The Tombs of Anak

The Tombs of Anak In this Cooper Kids Adventure RM Jay Lila and their archaeologist father face an evil villain with seemingly unlimited powers

  • Title: The Tombs of Anak
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 9780785744665
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this Cooper Kids Adventure RM Jay, Lila and their archaeologist father face an evil villain with seemingly unlimited powers.

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    1. Frank E. Peretti

      FROM HIS WEBSITE With than 12 million novels in print, Frank Peretti is nothing short of a publishing phenomenon and has been called America s hottest Christian novelist Peretti is a natural storyteller who, as a youngster in Seattle, regularly gathered the neighborhood children for animated storytelling sessions After graduating from high school, he began playing banjo with a local bluegrass group He and his wife were married in 1972, and Peretti soon moved from touring with a pop band to launching a modest Christian music ministry Peretti later spent time studying English, screen writing and film at UCLA and then assisted his father in pastoring a small Assembly of God church In 1983, he gave up his pastoring position and began taking construction jobs to make ends meet While working at a local ski factory, he began writing This Present Darkness, the book that would catapult him into the public eye After numerous rejections from publishers and a slow start in sales, word of mouth enthusiasm finally lifted This Present Darkness onto a tidal wave of interest in spiritual warfare The book appeared on Bookstore Journal s bestseller list every month for than eight years Peretti s two spiritual warfare novels, This Present Darkness 1998 and Piercing the Darkness 1989 , captivated readers, together selling than 3.5 million copies The Oath was awarded the 1996 Gold Medallion Award for best fiction For kids, Peretti wrote The Cooper Kids Adventure Series Crossways and Tommy Nelson , which remains a best selling series for children with sales exceeding 1 million copies In August 2000, Peretti released the hilarious children s audiocassette series titled Wild and Wacky Totally True Bible Stories, reprising his role as Mr Henry, the offbeat substitute Sunday School teacher found in two Visual Bible for Kids videos Peretti released his first ever non fiction book, The Wounded Spirit in 2000, which quickly became a best seller The book addresses the pain of wounded spirits and was writted as a result of painful childhood experiences Frank Peretti and his wife, Barbara Jean, live in the Western U.S In spite of sudden fame and notoriety, Frank still lives a simple, well rounded life that includes carpentry, banjo making, sculpturing, bicycling and hiking He is also an avid pilot.


    1. The Coopers are exploring ancient Philistine ruins and encounter a modern day six-fingered giant. There are many instances of peril which could be frightening to younger readers. I listened to the audio book with my sons.2018 A book for teens or young adults

    2. I do really enjoy reading this fantasy series and how well Peretti uses Scripture to explain Salvation to the lost people they happen upon. Good book for teens.

    3. Still think #2 is the best. This one kind of just happened, I didn't really focus on as many main events. Quite pleased I'm not reading any more of these for a while, as they don't grab my attention. I don't consider them full books. Found it totally weird how (view spoiler)[those two people had 6 fingers, (hide spoiler)] and I'm totally over (view spoiler)[the amount of Christianity referenced, as I don't believe in God, and also the amount of literal holes that people fall into. (hide spoiler) [...]

    4. I liked this one and it didn't scare me too bad, maybe because the demon-creatures in it seemed pretty bug-like and not too deeply dark and evil. Still, as an adult I have a little bit of w problem with the genre. Probably an unnecessary qualm, but the use of spiritual warfare and demons in fantastic fiction seems like it confused and unsettled me as a kid more than it should have. It seems too much a part of that branch of evangelicalism that focuses way too much on spiritual warfare and the pr [...]

    5. Another fun filled, action packed adventure starring Dr. Jacob Cooper and his two kids Jay and Lila by Frank Peretti.There is something eerie going on in the middle of the desert. A strange hole in the ground that seems to be eating up people and a song that sends shivers up your spine. And a treasure that everyone seems to want that only few are brave to battle whatever traps are guarding it. But Jacob Cooper, his kids, and his team aren't you everyday run-of-the-mill archaeologist. They believ [...]

    6. This is a fantastic story! I loved it. The hole history about the Anakim was great! It was godly book! I think that the 2 book was better then this one!

    7. I read this book for the first time in a summer camp when I was eight years old and, I am not sure why, but I was never scared. I always loved it and to this day it is my favourite book from this series. I am not sure what else to write, it's been so long since I read it, but it's certainly one of my favorites.

    8. When the Coopers agreed to conduct an archaeological excavation in the tombs of Anak, they expected it to be exciting and unusual… but not deadly. But when a member of their team disappears after descending into the tombs, and the surrounding villagers warn them of the menacing power of their god, Ha-Raphah, the Coopers begin to sense that dark powers are at work amongst the tombs and townsfolk.Can the Coopers work out just who or what this Ha-Raphah is before they too fall before its power?Di [...]

    9. Between this one and the first two books of this series the second is still my favorite. This one was still able to pull me in at times though.The Coopers meet who was known as The High Priestess of Ha-Raphah, Mara the Sorceress. She challenged Dr. Cooper to two riddles. If he got them right she would spare his children’s lives. Of course because it was only a couple of chapters into the book he was able to answer them but if it had been me I wouldn’t have been able to. I stink at riddles. I [...]

    10. It doesn't touch This Present Darkness or Piercing the Darkness which I just finished reading before The Tombs of Anak. (Perhaps I should have waited a bit longer?) It was pretty decent, but what really ruins it for me is the idea that a descendant of the giants, one of the Nephilim, can be saved. This is Scripturally inaccurate. The See of the Serpent (Nephilim) are without redemption; it's not possible for them to be saved because they are the product of the unholy union between fallen angels [...]

    11. I've read about 4 or 5 books of the Cooper kids series and I loved it!These are truly amazing with adventure at every corner. The father is a Archaeologist (might be Biblical) and the kids tag along on most of his adventures. It is almost like reading a version of Indiana Jones that is meant for kids to understand. What is great about the series is that the book relates to God and what God means to Mr. Cooper and his kids. If you love adventure and endless fun with good Christian morals the enti [...]

    12. I've read Peretti's books since I was twelve or so, meaning quite a few years. But some of my favorites remain his Cooper Kids adventures and at the top of that list is The Tombs of Anak. Supernaturally moving and extremely creepy, this book doses you with adrenaline as the Cooper family runs from peril to peril all while in search of the truth, a constant theme in all of Peretti's work. The audiobook was published a few years ago, read by Peretti himself, and is superb. Get your hands on a copy [...]

    13. Being the third book in the Cooper Kids Adventure Series, I remember that this was my favorite. I literally had nightmares about this book, despite the fact that it has a very Christian theme for it. I couldn't help it, I was only in fourth grade!For younger students, probably no older than middle school, this book is one sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats, biting their nails to find out how things will unfold.Frank E. Peretti is a fantastic author, and his works aimed for children [...]

    14. I’ve been seeing The Cooper Kids Adventure Series come up frequently lately, so when I saw The Tombs of Anak on a friend’s bookshelf, I decided to borrow it to see what these books are like. I wasn’t real surprised. I read a few of Frank Peretti’s books some 20-25 years ago, so I knew what his writing style is like. If you are looking for a page-turner that will get the adrenaline going, this is definitely one of those!Read my full review here.

    15. The best of the Cooper Kids series so far, The Tombs of Anak is moody, mysterious and exciting. I recognized the name Anak from the Bible, but if you didn't I won't spoil it for you. This book makes a feasible real-life tale out of a mysterious Bible account, with suspense, adventure, and great locations.If you're wondering if you'll like the Cooper Kids books this might be a great place to start.

    16. Exiting family story. Listened to it in the car. Unstoppable. Interesting connection to the Biblical giants of Anak.

    17. It's a very good book! The parts that are cool are where Dr Cooper is able to answer all the riddles because he knew Jesus Christ, which kept his children safe and kept them from being killed. When the fight Anak, a giant, and is in his liar (where he keeps his treasure and eats and sleeps), they discover that he had stole the treasure and not inherit it like he said. Dr Cooper revealed the truth about Anak.

    18. This is book 3 in the series and so far, each one has taken on a local legend with a magical connotation and related it back to a Biblical principle. I wish the author had not made Lila, the only Christian female, so scared much of the time compared to the other characters in the series, if only so little girls would have a character to relate to in the series.

    19. This book is part of a series for young readers (probably 10 to 15 in age). All of the books are really interesting. They are kind of like a Christian version of Indiana Jones. This particular book I own, but I would like to have the rest in the series. Great for young readers although can be a bit frightening at times.

    20. I wasn't too impressed by this one. The writing was too disjointed and the plot was more Indiana Jones like than all the other books put together. I found the informations about anakites very interesting though - I never realized until reading this book the first time that Goliat was an anakit, nor that anakits had 6 fingers!

    21. This book was freaky with the religion of the Yami. They believed in the pagan god, dragon (the Philistines god), then they were ruled by the princess sorcerous and Anak. Anak is a phantom giant, with yellow eyes. They control the people with fear. The Coopers are protected by God thru their journey.

    22. This was a claustrophobic young-adult thriller that I mostly remember for being terrifying at the time because the monsters/demons in this one turned out to *gulp* be real. Anyhow Peretti is actually a completely competent writer of thrillers and his characters are actually not one-dimensional though he always throws in his preferred Christian message.

    23. Honestly I couldn't get into this one. It was all too fluffy and superficial. It felt rushed and most of the characters were not well developed. I enjoyed the first two installments more than this one. Dunno if I should go further or not with this series. We will see

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