Mother Poems

Mother Poems Ayoung girl thinks of her mom as a superhero a doctor her North Star She feels loved in her mother s arms and capable of conquering the world But when her beloved role model unexpectedly dies she c

  • Title: Mother Poems
  • Author: Hope Anita Smith
  • ISBN: 9780805082319
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ayoung girl thinks of her mom as a superhero, a doctor, her North Star She feels loved in her mother s arms and capable of conquering the world But when her beloved role model unexpectedly dies, she cannot even cry sadness is too overwhelming As she struggles with grief, she must learn how to carry on while keeping the memory of her mother very much alive inside her heAyoung girl thinks of her mom as a superhero, a doctor, her North Star She feels loved in her mother s arms and capable of conquering the world But when her beloved role model unexpectedly dies, she cannot even cry sadness is too overwhelming As she struggles with grief, she must learn how to carry on while keeping the memory of her mother very much alive inside her heart.In moving poems, Hope Anita Smith explores a personal yet emotionally universal subject the death of a parent Through the eyes of a child and then a young woman, these poignant poems, together with stunning folk art images, powerfully capture the complicated feelings of someone who shows great hope, strength, and will to overcome.

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    1. Hope Anita Smith

      On her journey to becoming an award winning author, Hope Anita Smith has been a storyteller, teacher, photographer, artist and a singer Her first book, THE WAY A DOOR CLOSES won several awards including, The Coretta Scott King John Steptoe New Talent Award, the Judy Lopez award from the Women s National Book Association, the Lee Bennett Hopkins Honor, the Claudia Lewis Award from Bank Street College and it was chosen as one of the Best Books of the Year by School Library Journal 2004 The sequel, entitled KEEPING THE NIGHT WATCH, is due to hit the shelves in the spring of 2008 She will follow that with another book that she wrote and illustrated INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO LOSE A MOTHER and Other Poems Ms Smith s first foray into illustration has opened yet another door to her, what appear to be, endless talents The images, done in torn paper, are powerful and emotionally stimulating Her company,INKED WELL WORDS, has her teaching writing wordshops to writers of every age She encourages her students to find their voice using paint chips, random words, found objects, magazine pictures And she sometimes teaches bookmaking workshops allowing her students to create personalized journals to house their creations Wanting to make sure her students get a feel for the behind the scenes of being a published author, Hope conducts assemblies mini musicals and or a Keynote presentation that takes you from Idea to Hardbound book Hope Anita Smith currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.


    1. The book had me fooled. I opened it up and had the notion that what I was dealing with here was just a collection of mom-centric poetry. In my defense, I don't like reading bookflaps and I'd never read a Hope Anita Smith book before. Nope. I hadn't read The Way a Door Closes or Keeping the Night Watch. Also, as a children's librarian I've been trained to think that if a book is called something like Mother Poems then it's probably going to be a bunch of unrelated verses about mothers and how swe [...]

    2. When I picked up this book I thought it would be great celebration of mother love and I was surprised but soothed when I realized it was about grieving the loss of s mother. It's been almost 14 years but my wounds still remain and these poems are great tangible (and kid friendly) ways to help my children understand the grief I continue to carry.

    3. Beautifully written poems in homage to this author's mother. I liked the first I read so much, that I sat right down in the library and finished the whole collection. A very easy but invigorating read.Some parts that touched me most"e would slowly inch herself away from her many tentacled child, free herself from her minor entanglements.But as soon as every connection was broken,an alarm sounded somewhere deep within meand my foot would wander blindly, yet purposefully –across the cold sheets [...]

    4. There is a wide variety in this book, from simple celebrations that a younger child would enjoy, to angsty ones a teen would relate to, and finally, to intimately sad and moving poems that deal with finding out who we are when we lose our moms.

    5. Upon first glance and a scan of the title, Mother Poems, appears to be a book of poetry honoring mothers. While this assumption is correct, this work is much more intimate than that, containing a collection of mostly free verse poems, detailing one girl’s relationship with her mother, whom she loves and holds tightly, yet ultimately loses. This collection of 31 poems touches the reader somewhere deeper than the surface, reaching in to where innermost emotions and memories reside. These poems d [...]

    6. Mother Poems written and illustrated by Hope Smith consists of several different poems about a girl and her mother. The little girl absolutely loves and adores her mother, her mother is her superhero, her comforter, and more. As the poem book progresses on, the girl begins to grow up while her mother grows old. This book of poems has a point of view through the little girls eyes the whole time. Later in the book, the little girls mother passes away and the girl has to come up with a way to move [...]

    7. Mother Poems by Hope Anita Smith is a collection of poems about a girl whose mother is her whole world and follows her story of her mother passing away and shares what life is like after she passes away. These poems share the girls feeling of going through many life events without her mother present. Some of the poems also describe the girl interacting with other people and their moms and she shares how they should not take their mothers for granted. This collection of poems are amazing and touc [...]

    8. I thought that this poetry book was fabulous. At first I was very confused about the genre though. It is advertised as young adult literature, but the first few poems felt very young for that audience. As I kept reading though, it was very apparent that the YA genre is an accurate fit.The book is about a young girl growing up. The poems show the stages that children go through with their parents. At first, there is nothing better than a mother's embrace. As an individual moves into the teenage y [...]

    9. A group of poems about a mother's love and a child's loss. Some of these were very well written, but I was bothered by some of the word choices. The early poems seem written from a very young point of view or voice, and then suddenly there are words like "heart of darkness" and "touchstone" that I don't think mesh with the young voice. As the daughter's loss enters the storyline, the poems are definitely from an older point of view, and that part makes sense, but some of the early ones are too j [...]

    10. Smith's previous free-verse books The Way a Door Closes, and Keeping the Night Watch about a family that deals with the pain of a father leaving, and then the healing process of when he returns, has proved her to be one of the great poets writing for youth. In Mother Poems there is something very personal about the work here. Not only does she illustrate it with her own collage images that are at times tender, and at times funny, but the narrative is of a voice of a girl who deeply loved her mot [...]

    11. This book of poetry is beautifully written! The poems discuss the many faces a mother puts on. Most of the poems describe an action of a mother and how wonderful it feels to her child. There are others that are humorous, describing how a mother can nag. A couple of the poems even talk about the death of their mother. Each poem has a very simplistic picture next to it showing either a child or a mother, or the embrace they share. This book would be great to read snipets of to children who are cre [...]

    12. I'm going to call this a novel in verse because all the poems together tell a story. In it a girl describes her mother--all the things she does for her, how much she loves her daughter, and how much her daughter loves her. Reading them I feel how lucky I've been to have a great mom, and how these poems describe how I feel about her. Then, tragedy--her mother dies, and the tone changes to a mixture of anger and grief and, finally, to acceptance. Reading those poems makes me appreciate that my mot [...]

    13. I saw this on display in the children's section at the Orem Public Library. The artwork could have stood alone as a piece of beauty in its own right, but the poems were also something to speak of. The poems chronicle a young girl's dear relationship with her mother, the mother's sudden death, and then the girl's struggle to cope with and grieve her mother's death while trying to move on and at simultaneously not forget her mother. I'm not much of a poetry critic, all I know is what I felt, and I [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this collection of poems, but didn't. I felt I like I was reading a middle schoolers first attempts at poetry. Maybe that was Smith's way of trying to connect to that age group or make the poems accessible, but all they came out sounding to me were cliche. Each example in the poems like "walking in my mom's shoes" are just so over used. In the end, the poems didn't give readers a clear picture of one mother, but the stereotype of what mothers are supposed to be and a vagu [...]

    15. This was a book of poems a young girl writes about her mom. How she took care of her when she was little, until one day when she looses her mother, and she feels like she has nothing left. She struggled seeing other moms with their girls and wishes and dreams about having her mother back. I like how this girls portrays her mother through poems. It is a creative way of writing your feelings about someone. I like how she wrote about what she remembered when she was little, about what they would do [...]

    16. The young African-American girl in this collection of poems celebrates her mother as superhero, doctor, and her North Star. When her mother suddenly dies, the poems reveal the girl's sadness, shock, anger, and guilt. Hope Anita Smith's poems are simple and intimate and lyrically convey the complex emotions brought forth by a parent's death. Smith's torn-paper collages poignantly illustrate her words in a folk art style.Very moving. (Gr. 4 and up)

    17. A book of poems about suddenly losing a mother. Smith puts into words exactly what I've been thinking, but couldn't figure out how to say."But occasionally,he (Death)sneaks up on you,taps you on your right shoulder,and when you turn to look,he reaches over your leftand takes your mother.It was the oldest trick in the book.I can't believe I fell for it."

    18. A selection of CPL's Best of the Best, I was actually afraid to read this book but found the poems less emotional and more sophisticated than I'd expected. The illustrations are a perfect accompaniment.

    19. Gorgeous. I'm not a poetry person anymore, but now and then, someone puts the right words together. Great choice not just for mothers and daughters, but for those who have loved and lost a mother (whatever their age).

    20. I could relate to her poetry and her paper collages were inspiring. I could imagine myself and my own mother's relationship through some of her poems. Great read for mothers and daughters of all ages.

    21. Eh. Some of the later ones were ok, but the first bunch were pretty terrible--boring, superficial, etc. I really have nothing to say on it. The collage style illustrations were well done and neatat's something, I guess.

    22. This most exquisitely illustrated book is touching and beautiful. What a treasure!Thank you for being you Hope.

    23. I still remember pulling this off of the new book shelf and flipping through the poems, suffice it to say that it is not just poems about Moms, but poems about a mom who dies.

    24. smith does it again with her most recent book about a daughter who has lost her mother. poignant. powerful. unparalleled. i would recommend it to youth and adults.

    25. Essentially a short novel in verse about the loss of a parent. Collage illustrations, African-American characters. Beautiful and sad.

    26. Stunning torn-paper illustrations by the poet accent these spare and haunting poems describing the poet's relationship with her mother. Wonderful, powerful poetry and incredibly expressive images.

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