Under Your Spell

Under Your Spell To London Society they were a group of well educated ladies who gather to discuss literature exchange needlework techniques and gossip about the bachelors of the ton But behind closed doors at the

  • Title: Under Your Spell
  • Author: Lois Greiman
  • ISBN: 9780061191367
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • To London Society, they were a group of well educated ladies who gather to discuss literature, exchange needlework techniques, and gossip about the bachelors of the ton But, behind closed doors at the Lavender House, these ladies are so much Ella St James is worried about her friend who has been having clandestine meetings with a stranger Then the woman turns up deTo London Society, they were a group of well educated ladies who gather to discuss literature, exchange needlework techniques, and gossip about the bachelors of the ton But, behind closed doors at the Lavender House, these ladies are so much Ella St James is worried about her friend who has been having clandestine meetings with a stranger Then the woman turns up dead, and Ella is determined to discover the truth But, Sir Thomas Drake seems to be everywhere she turns, and for a woman who believes that love is not only blind but also stupid, Ella s attraction to him is inexplicable Thomas has secrets of his own and he cannot afford to become distracted by a young beauty no matter what his heart tells him.

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    1. Lois Greiman

      Born on a North Dakota cattle ranch, Lois Greiman graduated from a high school class of sixty students before moving to Minnesota where she professionally trained and showed Arabian Horses for several years Since that time she s been a high fashion model, a fitness instructor, and a veterinary assistant But an incurable case of writing fever put a stop to all those occupations.Since selling her first book to Avon in 1992, she has sold twelve other historical romance novels, most of which are set in medieval Scotland and involve her very popular Forbes clan In an attempt to pursue her love of humor, Ms Greiman has also recently sold three romantic comedies to Harlequin Enterprises.While caring for three children, fifteen horses, and a menagerie of pets on her small farm in Minnesota, Ms Greiman writes full time, producing two or three novels a year and garnering much praise from readers and reviewers alike Affaire de Coeur called HIGHLAND WOLF magnificent Romantic Times proclaimed LADY AND THE KNIGHT pure magic Christina Dodd proclaims Lois Greiman delivers.The Fraser Bride offers delightful characters, breathless adventure Her Highland novels have received Affaire de Couer s Critic s Choice Award, Romantic Times K.I.S.S Award, and been nominated for Romance Writer s of America s prestigious Rita Her titles have appeared on Barnes and Nobles Best Selling Romance list and won her the Midwest Fiction Writer s Rising Star Award.


    1. I'm actually disappointed with myself for buying "Under Your Spell" by Lois Greiman. I read one of her earlier books and didn't like it, but was so hopeful after reading the cover blurb that I went ahead and took the plunge. BRRRR, it was cold!They are witches who use their talents for the good of England. Doesn't that sound good? Now, this is the first book of her new series so I know I didn't miss anything, but I didn't learn hardly anything about the 'coven'. Or the sexy guy who keeps them sa [...]

    2. Boring and tedious. Too much mystery, not enough explanation. Author does not help you get to know any of these characters well enough to care about them much. The dialogue goes on and on while going nowhere. I skipped and skipped through the book, wondering why I finished it at all. This is the first Regency Romance that I did not like at all. All of the characters are miserable and unhappy, and apparently doomed to more of the same. Even witches should be allowed some lighter moments. The last [...]

    3. As I was reading this I was sure that it was a later book in a series, probably fourth or fifth and that author just wasn't good about giving you enough info about events from the previous books for everything to make proper sense. But it's actually the first in this series, which makes me think even less of the book. There is obviously a lot of back story but you never get a clear look at any of it. And I'm usually not the type to have trouble telling what's going on with a story. But this one [...]

    4. Good book but the mystery part of the book was not needed. It should have just been a paranormal historical romance. The witches and them using their powers for good, I guess it was for good, was very well written. The two main characters dancing around a subject for almost the entire book was boring. I really dont like book long misunderstands. I also felt like I was missing something that was told in a previous book but this is book 1.

    5. Sometimes this book was a bit strange and that was not because of the witches in it.It was more switching from one story part to another, while there was missing an in between.But all in all it is a nice historic story with hot action in it too.

    6. I picked this book up when I was looking for something new to read (had read everything new from my favorite authors). The book is about Ella, a witch who masquerades as a Countess, who unhappily falls for Thomas, a brooding war hero. The sex scenes are steamy but the book is SLOW. I put it down twice to read other books (which I NEVER do). There was also a lot of sub-plot dealing with Lavendar House (a group of women with powers) that didn't make any sense to the plot. I frequently found myself [...]

    7. In spite of the other reviews, I enjoyed this book once I got into it. A bit slow at first, with much back story that was hard to understand, but eventually the actual story arc got me in. Although it is first of the series, it had a large and mostly unexplained back story which had a huge effect on the current one. Were there other books in another series that contained these characters? Drake was supposedly in the British Navy, but what was the talk of pirates? Who was the grimy urchin at the [...]

    8. I thought this book was OK a bit too much going on and so many other characters that it hard to follow in places. I know that it is hard to start a series without missing something. So I might hunt out the next one but it won't be on the top of my list.

    9. As always: SpoilersPersonally, the only reason why this didn't get two stars (I initially gave it a three) was because the characters were rather decent. And I love a man who is completely in love with the heroine from the get go and nothing can detour that.Other than that this was ridiculously convoluted and extremely disorganized and patchy and superficial.Our heroine is super traumatized from her husband sending her to the mad house because of her witch power. Which , you know, I appreciated [...]

    10. I enjoy Lois Greiman romances trememdously. The heroines are funny, feisty and literate for their settings. I would have loved a little more explanation, but how much does a reader need? Lois shows more than tells, so I hope there will be more in this series. Ella and Thomas are perfect for each other, although I thought they should trust each other more. The element of mystery and hiding was delightful, light reading. (I go on very dark binges, too) Ella, as heroine is intelligent, decisive, an [...]

    11. What a disappointment! I usually "judge a book by its cover" but this one really missed the mark. The storyline was extremely difficult to follow; in fact, so much so that I kept flipping back to see what I missed. This book's only saving grace was the very few sex scenes which I thought were described quite well. The romance aspect of this "historical romance" was virtually non-existent. I will read the next book in this series only because surely it can't be any worse than this one.Story = D+R [...]

    12. I don't know why all the negative reviews. I loved this book! I really liked Sir Drake - he's such a rogue. I liked his determination to get laid though he couched it in sarcasm and humor. I found both of their dry wits to be rather amusing. They are both tortured souls, hiding secrets and unwilling (or unable) to love. I found their courtship to be very romantic and well-written. I will definitely be reading Seduced By Your Spell very soon.

    13. It was okay. I guess I thought it would have more of the paranormal being that it is the first in the "Mayfair Witches" series. It is really just a badly written romance. A couple of times I thought there was a previous book that I hadn't read because there was definitely information that seemed not there or relationships that never had a chance to develop but were just magically full in bloom. So I assumed a lot of those things happened in book 1, nope this is book 1. I was disappointed and bor [...]

    14. Sarcasm, flirtation and hidden connections created fluidity in the drama and passion in “Under Your Spell”. The historical romance with its twenty-five chapters held me in its magical web.

    15. Very surpised-- I usely really enjoy this author, but she introduced too many characters too soon and didn't give me enough time to bond with the main character. Plus big one here - I couldn't undestand if the character was bi-polar or possessed or simply talking to someone else via mind reading or maybe I HAD one of the prior problems discussed here --LOL.

    16. I hesitate to say I read this one. I started on the beach. Read the first 100 pages, only because I didn't have another book. I didn't finish it. It was just not my "cup of tea". I found the language cumbersome and wasn't really seeing the story even at 100 pages.

    17. Nope, no no no!Ok, three shrieks in one brief sex scene in a carriage is three too many. Don't bother wasting your time on this book!

    18. Not the worst, not the greatest romance. A bit confusing, almost as if there should have been a book before it in the series.

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