So I'm a Spider, So What? - light novel

So I m a Spider So What light novel I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye I woke up in a place I ve never seen before and and I was reborn as a spider How could something that s nothing than a tiny spider th

  • Title: So I'm a Spider, So What? - light novel
  • Author: Baba Okina Kiryu Tsukasa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I ve never seen before and and I was reborn as a spider How could something that s nothing than a tiny spider that s me possibly survive in literally the worst dungeon ever Are there no rules There should be some rules Who the hell is responsible for this SHOW YOUR FACE

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      204 Baba Okina Kiryu Tsukasa
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    1. What a delight! I love the premise of being reborn as a spider in a dungeon. The lead and her struggles are engaging. There is a mix of action and downtime. It develops the world in an engaging way and you learn along side the lead. There are additional point of views, but the majority is spent with the spider (honestly her parts of the story truly are the best). Lots of imaginative critters, a slightly bloodthirsty lead and a mystery yet to be resolved-what more can you ask for? Of course, read [...]

    2. Fun and engaging despite being another "born in another world" tropey book. Curious to see where the two different story lines will go and how they will eventually meet.

    3. From the very first page, this book is fast-paced and intriguing. Even in comparably dull moments, the author excels in using the main character to tell a detailed and engaging story.I thought the main character was extremely relatable and found myself thinking that I would likely react in the same "freak out, but then think things through" manner that she does.The other characters, while significantly less developed (due to only being featured in side chapters), are interesting in their own way [...]

    4. I first read So I'm a Spider, So What? years ago as a machine translated web novel, and I really really liked it, so finding out the light novel was licensed was pretty exciting.Basically, the plot of vol 1, a classroom of students die and get reincarnated in a fantasy world. We follow the story of a girl without a name as she's born a spider and does her best to survive in what's pretty much a really large dungeon. She's weak but she's smart, and through luck and skill and quick thinking she su [...]

    5. Just a damn fun book. Written in the first person we follow our MC’s adventures in a fantasy world full of monsters, magic and adventure! Except she was reincarnated as a low level spider in the worlds largest dungeon, and is food for almost everything around her. Our nameless main character is what makes this novel so good, her reactions and actions are funny, sly and perhaps a little monstrous, which is quite fitting. In addition to our eight-legged MC their are multiple side chapters that f [...]

    6. This is a tale all about how a young gamer's life gets spun in thread upside down in a cobweb. It's your typical Isekai setup, characters transported to another world through a supernatural sort of method, this time with an emphasis on a whole classroom getting reincarnated into the other world. What makes it interesting is that characters aren't guaranteed to reincarnate as their species or even be bipedal; our hero becomes a spider.The story basically focuses on two fronts; our Noble human cha [...]

    7. Ya conociendo bastantes obras "Isekai" debo decir que Kumo desu ga esta en el top. La premisa de que comience siendo una debil araña y no un personaje OP es refrescante. Que hayan capitulos de la araña peleando contra abejas, algo tan pequeño e insignificante en los sucesos del "mundo". Me lei el fan translation hace un tiempo pero la edifición original es bastante buena.Gracias a los fans que la sacaron igual y lograron aumentar la visibildiad en occidente de esta obra lo suficiente para qu [...]

    8. Amusing story but crazy short This felt more like a novella than a book. Ok characterization and simple mechanics for getting character to the new world but MC was part of the story, good chunk devoted to their cheat tees from same work but with no real connection. More of a distraction than anything. Solid premise and perhaps would have been better as a manga comic than a book.

    9. Divertida y muy entretenida. Siendo una novela ligera sacada de la web que incluso consiguió su manga aun tratando de una araña como protagonista fue sorprendente.Su sentido divertido e intercalo de capítulos de Kumo-chan (la prota) con otros personajes como el princeso Shunrein le dio un toque fresco y ligero que no te aburre e incluso te tiene al borde de las lágrimas de tanto carcajearte.Nai Wa! No continue leyendo los demas volumenes.

    10. Engaging and enjoyableThe book has two plot lines — one for the spider and one for a prince (my guess: we are eventually heading towards a demon lord vs hero showdown between former classmates).The spider plot line is far more engaging. Regardless, well worth reading!

    11. This was surprisingly fun - I got pretty invested in Spider Girl's survival and I'm interested to see how/if she and the rest of her class reconnect.

    12. I really love this book, maybe because im into dungeons n dragons thing, but because is a good way to see things in a different perspective.

    13. Great bookFun story, lots of action, suspense and danger. Main character is fun, likeable and more than anything imperfect enough to be entertaining.

    14. Not enough spider I wanted to like this book a lot more, however there's a male POV in it and of course he gets his Japanese name and a bunch of skills. He is basically the protagonist of the book even though we spend time with Spider Girl, who is not named.The other girl in this book is also a monster and Katia of course is one of Shun former male classmates.Basically women get screwed in this book. Could have had a female POV for the person that is going to be the hero.It's no wonder that Yen [...]

    15. I can’t say how much I love this novel enough, it’s about a girl that dies in a classroom and gets reborn as a monster spider in a different world in that world’s largest labyrinth. It’s funny and interesting and good about showing how you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes to really live. This volume starts with the main character weak and shows her growth and gaining of skills.

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