Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work Bored senseless in a meeting Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone Then the app matches him with another user who s six feet away Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page

  • Title: Not Safe For Work
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: 9781943426591
  • Page: 202
  • Format: None
  • Bored senseless in a meeting, Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone Then the app matches him with another user who s six feet away Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone who s way above his pay grade Millionaire property developer Rick Pierce.The app isn t kidding, either They re a perfect match Jon s a Dom, Rick s a sub, andBored senseless in a meeting, Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone Then the app matches him with another user who s six feet away Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone who s way above his pay grade Millionaire property developer Rick Pierce.The app isn t kidding, either They re a perfect match Jon s a Dom, Rick s a sub, and they both love bondage Both guys are well into their forties, know their way around the bedroom, and definitely appreciate a good suit And the best part They re a match outside the bedroom too.But office relationships aren t easy to keep a secret When the truth comes out, Jon is certain he s about to get fired Instead, he finds himself tangled up in a much bigger mess Contains two men who ve only dreamed of this kind of sex, literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon.This 104,000 word novel was previously published.

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    1. L.A. Witt

      L.A Witt is an abnormal M M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain In between wondering how she didn t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever growing herd of rabid plot bunnies She also has substantially time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don t tell Lauren And definitely don t tell Lori A Witt or Ann Gallagher Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shutVisit her website at gallagherwitt.


    1. I'm going to start with the happy stuff: - MCs over 40! YES, PLEASE. These are REAL men with REAL lives who know what they want. So what if their joints creak? They're still hot as fuck. Maturity is SEXY. - Jon and Rick: orgasm nirvana, y'all! Seriously. The sex here, "vanilla" and otherwise, is no holds barred: licking, sucking, kissing and that's just the beginning, which brings me to my next point: - BDSM light and LOVELY: bondage, blindfolds, Wartenberg pinwheel, cock cage, and more! - No b [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI loved this book. And there was one glaring reason I loved it. Jon and Rick were written as real people with real problems. It was so, so refreshing to read about two older men still trying to get their shit together, not alone but together in a loving, committed way. Sure, there was an issue of the appropriateness of their relationship because of the fact that Nick was Jon's boss. Also, the owners of the company were bigoted assholes. But they marched on together, with the loving supp [...]

    3. 1.5 rounded downI really don’t like being the voice of dissent, but I honestly feel like I walked into a steakhouse mouth watering for a NY strip and the only thing on the menu was hamburger.The blurb on this book called to me and I answered! I was ready to giddyup all over it and the cover too. It stumps me as to why L.A. Witt’s solo kink doesn’t work for me, but it’s time for me to just accept that as fact and press on. Because Not Safe For Work did not work for me.Things took a nosedi [...]

    4. DNF @ 29%I tried, I really did. I really, really wanted to like this one. I love LA Witt. She had me at the warning:Contains literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon. The reality was I was bored. 20% in and I’m already wanting to skim. Even the sex! What the hell is wrong with me? It was just sooooooooooo repetitive. The same conversations over and over again. Sex. Office [...]

    5. CAUTION: Not Safe for Work could potentially lead to panties being melted right off! Prepare yourselves before picking this book up. When Jon is pulled into yet another meeting with his firm's biggest client, he never thought it would somehow lead to him hooking up with Rick Pierce - the aforementioned biggest client. But while his boss was blabbering on, trying to appease Rick, he got bored and decided to check his Leahtr app. The app is for kinky people to meet up, so when Jon gets a ping sayi [...]

    6. There once was a reader named Sheri.She liked to read about Tom, Dick and Larry.Shifters and rock stars made her happy.Uniforms of any kind tickled her fancy.She never turned any story away.Till one day a bondage book left her in dismay.A break from BDSM might be best.Then LA delivered a treasure chest.A master with a key….That appeared to be writtenjust for me.Okay, okayI'll stop with the declaration of my love for L.A. because I've said it before. Ahhh hell, in case you missed it- I lurve he [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsThe blurb says it all for this one. I'm not going to lie - this blurb had me at "Golden Girls marathon". I loved that for once there was open, honest communication. COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE!! Can I get a hallelujah?I LOVED that Jon and Rick openly talked to one another, they checked in with one another, they shored each other up and took care of each other. It wasn't all kink all the time. Though there was definitely kinkI was absolutely entranced with the story and - even when I was ragin [...]

    8. :-( DNF at 45%I have been reading this for 4 days and I am only at 45% but I started to skim from 20% so I think I need to move on to something I will enjoy reading.Too much about Jon’s work it’s boring and he is a Dom fair enough I have not read many Dom/sub books lately but compared to other Doms I have read he is very vanilla no sir/master or anything I expected just bondage and toys which feature in normal relationships, he has a dungeon they have “played twice” then they always move [...]

    9. **2.5 stars**I'm going to use my friend Wesley's term for this : SUCK. PREP. THRUST. CUM. REPEAT.It started off great, but even the sex got too repetitive. The kink didn't work at all -actually, despite the promise of kink, there wasn't a lot of BDSM- and I got fed up with the martyr plotline.

    10. Put two hot as hell kinky guys in one boring meeting… and let them use Leathr, a kinky dating app while still sitting in said meeting.What happens next is definitely Not.Safe.For.Work.Loved that the MCs are over 40, btw… What can a girl want more than a story with fucking hot, sexy mature men?All in all NSFW is a entertaining written story. The romance is sweet, and the BDSM is light but nontheless sheet burning sexy.Recommended!

    11. Review originally posted at Sinfully.3.5 starsJon, who is bi-sexual and is sharing a house with his ex-wife Karen (and thankfully she is a lovely character and they have a great relationship) is working himself like mad to keep his promise to put their three kids through college and help Karen get back on her feet after a nasty divorce. His job as an architectural modeler is almost now an obsolete position, being taken over by 3D modeling and computers. While he doesn’t love the workplace, he [...]

    12. 2.5 stars.It was okay.This book and I, we weren't on the best of terms for a long time. Odd, considering M/M + kink = my favorite combination, and that so far if there was anything I could count on in L.A. Witt's books is that they would be hot. This one failed to meet my great expectations.The story didn't have a fan in me for several reasons. Its plot is perfectly described in the blurb, so no need to repeat it. I will say the part about kink was the one that made my finger click on that Reque [...]

    13. Jon MacNeil is an architectural modeler--one of a dying breed of people who actually BUILD those fantastic scale models of building designs. He is bisexual, 44 y/o, has three college-going kids and an ex-wife that he's on such good terms with that they actually live together. He works for an architectural firm whose main account is with Horizon Developing, and the CEO of Horizon, Rick Pierce, is swoonworthy.While trapped in one of those interminable meetings that happen between Jon's bosses and [...]

    14. I never thought I would ever be in the situation I am in now: I am STRUGGLING with how to go about reviewing this book!!!I didn't like Jon and Rick. They seemed to contradict themselves half the time. The plot seemed promising to me judging by the blurb, but the book turned out to be a hoax.I almost DNF'd the book at 30%, I struggled so much to get into it. But the next day, I, in my most weak moment, decided to give it another shot. I thought that maybe when their secret comes out, the story wo [...]

    15. I love L.A. Witt, BDSM, and mature guys. What I don't really love is when a character spends more time up on their cross than down here with the rest of us. I don't love it when a book promises me to be "NSFW", but then misses an opportunity to really knock my socks off. There's nothing groundbreaking here. There's a sex machine and a Wartenberg wheel, a cockcage, some blindfolding and light bondage and zzzzzzSeriously, the BDSM aspect was a bit dull. Witt really could've capitalized here since [...]

    16. *** 3 not really NSFW stars ***The start of this book was great when the two MCs match up through the kinky app. The tension and the excitement was almost palpable. Their first kiss in the parking structure was hot, also them falling into bed and find that they are very compatible. Jon and Rick develops their relationship, but they don't really get kinky until about 60% in. I was surprised of the lack of actual kinky scenes, since I feel the book promises so. There was a lot of talk and thinking [...]

    17. Nick J. Russo captures these characters so well. I loved his character voices, he has great timing and pacing, and he infuses humor, emotion, and passion into this seamlessly. Nick J. Russo definitely ranks as one of my favorite narrators.There's a lot I love about this story including that Jon and Rick are in their forties and act like it, are highly attracted to each other, how they express it, and how they grow into their relationship, and the open communication between them. It's not just ab [...]

    18. Just the title of this book makes me cringe in anxiety. When I see these four little words: not safe for work, I think the worst because so many work places have a zero tolerance policy against anything "deviant". This concept is interpreted with such varying degrees, it is almost as if we need to be robots in this world to avoid presenting an improper face. It is draining, especially for those who tend to be a bit more on the rowdy and causal side. Jon is such a person. He works for a conservat [...]

    19. (Attempted to read Sept 2016)What I'd expected: BDSM fun times (with a dash of fluff) between two men in their 40s. Perhaps some light angst.What I got: Generic quasi-kink between two of the dullest characters I've met in a long while. Reading about Jon and Rick (gods, even their names were bland af) quickly became the equivalent of someone forcing me to wear the beigeist and most shapeless khaki pants in the universe. :|DNF at 10%

    20. This book was really low-drama, a lot of fluff, and really mild BDSM. Not bad, but not what I was expecting.

    21. 💝 FREE on today (2/14/2018)! 💝Blurb:Bored senseless in a meeting, Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone. Then the app matches him with another user…who’s six feet away. Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone who’s way above his pay grade: Millionaire property developer Rick Pierce.The app isn’t kidding, either. They’re a perfect match. Jon’s a Dom, Rick’s a sub, and they both love bondage. Both guys are well into their forties, know [...]

    22. Thank you to SAMHAIN PUBLISHING and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Not Safe for Work is precisely what it touts itself to be – NSFW. It was a steamy read with mature MC’s – both men are over 40, and there was a lot to like about this book. While Rick had his life together, Jon struggled. He had three college aged kids, and he was the one footing the bill for their education. He was walking on eggshells at work in an effort to keep a position th [...]

    23. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Not Safe For Work by L.A. Witt I have read a few other LA Witt books and have loved all of them. She draws readers into the story as if you are there and you can feel the romance developing between the characters. I will always read her first if I get a list of by books to read.

    24. 4.5 Stars ~ This latest novel by L.A. Witt started off hot and just kept getting hotter. Not that I minded that, particularly, I'm just giving fair warning. I do tend to really enjoy BDSM and the description for 'Not Safe for Work' intrigued me. Two men, in their forties, compatible in so many ways but with a few things standing in their way. I always like the idea of a D/s relationship growing into love, and I had high hopes for Jon and Rick."Was I really standing in the doorway of a multimilli [...]

    25. Office Romance / BDSM~ 4 StarsJon McNeill and Rick Pierce are in a meeting together while Jon's company pitches prospective to Rick Pierce's company. See Jon works for an architectural firm and Rick is a client bringing the firm mass business. Well after this meeting has gone on, for what seems like forever - Jon jumps on his smart phone to play on a dating app. Not just any dating app, this is for the kinkster's who may like a little bondage and then some. Jon expects to see his nearest match s [...]

    26. Very sweet and enjoyable story, but I had hoped for more based on the delicious blurp. Jon is in his 40ies, bisexual and trying to support an ex-wife and keep his 3 kids in school. He works at an architectural firm as a modeler. When bored in a meeting he logs into an online kinky dating app and accidently realises that the firms biggest client, Rick Pierce, is a perfect match for him. The two hook up and start a relationship on the dl, until their secret is found out.The story was a bit too slo [...]

    27. This book is comparatively long for the genre. Which is a shame because it doesn't really have enough of a story to fill it.We got two hot guys who fit very well together as shown in several steamy scenes. Including various D/s play time scenes.But the story was really thin; the first 60+% of the book were basically "go to work - get together in the evening - wear each other out - go to bed - go to work etcThen they found out at work which caused a bit of drama before it all wrapped up in a nice [...]

    28. Older guys can be kinky too (;I *loved* the premise of this book when I saw it - a guy, bored at a meeting, sees that he's a kinky match to someone in the same room - someone who is a rich, important client. Better yet, the guy who's a more or less lowly modeler is the Dom, and the important client is the sub. Fun, fun!These guys are both in their early/mid 40's, and they've been around the block enough to know what they want and need. They're a fantastic match from the start, and not only burn [...]

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