Gone to Ground

Gone to Ground From one of Britain s leading crime writers Flesh and Blood Ash and Bone comes his new book sure to go straight to the top of the bestseller lists Will s first thought when he saw the man s face it w

  • Title: Gone to Ground
  • Author: John Harvey
  • ISBN: 9780434014460
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one of Britain s leading crime writers Flesh and Blood, Ash and Bone comes his new book sure to go straight to the top of the bestseller lists.Will s first thought when he saw the man s face it was like a glove that had been pulled inside out.When police detective Will Grayson and his partner, Helen Walker are called upon to investigate the violent death of SteFrom one of Britain s leading crime writers Flesh and Blood, Ash and Bone comes his new book sure to go straight to the top of the bestseller lists.Will s first thought when he saw the man s face it was like a glove that had been pulled inside out.When police detective Will Grayson and his partner, Helen Walker are called upon to investigate the violent death of Stephen Bryan, a gay Cambridge academic, their first thoughts are of an ill judged sexual encounter, of rough trade gone wrong.But as their investigation widens, their attention focuses on the biography Bryan was writing about the life and death of fifties film star, Stella Leonard, whose death from drowning, when the car she was driving skidded mysteriously off a lonely Fenland road, uncannily echoed the climax of her most notorious film, Shattered Glass.With Bryan s journalist sister egging them on, and bringing herself into mortal danger as she conducts her own investigation, Will and Helen gradually peel away the secrets of a family blighted by a lust for wealth and power and its own perverted sexuality.

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    About "John Harvey"

    1. John Harvey

      aka Jon Barton, William S Brady with Angus Wells , L.J Coburn with Laurence James , J.B Dancer with Angus Wells , John B Harvey, William M James with Terry Harknett and Laurence James , Terry Lennox, John J McLaglen with Laurence James , James Mann, Thom Ryder, J.D Sandon with Angus Wells , Jon HartJohn Harvey born 21 December 1938 in London is a British author of crime fiction most famous for his series of jazz influenced Charlie Resnick novels, based in the City of Nottingham Harvey has also published over 90 books under various names, and has worked on scripts for TV and radio He also ran Slow Dancer Press from 1977 to 1999 publishing poetry The first Resnick novel, Lonely Hearts, was published in 1989, and was named by The Times as one of the 100 Greatest Crime Novels of the Century Harvey brought the series to an end in 1998 with Last Rites, though Resnick has since made peripheral appearances in Harvey s new Frank Elder series The protagonist Elder is a retired detective who now lives, as Harvey briefly did, in Cornwall The first novel in this series, Flesh and Blood, won Harvey the Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger in 2004, an accolade many crime fiction critics thought long overdue In 2007 he was awarded the Diamond Dagger for a Lifetime s Contribution to the genre On 14th July 2009 he received an honorary degree Doctor of Letters from the University of Nottingham in recognition of his literary eminence and his associations with both the University and Nottingham particularly in the Charlie Resnick novels He is also a big Notts County fan.


    1. Bit pedestrian as a thriller. Wondered why the plot was muddied with red herrings which didn't really add much to the story to increase the suspense.

    2. Maybe just too many different stories going on here. Might have worked better if they tied in somehow with the main murder. Still, not a bad storyline."When police detective Will Grayson and his partner, Helen Walker, investigate the violent death of Stephen Bryan, a gay academic, their first thoughts are of an ill-judged sexual encounter or a fatal lovers’ quarrel: The man’s face was like a glove that had been pulled inside out. But they soon shift focus to the book Bryan was writing about [...]

    3. 1 – Gone to ground, by John Harvey – 4.75 Harvey is an excellent novelist with a great sense of character. He doesn’t need Resnik to deliver a strong tale. In this book the main characters are three: the pair of detectives, Will Grayson and Helen Walker, and the murdered man’s sister. Grayson is a family man with two small kids and a wife who wishes to resume his work because domestic life is lonely and unrewarding. Walker is a woman strong enough in her job and her life but weak when co [...]

    4. GONE TO GROUND (Police Procedural-Det. Will Grayson, England-Cont) – G+Harvey, John – StandaloneWilliam Heinemann, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780434014460First Sentence: 1. EXT. COAST ROAD. NIGHT. A blank screen.*** Detective Will Grayson’s latest victim, Stephen Bryant, is a writer working on the life of late actress Stella Leonard. He had been warned off questioning Leonard’s family; is that why he is dead? Bryant had also recently broken off from his gay lover; is that why he is de [...]

    5. Every Harvey book I read makes me like this writer more, and this one is no exception. Set in Cambridge, a body of a gay academic, Stephen Bryan, is found. Is it an encounter gone wrong? Detectives Will Grayson and Helen Walker consider the possibilities. There is an ex-lover, Mark McKusick, who seems to have remained on good terms with Bryan, but could he have been involved. What motive is there behind the removal of Bryan's computer, disks and papers on his book in progress. Why doesn't Stella [...]

    6. I wondered if John Harvey actually wrote this book just didn't seem his style or up to his standards in the beginning. It improved as it went along but still it is far from my favorite of his works. A young gay man involved in writing the biography of a cult film actress is brutally murdered and his estranged partner is immediately a suspect. There are family secrets here involving the actress that are impeding the murder investigation and it turns nasty quickly. This is an OK book but I wasn't [...]

    7. So far of all the John Harvey books I have read ,I have loved them both.At first I thought I knew who dunnit then again I started doubting depending on how the case was going.At times I thought was really dragging,but I realized things aren't necessarily supposed to go so fast.Infact the killer had done such a perfect job of hiding all the evidence and leading to distracting places,so that the attention wouldn't point to him in.Good plot,good characterization,I was kept glued to the story the wh [...]

    8. A first stab at a new police pairing for Harvey, and inevitably it's a male-female combo. Not as compelling as Resnick; the storyline being stretched at a critical point with a bizarre revelation being a small problem for me, as was the author's (occasional) lapses into cliché (why is it a character they don't want us to like is always introduced as 'having thin lips'?). Other than that, pretty tight and by no means a bad read

    9. I usually don't read mystery novels, since I find them predictable and boring, but my husband got this one for christmas, and I read it anyway. While it was a fast and easy read (which helped when I read some of it on the flight back), this book is a standard crime novel, with nothing particularly interesting about it. The author tried to construct the plot to make it surprising to the reader, but since I expected that, I was still able to predict the ending very early on.

    10. I have a very hard time with the five-star scale. I would much prefer to give this a 3.5, as I greatly enjoyed the overall tone of the book, the flow of the novel, the interaction of the characters. The story was engrossing and well-told, and I only guessed about half of the ending. Still, while it was on the higher end of "I liked it", it wasn't anything particularly special that will remain with me for a long time.

    11. I think John Harvey is one of the best crime writers around and this is a very readable detective story, but I didn't like it quite as much as his Resnick books as I wasn't so interested in his detectives in this one. However, his writing style was as good as ever. As a film fan, I liked the inclusion of a lot of material about film noir. Unfortunately I thought it was a bit easy to spot the final twist coming up, but I still enjoyed it.

    12. Second book of Frank Elder series with main characters Will Grayson and Helen Walker as police detectives in Nottingham England. Stephan Bryan is found murdered in his shower and Will and Helen investigate what appears to be a ill-judged sexual encounter. After noticing that his computer is missing, the focus shifts to a book he was writing about the life and death of fifties film star Stella Leonard. Stephen's sister, a reporter, investigates her brother's death and finds herself in danger.

    13. A rather plodding police procedural. It does improve towards the end, but that's no reason to read the first 300 pages. The last 80 or so are pretty good, which redeemed this to a two star rating.There's a quote on the cover with which I couldn't agree, that reads:"If Harvey get any better the rest of us may just have to shoot him."I say, don't worry Mr. Hill, your books are far superior.

    14. I just might not have been in the right mood for this book but I struggled to maintain an interest in it.Which is odd because I like mysteries and British writers and a friend who has similar book tastes loves this series. I may try again with the next one and see if it was just bad timing on this one.

    15. I actually give it a 3.5. I enjoyed this novel very much. You know that when you pick up a john Harvey novel its not going to be the "in your face" type of crime novel. This brings you along thinking that you might have figured out plot when 'bam' Mr. Harvey decides that now he will tell you how it ends. Always recommend his novels and this one is no exception.

    16. I should probably just avoid books written by British authors. The discussion of disturbing topics in their typically formal prose is just offputting for me. I had a difficult time vesting myself in any of the characters in the book. I finished it, but it was a chore. Next up is The Woods by Harlan Coben. Hoping I find that much more to my liking.

    17. Satisfying read by an author I'll put on my list for further reading. I set aside two half-read mystery novels (out of boredom -- been there, seen that) before settling into what's probably classified as a British police procedural. It's more, though; the book captures the lives of the many people affected by and caught up in the investigation of the murder of a gay academic.

    18. John Harvey is a really fine writer. This is a third police procedural series that he has going now. This is not as edgy, more straightforward than his wonderful Resnick books. I still found it very engaging, including the personal lives of the two detectives and intertwining plots that kept me guessing. I'll be looking for the next one.

    19. Not too difficult to follow. Being from Nottingham it didn't have a Nottingham feel to it, the names were very American/typical of crime novels. Ending was disappointing. Usually I'd expect to be lead along one path to then be shocked at who the perpetrator is in the end, but here they didn't even link into the rest of the book.

    20. I was not immediately taken by Mr. Harvey's book. It took a couple chapters before the characters and the srory line really strted to grow on me. Somewhere in the middle of reading a chpter I was hooked and it was hard me to put it down.

    21. This was the the hardest book to get into. Not that it was interesting it just seemed to take for ever. I spend well over a week reading it and just didn't really feel the need to read it. So rather blah - but yet good twists and turns.

    22. Very different from Harvey's lone man police procedurals. Two detective who are partners have almost equal weight in this one. The cast is well rounded, contemporary, reminding one of George or James or Rendell. Like all of his novels, I didn't want it to end.

    23. The author is one of my favorite English police procedural writers and this, a first book featuring a police detective duo in Cambridge, was a perfectly acceptable read. The plot and supporting characters were quite interesting though one of the two lead characters was a bit on the boring side.

    24. The characters are a little 2 dimensional, but the story is good - a police procedural set in Cambridge, England. A recommendation from my friend Suzanne. She said it was like Reginald Hill. I like him better, but in a pinch

    25. Different to read about places in Nottingham (my home town) but too much detail about the Detective's lives & not enough about the crime.

    26. Started off fantastically well. It had me captivated, but the ending seemed to be incredibly rushed. Almost as if Mr. Harvey had ran out of time!

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