that the Japanese had set off a bomb in Hawaii. So his friends and he are all determinnd to go into the military. They all think they are capable of ending this war. He has to wait until his 18th birthday to enlist into the military. One day [...]

    9. Rylant has written 97 pages of Cliff Notes for World War Two fiction. The narrator is in his 60s, looking back upon his enlistment and combat duty in Italy. The home front war factories, blind patriotism, desperate romance, the bomb: it’s all crammed in. As for emotional themes: “I could not articulate then, in any way that she would have understood, why I would rather have died than been judged a coward.” “Only this did I fear: only death.” “We were all clean shaven, our uniforms un [...]

    10. From the title and cover (my copy showed a picture of an American GI holding a rifle and looking at a medieval desert castle far in the distance), one might guess that this is a novel not so much about war but the effects of war, particularly its aftermath on the psyches of both the main character, a young GI, and the nations involved in WWII. But it's also about growing up, experiencing too much too soon, and trying to reconcile a return to civility after one has, at best, seen castles, and at [...]

    11. I can't remember where I heard about this one, probably the Maud list, but I had to request it through ILL. It was worth the wait. I'm a huge Rylant fan and have been ever since I read Gooseberry Park. This couldn't be more different, but it's exquisite.The protagonist is an old man looking back on the little bit of time leading up to and encompassing WWII, which he fought in. The tone is removed but not flat, not unemotional but also not too immediate for comfort. The story is really a love sto [...]

    12. I liked this book because it was from the unique point of view of an old man looking back at his teen years. This book shows what its like for young men who are in love with someone to go into war and having to leave everything behind. This aspect of war is often left out of many stories. It was interesting to learn about, not just the blood and gore that goes along with war, but the emotional side of it. I can imagine many young people felt the same way this 17 year old felt. I would recommend [...]

    13. Young, hopefull, energetic and idealistic John Dante is 17 when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Swept away with patriotism, John eagerly awaits his 18th birthday when he can enlist in WWII.Years later, now retired, John tells the reader his story of how his war experiences shaped and changed him.Rylant writes with compassion, insight and poetic sparseness of beauty. This is a small book that packs a big wallop.Sadly, because it is labeled Young Adult, many may never read this incredible gem!High [...]

    14. Thin Young Adult book with a big subject. Well-written account of what it was like to be a young man during the World War II era & the loss of innocence & internal change that war brings. Haunting but very positive in the end.

    15. A great book, sometimes I am in awe of an author's ability to get such a complete point across in such a short book. Made me think of my grandfather and his time in the war. Also made me very thankful he knew my grandmother was waiting for him to come home.

    16. A surprisingly important young adult novel. To find an anti-war novel about WWII is uncommon. To have it be a YA book is even more uncommon. Rylant scores with this real evaluation of serving for one's country with unrealistic visions of war.

    17. How could I forget Cynthia Rylant? Such good stuff. This is about a kid who feels pressure to join the military during WWII because all his friends are, but the girl he loves is telling him not to.

    18. Book Review - I Had Seen Castles by Cynthia RylantBy: Haley VanBuskirkThroughout the novel I Had Seen Castles, Cynthia Rylant expresses John Dante’s life. A young soldier that was enlisted into World War II. From when he was a youngly until his last days. His first love and the story of being in love. She shows him and his family’s experiences through historical events, such as his mom becoming a Rosie, the war fighting/bombing and his enlistment at the age of eighteen. John's could remember [...]

    19. I really liked the book. It was very interesting and it never got boring to read. It taught me a lot about history and was historically accurate, yet it was still a very engaging story. The characters were great and the story was super cute! I actually found myself wanting to read the book, not dreading it. It was a very good book that summed up a ton of information in only 100 pages! If you want a really good, short book, I would definitely recommend “I Had Seen Castles” by Cynthia Rylant. [...]

    20. I'm always amazed when a short novella can have such an emotional impact. The author does such a wonderful job of making you care about the main character John and what he, his family, friends and girlfriend are going through during this time of war (WWII). In the end the story speaks so strongly about many different themes - duty to country, the real impact of war, coming of age and so much more. I really enjoyed this book and appreciated the authors melancholy tone throughout. Finishing this b [...]

    21. The genre of this book is Historical Fiction, it was very different than all the other books i've read. Normally I don't like historical fiction but I really enjoyed this book. This book is about a guy named John Dante and his obsession with WW2. And his father and sister and all the drama that comes up within his family. For example his sister is engaged to two different soldiers and pregnant with another soldiers baby.

    22. I was so afraid to read this book again. All I remembered was that I loved it and wished it were a true story. I finally sat down and dug in and as I finished I found myself with the same feelings I had the first time I read this in high school. This fictional story is so lovely, so raw, that I can't help but wish it were true.

    23. This historical fiction book is a heart breaker. It is a true love story that took place back in the WW2 era. This book really hit it for me, the troubles that John, the main character faced seemed so genuine and hard felt and in a way I could almost feel what he was feeling. You'll want to keep reading until the last page, and trust me if you do so it will definitely be worth it.

    24. This historical fiction book is a heartbreaker. It is a true love story that took place back in the WW2 era. This book really hit home for me, the hardships that John, the main character faced seemed so genuine and hard felt and in a way I could almost feel what he was feeling. You'll want to keep reading until the last page, and trust me if you do so it will definitely be worth it.

    25. Technically, this book is for younger readers (12+), but it's so beautifully written, it can be enjoyed by all readers. Rylant gives a good sense of what it was like to be in WWII-Homefront-era Pittsburgh from a perspective most people probably haven't considered.

    26. What a stunningly beautiful YA novel with a interesting unique perspective on the war. I loved this book. Very quick read.

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