Rock and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place Expert mountain climber Jayden Harris has the world at feet until an avalanche at Everest base camp sweeps it all out from under her She wants nothing to do with the mountains and turns her back on i

  • Title: Rock and a Hard Place
  • Author: Andrea Bramhall
  • ISBN: 9783955339029
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Expert mountain climber Jayden Harris has the world at feet until an avalanche at Everest base camp sweeps it all out from under her She wants nothing to do with the mountains, and turns her back on it all.Rhian Phillips is a successful London marketing executive who has the chance of a lifetime fall in her lap She s sent to produce a reality TV series on competitivExpert mountain climber Jayden Harris has the world at feet until an avalanche at Everest base camp sweeps it all out from under her She wants nothing to do with the mountains, and turns her back on it all.Rhian Phillips is a successful London marketing executive who has the chance of a lifetime fall in her lap She s sent to produce a reality TV series on competitive climbers, while showcasing the stunning beauty of a Patagonian glacier and the Cerro Fitz Roy range.An accident brings Jayden and Rhian together, and outside pressures keep them at each other s sides When you re stuck between a rock and a hard place eventually something has to give The one thing they never counted on was them both wanting to stay together.A lesbian romance about pushing onwards and defying expectations.100,000 wordslesbian romance mountain climbing Patagonia reality TV series

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      Andrea Bramhall wrote her first novel at the age of six and three quarters It was seven pages long and held together with a pink ribbon Her Gran still has it in the attic Since then she has progressed a little bit and now has a number of published works held together with glue, not ribbons, an Alice B Lavender certificate, and a Lambda Literary award cluttering up her book shelves.She studied music and all things arty at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in 2002 with a BA in contemporary arts She is certain it will prove useful someday maybe.When she isn t busy running a campsite and hostel on the North Norfolk Coast, Bramhall can be found hunched over her laptop scribbling down the stories that won t let her sleep She can also be found reading, walking the dogs up mountains while taking a few thousand photos, scuba diving while taking a few thousand photos, swimming, kayaking, playing the saxophone, or cycling.


    1. 'Ylva-Publishing ARC received in exchanged for a fair and honest review'3.5star! In no way is this book an easy read; it is moody and often lovely but exhausting to follow at times. Been a huge fan of this author since i read her first book(Clean Slate) so when i started off with this book why was the storyline so difficult and impossible to connect with,maybe because of the sad/prologue and the slow start but eventually it picked up and turned into a remarkable story about grief,friendship,fami [...]

    2. I have always been fascinated by mountain climbing books. Everest, K2, fiction and non-fiction, I have enjoyed them all. Maybe it’s because very few people ever conquer these mountains. Maybe it’s the danger and excitement, whatever it is mountain climbing books appeal to me. I’m glad to say this was another good book by Bramhall.The story is about Rhian, who is a marketing executive constantly trying to prove to her boss and stepmother how good she is at her job. When the chance to produc [...]

    3. Wow, what can I say that would do justice to this book. If I could give 10 stars I would. Maybe if I could work out how to make the stars flash. Yes, I'm serious. This book is beyond excellent.The story line is good, the scenery breathtaking and the characters are really likable with the exception of one or two. I really didn't know Argentina had such a beautiful glacier. Nope, no pictures. Bramhall describes it with such precision that you can't help but picture it in your mind. I even looked i [...]

    4. I'm on the fence with how to rate this, it wasn't brilliant nor bad, for me this book had lots of ups and downs, one minute being enjoyable even exciting then it just wasn't.Witty and humorous at times but talk about miscommunication, "jesus it was just the worst for that" nearly got to me to a point of thinking "i DON'T give a stuff anymore".The main characters were very likable until they got on my nerves acting like they were incapable of speech, the supporting characters were just the bee's [...]

    5. A great novel with a slow burning romance in an adventurous surrounding. Bramhall describes the places and beautiful landscapes, where the novel takes place, very detailed and pictorial. You want to go there, to see it by yourself. I‘m not a climber but I love very much to be in the nature. I loved both main characters from the beginning. When Rhian and Jayden met for the first time, they both are still struggling with some issues from the past. For that they start on the wrong foot to work to [...]

    6. Romance novels that have a sport of some sort tend to draw me in just on the premise alone. Rock climbing especially when you bring in climbing the major summits like Everest, Annapurna or Denali I am beyond intrigued. The thought of people willingly putting their lives at risk for their passion is both badass and terrifying. No desire to do it, I'll keep my feet on the ground, thanks, but read it oh hell yeah. The premise is tricky though. You either are going to weave the romance perfectly in [...]

    7. When a book’s focus is on mountain climbers it’s only natural to expect some highs and lows. Thrill seekers are inspiring to watch because they rely on their physical strength and training to master goals few of us will ever achieve. We also watch extreme sports because of the element of danger, that one wrong decision or equipment failure which can lead to disaster for the competitor.I loved the concept of the clothing company and tourist board coming together with Rachel’s marketing comp [...]

    8. The vast majority of the angst driven romance arc sports the a-typical ingredient list of bad feels because of lack of communication, or outright lies between the MC's. It's all pretty draining to get through it and once the page flipping past all the bad feels it's usually the death knell for me and a book. But out of loyalty to both author and publisher I pushed on. Otherwise this would have easily been a DNF for me.There's also a side order of father issues with Rhian. Which considering it's [...]

    9. Wow, what a ride, or more what a climb ;) I loved this book from the beginning. Adventures, mountains, competition, great story. Great characters!

    10. I typically look forward to an Andrea Bramhall novel, but I was especially anticipating the release of "Rock and a Hard Place." The SettingI'm a fan of books where the setting involves mountains. There are bonus points if it incorporates a bit of adventurous mountain climbing. "Rock and a Hard Place" had this and more.I'm already aware that the Patagonia region - both shared by Chile and Argentina - is a stunningly beautiful place. It was perfect for a book setting, and I was immensely pleased t [...]

    11. You know an author is talented when they create an intense emotional bond with the characters at only 20% of the way into the book. When you start crying on the bus in broad daylight because of the strength of the story and connection to the characters and depth of emotions portrayed in their words. Some books take longer than that to even get into the story, some books never get such an emotional reaction. But this one.damn.Rhian is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a marketing job wrapped [...]

    12. I enjoyed this. A good concept, lots of research that transports you vividly into the mountains and onto a glacier, some great characters and some pantomime villains to cheer, boo and hiss at, boob hypnotism that had me laughing out loud and I just loved Rhian and Jayden together from the moment they met. There were plenty of mountains, and emotional tripwires, in their way, but they climbed a step every day (yes I feel that cheesy). It was a hugely entertaining read that will leave you fancying [...]

    13. HmmmmI love books where the storyline is about climbing a mountain. This was different from some I have read and I liked that. I like the characters of Rhian and Jayden two women deAling with issues. The secondary characters where great. Rachel, Fen, Mel they all made me laugh. The only thing I can say I had a problem with was the going back and forth of she hates me she hates me. But I did enjoy the book. I would definitely recommend this book.

    14. 4.5 starsJayden is a world class mountain climber. With her sister she owns a small company and leads climbs up some of the toughest mountains in the world. When disaster strikes she can’t help but blame herself, and retreats from life on several levels.Rhian is a marketing executive who is handed her dream project, setting up and managing a reality show based around professional climbing. The pair are forced together by circumstances beyond their control, and held there by the demands of the [...]

    15. Review of 'Rock and a hard place' by Andrea Bramhall.This is a slow burn romance with some mountain climbing action on the background. I thought it was going to be the opposite so I was a bit disappointed about it, but this is just related to my expectations. Ms. Bramhall is one of my favourite lesfic authors (see here for my top ten lezreviewbooks.wordpress/) and this is an enjoyable read but I personally think that she excels at writing mysteries. I recommend to read 'Collide-O-Scope', book 1 [...]

    16. I enjoyed the climbing descriptions, but have to say the secondary characters made this an enjoyable read. The romance was very slow burning and I did feel little short changed as quickly picked up towards the end. I would have preferred more real couple time. Enjoyable read, little frustrating at times, lack of communication and assumptions.Arc received from vulva for honest review.

    17. Rock and a Hard Place is another Andrea Bramhall winner! Jayden is forced to face her fears and her losses when asked to help her sister in Patagonia.The plot is exciting and engaging and the characters are diverse. You are drawn into their world quickly.I have never wanted to try mountain climbing however the people who do fascinate me. This novel has given me insight into the allure of climbing and the risk and rewards assigned to the sport.Climbers are risk takers in life and in this novel lo [...]

    18. The scenery of the book was stunning and how the mountains and the climbing were described made me feel like I’m on the mountain. The only thing I didn’t really understand was that the whole challenge and sponsorship from Patagonia for the tv show was to promote their clothing and sportswear to woman and to bring the brand closer to female customers. So I didn’t really understand that there were half men and half women in the competition - that seemed a little odd to me just because of how [...]

    19. So I don't give 5 stars very often, but I really throughly enjoyed this book. It was very evident that Andrea did a ton of research and it make the book more authentic and gave you the feeling as a reader that you were really there. The characters are fun and well developed. Rachel is throughly amusing and I wish she were my boss. The romance between Rhian and Jayden was sweet and slowly developed. They just seemed to fit together. I'm a huge fan of adventure type stories, especially with it com [...]

    20. *Free copy provided by the publisher for an honest review*I have always been a fan of Bramhall's and this book is just as good as all of her others. The one thing I live about reading a book by this author is that she always fully research's her content. This book is centered around mountain climbing, so if you are a climbing enthusiast then you will probably enjoy this book.I didn't really understand the technical terms but I did enjoy the relationship between Jayden and Rhian and the story was [...]

    21. A Rock and a Hard Place by Andrea Bramhall is an enjoyable read. I found the mountain climbing to be very interesting and the interactions between Rhian and Jayden sweet. I especially like Rachel and even though she was described as a b$&*# she loved Rhian and always her champion. If you’re looking for a well-paced, interesting romance grab your copy of Rock and a Hard Place today! I look forward to reading more by Andrea Bramhall.I received an arc in exchange for my honest opinion.

    22. Bramhall seems to get better with each book she writes. I loved this one. It’s so enjoyable to sit on a couch and read about someone else in exotic locations like Patagonia exerting themselves in a dangerous hobby like mountain climbing. Having my adventures vicariously while I sit sipping my tea in safety and comfort.There seems to be an unwritten rule (or, I don’t know, it probably is written somewhere) that the characters in a romance story can’t have an easy time getting together. Ther [...]

    23. Quite often when I'm reading a book I'm going to review I highlight things in the kindle app on my phone and make notes for myself etc. Sometimes I'm inspired to do this by beautiful phrasing or really striking and thought provoking imagery (Lee Winter's 'The Brutal Truth', for example was full of notes and ideas that somehow wove themselves into a coherent review. I just couldn't stop wanting to write things down; the ideas were constantly flowing as I read.) On other occasions I find myself no [...]

    24. In all the books I’ve read by Andrea Bramhall so far, I've come across the same (good and welcome) problem as a reader: the books are tough to put down and so very easy to get sucked into. Characters are distinct and their one liners razor sharp, you can’t help but want to follow them around and want to befriend the ones that don’t irritate you immensely. From the first chapter, stakes are set high and action is taut, setting a serious tone for the climbing and other high risk activities t [...]

    25. At the start of the book, i actually though (view spoiler)[ what a way to kill a character off(hide spoiler)] i dont really mind. I actually didnt at all. Because i didnt know the character so well or at all to create bond to feel sad or something like that.And after finished the book:Omg! I really love this book. This is my first reading for this author too. I really love both main characters, Rhian and Jayden. I like the banters that go back and force between these two. They cute and adorable [...]

    26. This was a really great book. It had one of my favorite tropes fake relationship with mutual pining. Rock and a Hard Place is about two women, Jayden and Rhian, who are thrown together to film a reality competition show. Jayden is a climber who faces devastation after an avalanche on Mt Everest and left the climbing life behind her. Rhian works for a marketing company. The company Rhian works for was chosen to film a reality competition show about climbers, which was like a gift for Rhian becaus [...]

    27. I was given this ARC by the publisher in exchange for an Honest Review.Whew. I've never been someone who wants to climb mountains (I'm good with simply hiking Eastern US 'Hills'), but, I've read a couple of other climbing books, and this was definitely one of the most intense one's I've read (the former number one would have to be Worth Every Step by KG MacGregor).It's mostly the story of Jayden and Rhian. Rhian works for an advertisement firm that gets hired by a clothing/climbing company to pu [...]

    28. Jayden Harris is probably the best female mountain climber in the world but an avalanche at Mount Everest changes her life personally and professionally and she decides she can’t be part of that world anymore. Rhian Phillips is an advertising executive charged with producing a reality TV show to help sell adventure clothing. She has issues of her own preventing her from living the life she should. When the two women are brought together the pull between them is strong and intense, although nei [...]

    29. Jayden, a professional mountain climber who retired from climbing after surviving a tragedy that killed her girlfriend, is forced (by an improbable confluence of events) to help plan, run, and host a mountain climbing reality tv show. Producing the show is Rhian, who is forced, even more improbably, to pretend to be Jayden's girlfriend during production."Rock and a Hard Place" is a serviceable romance, but I found Jayden and Rhian's professional relationship more interesting than their personal [...]

    30. This is the 4th book I have read by Bramhall, and they have all been amazing. One of my all-time favorite books was written by her so I expect a lot going into a book. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and will be starting her Norfolk Investigation books soon. This book is written in such a way, the descriptions are vivid, and it is easy to see the landscape through words. It is a 5 star book based on description writing. I think the characters are great, and I enjoyed the mains as well as seco [...]

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