Wake FROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHORS K EVAN COLES AND BRIGHAM VAUGHN A love worth the wait Carter Hamilton and Riley Porter Wright room together as Harvard undergraduates An immediate friendship forms bu

  • Title: Wake
  • Author: K. Evan Coles Brigham Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9781786515568
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
  • FROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHORS K EVAN COLES AND BRIGHAM VAUGHN A love worth the wait Carter Hamilton and Riley Porter Wright room together as Harvard undergraduates An immediate friendship forms, but as the years pass it deepens into something neither man understands As attraction simmers under the surface, lines begin to blur When they move back to Manhattan, theyFROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHORS K EVAN COLES AND BRIGHAM VAUGHNA love worth the waitCarter Hamilton and Riley Porter Wright room together as Harvard undergraduates An immediate friendship forms, but as the years pass it deepens into something neither man understands As attraction simmers under the surface, lines begin to blur When they move back to Manhattan, they gradually slip into the lives their families have envisioned for them.Both men marry, but in time, Riley realizes he s ended up in a passionless relationship like his parents while his career takes center stage Although he loves his wife, Carter misses the emotional and physical connection he shared with Riley.The weight of Riley s feelings and his growing discontentment with his life eventually push him to tell Carter the truth about how he feels Shocked and unable to face his own feelings, Carter rejects Riley.As each man comes to terms with the lies they ve told themselves, each other and the people around them, they find their lives changing in ways they never imagined They soon discover that the truths they ve been longing to tell shake the foundations of their friendship.Reader Advisory This book contains polyamory and infidelity, expressions of homophobia by multiple secondary characters, divorce, scenes of M F M intimacy, references to parental neglect, disownment, one brief scene involving a physical altercation.Publisher s Note Calm, the sequel to Wake, will be available to pre order in August 2017.

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    1. K. Evan Coles Brigham Vaughn

      K Evan Coles is a mother and tech pirate by day and a writer by night She is a dreamer who, with a little hard work and a lot of good coffee, coaxes words out of her head and onto paper.K lives in the northeast United States, where she complains bitterly about the winters, but truly loves the region and its diverse, tenacious and deceptively compassionate people You ll usually find K nerding out over books, movies and television with friends and family She s especially proud to be raising her son as part of a new generation of unabashed geeks.


    1. This could have packed quite an emotional punch if the authors had shown us. Instead they told. In my opinion that creates distance between reader and character. Great characters helped this along even though I didn’t like how Carter treated Riley. I also think Carter’s marriage collapse happens very quickly, they go from happy to not in a couple of chapters and I wasn’t convinced. Also wouldn’t it be refreshing if family stepped up, surprised everyone and stood by their children? Then t [...]

    2. In my humble opinion, the authors have written a compelling, engrossing, and wonderful story about the tumultuous and complicated decades-long friendship between Carter Hamilton and Riley Porter-Wright. It was so heartbreaking, and make-me-want-to-scream-in-frustration to watch both men deny their true feelings for each other, dragging others into the ticking time bomb that will eventually blow up in their faces, leaving grief, pain, and utter devastation in its wake. I was hooked from the very [...]

    3. All the stars to Wake, the story of two men, Carter and Riley, who meet as Freshmen at Harvard and form a bond that goes way beyond friendship, and continues after they both return to New York City to settle into the lives they are expected to live and the family businesses they are expected to join.They have only one problem. The feelings they have for each other and any possible relationship they could have is frowned upon in their world, so it becomes something hidden, exciting and secretive, [...]

    4. Precedo mi comentario advirtiendo (o recordando) que no me gustan las series, las evito cuanto puedo o en su defecto, busco aquellas en las que las novelas 'aguantan' como libros independientes, dicho sea esto, no quiero ni explicar la cara de gili que se me quedó cuando llegué al final de esta novela, la primera de al menos una más, tengo mis dudas de que la historia mejore, pero bueno, eso es algo personal. Señores, no se quien fue el lumbreras que ha dejado esa información para el amargo [...]

    5. There is so much I could say about this wonderful story, but I don’t want to give too much away. Carter and Riley first meet as freshmen roommates at Harvard and forge a bond that goes beyond friendship. After they finish their grad degrees in business, they both return to their New York City homes to pursue their chosen careers. Though they both grew up in high society, their families were very different, though their parents expected great things from both of them. As they work their ways in [...]

    6. These two authors are evil. -_- The torture they put these guys through and the torture they put ME through! Even though I really do like some angst. HA! And friends to lovers. YAS! They are hitting all of my buttons. This is a story of two guys on a long road of hiding and secrets. It's a book of heartache, love, denial, care, and coming free. God my heart just pained for Riley over and over. And there were many times I got frustrated with Carter. As I read my heart ached more and more for both [...]

    7. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsI was quite impressed with this book. It’s unique and it took risks, but it all came together remarkably well. The book has a few different areas that all converge together, but at the heart of it is the relationship between Riley and Carter. We get point of view from both characters and the shift happens fairly smoothly, but we do get a bit more from Riley than we do from Carter. The book opens with a prologue of Riley confessing his feelings to Carter and the [...]

    8. 5 + Stars We start this journey with Riley and Carter when they meet on the first day of their freshman year of college, at Harvard University. These young men both come from very similar backgrounds. They are both the sons of wealthy, New York business men, who expect them to graduate college, join the family business, find a nice girl from the same elite circle to marry and produce an heir to carry on the family name. Throughout this journey over the first six years of their friendship, the ro [...]

    9. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~4.5*s of angst and complicatedThis is a really difficult book to review - it is brilliant, but so sad. It is fun and sexy and then cold and depressing. Overall it is a book which will not leave your mind in a while - and given we have to wait until August for the conclusion, it is, for me, going to be like an earworm niggling away until I get an answer. First off, there is a warning in the blurb about the issues that ari [...]

    10. I have read Brigham Vaughn a number of times and truly loved her creativity and style. K. Evan Coles is new to me and shockingly, this is her debut. The fact you can't tell that by reading Wake speaks volumes of K. Evan's talent.What I loved most about this book was watching Carter and Riley's relationship growth. It's so rare we see new relationships form into mature ones these days. I can probably count on one hand the number of books I've seen this in. When a relationship begins I'm always cu [...]

    11. I've been a fan of Brigham Vaughn's writing for a few years now. Ms. Coles is new to me. Together they have written one powerhouse of a book. I was moved by, and related to, the heartbreak that eventually engulfed each of the main characters, Carter and Riley, as they navigated through years of a closet relationship. Meeting while attending college, their story took us for fifteen years of a developing relationship as they went through college, married other people, fought feelings with varying [...]

    12. A new to me set of authors, K Evan Coles & Brigham Vaughn wrote a book and a sequel 'WAKE' and 'CALM' that I read in December. These are "MM romance" and contain explicit homo-erotic sex scenes so if that's not your bag, skip on down to my next rec. I haven't read much "MM" (as we say in the romance world) for a while. It's not my usual go-to or favorite sub genre, and I got turned off by some books that I picked up that were too much sex and too little plot. But this set of books has a love [...]

    13. Carter Hamilton and Riley Porter-Wright room together as Harvard undergraduates, they're similar yet so very different. Both from very affluent families, Carter's family is close, and interested in what he does and where he's going, as long as that's not anywhere near homosexuals, thank you very much, Thank goodness their son Carter is not gay and doesn't associate with any. Riley's parents are arctic cold and disinterested, they're all about appearances and social connections. Being or aligning [...]

    14. ~ 4.5 Stars ~ Wake by K. Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn was quite a journey. I found, as I read, that I had to put the book down for a day or two and process before continuing. It was long, but no part of the book seemed unnecessary.One thing I appreciated about this book was how the authors took risks. There are topics which will certainly hit sensitive spots for readers: cheating, divorce, abandonment, emotional neglect, but these are real things and happen every day. Just because this is a rom [...]

    15. Well done, ladies!! I loved everything about this book. Following Car and Ri's "friendship" for so many years made me feel like I know them now. I swooned, laughed, and cried with them. I guess I'm saying I love them both even if I really wanted to smack their heads together a time or two. It's sad to me that anyone struggles to come out but I what Riley went through to get where he's at in the end is so very real for so many people. Now I just need more More MORE!!! Please tell me I am getting [...]

    16. This is one of the most compelling stories of this genre I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The push and pull and struggle of denial of true feelings these two men go through was completely heartbreaking to witness. The theme of this book is very heavy. It is by no means a light book and I felt frustration and sadness all throughout reading. Riley and Carter meet as freshmen roommates at Harvard and their deep friendship spans 15 years. We see both these young men grow and cope with their [...]

    17. Gay romance is at its best when both the guys are married to women. Nothing says gay relationship like heterosexual relationships!

    18. I have been a fan of Brigham and K's work for several years now. Separately and together. They did not disappoint with this new piece of work. Right from the start I could tell that Carter and Riley's story was going to take me on an emotional ride. The prologue really set the tone for me. I love angst, I love drama, and I love two tortured souls who just make me want to scream. This has it all, because besides developing some really great characters the writing is superb. I am really looking fo [...]

    19. Even though by the end of this story I was left adrift and wanting for resolution for Riley and Carter, I still really enjoyed Wake's angst-ridden storyline and wonderful characters. With the prologue giving a glimpse into the uncertain and pained future of both men, I already knew it was going to be a tense and rocky ride.While at times the pace of the story might seem to drag, it was actually necessary for the authors to cover the different segments of the mens' lives at length to show the pro [...]

    20. It's rare for me to read a story straight through, but I could not put this book down! It's not easy to write great chemistry but K Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn nailed this relationship. I loved the friendship, bromance, and passion between these two. The side characters were wonderfully rounded and added a compelling depth to the story. I cannot wait to devour book two.

    21. I need to write this review from two angles. Please be aware, there may be spoilers ahead. First, the story, although long was well done. It was written very well, showing both POV's, especially at the critical moment of the story. These men circled each other for years, literally years, being best friends but wanting to be more, and trying to be more, without actually allowing it to happen. There was a lot of back and forth, but the friendship was very clear. These two men adored each other, an [...]

    22. I have been a fan of Brigham Vaughn for a few years now and she has never let me down. K Evan Cole is a new author to me that is definitely on her way up. Put the two together and we are blessed with an amazing journey of friendship, lust, hesitation, fear, and heart. After only a couple of chapters, I knew that if I was smart I would put Wake aside until the second book was released so I wouldn't be tortured with waiting but I was also already sucked in and couldn't even begin to contemplate th [...]

    23. This book is utterly amazing, and I find the best part about it is that you are brought into these mens lives like you are living with them! It is very rare to be able to develop characters that way, and to show their flaws as well as their strengths in a way that we will still love them, but these tow authors do it beautifully! Riley and Carter share a history that those close to them know nothing about, the truth is they were once more than just best friends, and one of them at least, would be [...]

    24. I loved this book! K. Evans Cole and Brigham Vaughn have written a wonderful story. Reading Carter and Riley's story of friendship was so beautifully written. I loved the way we got snapshots of how their relationship developed in college. Reading about the struggles they each faced was so hard to read because I felt so much for these characters. Then there were times they frustrated me so much with the decisions they made I just felt like throwing my copy to the ground. While I couldn't persona [...]

    25. Too much angst for me and cliffhanger. Don't get me wrong, it's well written reason why all this angst made me completly depressed

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