Cocky Roommate

Cocky Roommate This roommate thing was a terrible idea Kendra is a messy haired pajama pants wearing little ball of sass The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before giving h

  • Title: Cocky Roommate
  • Author: Claire Kingsley
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  • Page: 386
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  • This roommate thing was a terrible idea.Kendra is a messy haired, pajama pants wearing little ball of sass The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before giving her all sorts of bad ideas.I don t date I don t use words like girlfriend, or I ll text you later F ck that Relationships aren t for me I ll give a woman a night she won tThis roommate thing was a terrible idea.Kendra is a messy haired, pajama pants wearing little ball of sass The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before giving her all sorts of bad ideas.I don t date I don t use words like girlfriend, or I ll text you later F ck that Relationships aren t for me I ll give a woman a night she won t forget, but once it s over, I m out I keep people at a distance, and I have my reasons But Kendra starts getting under my skin And when my life crashes and burns literally Kendra is the only person I can count on I m not built for relationships, and Kendra is not a one night stand But living with this girl sleeping one room away might just be the thing that kills me.

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    1. Cocky Roommate is by Claire Kingsley. I probably should admit before anything else, that I just might be a little bit in love with this author. If you read my review for Book Boyfriend, You know that I was completely bowled over by the book. Now, in this one, we are getting to know Alex’s sister, Kendra, who is also his editor. And you will also meet Weston Reid, her new roommate. Weston is a plastic surgeon and is friends with Alex and Kendra’s brother, Caleb. His house is getting remodeled [...]

    2. What's this?A hate-to-lovers roommate trope?Don't mind if I do.This was a good, steamy read. It was probably more of a 3+ star read for me but the spice in this little gem gave it the extra bump in rating. **** 4 Seductive Lip Bites ****Kendra recently left her steady job to pursue her dream of being a freelance book editor. She is looking for a roommate to help supplement her income. Problem is, the list of potential roommate candidates is less than desirable.When her brother suggests that a co [...]

    3. Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Kendra): 20s?Hero (Weston): douchebagPlot: 1/5Grovel: DNFCheating: DNFHEA: DFNTriggers: DFNAverage score: 1/5 Best Line: NONE!!!!!!Worst Line: when he first saw the h: “Did they not have a mirror wherever she woke up this morning? Jesus.” And “She’s got her arms crossed over her flat chest; she probably never filled out a training bra”Personal Review:DNF’d at chapter 7. ‘Hero’ was an OTT asshole in general and especially towards the heroin [...]

    4. This book is romantic, sexy, and FUN, FUN, FUN. This is the story of Kendra, a freelance writer who recently quit her day job and needs the additional income a roommate would bring while her own business takes off the ground. Weston is a doctor that is remodeling his house and needs a place to stay until the contractor finishes the work at his home. This is how the book starts but what follows is a fun, romantic ride.The book is told from the alternating points of view of Kendra and Weston. The [...]

    5. 4.5 stars.This series just gets better and better. Kendra and Weston were so perfect. Asshole jerk meets kind sweetheart but Weston wasn't really a jerk he just wasn't used to kindness and consideration from anybody . I loved this book.😀🤗😀

    6. İlk kitaptan daha iyi olduğu su götürmez bir gerçek benim için. Yalnız Weston, Alex'in eline su bile dökemez baştan söyleyeyim.Adam su katılmamış bir Asshole! Hem de en hasından! Tamam, zamanla dış kabuğunu soyup içeride ne varmış -böyle pamuk gibi sevilesi bir şey- görüyorsunuz; ama Kendra'yı ilk gördüğünde kızcağıza ettiği laflar yenilir yutulur cinsten değil. Herifin bir pisliğe dönüşmüş olmasının nedenleri de yok değil, ama zehirlerini kıza saçmas [...]

    7. Claire Kingsley's Cocky Roommate was the perfect follow-up after reading Book Boyfriend. This story was mouth watering delicious. The author has a knack for adding just the perfect mix of hilarious banter that cracks you up laughing to the point your sides ache from the laughing. Cocky Roommate was sexy, hot and delicious!!

    8. This is by far my favorite story by this author! All of her works are amazing but this was the story that I will read again. The story starts out with Kendra coming home from a business trip to her home and having coffee with her “new roommate” only to find out that she is the one night stand of her real roommate: Weston. The hate-to-lovers aspect of this story was great and I really loved the push and pull between the characters and their new developing feelings. Kendra is the ultimate woma [...]

    9. I have heard nothing but great things about this book and though I hadn't read book one(about another couple who appears in this book) I decided to give it a try. I liked this book at times I loved this book but then there were times when I just wasn't connected. I almost stopped reading this one but I kept going and like I said when I loved it I loved it, and I'm glad I read it and even with me not enjoying every minute of this book I flew through it(which is weird for me). The hero starts off [...]

    10. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this author! I love her fun and easy writing style and the way that she develops her characters.

    11. İlk kitaptaki basit cümleler burada da devam ediyor. Ancak ilk kitaptaki adamın kardeşi Kendra'nın hikayesini merak etmiştim ve okudum.Weston evini yeniletiyor ve bu süre boyunca otelde kalmak zorunda kalıyor. Ama her otelde önüne gelenle yattığı için kadınlar başına bela olunca arkadaşı Calec'a bu durumdan bahsediyor, Caleb da Kendra'nın ev arkadaşı aradığından bahsedince Kendra'nın ev arkadaşı oluyor. Kendra yeni ev arkadaşının bir erkek olduğundan habersiz, ada [...]

    12. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just want to live in Claire Kingsley brain. I have been a fan of this author and her stories since almost day one when I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader copy of one of her first books. She has an amazing ability to create characters and stories that take up residence in the readers hearts and stays with them long after the story has ended. Her stories are real and authentic. Her characters are so well written that the reader will instan [...]

    13. Weston is cocky there is no doubt about that! He doesn't even dispute the claims~ a man of not many words does not waste the ones he does use on feeding someone else's ego; you need a pat on the back? Weston is not your man- your upper body needs fixing? He's your surgeon. All he needs is a place to stay for a few months- Kendra needs a roommate- having quit her job to be a freelance editor. She needs the extra income when her brother sends a friend and fellow doctor her way to rent the extra ro [...]

    14. Kendra needed a roommate, Caleb her brother arranged for one of his colleagues to share with her. Kendra didn't realise that they were male, his name is Weston Reid.Weston likes the ladies, which he was entertaining the night that Kendra met him. A few days after, he was in an accident and Kendra looked after him and tried to make friends. He's quite difficult at first but then relaxes a bit. He's got issues with his dad and his business partner which makes him Very grumpy.Claire's outdone herse [...]

    15. Weston is my new favorite a$$hole!You start off hating him! Then you meet the real Weston and fall in love! Kendra is a very lovable heroine as well!!The story line is good. Flows very well. Just the right about of sexytime with not over doing it. Tons of humor!Highly recommend!*I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review*

    16. This was sooo good! Like most GR reviewers reading this - I could not for the life of me see how CK was going to redeem Weston - like any good author she flipped my feelings about him upside down.Kendra was thee best. Total sweetheart. I officially have a friend crush on her :)Fantastic first read for me by this author! This book is second in the series and it brought the heat ;PClaire Kingsley you're a romance genius <3

    17. I knew for sure that this book was going to be so good as I started reading its first pages but I didn't really expect my thrilling reaction to the entire story. Firstly I want to say it aloud, Weston is a jerk and Kendra is the typical naïve girl who thinks that everyone deserves a chance in life. But and there is a “but” the reader must go beyond the first impression of the male character and as the book develops it will soon pop up that Weston has a reason for being a jerk. I can sincere [...]

    18. Cocky Roommate by Claire Kingsley is skillfully written and captivated me from the cover to the very last page. This hate-to-lovers romance is filled with feels, witty banter, hot scenes, well thought out plot, humor, characters that you can't help but like, and so much more. I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.

    19. 3*This is a follow up toBook Boyfriend . That book was friends to lovers and this one is enemies to lovers, sort of. Alex's sister Kendra has decided to try working for herself but wants to get a room mate to help offset expenses. Her other brother Cade recommends his friend Weston as a short term room mate. Weston is an arrogant man whore plastic surgeon who sees very little he likes in Kendra. She is not exactly enamoured of him but they live together in semi silence until something occurs to [...]

    20. Wow, the hero was quite a douchebag in the beginning! He thought and said some pretty harsh things when he first meets Kendra as his temporary roommate. Fortunately, the book is about him slowly changing his mind, his way, his feelings. He realizes that Kendra is beautiful on the in- and outside.The first book (Mia and Alex) was a friends-to-lovers trope and this a hate-to-love book. As Mia points out in a conversation with Kendra:A smile creeps across her face. “This is a hate-to-lovers thing [...]

    21. Condescending beast Enemies to lovers is my least favorite romantic trope, so I had a hard time with the beginning of this book, while not really enemies, Weston was condescending and cruel to his poor roommate, Kendra. He is staying short term with her while his house is remodeled, and the whole situation is just so beneath the arrogant surgeon. She works from home, and Weston is not impressed with her work from home wardrobe or her house. Kendra is like a puppy, though, she keeps trying to get [...]

    22. Claire Kingsley set out to write a real cocky jerk (I have another word for it, but I'm trying not to use profanity), and she did that well. But you can't help but fall for Weston! And Kendra complements him to perfection! Weston had a pretty awful upbringing, which makes him standoffish to others. When he needs a place to stay while his house is being renovated, Kendra's place seems ideal; it's only supposed to be a couple of months, after all. They don't hit it off right away, but it's a slow [...]

    23. Just as delightfully irreverent as Book Boyfriend, but with different romance tropes. Damaged asshole? Check. Roommate to lovers? Check. But nothing about this book seems trite. This time we get to see Kendra finding love, and she's a great heroine. She's full of energy and affection and willing to give everyone her best efforts. That includes the very imperfect Weston, who needs a little more therapy before joining the human race. Or maybe just a little more Kendra? Great characters, great stor [...]

    24. Funny how two complete opposites can be perfect for each other when Fate intervenes, eh? I loved how their friendship started and seeing (well, reading) it become more. Well, I could say this is one of my faves!

    25. I love the sexual tension in a roommate romance, and I'm a sucker for a hero who is a jerk until he meets The One. So I was super excited to dive into Cocky Roommate. (Plus, I thought Kendra was a hoot in Book Boyfriend and was psyched to see her get her own story.) But then I started reading Cocky Roommate and well, I had to wonder how the heck Claire Kingsley was going to make something, anything, redeemable about Weston Reid. The guy is a jackass! Like, I was wanting to have Weston become roo [...]

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