Diesel Violet I ve had little luck in life until I found the Blood Riders MC and became part of their family But most of all my heart belongs to Diesel a senior member of the club He cares for me trusts

  • Title: Diesel
  • Author: Tia Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Violet I ve had little luck in life, until I found the Blood Riders MC and became part of their family But most of all, my heart belongs to Diesel, a senior member of the club He cares for me, trusts me with his deepest, darkest secrets, and thinks I deserve than guys drooling over me, like I m nothing but a quick lay Except he s only sees me as a friend It s noViolet I ve had little luck in life, until I found the Blood Riders MC and became part of their family But most of all, my heart belongs to Diesel, a senior member of the club He cares for me, trusts me with his deepest, darkest secrets, and thinks I deserve than guys drooling over me, like I m nothing but a quick lay Except he s only sees me as a friend It s no secret that I want , I m just hoping it s not too late before he realizes that we belong together Diesel The Blood Riders MC is my life they re family And the most trust worthy member of the club is Violet, someone who deserves than what life has given her She listens to me and understands my pain She knows all my secrets She s my best friend, but I can see in her eyes that she wants When her life is threatened by the same people who are trying to destroy the club, it s up to me to save her before it s too late and once I do, I will never let her go Diesel is book four of the Blood Riders MC series with a guaranteed happy ending This book is a full length motorcycle romance novel that s intended for mature audiences only Reader discretion is advised.

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    1. Tia Lewis

      Tia Lewis is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha males Her favorite bad boys to write about include sports players, mafia, bikers, billionaires and the bad ass next door You can find her cooking, reading, or traveling when she s not busy working on her next release.Want to be kept up to date on new releases Text LEWIS to 31996 or go to NextBookRelease


    1. Violet is one of the MC girls, helping out where she can & being a friend to everyone. Diesel is one of the Blood Riders MC senior members & views the MC as his family. Diesel & Violet are close friends. Diesel can talk to Violet & trusts her with all his secrets but he only sees her as a friend. Violet however would like more, she wants Diesel to be her man. Diesel's older brother Gunner is scheduled to be released from prison & the whole MC is gearing up to throw him a welc [...]

    2. Good readingAnother great book in this series. Violet has a crush but she hasn't acted on it. Diesel and her are friends but she wants more. They come together but it leaves Diesel confused and her hurt by his reaction. A twist of fate makes him realise how much she means to him.

    3. What do you do when the one guy you love only sees you as a friend and confidante? Violet had to stand by and watch as Diesel had other relationships but couldn’t do anything about it but be there for him when he needed her. Diesel just got his brother back after eight years in prison for a crime that Diesel committed. Things had changed dramatically within the MC since Gunner was sent away and he was having a hard time dealing with the changes. Gunner had made some promises while in prison wi [...]

    4. I got very confused with the author changing the Cobras and the Vipers. One of those MCs is the Blood Riders enemy, the other an ally, but she used one and then the other, changing their allegiance every couple chapters, and it got very confusing, it needs to be revised. I'm used to find a few typos, but the error with the name was more than a typo, and it affected the story because I had to go and re-read to be sure who they were talking about. The book was about Diesel and Violet, and how you [...]

    5. I'm a big fan of the biker series, I really loved the first three and when I saw the next book was about Diesel and Violet I was excited.I loved Violet she was such a loving soul and one of the nicest characters that you will read, sometimes I thought she was a little naive but that didn't matter she loved with her whole heart and really put everyone first and herself second. She seemed like a breath of freash air to everyone at the club and she really looked after everyone but she just wanted t [...]

    6. Grab onto love before it’s too late…Diesel and Violet are best friends, but they’ve skirted around their attraction for years. With Violet being a club girl for Blood Riders MC, she loves the MC as her home and family, and is willing to take care of it’s members, but only has eyes for Diesel. But Diesel doesn’t do relationships. He’s looked forward to his brother’s long awaited homecoming ever since Gunner went to jail, taking on the crime Diesel did 8 years ago. Big brother Gunner [...]

    7. Diesel is the next book in the Blood Riders MC series. With his brother Gunner finally getting out of jail, you'd think things would be easier, but they start to get more complicated. Luckily they have Violet around to bring some brightness to the MC. She's had her eye on Diesel forever, but he doesn't have a clue, and then when he does, it may be too late. I love a good MC romance, and for me it has to have some grit, danger, and a hot alpha male MC loving on the heroine. "Diesel" brings it all [...]

    8. 3.5 stars I just Diesel might sound/be hot but he was a total ar*e with Violet for the most part of the book and Violet tho I liked her SPOILER ALERT!! she should had taken Janelle's advice and make it a bit hard for Diesel! UGH! that annoyed me so much!SPOILER ALERT!!!Also in Creed's book Nicole is pregnant while they were celebrating what I believed was Christopher's 1st birthday and in this one Chris is 2 and Nicole is not pregnant so what's up with that?anyway, was a good book. I still like [...]

    9. I am a huge fan of a MC Romance and Tia has not disappointed. I have not read the first three books but it was easy enough to be able to understand the story. This is the story of Violet and Diesel which kept me intrigued and angst filled. The excitement and all the emotion was absolutely amazing! I will be going back to read the other ones asap.

    10. Diesel, by Tia Lewis, is the fourth book of the Blood Riders MC series. I felt this was a really good read and holds solid theme within the series. I enjoyed Diesel's character and believed that he and Violet were written together well. Love this series and each book gets better.

    11. I’ll never let anything happen to you, ever again.Diesel and Violet have been close friends for years, but she's always wanted more. Now there's more than just feelings brewing in the clubhouse. Trouble is just around the corner Awesome read! Enjoy!!!

    12. This is Tia Lewis's next book in the Blood Riders MC Club series. There are more possible stories that could come from this series a and I can't wait to see who's stories will be next.

    13. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Love it! I enjoyed this story, and the characters of Diesel and Violet. Diesel belongs to the Blood Riders MC. Violet works for the Blood Riders MC, and she has always had feelings for Diesel. Diesel’s brother, Gunner, serviced time in prison for eight years for a crime that Diesel did. When Gunner returns to the Blood Riders MC, he noticed that things have changed since he was gone and Gunner wants things back the way it was before h [...]

    14. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Would you sell your soul to the devil to keep you safe. Well that's what Blood Riders MC member Gunnar does to keep safe in prison. Little does he realise the impact it has on his brother Diesel and the rest of his 'brothers' in the MC club. Diesel has always looked up to his brother Gunnar and feels he took the rap at a crime to save him but now he is out of prison things are about to change dramatically. Diesel loves his MC family, esp [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsDiesel is book 4 in Tia Lewis's A Blood Riders MC. This is Diesel and Violet's story and its oh so good. Diesel's older blood brother Gunner is finally getting out of jail after serving eight years for Diesels crime. Gunner is a member of Blood Riders but he wants the old club back when danger and crime were their purpose. Drake the President has turned the club around and nothing will pull them back to running guns and drugs. Violet has loved Diesel for years , she is always helping hi [...]

    16. Another well written book by author Tia Lewis. I love MC romance and this one had everything suspense, drama, action, steamy sex scenes and love. Diesel and Violet are the main characters in this book. Diesel is a senior member of the Blood Rivers MC and is anxiously waiting the release of his older brother Gunner from prison. Violet has always been there when Diesel need her she was his best friend. Someone he could talk to about anything even his dark secret that he hasn't shared with anyone. [...]

    17. Diesel's blood and club brother Gunner is getting out of prison for a crime he didn't commit. There's a big celebration waiting for him at the Club. Things have changed though and Gunner can't seem to understand that. Meanwhile Violet cant't seem to shake her crush on Diesel. He is going through a tough time and she is always there for him. Will he ever look at her like she wants to? Like his old lady? Diesel has to decide where his loyalties lie and has no time for romance but it comes into the [...]

    18. Another book that I will keep in my bookworm brain!Tia Lewis did it again. This series with sexy bikers makes me swoon, but this one was so different.Violet is one on the girls of the club, she's not only a girl who can have any man, she's a respected woman of the club and she's protected by the club.Diesel saw his brother 8 years ago, he saved his life and since then he couldn't sleep well or have a life with happiness, only when he talked to Violet, his best friend.She wanted him since forever [...]

    19. Though I haven't read the other books in the series, this was a good read. I wasn't lost or confused by anything. I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.Diesel & Violet are friends. Violet wants Diesel to be more than a friend, but he's too afraid to make that step. When things do change, he is faced with the stark reality that he may need her more than he cared to originally admit.I liked that we got as much of Diesel's POV as possible, and it feels real. It's not insta-love [...]

    20. Diesel has been waiting a long time for his brother to get out of prison- that time has finally arrived, the guilt he has been carrying around for his brother taking the fall for him has been eating him alive. The only good spot in his life is Violet, she is one of the Blood Riders Girls, but she's different from the rest, she's his best friend- he feels different with her than he does anyone else.He can tell her things he wouldn't trust others with. She has feelings for him, more than he knows. [...]

    21. This is the 4th book in this amazing series, and each book just gets better and better. Violet is one of the MC girls, who is a friend to all, and helps around the club whenever she can. Diesel is close to Violet, and finds that he can talk to her about anything. When Diesel’s brother Gunner is released from prison, things change in a big way, as he made a deal for protection which puts the whole club at risk. No spoilers from me though, you really need to read this amazing series for yourself [...]

    22. That was good read for sure! As always Tia Lewis set the bar high - that i can promise.A plot is connected to previous books, and i would recommend to rea them first, but that's not necessary as book gives all needed information. Book start with realing Diesel's brother from jail and no one susects if it will change something - but it will i promise! Thanks to it book gets a real speed up in events.Characters are full and have their own past and everything that define who we are and why we do so [...]

    23. Diesel is book 4 in the Blood Rider MC series. It can be read as a stand alone, but i suggest you read the first 3 so as to get the background on all the characters.This book had me at the beginning and held me til the end. A sexy bad boy biker torn between his MC family and family by blood. This one will have you feeling all the feelshappy, sad, anger, frustration and relief.If you love your bad boys sexy and conflicted then this is for you. Containing a HEA and different POVs, another great re [...]

    24. My favourite Blood Riders to date!! Tia Lewis has outdone herself!!! Violet can't catch a break. The Blood Riders MC is like family, but the one man she loves more than anything only sees her as a friend!!Diesel is a Senior Member of the MC. He values Violets friendship and thinks she deserves better than the likes of one of the MCs members. Violet goes out of her way to always be there for the Blood Riders helping anyway she can. When one of the members(who happens to be Diesel's brother) Gunne [...]

    25. helpI try to write an honest and fair critique. some of these are nice and some not so nice. this story was rather gritty, but also very heart felt. I genuinely enjoy the mc stories.

    26. Tia Lewis does it again with "Diesel" the fourth book of the "A Blood Riders MC Series"! This book just might be my favorite of the series, I absolutely adored Diesel and Violet, they really took me along for the ride! I always look forward to what Tia has in store for us!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    27. OMG she can just write a billion of these, I love this series so hard!So, this is Diesel and Violet's story. And he needs to get his head out of his butt for most of the book, but I will admit maybe he's distracted by all that's going on. And there is a LOT going on! And when it gets really intense later in the book, I was totally shocked and surprised and upset by something! But I won't tell you what it was.I kind of felt like Violet let him get away with not treating her as good as she deserve [...]

    28. omg another amazing book you wrote! its about a young woman who is in love with a man in the blood riders club. he only sees her as a good friend. its a action packed book with alot of twists and turns. thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!

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