Zylan Captive

Zylan Captive Coming March th This book has been edited and enhanced Nyssa woke up one morning in a stranger s bed gold chains attached to certain um delicate parts of her body on a planet ruled by a man

  • Title: Zylan Captive
  • Author: Ravyn Wilde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • Coming March 25th, 2017 This book has been edited and enhanced.Nyssa woke up one morning in a stranger s bed, gold chains attached to certain um delicate parts of her body, on a planet ruled by a man now claiming to be her life mate Tar plans for her to be his quiet, un assuming companion Not This earth girl can never be called easy On the planet Zylar there are tw Coming March 25th, 2017 This book has been edited and enhanced.Nyssa woke up one morning in a stranger s bed, gold chains attached to certain um delicate parts of her body, on a planet ruled by a man now claiming to be her life mate Tar plans for her to be his quiet, un assuming companion Not This earth girl can never be called easy On the planet Zylar there are two sunsd three moons A Zylan male doesn t choose a mate, his body does Women are traditionally submissive however, all Hell breaks loose when the ruler of Zylar, Tarnds his mate on Earth.Zylan Captive shows us how one Earth girl can make a difference in this male dominated society once she figures out how to cope without her cigarettes and caffeine Due to mature situations and adult content this book is intended for those over 18

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      Published since 2002, Ravyn Wilde writes Hot romance filled with things that go bump in the night Get Wilde with a werewolf, or vampire, maybe a dragon or twod keep track because once in awhile, a story worthy human comes along.Ravyn is passionate about her family, the beach, and the hammock in her backyard where she stares up at the treetops and formulates her books Oh, and coffee she s very passionate about coffee.Ravyn Wilde writes hot romantic books with strong, capable women and happily ever after endings She is a firm believer in escapism, preferring to read and write stories that have little basis in the real world Therefore, most of her books are paranormal and Sci Fi Fantasy.Ravyn has lived all over the western United States, and in a few exotic places like New Guinea and Singapore Currently living in Utah, she is married with three grown children, and a fabulously fun, growing hoard of grandchildren Some mornings it s best just to fill the sink with coffee, dunk your head in it, and SUCK from the plaque in my kitchenTo read Undying Magic free instafreebie free 7zmzKHer website and blog can be found at ravynwildeJust saying an author to add to the auto buy list Ms Wilde s creativity and believable characters swept this reader away an author to watch and to anticipate new releases from Tracey West for The Road To Romance Ravyn Wilde did a fantastic job on a story with an amazing twist I will keep my eye on Ms Wilde s future releases, as I can t wait to see what she has in store next Robin Taylor for In The Library ReviewsMs Wilde creates a marvelous tale of another world that is enticing on one hand, but revoltingly sexist on the other Ms Wilde s characters are engaging and provocative, as well as humorous enough to make me laugh out loud Cat Cody for Romance JunkiesThe sex is intense and animalistic, so keep ice handy at all times Ravyn Wilde is a great writer and I look forward to her next work Angel Brewer for Just Erotic Romance Review


    1. As a general rule I love sexy sci-fi. I get ridiculously excited over the idea of people doing it in space. Or on other planets. Or with other species. I won't apologize for my sci-fi kink because it makes me way too happy when I find a book that fits my sexy sci-fi requirements. I'm going to say that I liked this book. I appreciated the naughtiness of it (chain-sex, anyone?) and I think the author did a good job at making what could be a potentially icky situation (Kidnapped and forced to submi [...]

    2. **Warning, ranting and spoilers can be found in this review**Tar is ruler of Zylar, a planet where men dominate over their life-mate and the women have to submit to them. After much searching he has found his mate, his companion. Who just happens to be a human female from Earth. Nyssa, on awakening discovers she is no longer in her own bed, and not even on her own planet. Not only that there are gold chains connecting to parts of her body. So we have bonding,links,and physic chain sex oh my!! Ca [...]

    3. The first 3/4 of the book I hated it. So this ends with a 1.5 star. Maybe if I read this when I was 18, it would have been fine. The heavy handed manner at which Tar came across was just unpalatable. There are times where men are very pushy and domineering yet I still like them. This one, I didn't. Tar rubbed me in all the wrong ways. I get that he's supposed to do this because that's the way he's design. Somehow, the way it's written it just didn't do it for me. I kept thinking of ways to kill [...]

    4. Mercifully short and laugh-out-loud funny! Sex-to-plot ratio starts off really high perhaps 8:1 through the first third of the book. It rapidly diminishes, though, and there were several chapters---in a row!---with no sex at all. (view spoiler)[However, the climactic battle at the end happens off-page while the main characters are locked in panther-on-panther embrace, and exploring VaNyssa's werewolf fantasies. So that's something. (hide spoiler)]

    5. Sci-fi hot sexy romance! Tar, is the ruler of Zylar and has to find a mate. His society is patriarchal and the men domineering the female in every possible way. Nyssa a human female from Earth wakes up with gold chains connecting to body parts. The book is funny and naughty with kinky sex, so if you like the alien-human romance- sex you will like too.

    6. I got this book free and enjoyed reading it enough to get the next two books in the trilogy. I love the clueless, alien hunk who claims his life mate thinking that from then on everything will be smooth sailing. Because we all know how trainable and submissive Earth women are - right? I liked Nyssa and I even enjoyed Tar, with his stubborn determination to keep things the way they've always been in his world. So yes, I enjoyed the story. The reason it only has three stars is the writing style wa [...]

    7. I couldn't make it past chapter 2. I dislike giving 1 star reviews and I am the first to admit that I may be more picky that most, and I don't want to take away from the author's hard work by tearing her book apart, but I do feel I should explain why I stopped reading after chapter 2.Through most of the first chapter it was hard to tell if the writer was writing in first person or third person. I love fantasy, paranormal, and science fictiona lot! But, chains that pop out of your body to tell wh [...]

    8. One bewildered heroine, one idiotic, but sweet alpha alien and a short adjustment period. Humorous, feel good read with some smexy bedplay and power struggles. Interested in Mica and Tala's story after the setup here.Favorite quote:Pausing, he moaned, “Want me with more than your body, Nyssa. Want me with your heart, as I want you.”(Kindle Location 2041).

    9. After 13 years, the Fortune 500 company she worked for let Nyssa go – they said they didn’t need her anymore! How could this happen to her? All the awards, the 60-hour weeks, all for nothing? Now she had to search for a new job and start her life over.Tar had been looking a long time for his life companion with the help of the High Priest of Zylar, his friend Mica. At last his mate had been found! The only bad part was that she was from Earth, and they were a difficult species sometimes, dif [...]

    10. I was gifted a complimentary copy of the newest version of this book and it was a fab read! I cannot imagine waking in a strange room, on another planet, with fine gold chains permanently attached to zones I don't currently have pierced! Yikes! Add in a hot stranger with psychic gifts that seem like magic, telling me I'm his one true mate, well, I would have a hard time adjusting. Nyssa, though, ends up handling both the strange location and the stranger, Tar, quite well! Smoking hot sex was Tar [...]

    11. cool interesting story with some very big differences unusual for alien romance stories. recommended read due to well rounded characters, interesting circumstances, realistic issues. looking forward to reading next in series.

    12. New series for me and this book had me laughing and then wondering if everything would work out alright. I want to read the next book as I really enjoyed this one. I was gifted a copy and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

    13. A great book. This author writes this genre very well. Wonderful plot and fantastic characters. I volunteered to read an advance copy for an honest review.

    14. NO SPOILERS!!!And you thought women had it rough fighting for equal rights here on earth.This is a fictional fast-paced, fun, and suspenseful alien romance that will have you laughing and "Oh No"'ing and occasionally shaking your head and saying "Oh No he didn't"There were times I found myself battling with my inner gal over whether to snuggle up with Tar or bash some sense into him - the jury is still out but definitely leaning towards snuggling.Absolutely LOVED the chemistry and the back and f [...]

    15. Wonderful What a great book my first with this author but I am going to buy the next two in this series right this minute

    16. I rather enjoyed this story!! It has me in the seat of the couch waiting to see what would happen & how things would change! I loved how conflict was dealt with, changes made, attitudes adjusted and the wonderful ending!! Excellent book!!

    17. I really liked this book I equally loved Tar and wanted to knock some sense into him at the same time, lol I absolutely loved Nyssa !! A strong-willed heroine, with a sharp mind, quick wits and ability to make the best out of her situation : being kidnapped and taken to another planet, among other things "I received an ARC at no cost from the author."

    18. I have to say I am completely blown away that some people say this book's premise is too out-there, too unrealistic. All I can guess is that these people have never or very rarely read science fiction or fantasy novels. And this is a sci-fi romance novel, not just a romance novel.Here are some of its strengths. The main character is likeable enough; she is no pushover, no doormat, but neither is she some unbelievably tough, annoyingly strong woman. And one thing that I in particular liked was th [...]

    19. Update: Just finished chapter 10 of 28. So far I'm not really impressed with the story. Just when I think things are going to start moving ahead, they have sex again. The sex seems to be more of the focus than the storyline. As I said in my progress update, I wasn't too impressed with this story. I guess it boils down to the fact that this really wasn't the type of story for me. I can't really say that I liked the characters because I didn't really feel as if I got to know them. There wasn't any [...]

    20. 282p Book 1 in the Zylar's Moons seriesShe is an Earthling who has mysteriously been transported to another galaxy, to another planet. Zylar is nothing like she has ever imagined. And yet, here she is 14and apparently life-mated to Tar. If he knows what's good for him, he'll start doing some explaining: What are these gold chains that are attached to certain 26um 26delicate parts of her body and, just what in the hell is happening to her? She's starting to change 26He is Tar, ruler of Zylar. He [...]

    21. Imagine John Norman's Gor written from a female point of view, but without so much plot. I never thought I'd be able to say this with a straight face, but it's not as good as Gor. It needed more sex and less story, or more story and less sex, but the balance just didn't work. The use of "alien" words for time was irritating - i got my nons and bi-nons and nilts mixed up, and wished she'd stick to conventional terms. If you're looking for hot sci-fi sex, then read this and skip the story. If you' [...]

    22. 2.5 stars.I liked parts and hated parts. It had been on my to-read shelf for a long time. I really don't like the "linking" thing. It's just weird and creepy. Chains between your hoo-hoo and your nipples and then all over your body -- for the rest of your life. ICK. One the other hand, I really enjoyed the bottle of the sexes where the heroine gives Mr hero something to think about. I didn't much care for the hero. In truth, the women were the most interesting parts of this book. I won't be cont [...]

    23. Ugh. Let's just get down to it, shall we? I love a good porno as much as the next girl, but the key word is GOOD. I couldn't get through this one. The premise was interesting enough, but the execution sucked. I don't mind a bad plot if the sex is scorching, then it just goes in the spank bank, but this one had a bad plot, and the sex was just ok Maybe I was in the wrong mood, but this didn't do anything for me

    24. spicy read. fantasy. New to me author. He's the ruler of zylar and needs a mate. She's a earthing and when she woke she didn't know what or where she was or what happened to her. Nothing in her life was what she experienced.I liked Nyssa and Tar even his determination to keep things the way they were in his galaxy and her determination to do things her way.

    25. Captivating this book is. Dealing with a male dominated alien society the heroine generated numerous difficulties for her future mate in a most intriguing way. I was cheering for Nyssa all through this steamy read. I thought the story was very good, characters were well defined, and the erotic elements complemented the plot line.I am very eager to read the story of Tala and Mica.

    26. This story definitely had an interesting concept going for it by taking the whole fated-mates trope in a new direction with actual physical links, but I absolutely could not get over Tar's pig-headedness. His forcefulness and aggressiveness didn't come off entirely the way I believe the author intended. I was much more interested in Tar's sister's story than his.

    27. This was weird, but surprisingly not bad. Once I got into the book, the story line wasn't so "out there" and I started to enjoy it. This has some pretty steamy scenes, and being a sci-fi it has some very weird things as well. If you like to read books that are a little out there sometimes, then you might enjoy this.

    28. Loved reading this story.This was such a fun story to read. I loved how she wouldn't back down from his dictates. She is stolen from earth and linked and mated to him without being asked. She begins pushing back immediately. Can't wait till I can afford to buy the story involving his sister. This one is in my keepers collection.

    29. This was a terrible book. Basically the main character is very flat. There is absolutely not depth to any of the characters. I feel like I lost brain cells reading this book. It was a fast read but definitely not worth my time. I should have stopped reading it.

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