The Bad Place

The Bad Place Frank Pollard develops a fear of sleep because each time he wakes he finds strange and frightening objects in his hands and pockets Detective team Bobby and Julie Dakota agree to investigate where Fra

  • Title: The Bad Place
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 0684192405039
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Frank Pollard develops a fear of sleep because each time he wakes he finds strange and frightening objects in his hands and pockets.Detective team Bobby and Julie Dakota agree to investigate where Frank goes when he sleeps They encounter an ominous figure stalking Frank and ultimately learn that bad places exist in the world of the living places so steeped in evil that,Frank Pollard develops a fear of sleep because each time he wakes he finds strange and frightening objects in his hands and pockets.Detective team Bobby and Julie Dakota agree to investigate where Frank goes when he sleeps They encounter an ominous figure stalking Frank and ultimately learn that bad places exist in the world of the living places so steeped in evil that, in contrast, death seems almost a relief

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    1. Τη πρώτη φορά που έπιασα στα χέρια μου το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο το παράτησα στις εκατό πρώτες σελίδες, μου φάνηκε αλλόκοτο, πριν λίγες ημέρες του έδωσα μια δεύτερη ευκαιρία. Λοιπόν, αποκατάσταση βλάβης, οι -Νύχτες τρόμου- αποδείχτηκαν τελικά διαμαντάκι. Ο Φράνκ Πόλαρντ κάθε π [...]

    2. I hate putting down a book once I’ve started it, until I have turned that final page. But in life sometimes exceptions must be made and this is definitely one of those times. What can I say? This book, this story, simply did not connect with me in any way. I suppose that the concept does indeed have promise, but what ever little bit of interest it was successful in generating within me has wicked out. The characters are beige, the scenes are beige, the writing is blah, blah, blah, full of clic [...]

    3. The Bad Place - Dean R KoontzLet me just start by saying that I would actually consider this is 3.5 stars than just a 3! :) Frank pollard awakes at night, in the middle of an alley, with nothing but his confusion and panic. His mind is a complete blank; he can’t remember who he is, doesn’t recall how he got in the alley, and doesn’t know who to turn to for help. He knows nothing but his name. Every time Frank goes to sleep, he wakes up with things he can’t explain – valuables in his po [...]

    4. "Not funny ha ha, funny weird".That is a quote from this book that my friends and I used to repeat constantly in high school. "The Bad Place" is actually the first Koontz novel I ever read, and it got me hooked - rightfully so. I still love this book and have re-read it a few times.It only loses one star because there are other Koontz novels I prefer over this one. It's not one of my all-time favourites, but it's pretty close, and it holds sentimental value.EDIT: I should add that I went back on [...]

    5. With The Bad Place, Dean Koontz did something he's never done before — gross me out. This book had me gagging on multiple occasions, especially toward the end. "Four testicles." Need I say more? Written during what many consider Koontz's peak period (which most tend to agree was from 1983 to 1995 or so), I went into this novel with relatively high expectations and was not let down. This makes for my tenth or eleventh Koontz read, so I don't claim to be well-versed in his works yet . . . but th [...]

    6. The Bad Place is an unpredictable, surprising novel with more strengths than weaknesses. The characters are written well and in depth; the suspense and horror are strong, the drama is high when shown - I even cried at one scene involving Thomas.The middle and end paid off big time, keeping me flipping through the pages. On bad points, The Bad Place was a little hard to get into because of how outlandish the story was at first. I was confused, and didn't want to dig that much to get 'into it'. Th [...]

    7. My thoughts:I read a lot of Koontz when I was younger. 13 books in a couple weeks once, had to quit reading his stories because I started to be afraid to go out in the dark by myself - I got over it! I was thrilled when I got this audio book as a gift even though I had read it during what I called my "Koontz phase." Many of the books had run together in my memory because I read so many in such a short period of time, but this one always stood out as truly scary and one of my favorites. I was sho [...]

    8. This book was a nice change from Koontz usual stuff. The main character’s dilemma is intriguing: he teleports randomly and without control, finds unusual stuff in his pockets (and occasionally blood on his hands) and has no memory of who he is, where he’s been, or what in God’s name is going on. That alone would make this a good read, but there’s also some pretty fascinating bad-guy characters, like the vampire-like killer, his psychic and decadent sisters, and their devoted, lunatic, de [...]

    9. I read this book for the May group read for the Dean Koontz Group, of which I'm currently a member. Unfortunately, I can't really say that liked this one at all. It seemed to me that it was both lacking and overdone at the same time. Lacking in characterization (which is important to me), but overdone in drama and strangeness.Dean Koontz is not the best character writer. This is a big deal for me, because characters are my vehicle to the story. I don't care how great the plot is, or how unique t [...]

    10. The first time I read this book I was in 8th grade, and wasn't exactly brimming with literary experience. Now I'm 26 and just read it again for the second time my god, I can't believe how awful this book is. I'll be fair and mention the positive first: the "bad guys" are rather unique. You won't find characters like them in other books. And I thought their psychology, the plot twist at the end, and some of the strange powers that they have and places they get to were pretty interesting. THAT BEI [...]

    11. I haven't read a lot of Dean Koontz, but I called this one from the beginning: the good disabled versus the bad disabled! The good disabled are the ones who accept their places in society! And their limitations! If they have powers, they don't use them for their own benefits! And the bad disabled ask for too much! They use their disabilities like superpowers! They are monstrous! In case you don't get how monstrous disabled people can get, let's throw in some incest! cannibalism! and hermaphrodis [...]

    12. I would like to start this review with "okay" but anyone who's followed my reviews knows I do that a lot, so I will try to refrain. I probably won't succeed, but I'll try.I've read a lot of Mr. Koontz works. My late wife was a big fan and over the years we ended up with quite a large collection of both paperbacks and hard covers, but when the Koontz group decide to read "The Bad Place" I discovered I didn't have a copy.My daughter (who has also read a lot of Koontz)said that she thought Jeanie ( [...]

    13. I read this years ago and decided recently to revisit my Koontz days. These were the days before I was cynical and jaded by the same story repeated seven thousand times. What I discovered was so wonderful that I actually remembered the feeling of falling in love with this Author. His ability to somehow infuse you with hope for the human condition while allowing you , simultaneously to enjoy simple, bloody terror. It is, I will admit a strange combination , but it is ultimately one I crave in all [...]

    14. This book is the best novel I have read that has been written by Dean Koontz to date.The unusual family (the "how-did-it-happen' origins of which form an intriguing and compelling part of the book), the Private Investigators that decide to pledge themselves to the case, and saddest of all, one of the PI partnership's brothers who was born with Down's Syndrome - they all add an extra ingredient which leads to the conclusion of a truly exciting, in the end unpredictable (though hints are laid thro [...]

    15. Holy Wowzers! Certainly one of Dean Koontz's best. Similar to Cold Fire, but The Bad Place is more bizarre & disturbing. An impressive Cross-Genre novel with Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Suspense etc. This is the Dean Koontz storytelling that I love.

    16. It's been a good ten years since I read this one but I have never forgotten it. I would probably not enjoy it so much now as I ten more towards the historical fiction genre but when I read this, I was blown away. This particular Koontz book had a husband/wife team time traveling together. It was very exciting and fast paced. Between this and Cold Fire, I became a Koontz fan.

    17. Entertaining escape. A monstrous human wants to kill Frank and frequently kills others.This wasn’t my favorite Koontz book, but it was good. Koontz is excellent at creating and describing characters, dialogue, and events. My favorite Koontz stories consist of one or two characters who face obstacles, struggle, become stronger, and survive or succeed. This story is more about uncovering the mystery, getting closer, then luckily managing to survive, with scars. Some of the battle scars are the l [...]

    18. The plot of "The Bad Place" is compelling and exciting, with a very huge what-if factor. Deep beneath you might recognize something of “Whispers” and especially Bruno Frye. There is more than one similarity between Bruno and Candy Pollard, the villain of “The Bad Place”. But instead of using twin brothers with a deeply disturbed childhood, Koontz takes it one huge step further, creating paranormally gifted offspring of a through incest mutated hermaphrodite.The heroes are Bobby and Julie [...]

    19. I read this book when I was a preteen and loved it. I probably shouldn't have reread it.Parts of it are still interesting and creepy, like when you get the backstory about the family of mutants (for lack of better term). (view spoiler)[Incestuous relations that lead to a hermaphrodite, who self-impregnates herself (hide spoiler)], which leads to four kids with special powers. Makes no sense, but who cares? The backstory and the powers were all creepy, but frankly, King would have done it better. [...]

    20. Where do I begin? The Bad Place was an incredible mixture of romance, drama, murder mystery, Sci-Fi, and comedy. Koontz always manages to amaze me with his vivid imagination and his ability to flit from one scene to the next without losing the interest of the reader and has such an inspirational way of making the story flow. The characters were all so good that I regret trying to single out anyone in particular. Although I suppose Frank would have to take center stage; Thomas would certainly be [...]

    21. I choose to read 'The Bad Place' because I have known Dean Koontz to be a great author. I read the book 'Odd Thomas' by him, and I greatly enjoyed it. I was always recommended this book by a friend, and thought that I would give it a try.At first, I had a little difficulty getting into the book. I had many unanswered questions in the first few chapters and I was a little frustrated. Koontz wasnt being very discriptive at first, and he left me a little confused.As I progressed into the book, I be [...]

    22. I read this book as a teenager. It was so good that I read it slow, at a neighborhood park at night, underneath a small, dim lantern, and cherished every word. As Koontz often did in his earlier works, he captures you quickly with intense action, unique circumstances (such as with this novel of a man waking up in an alley not knowing who he is), and leaving the reader wanting to know more. The perspective is third person and it flips around from different characters. One of the best characteriza [...]

    23. One of my penpals recommended Koontz because I'm a Stephen King fan. I happened to acquire this book for free, which is just as well because it's spectacularly bad. Really, really awful. It started with a reasonable amount of promise but rapidly got worse. I persisted with it in the vain hope it might improve, but no such luck there, unfortunately. I like horror, but this ended up getting ridiculously over the top and read like a spoof. It reminded me of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace - it really is [...]

    24. Frank Pollard awakes sprawled facedown on the pavement in an unknown alley, deep in the night. He remembers nothing, except for his named soon realizes that someone is after him. This is Koontz that writes like hell. Strong, descriptive passages really made this novel worth the time. If I had to spot a fault it would be the 2D characters; but still it does not bug the reader, and The Bad Place is one of Koontz's very best.

    25. If your not easily disturbed this is a really good book for you. The crap in this book just blew my mind. Probably my favorite of his along side with the Odd series, but I didn't give it the full 5 because of its graphic nature. Its not ridiculously graphic and its not graphic throughout the whole book but just enough to get a really good picture of how jacked up the "bad guy" is. Also its well balanced, the good characters are awesomely good.

    26. My very first Dean Koontz book which I started on a surprise trip to Hawaii for my wife's birthday. Was looking at a book rack at the airport in Pittsburgh, PA and figured I'd give Dean Koontz a shot. Haven't turned back yet! Loved the book, the story, the characters, and the ending. Great read!

    27. Koontz' characters are my favorite thing about his writing. In this book, Julie and Bobby are a case in point. They are witty, funny, caring, loving and flawed while wanting to be better people. They are humble while being confident. The antagonists are evil personified with that supernatural twist he brings to his work. Good triumphs over bad, but at a cost. While in real life good doesn't always win out, Koontz keeps it real here with the losses that occur as a result. This was an older novel [...]

    28. DNFThat was one of the most disappointing and let down books from a writer i have read from for the the third time and the other works were far more superiorI don’t know what happened with this one it did not stick with me i was not concentrated while reading it it had me rolling my eyes from the cliches and the bad characterization phew let’s hope the next novel from Koontz is not the same mess

    29. Ok, this maybe one of my favorite Dean Koontz books. Holy Cow!!!!!!!! i absolutely loved it, you never saw the ending coming, and i loved how it ended. i could not stop, had to finish it. I loved on top of everything, you had parts where you had to Burst out laughing. You guys have got to read this, 5 star all the way!!!!

    30. For me this is one of the most interesting books by Dean Koontz. This because he manages to write an SF book - and I lóve SF - with influences from multiple other genres.

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