The Witches of Willowmere

The Witches of Willowmere Whenever Claire passes by Willowmere she is intrigued by the beauty and exoticism of the estate so out of place in the small town where she lives There is something oddly familiar about the eccentri

  • Title: The Witches of Willowmere
  • Author: Alison Baird
  • ISBN: 9780141313733
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whenever Claire passes by Willowmere, she is intrigued by the beauty and exoticism of the estate, so out of place in the small town where she lives There is something oddly familiar about the eccentric old house, with its widow s walk, gingerbread trim and lofty turret Willowmere s owner, Dr Myra Moore, is equally fascinating She tells Claire about the Wiccan belief syWhenever Claire passes by Willowmere, she is intrigued by the beauty and exoticism of the estate, so out of place in the small town where she lives There is something oddly familiar about the eccentric old house, with its widow s walk, gingerbread trim and lofty turret Willowmere s owner, Dr Myra Moore, is equally fascinating She tells Claire about the Wiccan belief system, which is not about dark spells and magic as some of Claire s classmates seem to believe , but rather about affirming the goodness of the earth and all living things Claire begins to read about witchcraft and natural magic on her own, trying to understand what truth may lie within its ancient lore and wondering if it can help solve the mystery that torments her Why did her mother leave so abruptly three years ago And where has she gone Claire treasures her new friendship, but she can t shake the strange feeling that Myra is holding something back from her And although she loves visiting Willowmere, she is haunted by the feeling that ancient events have pushed their way to the present and are beckoning her Why is she having such strange and terrifying dreams Why does she feel drawn to the portrait of Myra s ancestor Alice Ramsay Could Alice really have been a white witch As she struggles to uncover and understand the powers of both good and evil, Claire is drawn towards the past, to the witch trials of the 17th century, and must battle unexpected adversaries in the present All the while, she searches for the true story behind her mother s disappearance, hoping her new found knowledge and power will bring them together again.

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      Alison Baird is a resident of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and a graduate of Trinity College, University of Toronto, where she earned her Honours B.A in English and her M.A degree As an author she had an early start, publishing her first poems when she was 12 In 1994 her first book, The Dragon s Egg, was published by Canada it was a national bestseller and a Regional Winner of the Silver Birch Award a children s choice award It is now featured on school curricula across the country The Hidden World and White as the Waves A Novel of Moby Dick, both published in 1999, were Canadian Children s Book Centre Our Choice selections, and White as the Waves was shortlisted for the IODE Violet Downey Book Award The Wolves of Woden, the prequel to The Hidden World, followed in 2001 and was featured in Resource Links Magazine s Best of 2001 Baird s next project for Penguin was the The Witches of Willowmere also a CCBC Choice , volume one of the Willowmere Chroncles In 2003 her adult fantasy novel, The Stone of the Stars, and its two sequels were sold to Warner Aspect through the Sternig Byrne literary agency and were published in 2004 and 2005 The Stone of the Stars received a starred review in Publisher s Weekly.Baird s short fiction has appeared in On Spec magazine, a Canadian periodical of original science fiction and fantasy for adults Her story Dragon Pearl received an Honourable Mention in the 1996 edition of The Year s Best Fantasy and Horror published by St Martin s Press Another short story, Moon Maiden, appeared in the acclaimed young adult anthology What If Amazing Stories Selected by Monica Hughes Tundra Books, 1998 , which was an ABA Kids Pick of the Lists for 1998 and was featured on the New York Public Library s Recommended List Moon Maiden has since been reprinted in two Canadian school readers, and is available in an audio version from Prentice Hall.


    1. This book was interesting, it really managed to incorporate the ore behind shamans, witches and the witch trials. Claire was a nice character to read about, especially as she tried to find out not only what was happening to her, but also solve the puzzles of what's going on around her. When Claire goes to a lecture at school she meets Myra, a woman who has done just about everything and is currently interested in the Wiccan culture. And after girls at school start going to a dark coven, and she [...]

    2. At first, when I finished rereading this book, I was like "yeah, alright, let's make a reservation at the library and keep reading, I wanna find out more." Because, let's be honest, the book does leave you at a high-so many exciting things happen, Claire has obviously changed, and we can get down to the fun stuff. Right? But then I read this review and saw a bit of a pattern. Things only get exciting near the last 50 pages? Everything before is a meandering runaround? Yeah, sounds like the book [...]

    3. This book blends the many practical but magical side of Wicca, we have Claire as our main character, a logical girl, that mostly likes to keep to herself. Being thrown into magic and mystery, and a past that she needs to put the puzzle pieces back together. I found this book deeply intriguing, I didn't want to put it down!~ the character is well-rounded and oddly the pacing for her recollection isn't too quick, Alison Baird makes both Claire's story and her past life story both interesting and m [...]

    4. I think this was a pretty nice book. I bought it in a library sale, and I instantly liked the cover, so I picked it up. This is my first witch book by the way, so I don't have anything to compare with I thought the beginning was a bit long and slow, but that did not irritate me. I liked the fact that you get to know Claire by heart. You really get insight in her personality, and her way of thinking. It is obvious that she does not believe in witches and that is what makes this story nice. In the [...]

    5. tweede keer dat ik dit boek las, en nog steeds bleef ik me verbazen. het verhaal begint met een meisje in schotland en gaat daarna heen en weer tussen schotland en het plaatsje willowmere. Het is een verhaal over een meisje die zo'n beetje is als als het niet is bewezen bestaat het niet, dus erg standvastig. Dan wordt ze lastig gevallen door een meisje Josie die aan magie doet en een witte rat als deamon heeft samen met haar vriendje maakt ze het leven van claire tot een hel tot er onverklaarbar [...]

    6. This was a pretty good book. I just picked it up on a whim. I liked Myra Moore and her house was fabulous. I like the way the mystery stays mysterious to Claire for so long, not because she's dense as a brick, but because she doesn't want to believe in magic of any sort; she's a rationalist. The bits and pieces of the past that are interspersed in the novel could be a bit tiresome, but they were short and after awhile they started to become more interesting.

    7. This is the first book in the Willowmere Chronicles. It follows the life of teenager CLaire as she discovers she is the reincarnation of a powerful shamaness.Her discovery only happens in the final pages of the book, which were also the most interesting. It took me a few days to get through this one because I just wasnt captivated enough. I would like to check out more in the series though - just to see if anything more interesting happens now that Claire knows who she is.

    8. I enjoyed this book. I found it atmospheric, well researched, full of fun animals. I would have given it 4 stars, but what held me back was some of the characters voices were a little lame. what teenager says 'good grief' or 'nice illusion Josie, you should take that act to vegas"?

    9. spoilers belowClaire's great. She's smart and likable. Her discovery of the Other/magic world is slow, but ultimately very rewarding for the reader. I love the commentary Claire makes along the journey and the historical aspects of the back story regarding her past lives, etc.

    10. Only mildly interesting and very slow-paced throughout the entire book. However, the end did make me want to see what happens next, so I guess I will give the next book a chance at some point.

    11. Witches, shamans, and wiccans, all encountered and explained in great detail. A suspenseful story of a high-school student trying to steer her way through it all.

    12. I just picked this up for a light read and really enjoyed it.I liked the plot and the style of writing that Alison Baird has.I will continue with this series for sure.

    13. An intriguing story about a young witch discovering her talents. Truly love Baird's incorporation of reincarnation and past lives. Definitely a good read.

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