Thrust: A Bad Boy MC Romance

Thrust A Bad Boy MC Romance Come on Kitten Let s go for a ride There s no taming a man like me From day one I ve led a hard life Power That s my middle name My crew runs this town Control Don t even get me started The only thi

  • Title: Thrust: A Bad Boy MC Romance
  • Author: Kara Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Come on, Kitten Let s go for a ride There s no taming a man like me From day one, I ve led a hard life Power That s my middle name My crew runs this town Control Don t even get me started The only thing I live for than riding is hearing a woman scream my name It s a damn shame I never stay for pillow talk But when Georgia brings her delicious peach over toCome on, Kitten Let s go for a ride There s no taming a man like me From day one, I ve led a hard life Power That s my middle name My crew runs this town Control Don t even get me started The only thing I live for than riding is hearing a woman scream my name It s a damn shame I never stay for pillow talk But when Georgia brings her delicious peach over to my porch, I can t let go I please her in every way possible I kiss her I touch her I taste her And I sure as hell don t let up Of course, she s as feisty as they come She doesn t want to end up with a bad guy like me I honor our agreement Just one night of debauchery That s it But I can t stop thinking about those darling freckles, or the way she squints her nose when she s embarrassed, or those beautiful hazel eyes I m going to make her mine I m going to take her as my own When she sees me again, it s going to be in a whole new light She s witnessed too much and the rest of the gang wants her dead, but I have a better idea To keep her alive, she ll have to be my prisoner But that ain t all She s going to marry me and join the family THRUST is a standalone, full length bad boy mafia novel with a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS

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    1. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsThank you, author Kara Hart, for giving us a mature-acting and likeable 35-year-old female character: a real woman with a real body who has lived through some unsettling things already (a bad marriage, divorce, less than perfect childhood/upbringing with some white collar gambling addictions and abuse). She is jaded a bit and untrusting of men for realistic and relatable reasons, yet she has the guts to “live a little”, even though she experiences and has to survive [...]

    2. This fast-paced, action-packed bad boy MC romance is well-written, has a great plot-line, well-developed characters, drama, danger, steamy scenes, panting melting chemistry, betrayal, and a HEA.I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.

    3. A great MC book . Loved the connection Georgia and Rowan has in this story . It takes Georgia awhile to warm up to Rowan but once she does she can't stay away . With the past Georgia has she doesn't trust easy , but Rowan understands all to well with living the life he has with his MC. But when danger comes lurking they team up together to survive it all I volunteered to read an advance copy of this book and I loved it

    4. Arc review For honest review. Rowan is a biker with a hit on him so to stop he asked for help from the other clubs .Georgia gets herself caught up in his hell. Lots of action and this is very good us I like the strength Georgia has.

    5. Loved it. Really enjoyed it!!!I really enjoyed reading this book. Couldn't put it down. Very intresting the suspense the love the loyalty the bad boy meets good girl. Loved it. Can't wait to read more from Kara Hart.

    6. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Hang on everyone, you are in for one helluva ride. Forgive the basics of this sentence but that's how it is. Another brilliant read from Kara Hart. When Georgia moves to get away from her ex husband and wants some "peace and quiet" little does she know that her next door neighbour Rowan is going to rock her world. Fantastic chemistry, kidnappings, MC gangs, lots of hot sweaty sex and that's just for starters. A rollercoaster of a ride. R [...]

    7. When Kara Hart spins a bad boy MC romance, you KNOW you're in for one helluva rided Thrust does not disappoint! This book hooks you from the very first page, and just simply will not turn you loose until the very last word on the very last page!You'd think after several MC books, Ms Hart's writing might seem a little formulaic and too repetitiveyou'd be very wrong indeed. Thrust is a dynamic and fast moving story with lots of action and plenty of hot and steamy sex! The characters are fully deve [...]

    8. Exciting MC tale of Rowan & Georgia. Georgia moves from Pennsylvania to the desert southwest to recover from a nasty divorce, seeking to find peace and quiet. Rowan is her next door neighbor that both tempts her and scares her. MC guys don't have a nice, peaceful reputation so she is leery when he tries to be "neighborly". A relationship takes them down a path of passion, mistrust, misunderstandings and an adventure that culminates in an all out war among several Biker clubs. Lots of drama w [...]

    9. Just when Georgia gets out of a unhappy marriage, she leaves to a quiet little town for piece and quiet and what she gets is a sexy tatted neighbor. Georgia does everything to ignore Rowan but he has other plans. Rowan wants and can't seem to get Georgia out of his mind and wants her as his own but when a rival MC comes for Rowan he will do anything to protect Georgia. They both never expected to feel what they have for each but will Rowan's rivals keep them apart? I liked the chemistry between [...]

    10. Georgia is a divorced woman just looking to enjoy her newly found peaceful life . Sounds good right ? That's when she meets Rowan the Hot MC bad boy .Even though they are both yearning for each other , she plays hard to get until they are both on the verge of eruption .Like almost halfway thought the book , but their sex scenes are soooo sexy.Then their little blissful world comes crashing down when she sees something not meant for her eyes and the drama and suspense goes into overdrive

    11. another good read from Kara Hart! I always love her stories. I'm really not crazy about MC genres but this didn't seem to have as much as some do.Which was good for me but didn't understand at times I felt it wasn't a MC book. Just something about MC I didn't quite get.I loved the way the 2 main characters, Georgia and Rowan, bantered back and forth. Each seemingly getting in their own digsThis book was funny,sexy and had some action. Had to see how it was going to end

    12. Given up at 7%This just isn't the book for me, it is nothing like MC books I've read. For a start they all refer to motorcycle GANGS if your into MC anything you know they always call themselves CLUBS not gangs. This club got some heat and split??? MCs stick together ALWAYS!!! Then the girl (sigh) talk about over react to everything!! Half the time I wasn't even sure what was going on, at 7% I give up.

    13. I like a bit of realistic in my romances. Getting kid napped by bikers - believableBeing in an underground bunker in the middle of the desert without any issues? Not so believable.She'd be frying during the day, due to you know the desert and the bunker having metal in it she'd be sweating like a pigis is something that I feel like was just not taken into consideration and unfortunately ruined the book for me.

    14. I voluntarily read an ARC copy and am leaving an honest review.Really enjoyed this book, although this was a mc story it was a bit different, loved it 😊

    15. Georgia is divorced and swears to steer clear of bad boys from now on. Rowan is in an MC and has left his home town until the heat is off the club. Rowan moves in next door to Georgia and thinks she'll be perfect to blow off some steam with. Georgia wants nothing to do with him. Rowan isn't giving up so easily and wears Georgia down. While they enjoy spending time together, Georgia witnesses something that puts her in danger. Rowan needs to figure out how to keep her from harm before it's too la [...]

    16. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.I moved here to get away from my ex. He was a big mistake topping the list of all the mistakes I have ever made. I buy a place in basically in the desert. It's mine, and it is peaceful and quietwell that is until HE moved in next door. I want to hate that man, but I seem drawn to him. Georgia get it together, don't do this to yourself again. He calls out good morning every day.I never reply. I try to ignore it, but deep inside I am not [...]

    17. Rowan and Georgia just can't stay away from each other. Enjoyable read with plenty of steam, action and violence. Definitely a fan of Kara's and can't wait to read more. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    18. I really liked this bay boy read. Rowan is sexy and Georgia is sassy, the chemistry is steamy. Lots of drama and suspense in this entertaining read!

    19. A Emotional Hot Action Filled erotic book I loved this book shows the bad and deeper side of bikers. Its shows them not just as bad guys but as men with fillings, their own set of rules and a passion for a freedom that most don't understand. Roman grew up hard and had to be tough to service. So when he got together withothers looking for something similar they grew strong together but everything is in pieces ,he s alone his club is scattered and now this beauty moves in next store and even thou [...]

    20. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book. Full on from the beginning, Rowen was really into Georgia before she would even look at him, but coming out of a bad marriage she was steering clear of men. Once she did though it was relentless, ending up in all sorts of trouble but falling for him as fast as he was her. With a biker gang set on taking over all territory there is violence. The story is great with a fast flow, the chapters wiz by. There was some blowing hot and cold betwe [...]

    21. I was really excited to start this book but after I got into it I was not so impressed. I bought it thru for my Kindle to go into my permanent library but now I'm not so sure that's going to happen. Right now I'm sitting on Ch. 15 at 8% and considering not going any further. The characters are ok but not what I was hoping for. I'm glad the female character, Georgia, is a mature and aged character benefiting from being an ex wife and truly liked our lead male, Rowan. The story line goes wonky fo [...]

    22. Steamy, sexy, action packed MC romance. Rowan is lying low, hiding out from his MC and Georgia is his neighbor. She's fresh off a divorce from a total douchebag, just wanting some peace and quiet. What she gets is a sexy, tatted up biker named Rowan. From the time they start their relationship until the last page, the pace never lets up. All kinds of things happen: kidnapping, rival MC violence, and of course, love. Rowan and his peach are sexy and a little sweet together in their own imperfect [...]

    23. Georgia and Rowan are both on the run from their old life: Georgia from her ex husband after her divorce, Rowan from a hostile gang. Both are neighbors and watch every day. Rowan is fascinated by Georgia; Georgia despises him at first until she gets to know him better. And then everything happens all at once. The ex husband emerges and threatens Georgia. Rowan intervenes and takes her to his house. At the same time, the threat emerges from Rowan's past and suddenly both are in the midst of a see [...]

    24. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this bookGeorgia has just signed her divorce papers and is trying to start a new life in a new town. She has always wanted to see the desertso that is where she has set up. When she gets a new Tatted up young neighbor Georgia has no idea what is in store for her.Rowan is in hiding. His gang has split and he knows the cops are after him so he has to stay under the radar. when he moves in next door to the hot older woman he just cant get her out [...]

    25. Thrust a bad boy mc romance by Kara Hart. It is about Georgia who moved from Pennsylvania to the desert after her skilsmisse.Hun just want some peace and quiet. Her neighbor guy Rowan is a guy with lots of tattoos. He's a bad guy. Georgia knows she should stay away from him but after a while they start to talk. Rowan has a lifetime had a tough upbringing and has long relied been part of a gang. But a deal went wrong and his life is in danger. Suddenly Georgia's life is in danger. Is there hope f [...]

    26. Not your average biker book. Estranged from his MC, Rowan is hiding out from a deal gone bad and hoping his guys are working on getting to the bottom of things. Georgia is fresh from a nasty divorce and looking for some peace and serenity in her new desert home. When circumstances put these two together, sparks fly and Rowan finds out Georgia has a spine of steel and a kickass attitude. Most MC books revolve heavily around their life in the club and this story has Rowan giving out and only seeki [...]

    27. Georgia is jaded and determined to stay away from men. Newly divorced and having moved away to escape her ex hubby, all Georgia want is peace and quiet. When Rowan moves next door, Georgia’s quiet life is at an end. Although she is determined to ignore him, he does not give up. The chemistry between these two is hot and steamy.This is a fast paced rollercoaster journey of a read, which is action packed, with kidnappings, MC wars, twists, love, and plenty of hot sex. Kara never disappoints with [...]

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