A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl s Best Friend Animal shelter manager Tyra Haines is absolutely committed to the pets under her care Despite having limited resources and staff her boundless compassion and patience make her good at her job But whe

  • Title: A Girl's Best Friend
  • Author: Rory Wilde Cora Jay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Animal shelter manager Tyra Haines is absolutely committed to the pets under her care Despite having limited resources and staff, her boundless compassion and patience make her good at her job But when the county decides to drastically cut the shelter s funding, the lives of her beloved animals hang in the balance Tyra is ready to do whatever it takes to save her shelteAnimal shelter manager Tyra Haines is absolutely committed to the pets under her care Despite having limited resources and staff, her boundless compassion and patience make her good at her job But when the county decides to drastically cut the shelter s funding, the lives of her beloved animals hang in the balance Tyra is ready to do whatever it takes to save her shelter and the animals she loves Software engineer Jackie Keppel took the plunge and adopted a child from the foster care system Seven year old Mia is a sweet girl, perceptive and smart But she s old enough to know she can t just trust anyone, and Jackie struggles to connect with her Remembering her childhood dog, Jackie takes Mia to adopt her own, determined to give her the love she never received from her own parents But when they arrive at the shelter, Jackie meets beautiful, easygoing Tyra, unearthing feelings she thought she d buried feelings of being attracted to women Jackie finds herself returning to the shelter again and again just to see Tyra When she learns about the budget cuts, she finds that she s invested in both the shelter and the passionate woman who runs it But can Jackie overcome the legacy of her parents bigotry And can Tyra find a way to save the lives of the shelter pets

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    1. Oh, it was a sweet book. There wasn't much angst in the relationship between the two guys, but there were HEAPS of it when it came to the animals. I cried a lot more for them than I did for the MCs. So what does it say about the book? ;-)The relationship development didn't satisfy me. I don't know if everything was internalised or what, but years of discomfort don't just go away after one lovely experience, no? There was no deep addressing of Jack's fearful closeted-ness. And I didn't like it. I [...]

    2. *** Not only is this lovely story heartwarming, but we learn along the way.Work at home, handsome but lonely man, Jack, has adopted a sweet 7 Yr. old girl, Mia, and they are settling into their new life. Tyson works at the Animal shelter and loves his work.He has a knack for finding perfect matches of people and pets. When beautiful black man, Tyson "sees the white guy and brown skinned girl", he goes over to help. He figures there is a story there, and there is. They adopt a dog, Harold,and in [...]

    3. The Dogs Were Sweet, The Story Was Weak            This was a sweet, simple love story about an introverted man who has just adopted a 7-year old girl and a man who has devoted his life to the care of animals. Neither man has realized they are missing something in their life that would make them whole. Rory Wilde really gets a person's passion for animals, all the dogs are well drawn out for the reader. The adopted child was sweet enough but we were given absolutely no backstory that would [...]

    4. I'm sure there is a good story in here since, but as it is, the dialogue and narrative have an unnatural and stilted voice to them. I didn't feel even the slightest hint of emotion throughout the book, no happy, no sad and certainly none of the love. The only thing I really felt was cold. And yes, I know this is fiction, but who moves a man you've known for 5 minutes into a house with a child you've only just adopted. Please, a little realism. Overall, it feels like this book was written with hu [...]

    5. Whole lotta lackluster writing here. All showing, no telling, shallow character development, hardly any chemistry between the MCs, they barely communicate, and their "romance" boils down to the two of them being tired of being single, wanting a partner, and each one deciding that the hot gay guy in front of him fits the bill. Kinda sad, really.

    6. Refreshing to have characters that weren't all white. Wish the book hadn't been so rushed, took a while for the uhaul, but when it arrived, it was fast. Needed to be a longer book, pacing was uneven because of it. At one point one of the main characters is referred to in a sentence as a man. I assume this to be a typo. It was jarring. Overall cute and endearing story.

    7. I love the storyline, and the MCs, but gosh the writing style was so very unpolished and not for me.

    8. Full disclosure I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Are you a dog lover? Do you like stories involving children? Are you all about the angst? Then this story is for you. It is emotional, sweet, touching, and a story of two men who are brought together by a little girl and a fluffy puppy.This is a well thought-out love story of two lonely men who meet by happenstance. During a time in their lives when they both are busy and stressed about life changing events. T [...]

    9. So, I really loved this one. Made me teary eyed so many times. I do see the issues that others had with it. The chemistry was low key, and slow burn, until it was just I love you. Seemed a bit fast. The writing was great and, at the end, I was left with a warm, fuzzy feeling about this family, but there was a sense of nonchalance and flatness to the romance. Having said that, I loved it for what it did well. You must love dogs to love this book. There is a huge focus on the animal shelter, and o [...]

    10. To be honest I don't really know how to review or rate this book.It's not that it was a bad book or bad writing, no, far from it.I definitely enjoyed reading it. And the slow pace this book showed was somehow fitting and didn't cut into my enjoyment. I still couldn't put it down and had to read it in one go.But personally, I was missing a bit of the romance, especially for a so called romance book.We have Tyson, the manager of a no kill shelter and that is what dominates the whole story, especia [...]

    11. This is quite a difficult review to write. I actually did like the writing and honestly Tyson, the manager of an animal shelter and his dogs were really sweet and likable. Jack on the other hand was so awkward and strange, it is extremely hard to believe he was allowed to adopt a child. His behavior was extremely stupid and besides his good looks it seems like a real mystery how Tyson could fall in love with him! The book had some nice moments, but unless you get it for free and are extremely bo [...]

    12. A sweet romance with doggie complications.An interesting read, more for the issues of animal rights and welfare than the romance.What I'm taking away from this story is the sad state that can all too easily befall dogs and other animals, the love and also careless disregard we have for our furry, haired or scaled friends.The romance aspect was about as exciting/ fun as watching grass grow and merely two dates short of insta-love.Would I recommend this? Eh. For dog lovers I guess. Would I re-read [...]

    13. These notes are 99% just for me:The kindle sample was decent. It seems like it could go either way, and I love dogs and kids. But based on other reviews it looks like it's probably pretty dull. Open to changing my mind if someone I trust gives it a raving review.

    14. Mehhhh. Not a terrible read, but I found Jackie's internalized homophobia irritating and hard to get through. The sex scenes were a little weird to me. The only things that really stirred my heart were the scenes with Leah. I did like how Mia's growth as a person kept coming up and seeing how she changed over the period.

    15. **Originally Posted on Kiki's Kinky Picks** 2.5 starsThe debut novel by Rory Wilde, Forever Home, shows great potential for this new author.The components for a great book were there for this one, but Wilde didn’t quite manage to pull everything off. This book has, what I like to call, “great bones.” Likable characters and an interesting plot were there, so with a bit of tightening Wilde’s writing should be on point.One issue is the pacing. Things moved very slowly, in general, and betwe [...]

    16. This was my first time reading anything by Rory Wilde and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet M/M story. This story is emotional. touching ,sweet story about two men that is brought together by a little girl who's7 years old and a sweet fluffy puppy. Rory Wilde has given us a story that will suck you in and keep you there from start to finish ,and then will leave you wanting more from this author. The characters were well written and really blended together well and the story flowed [...]

    17. Hot cover!I tried to get into this one. I love when kids and animals are involved in stories like this. Jack and recently adopted little Mia, who he was adorable with and she was so shy and cute. Tyson was the manager at a local shelter that was needing some funding to keep the shelter afloat. That was basically the whole book. I mean, the ups and downs of appeals and grants and getting help. It broke my heart reading about the animals, Leah especially I was so glad things ended well for her and [...]

    18. Unfortunately this story didn't work for me. There were way too many things going on and not all of them came to any kind of satisfying conclusion. The timeline contradicted itself a couple of times and even some of the information given about the MCs didn't jive.I didn't love the characters but I did like them, my problem with their relationship is that it all happened so fast. They barely saw much of each other before deciding to move in together and so much of their individual lives is missin [...]

    19. It was cute in the beginning and had the potential to be a good story .but the "shelter troubles" over shadowed the MC's relationship and the budding father/daughter relationship. I ended up skimming through the last 30% because the thing with Leah was depressing me and the mid-story instalove made me almost puke*Shrugs*

    20. There was no chemistry between the two mc's. And they both seemed a little emotionally and socially stunted. Everything felt weird and awkward.

    21. This was a cute enjoyable romantic read, even if it lacked a lot of depth. I liked seeing how the relationship developed between the two men, but I felt there were a lot of plot points that were never fully developed that could have been such as Jack's relationship with his family, or Mia's indecisiveness. It felt like the author dangled a lot of threads but never resolved all of them. I am not one to argue over the pace of the relationship or how quickly the men moved in together since honestly [...]

    22. A Girls's Best Friend -- Cora Jay (29 chapters) Sept. 4, 2017Note: This is a f/f sexual romance. If that stories aren't your thing, move along.This was a quick, fun lesbian romance read, but be forewarned, there are a few scenes in this book that are sad.As is my nature, I skimmed/skipped over the sexy bits (and there are several in this story,) because I like the story building, and ending more than those parts. But those of you who like the sexy bits will probably like the ones in here.I also [...]

    23. I loved it. The way the author showed the emotional turmoil parents can cause a child with their beliefs was very well written. Seeing Jack overcome that was amazing. Also, having Jack adopt an older child was perfect. Babies may be cute, but seeing an older child learn and grow is one of the greatest things in life.

    24. Well written bookI truly adored this book, it covered a lot of realistic life in general. Interracial lesbian books are needed .

    25. Loved that it's interracial, loved the dogs, didn't love how slow moving it was. It could have been so much more, but was basically a simple story. Low angst.

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