Take Big Bites: Adventures Around the World and Across the Table

Take Big Bites Adventures Around the World and Across the Table Laugh out loud funny and salt of the earth wise celebrated journalist and producer Linda Ellerbee leads us on a gastronomic journey from Italy to Afghanistan Mexico to Massachusetts with some very

  • Title: Take Big Bites: Adventures Around the World and Across the Table
  • Author: Linda Ellerbee
  • ISBN: 9780425209738
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laugh out loud funny and salt of the earth wise, celebrated journalist and producer Linda Ellerbee leads us on a gastronomic journey from Italy to Afghanistan, Mexico to Massachusetts, with some very entertaining detours along the way plus photos and recipes.

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    1. Linda Ellerbee

      Linda Ellerbee born Linda Jane Smith is a journalist who is most known for several jobs at NBC News, including Washington DC correspondent, and reporter and co anchor of NBC News Overnight, which was recognized by the duPont Columbia Awards as the best written and most intelligent news program ever Ms Ellerbee s production company, Lucky Ducky Productions, has earned a reputation as a supplier of outstanding children s programming for network, syndication, cable, and public television Originally from Texas, Ms Ellerbee now divides her time between New York City and western Massachusetts.


    1. I was given this book for my birthday and I wrote about it in my blog. I quoted part of the first chapter because Ellerbee wrote about a restaurant in Florence, Italy, and I knew exactly which place she meant. Further, I had taken a photograph of the entrance to the restaurant: it features a small table, set with a re-dhecked cloth, four plates, and seated at four tiny chairs are four small pigs. Ex-pigs. Deceased pigs, now dressed up, drinking wine and eating (I think) fava beans. And I added m [...]

    2. I loved this book! In this travel and food memoir Ellerbee is a witty, smart, entertaining writer with the ability to take you with her whether she's on a writer's retreat in a small town in Santorino, befriending a child on the streets of Kabul or eating Beluga caviar with Malcolm Forbes during the Statue of Liberty's centennial. Most chapters conclude with related recipes, which seem *doable*. The writing is very easy to read, but I found myself reading it slowly because I didn't want the book [...]

    3. I've always loved this lady! She was a journalist on TV who ended her commentaries with "And so it goes"A few gems: Sam Keen said "We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.""The thing about makeup is that the more you need it - the less it can do for you "

    4. I bought this as a BG book in 2006-2007. It was lost in my house until a month or two ago. It's basically a travelogue/memoir with recipes. I read it for my 2015 Reading Challenge; it ticks the box "a book at the bottom of your to be read pile" (honestly I had 100s to choose from). It was excellent.

    5. Love her irreverent (if sometimes a bit self righteous) style. Ellerbee seldom uses a word that isn't absolutely necessary to advance her story. And she is often fall-off-your-chair hilarious. A great collection of random memories of some of her adventures around the world. My favorites are about her food adventures, which she describes in lusty detail.

    6. This might be my all-time favorite nonfiction book. The recipes are phenomenal (Garlic Soup!) but it's truly inspiring on so many different levels. It makes you want to travel, adventure and just take comfort in the constant nature of being while allowing yourself to be as unpredictable as you choose to be.

    7. A truly wonderful book. Ellerbee has been a favorite author/TV personality for some time. I don’t know how I have missed this one, but I am so glad I found it. Ellerbee writes about her many world travels and the delicious meals she experiences. But there is so much more here. During a trip to France, in 1976, Linda and her first husband meet a retired English major and his wife. Linda asked if they had tried the delicious soupe de poisson and “Mrs Major said certainly they had not tried the [...]

    8. FABULOUS BOOK!! I laughed and cried, as these memoirs and reflections are so true and telling. Linda Ellerbee's hysterical "down home" humor shines throughout, as does her obvious love for her friends and family even if there are times when, to put it nicely, not everybody see eye to eye.Food is so important to just about all of us, as our fondest memories are usually associated with sharing meals with loved ones. Weaving this element into such an entertaining travelog is sheer genius, and yes, [...]

    9. I didn't know much, if anything, about Linda Ellerbee beyond that she was a television personality, but I think she's my new hero. And it isn't just because she loves food or because she knows how to write. But because she embraces life. Because she isn't perfect and isn't ashamed of it. She wasn't the perfect mother. She wasn't the perfect wife. She wasn't the perfect employee. She did the best she could to be true to herself and over the course of her 60 years come to accept the fact that life [...]

    10. Linda Ellerbee's style is so unique and this little peek into her life was just a treat. She takes the things that are soul-crushing to the more timid traveler (strangers! unfamiliar territory! fear of the unknown!), throws caution to the wind, and embraces life. Her reward for keeping an open mind, an open heart, and open arms are the adventures and experiences she shares in these well-crafted words. I love the way she distills all the pain, joy, heartbreak, elation, irony, and humor of her tra [...]

    11. I enjoyed the book, but don't feel like it was a 'must read', thus the three stars. Lots of laughs throughout and some history of foods. Really enjoyed the chili sectioni is served in mostly warm countries where the peppers can disguise the rancid meats and cowboys made chili on the range because freshly slaughtered beef does not taste good. Who knew?I copied some of the recipes: chili (using 3/4 cup chili powder), Mom's lost chocolate pie and cream of garlic soup. Have made the pie and can see [...]

    12. I really like travel, and food, and Linda Ellerbee--so when the three come together, what's not to love?As I read the book, I heard the words in Ellerbee's voice, and her wit constantly shone through. I don't know that I'll attempt any of the chapter-ending recipes--and I don't think she cares about that, anyhow--but I'd sure like to explore some of the places she's explored, and try many of the local foods.Ellerbee's sense of adventure is infectious, and I enjoyed the journey so much, I was ver [...]

    13. Remember Nickelodeon News? I KNEW I knew her face from somewhere. I had such a great time reading this book, I laughed, I cried, I found recipes inside from far away places. This book is so awesome because she puts recipes, phone numbers, addresses of places she has gone to eat and has great descriptions of the food she makes and eats. I totally want to do what she did when I grow up. She is so cool.

    14. This delightful memoir is simply Ellerbee telling stories about her travels – and eating adventures Reading it is like having a great chat with a girlfriend. Each chapter ends with a recipe from something eaten during the events of the chapter. Often these are Ellerbee’s versions of the item with her comments as well. The last two chapters get quite philosophical and a bit more serious. Reading the book is time well-spent with a good friend.

    15. I loved this memoir of her worldwide travels and her family whipped up and stirred in and around the vast quantities food she cooks and recommends to readers along with recipes to make in their own kitchens to enjoy with big bites. I confess to feeling a real stomach ache from eating the imagined food by the end of the book.

    16. Four years after I received a signed copy for my 50th b-day and couldn't finish it, I just re-read it. Saw it through a whole different set of eyes and absolutely enjoyed it! Couldn't wait to get on the train to/from work to continue reading. She is one cool chick! I wish is knew her personally!

    17. I've been a huge fan of Linda Ellerbee's ever since I used to watch her on NBC News Overnight, when I used to work the graveyard shift at a motel in 1983. I really enjoyed this book. It was like sitting down with a rather raucous friend and eating a coupla good meals and having a nice long, loud funny conversation.

    18. I have been a fan of Linda Ellerbee for years, and I loved this book. It's one of a very few I offered to loan to friends if they promised cross-your-heart to return it. I usually just give away books that I've read. (And, no, that doesn't mean my home is bookless - ask my husband - there are full bookshelves in every room.)

    19. This is a travel memoir, but the travels are not in life order. I have traveled alot, but I am a voyeur as well. Some of Ellerbee's adventures were so much fun to read. I did think some of the stories about her personal life could have been omitted. However, she has a great way with words, and her descriptions of food were mouth-watering.

    20. I loved this book! The author painted such vivid pictures of her travels and food she enjoyed on them that I felt like I was there with her enjoying it myself! I would highly recommend this book for all those who love travel and food!

    21. Ellerbee, as she recommends to others, takes big bites. At this stage of my life, I plan to follow her advice and upsize all my nibbles. Would younger people love this book as much as I did? I'm not sure.

    22. What a great book by a terrific author. She has had a most interesting life and this book chronicles much of it. Mostly her international travels and how she immersed herself in these many different cultures. When I was finished, I wanted to be her! :)

    23. Very easy informal style. I liked the non-linearity of it, as though it were many conversations held over time. Since I collect recipes wherever I go, I really appreciated the recipes at the end of each section.

    24. Every woman of a certain age would/could/should truly relate to Ellerbee's in-your-face writing. I want to share my book with so many but at the same time just want to hold it for a while longer .

    25. Loved this tale of Linda ellerbee's culinary adventures around the world. Good recipes, great stories and colorful insights into life. A true free spirit. That made me yearn for some get out and explore the world spirit.

    26. Armchair travelers will be delighted with Ellerbee's engrossing travel accounts -- you will want to race to these destinations to share the adventure! The recipes made my mouth water. Yum. Seconds, please! I wish she'd write another in the same line

    27. I loved this memoir. Linda is just so 'real'. Wonderful commentary on her (mostly solo) travels all over the globe; thoughts on family; friendship; life; aging; food (recipes included). What's not to like? It's funny, poignant, clever and she doesn't take herself too seriously.

    28. A mixture of travel, philosophy, and recipes by a former reporter. I think she rather exaggerates her willingness to eat anything and everything in the course of her many travels in the world, but she sure has a lot of zest for life.

    29. Pieces of her life with child raising illness, travel and life. Good, The celebrated journalist, producer, and bestselling author takes us on a remarkable culinary journey through "a life lived interestingly, if not especially intelligently."

    30. One of my favorites--it combines travel, food and the memoirs of an adventurous woman. It's humorous and inspiring--even a couple of laugh-out-loud bits.

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