Life to the Limit: My Autobiography

Life to the Limit My Autobiography Jenson Button is one of the greatest racing drivers of his generation His seventeen years in Formula have seen him experience everything the sport has to offer from nursing underpowered cars around

  • Title: Life to the Limit: My Autobiography
  • Author: Jenson Button
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  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jenson Button is one of the greatest racing drivers of his generation His seventeen years in Formula 1 have seen him experience everything the sport has to offer, from nursing underpowered cars around the track to winning World Championships and everything in between.Here, Jenson tells his full story for the first time in his own honest, intelligent and eloquent style FrJenson Button is one of the greatest racing drivers of his generation His seventeen years in Formula 1 have seen him experience everything the sport has to offer, from nursing underpowered cars around the track to winning World Championships and everything in between.Here, Jenson tells his full story for the first time in his own honest, intelligent and eloquent style From growing up as part of a motor racing mad family under the guidance of his father, John, to arriving at Williams as a fresh faced 20 year old, to being written off by some as a playboy and his fight back to the very pinnacle of his sport Jenson s World Championship victory for the unsponsored and unfancied Brawn GP team is one of the most extraordinary against the odds sports stories of the century.Jenson s book lifts the lid on the gilded and often hidden world of Formula 1 He reveals his relationships with some of the biggest names in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso as well some of the most colourful characters like Bernie Ecclestone, Ron Dennis, Frank Williams and serial winner Ross Brawn Above all, he puts you right inside the cockpit, in the driving seat, travelling at over 200 miles per hour, battling the fear of death, showing you what happens when it goes wrong at high speed and allowing you to experience the euphoria of crossing the line first.

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      Jenson Button Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Life to the Limit: My Autobiography book, this is one of the most wanted Jenson Button author readers around the world.


    1. My GoodReads folks may not know this, but I am a massive Formula 1 fan. I have been watching since mid-2005, and despite the fact Fernando Alonso hasn't won a thing for what seems like donkeys years, and I hate the fact only one team seems to win at the moment (or one driver *side eyes at Bottas*), I still watch it. There's something about the sport that keeps me coming back, even when I get furious and say I'm never going to watch another race, ever. Rest assured, I will watch the next race.One [...]

    2. As a huge fan of Jenson Button's I was really looking forward to reading this book and it obviously didn't disappoint. Jenson gives a great insight into the world of Formula 1 and the circus that surrounds it. But not only that you get a look into his life growing up and as he moved through the ranks of Motorsport. There is also a couple of touching chapters that play tribute to his late father and how the impact of losing him shook Jenson to the core. There is a bit of technical talk, so it doe [...]

    3. I’ve always had a soft spot for JB. It may sound a strange thing to say about a former world champion but I’ve never felt he got the respect he deserved so I was interested to see what he’d have to say. While he may be being a bit diplomatic at times, you can hear his voice through the book, it doesn’t sound ghost written, it feels like his words put on paper.While this is Jensons book, it’s really the story of two men, JB and his dad. His love and respect for the old man as he calls h [...]

    4. If you know me at all, you will know that there’s two things I absolutely adore. Books and Formula 1. Books and reading have been a life-long love of mine, ever since I was too young to remember. Formula 1 is a relatively new crush, having only been introduced to it really within the last 3 years but 3 years could easily be 33 because I have enveloped myself in Formula 1 ever since my boyfriend introduced me to it and I’ve wanted to watch and learn and read everything I can about it. Now, I [...]

    5. A bit more than your normal sports biography but it does tend to become one of them roll out the results page towards the end. There were some interesting facts and viewpoints that I wasn't aware of. Overall an enjoyable read, chapters are small bite size chunks which makes the pages turn quite quickly.

    6. AwesomeA great read , enjoyed every minute of this . A must for any motor racing fan. A great insight into f1

    7. I had to sit on this for a little while before I could give it a rating and write anything about it, because the last fifth or so of the book is much better - and much more emotional - than everything that went before it. It would have been really easy to give it four or even five stars based on that alone, which would have been the case had I reviewed it straight away. To be honest, I think he could have written the whole thing on the death of his father, as - understandably - there are clearly [...]

    8. This is not a typical sports biography!A typical sports biography is one where the athlete tells you in some detail how they started. They then briefly tell you what minor categories they graced, followed by a blow-by-blow account of their career in the top flight. Therefore, a typical biography of a racing driver contains much karting, a very brief yet glorious career in junior formulae, followed by a detailed account of their Grand Prix career. Sometimes there may be stats. I've seen it!Not he [...]

    9. I have nothing but words of praise for this one.* Emotional when needed be, funny in countless places. All of the times when Jenson even might've had a rough time in his career are countered by the effortless love he's got for this sport. It was a breeze to get through and a truly interesting read.It was Mark Webber's autobiography that I said has really great parts about how being in the car feels like, and this one has numerous really brilliant parts about the technical side of the whole thing [...]

    10. Jenson Button's seventeen years in Formula 1 have seen him nursing underpowered cars around the track to winning World Championships and everything in between. Here, Jenson tells his story, from growing up in a motor-racing-mad family under the guidance of his father, John, to arriving at Williams as a fresh-faced 20 year-old, to being written off as a playboy and his fight back to the pinnacle of his sport. Jenson reveals his thoughts on some of the biggest names in Formula 1 and tells you what [...]

    11. Whilst I can't say I'm a massive fan of F1, I went in open minded to see what Button was all about.I must say it was very interesting about what it takes to become an F1 driver, especially the formative karting years and the dedication when most teenagers are out partying to stay focussed.My main criticism is that Button glances over anything really personal. I.e. casually drops an abortion in for all of half a line and that was that. That's a pretty big deal, some emotion is expected.Then there [...]

    12. This is probably the best of the few Formula 1 related biographies I have read. It's not my main hobby, I only watch the free-to-air stuff and have never been to an actual F1 race. But I did kind of see Jenson go past at 150mph on the Goodwood track in 2014, and he's one of my favourite all-time drivers, for sure. And that 2009 Brawn GP car is sexy as hell.The style of the book is light-hearted and fun, much like the man himself. Obviously, there are some dark periods which have been well played [...]

    13. What a good read indeed ! ive always liked Jenson and this book sure shows what a truly decent guy he isYou can sure tell that he wrote it himself that shines through the pages. The love he had/has for his father is sure evident and I must admit to a tear or two reading the details of his passing. I would like to thank JB for this brilliant book the frankness and behind the scenes of motor racing was very interesting indeed and sure shows the hard work he had to put in to achieve his world title [...]

    14. I enjoyed part one getting to know how JB became such a good and respected driver. Watching F1 over the years, I did not need the yearly stats of each race, which could have had all the information in charts per year.The book had no emotion until late part 3. Just facts, figures and parties.Overall I got bored and had to self motivate to finish. No disrespect to Jenson, his achievements impress but, what about after F1, just a few lines as to Triathlons and relationships. Not a deep enough, for [...]

    15. I’ve been a massive F1 fan for years but was never really enamoured by JB - I’ve always felt he was very overrated - so was actually really looking forward to this book to see if my opinion of him has changed.If you like complex, detailed autobiographies then this probably isn’t for you - it’s short, snappy and doesn’t go into a massive amount of detail.It does however talk a lot about the close relationship he shared with his father, ‘Papa Smurf’ and the loss of motivation he felt [...]

    16. Racing drivers are a strange breed, highly motivated, strongly focused on a goal. Often this comes at the expense of other areas of their lives. What you get from this book is that while Button undoubtedly has that desire to win, he's also enjoying himself.The book is written in a very accessible, chatty, style with short chapters and doesn't get bogged down in too much technical detail. What comes across strongly is Jenson's bond with his father, the man who started him on the path into motorsp [...]

    17. Reading a copy of this - not something I would necessarily buy - but quite a decent read. Not a huge amount of detail and insight - whole seasons covered in a couple of pages, but I was interested in the background of Jensen and his dad, and there is some information and context for Formula One which is good. The book is billed at Jenson's autobiography, but it is really about his relationship with his dad, who is there every step of the way, and whose death really meant the end of Jenson's F1 c [...]

    18. I loved it but then I would as a big fan of JB and F1. I agree with others in that you can hear him talking all the way through so it was not ghost written. It is full of everything you need to know about his journey from small boy playing cars on the landing to eventual retirement from F1 and all the emotions, testing trials and successes along the way. It is moving, funny and serious at times and a real insight into the relationships and frustrations of F1. Can't wait to see the next stage of [...]

    19. I'm a big fan of F1 and of Jenson Button so this autobiography was a no-brainer choice. I don't usually read about careers of a retired sportsman as normally they're not particularly well written. This was in that mould but, of course, if you like the person involved that won't matter. He has certainly lead the high life with lots of ups and downs but overall a good ambassador for the sport and for us Brits.

    20. Really really enjoyed this book. While I have a love/hate relationship with modern day F1, I've always liked Jenson Button and this book really just made me like him more. It was a very entertaining read and I appreciated reading about some of the behind the scenes things. It was just some great insight into the F1 world of the 2000s, with a lot of Jenson's humor thrown in.And dear god, F1 could use some more of driver personalities thrown in

    21. Audio - really interesting to see Jenson’s journey into and through F1. I especially liked that there were no shocking reveals or gossipy drama is overall respectful of fellow drivers and F1.Although I don’t follow F1 closely, I could still enjoy as it is not too technical and there is plenty of entertainment and adventuresemotional and sad in places too, but great to see Jenson’s spirit and zest for life throughout.

    22. Sports autobiographies aren't always the most insightful, but this was terrible, just a boring retrospective of his career. Barely a mention of his life away from racing, relationships, even a marriage reduced to a few sentences. Entire seasons of racing are glossed over, the McLaren Honda debacle condensed to a few paragraphs, and Honda not even mentioned for McLaren's recent woes, probably an attempt to keep doors open for a future racing career with them. Don't waste your money on this.

    23. Only pick it up if you're a fan. A lot of chapters focus on specific races and seasons so if you're not a fan it might not be the best reading material.As a fan though I enjoyed reading it. There's a lot of little behind the scenes snippets that fills in the gaps about the things I've seen on TV/the media. My only gripe is that I hoped he would go into a bit more detail about his routines in the different stages of his career especially related to his fitness and training.

    24. A fantastic and candid autobiography by one of the best and classiest F1 Champions. JB's story includes his childhood, introduction to racing and path to F1, his racecraft and the technical side of racing, the teams and teammates he raced with each season, the close relationship he had with his father, and much more. A must-read for all race fans.

    25. Trouble with biographies is that you probably don't know the beginning, but you know most of the story and surely know the end. Nevertheless, Jenson's book is a quick and easy read that nicely filled the gaps and explains some episodes in his life and career. I hope for more background than he provided, but still enjoyed the book a lot.

    26. As a massive Jenson and F1 fan, this book didn't disappoint. Very much written in Jenson's voice and a relaxed style. I would have like a little more focus on his life outside of F1, as it is much of the book is an exploration of his F1 races and his thoughts on these. With short chapters, i flew through the book quickly

    27. Great way to understand one of F1s top drivers.Apart from a couple of spelling mistakes, this book really allows Jason to explain his career. Reading it gave me a good sense for his personality and how tough it is to become one of the greats in F1.

    28. Loved itYou can hear Jenson's voice telling you his story. And what a story. Thank you for sharing this and for the insight into your world. I'll be following your next move into racing with even more enthusiasm. What a decent bloke!

    29. Ok, so firstly I am a big fan of JB so that obviously makes me biased! However I have to say that I really enjoyed this roam through Jenson's career. It's clearly written from the heart and his honestly is refreshing. Good read for any F1 fan or for fans of the ethic of working hard to succeed

    30. This book does its job well. The autobiography of a sportsman isn’t a classic but, if done properly, it’s captivating. JB’s life is fascinating and he brings the readers from joy to tear with the telling of his life story. I’d recommend if you like F1 or Motorsport.

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