ALEC (She-Shifters of Hell's Corner Book 1)

ALEC She Shifters of Hell s Corner Book Welcome to Helen s Corner This is the first book in the She Shifters of Hell s Corner series This series is a spin off of the Bears of Burden series although each book can be read as a standalone Car

  • Title: ALEC (She-Shifters of Hell's Corner Book 1)
  • Author: Candace Ayers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Helen s Corner This is the first book in the She Shifters of Hell s Corner series This series is a spin off of the Bears of Burden series, although each book can be read as a standalone Carter Ray has vowed off men She and her daughter, Jellybean, have found refuge in the mostly female populated town of Helen s Corner She wants nothing to do with the visiti Welcome to Helen s CornerThis is the first book in the She Shifters of Hell s Corner series This series is a spin off of the Bears of Burden series, although each book can be read as a standalone Carter Ray has vowed off men She and her daughter, Jellybean, have found refuge in the mostly female populated town of Helen s Corner She wants nothing to do with the visiting wolf shifter, despite his wickedly delicious scent that drives her bear into a frenzy The last thing Alec Patterson expected to find in the small southwestern town was his mate Now, what s he supposed to do with his fianc e NOTE In the late 1800 s, on a homestead in New Mexico, a female shifter named Helen Cartwright was widowed under mysterious circumstances Helen knew there was power in the feminine bonds of sisterhood, and she provided an oasis for those like herself, female shifters who had been dealt the short end of the stick Like magic, women have flocked to the tiny town of Helen s Corner ever since Although, nowadays, some call the town by another name, Hell s Crazy Corner WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT INTENDED FOR READERS UNDER AGE 18.

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      329 Candace Ayers
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    1. Sweet fun:A quick, highly entertaining and fun book with a little heat.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    2. Light hearted and funny. I had so much fun reading this one. Single mom, beautiful child, hot sexy male shifter. There was fun around every corner. There were great characters and a fun atmosphere. I will be following this series because I want more of Jellybean, Alec and Carter.

    3. Great storyline that engaged me from the very first page and the well defined characters kept me totally hooked until the very end!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    4. I freakin' LOVED this book! Wow - talk about your insta-love - these two were half in love just from the lingering scent of the other before they even laid eyes on them! The "mate" identification trope is fairly common with shifter stories (one of the things I love best about this genre) but here, it's instant, explosive, all-consuming, and about as inconvenient as possible! Carter has good reason to not trust men, especially Alec, who's visiting her town with his fiancee! Alec had all but given [...]

    5. Carter and Alec plus JellybeanIt was a good story with a HEA ending. Alec came to Helen's Corner with his fiancee to take pictures to match others the girls in her sorority took when they were engaged. He only agreed to marry Chelsea for a business deal. As soon as he walked into the B&B he smelled something good and his wolf was going crazy. Carter's daughter Jellybean was visiting her uncle in Burden, Texas so she was alone. When Carter and Alec first saw each other they knew they were mat [...]

    6. I loved this story. I haven't read the Bears of Burden, but will have to now. I loved that from the first moment Alec smelled Carter things started going wonky. Apparently his fiance doesn't know he's a shifter because she has no clue when he crushes her suitcase handle, breaks the table and a cup. I wondered if Muddy knew what was happening or was just laughing at the situations. Carter, I thought, should have had more faith in Alec and just chalked Chelsea up to sour grapes. I also laughed my [...]

    7. As far as series starters go, this one is a winner. Candace Ayers has done a great job of introducing the characters in small town, Helen's Corner and the more I read, the more I understood the second name, Hell's Crazy Corner. The story is engaging and fun, the characters are unique, and the dialogue is witty and often quite funny.Carter is not looking for a relationship, let alone a mate, when she sees Alec for the first time and the stress that causes her makes for some mishaps in her daily l [...]

    8. ALEC (She-Shifters of Hell's Corner Book 1) by Candace Ayers is an excellent read and a great start to this new series. This book introduces us to the town of Helen’s Corner, New Mexico. A wonderful well written story and engaging plot snare your interest very quickly and keep it. Carter and Alec really sizzle and it is all too easy to embrace these fated mates. Carter is a bear shifter, a single mom and wary because she has been burned by love before. Alec is a wolf shifter and he is trying h [...]

    9. Fated Mates, maybe! The storyline is very interesting. The story flows really well from scene to scene. Carter’s had some rough times. She’s in Helen’s/Hell’s Corner with her young daughter to regroup. She’s sassy and smart. Alec is in Helen’s corner on an engagement trip with a different woman. When he is smacked in the face with the scent of Carter. There is insta-attraction between Carter and Alec as soon as they meet. They get off to a rocky start do to miscommunication and denia [...]

    10. What a wonderful romantic read. I love PNR books and this one was fun to read. Carter lives in Helen's Corner with her daughter Jellybean and is the pastry chef for the B&B in that town. She has sworn off men because of the damage caused by her abusive ex-husband. Alec has come to the B&B with his fiance on an engagement vacation. As soon as Carter and Alec see each other there is instant chemistry. They realize that they are fated mates. What transpires is funny, romantic, emotional and [...]

    11. I love books by Candace Ayers. This is no different. The story is well written, and you really understand the character and their dilemmas. Carter is an amazing bear shifter that has a daughter and is now single. She is pretty leary of men, her past still haunts her. In steps Alec with his soo to be bride, and what happens? Carter and Alec realize they are mates. This book has a lot of light and funny areas that are so awesome. The books flows so nice, there is never a dull moment. Wish it were [...]

    12. Loved book 1 !! The She -Shifter’s are awesomely amazing women and we start off with Carter( a female bear shifter), her daughter Jellybean ( a cub) and Alec a wolf shifter engaged to a human , who ends up in Helen’s Corner on his “ Engagement Trip”, whatever the heck that is !! As he impolitely puts it !! They realize they are mates but some seriously burnt sweets and some hijinks happen before they can get to happily ever after, and let’s just say his “fiancee” Chelsie fights dir [...]

    13. Bear shifter, Carter, is a wonderful baker that works for a bed & breakfast in a mostly female shifter town. Alec, a wolf shifter, goes on an engagement trip with his fiance'. They just happen to be staying in the B&B where Carter works. When they get a sniff of each other, their animals go crazy. They realize once they've actually "met" that they are true mates, but she doesn't trust men after a bad relationship & Alec can't get away from his fiance', but he doesn't want to ruin a m [...]

    14. Very happy reader!I really enjoyed this well written book. This is a great beginning to a new series. This is a new to me author that has quickly become a favorite of mine. The characters are well developed and likeable, the ones your supposed to like. The ones your not, you Really don't ! The storyline is is engaging and fast paced. While I was allowed to read an early release copy, I purchased my copy in support of this author! Highly recommend!

    15. I voluntarily received a free ARC copy of this book for review, and here it is. Hell's Corner as it is called is a town full of shifter women. This is book 1 of the series and I have to say it was a thrilling, fast paced, funny and romantic book that I could not put down. Alec and Carter are so made for one another and wrong at the same time lol but a great fit for mates. Looking forward to other books :-) Highly recommend this book. Happy reading.

    16. I loved the characters in Hell's Corner. They were hilarious and quirky and really supported one another. I could totally understand Carter's wariness about opening up and trusting another man after what happened in her previous relationship. Alec didn't help matters by trying to salvage his deal. Jellybean was an absolute doll. 'I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.'

    17. Fun, romantic and sexy. This new series is just what I needed to read today. The characters are interesting and full of life. Alec and Carter have a messy beginning but this have a way of working out. I received this book as an arc and voluntarily am submitting my review.

    18. A short but sweet little tale!I really enjoyed this story but I was disappointed with the length of the story. I did like the chemistry between the characters and recommend you read the book.

    19. It was a good, fast read. The H was engaged for little bit of the book, but it was more of a business merger. There is cheating as H was still engaged when H/h first had sex. Still a good read, normally I don't read anything with cheating.

    20. This is a fantastic read Candace Ayers has come up with what promises to be a brilliant new series, I highly recommend those into paranormal type genres to read this, you will not be disappointed!! This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy

    21. Fun and DelightfulFrom the first chapter, I was fully engaged in the characters and the town. The humor WS there to get the smiles in place and a bit of angst to keep you guessing. Great quick read.

    22. Sweet with a pinch of spice. I loved this sweet and funny book. I was cheering for Carter and Alec the entire time. Chelsie with her Bay-bee, made my want to b*tch slap her. I highly recommend this book. I freely reviewed this ARC.

    23. Enjoyable, fun shifter story with great main and supporting characters! Good start to the series - other characters intriguing enough to make me want to read more of the She-Shifters series!I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book, however, this is my honest review.

    24. Enjoyable I really enjoyed the characters and how they interacted in this story. I found myself laughing at some of the parts and really feeling apart of what they were experiencing. My only complaint is that it seemed a little rushed at the very end. 4.5

    25. H is weak at first, engaged to society girl, then he meets his mate. Her ex was brutal, she has a sweet child, and finds H's scent irresistible. It was fun seeing the work they both had to do to be a good mate to the other. I liked this short book.

    26. Only half a bookLoved this story great charactors and story line, but was disappointed for it to be finished at 64% would have liked more.

    27. Awesome book 😁Wow!!!! This is one hot 🔥shifter book 😁😄! Excellent story with hot 🔥as hell characters!! Candace is an awesome writer and storyteller 😁!

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