The Art of Three

The Art of Three Jamie Conway has a charmed life At he s relocated from Dublin to London to star in his first feature film Unfortunately he also has one very big problem He has a huge crush on his happily married

  • Title: The Art of Three
  • Author: Erin McRae Racheline Maltese
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jamie Conway has a charmed life At 24, he s relocated from Dublin to London to star in his first feature film Unfortunately, he also has one very big problem He has a huge crush on his happily married costar.British heartthrob to middle aged women everywhere, Callum Griffith Davies should have better sense than to flirt with his new to the business colleague, but good jJamie Conway has a charmed life At 24, he s relocated from Dublin to London to star in his first feature film Unfortunately, he also has one very big problem He has a huge crush on his happily married costar.British heartthrob to middle aged women everywhere, Callum Griffith Davies should have better sense than to flirt with his new to the business colleague, but good judgement isn t one of the qualities for which he s known.Nerea Espinosa de Los Monteros Nessim has better things to do than fret about her husband s newest conquest She s busy planning her daughter s wedding at the family s farmhouse in rural Spain Besides, she and Callum have been married and polyamorous for almost 30 years she s content to let him make his own bad choices.But when Nerea flies to London after her artwork is selected for a high profile museum show, she falls for Jamie too Soon Callum, Jamie, and Nerea have bigger problems, and surprises, than international logistics From ex lovers and nosy neighbors to adult children with dramas of their own, The Art of Three is a contemporary romance that celebrates families, and farce, in all shapes and sizes.

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    1. Erin McRae Racheline Maltese

      Erin McRae is a queer writer and blogger based in Washington, D.C She owns several pieces of paper from distinguished universities, including a Master s degree in International Affairs from American University, which qualify her to have lengthy and passionate discussions about the microeconomics of Tunisia She also engages in lengthy and passionate discussions about military history She likes trenches.Erin is a cofounder of Avian 30, a literary collective dedicated to narratives with magical and sexual realism She delights in applying her knowledge of international relations theory to her fiction and screen based projects, because conflict drives narrative She lives in Washington, D.C with her partner and their two cats.


    1. ETA:This book sticks with me, even months later. It's real and emotional and funny and on-point and extremely well-written. Best of all, it shows that poly relationships can be real and romantic and loving have all the family drama and high-jinks as monogamous relationships.I especially enjoyed that the focus was on the relationship--and not the sex. Now, I like a good hot menage romance with open-door sex, don't get me wrong. But poly romance is more than partners getting it on. It's about the [...]

    2. It's taken me all day to figure out what I want to say about this book. Normally, I'm not drawn to stories about polyamory. I have nothing against it, it's simply not my go-to storyline in my romance novels. I suspected this would be well-written, however, and was blown away by the first few chapters.This is a stunning novel because it's about a married couple and their lover -- but it's also about love, and how love changes over time, and how love needs to be nurtured, scheduled, tended to and [...]

    3. Reviewed for From Top to Bottom Reviews. When I first heard of this I knew I had to read this sooner than later so when it was up on I pre-ordered immediately.Then I found it browsing through Netgalley but didn’t request because I had preordered after all and what were two more weeks anyway? Apparently too much because I did end up requesting. And I’m SO happy I did because this book is truly fantastic!My absolute favourite part of The Art of Three was the development of each relationship. [...]

    4. I'm glad to see a book with an older heroine - she's 48 - and a book about a throuple. Both are rare enough, especially the older heroine, that this is to be celebrated. It's also frankly nice that the book isn't erotica or erotic romance. There's no explicit sex. The focus is on the relationships and not on ménage scenes or m/m scenes and as such it's clearly not made for fetishizing. The same is true of the wealth and fame - although two of the throuple are wealthy and famous, it's seen as mo [...]

    5. *4.5 stars rounded up* There are some books that when you read them, you know when you've finished they will stick with you for a long time. Whether it's the characters, the writing, the story itself--or a combination of all or some of those things--something will resonate deep in your soul and make its mark. Such is the case with the gorgeous and emotional, The Art of Three written by the duo of Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese. I finished this book over a week ago and still find myself thinkin [...]

    6. Since I'm familiar with the work of one of the authors (Racheline Maltese) I thought it was a good place to begin to see how a polyamorous romance might work. (I read plenty of monogamous romance of various sexualities & gender identities and levels of descriptive sexytimes, as a point of reference). This was quite sweet. (I mean that as mostly a categorization. All of the sex in this romance happens offscreen, so if you are expecting hot MFM action, this is not the book for that.) The empha [...]

    7. The entire last 20% of this book is so fucking UNNCESSARY. The entire baby plot line is so stupid and unneeded it makes me want to scream

    8. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This was a great book about a love and family. Definitely worth a read.

    9. First, this was not at all what I was originally expecting and I am glad I picked this up to read. I thought this was going to be another steamy triad relationship, but this was completely different. If you're looking for more steam, this is not the book for you. The book focuses more on the relationships between Callum, Jamie and Nerea. How to fit three together with their own family dramas and busy lives. Balance and commitment. Well worth the time and very well written.

    10. I was excited to read THE ART OF THREE based on the premise and the authors alone, and it did not disappoint. This book is achingly lovely, with heartfelt characters and an earnest depiction of a polyamorous relationship. At times it felt too real, in that the authors portrayed elements of poly that are rarely depicted in art, and it was a shock to see my lived experience echoed back at me. Though Maltese & McRae's Love in Los Angeles series contains several poly relationships, it's not the [...]

    11. I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. “Jamie, darling,” Callum said, pressing a kiss to Jamie’s temple. “I’m afraid complicated is what life and love is.”The Art of Three brilliantly covers a lot of topics that are still considered taboo in today’s world: bisexuality, open relationships, open marriages, polyamory, bigger age differences in relationships. The authors do a great job incorporating the emotional and logic that goes into poly-amorous, open [...]

    12. I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review. (This isn't going to be a very flattering review, so don't read if you don't want to hear it.)Oh, boy. Where to start. The blurb sounded so good! And it has good ratings. Is it me? It must be me because I couldn't finish this one. The book started off okay, slow and kind of hard to get into but still okay. And then - *sigh* - then Callum and Jamie "talk" about Callum being bisexual and how he has been flirting with Jamie. When Jamie points [...]

    13. I LOVED how this ended. I say that first because, although this is a well-written story, the first two-thirds were too slow for me, a 36-year veteran of polyamorous living and a member of the PolyTampa discussion group. But if polyamory's a new concept to you, that's perfect! Not only is everything carefully spelled out, (not tediously at all, just carefully), but also, the authors don't shy away from complications, upsets, mistakes, and the critical need for self-honesty. Plus, the three people [...]

    14. 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Art of Three Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese1) I was smitten by this book and couldn’t put it down. The authors are fantastic storytellers, navigating the reader through complex emotions, varied landscapes, jet-setting life-styles and the social minefield of colleagues, family, neighbors, and the Church. The plot races on, slowing down for the tender parts where love and affection blooms unfettered by extra words, and by extra physical descriptions [...]

    15. Fantastic poly romance with good relationship development This is my first poly romance read and it was so good. The authors explained the poly lifestyle pretty well without it ever feeling like exposition, and I always felt grounded in the reality of the evolving relationships. I like the way Callum and Nerea’s history is given weight without making Jamie feel excluded and unequal. I love how much family and commitment is emphasized in this story, and how our characters seem to get the HEA th [...]

    16. I was so rooting for this book. sadly the unaddressed power differential was WAY outside my comfort zone, I felt that the married couple treated the bf like a child (fair, I guess, since he's younger than their kids, except then maybe DFTG?) and the husband was unappealing in the extreme. I failed out when the woman's given reasons for not wanting to have a (4th) child were fear of down syndrome (which the bf's sister has, a generally positive portrayal) & not wanting to get fat. At this poi [...]

    17. A sweet, relatively low-drama poly romance.I liked the characters and their relationships, but everything felt a little too easy; the conflicts resolved too simply and the victories not really earned.I did appreciate that this book pays a lot of attention to the nitty-gritty of poly relationships. There's a lot of coordinating schedules, planning time together in different configurations and telling the families. All of which is very real, but doesn't necessarily make for the most scintillating [...]

    18. I didn't love this book to begin with but I was going to make some comment about how it's good to push myself to read outside of my preferred very small niches. And then the woman was surprise knocked up which automatically knocks a couple more stars off of any book for me. The characters kept saying they were happy, but no one in this book ever acted like they were happy and no one had any fun. I thought it was marketed as romance, but it read a lot more like literary fiction with it's slog thr [...]

    19. This was a well written book with defined characters and a detailed plot. Poly is not a subject that I usually read but felt that this book was more about the complexity of the characters and their emotions and depth rather than the sex. Humorous at times and it was a well thought out plot. I voluntarily reviewed an arc copy of this book.

    20. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did, mostly because the characters never really felt real to me, and a lot of the drama seemed super fake. Still, it was an easy enough read, and the end was mostly happy if a little open-ended.

    21. This is an unconventional yet sweet romance story that provides an insight into polyamory. The plot is intriguing and characters portrayed with skill and understanding. It isn't often that a polyamory romance is this good.

    22. I received an arc of this book for a honest review.This is my first book by Erin McRae and I did not regret it at all.Based on the description, I expected a bit different story. It feels so realistic that you just has to read on.A must have in the Kindle or on the bookshelf.

    23. Good storyline with well defined characters pulled me right into their story from the very beginning and kept me enthralled until the very end!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    24. This is the first book i have read by this author and it won't be the last.This was a great book held my attention all the way through a good well written book with super characters would recommend

    25. A little clunky at first, and more telling than showing in the beginning, but it started to pick up as the book went on, and I found it quite charming by the end.

    26. Loved this book! It was a refreshing change to the typical romance/bi novels I've read. All the main characters were endearing from the get-go. Can't wait to read more by this author.

    27. The Art of Three is an well written erotic story about polyamorous triple. Jamie, Callum and Nerea. Their relationship, the way that Jamie is ready to question things when he is not sure that he has understood everything right and to ask for permission before he steps over some lines that he should not cross, the way that Callum is open to be truthful and how well Nerea fits them both it was just pleasure to read about open and mature relationship, that is not kept as dirty little secret and tha [...]

    28. This is a touching, sweet, romantic and thought provoking story. It's captivating storyline and intriguing characters make it very hard to put down. I loved every aspect of the storyline and all of the characters, who were in one way or another very amusing. The drama was interesting, some things you see coming, others not so much. The ending could have been more, it leaves you hanging about a very important part of the story, but it's still a HEA ending. I received a complimentary copy of this [...]

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