Brady Brady has never been trusted with secrets until now When he discovers an Underground Railroad station near his family s farm he is forced to make his own decision about the slavery controversy Whate

  • Title: Brady
  • Author: Jean Fritz Lynn Ward
  • ISBN: 9780698119376
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brady has never been trusted with secrets, until now When he discovers an Underground Railroad station near his family s farm, he is forced to make his own decision about the slavery controversy Whatever his decision may be, he knows that this is one secret that must be kept.

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    1. Jean Fritz Lynn Ward

      Jean Fritz was a children s author with a fascination with writing historical fictions She was born on November 16, 1915, in Hankow, China to missionary parents After living in China for 13 years, Fritz and her family moved back to the United States Beginning her career with an English degree, Fritz became an award winning and respected author She received an honor for every book that she wrote.


    1. This is a story a bout a boy who has a hard time keeping secrets. He stumbles across a secret that could threaten his whole family. Is he able to keep the secret?I enjoyed the fast pace writing style of this story. And because of that I was able to finish it it one sitting.

    2. Historical fiction. Interesting book. Kept me engaged. Written for teens, but a good story none-the-less with a good message.

    3. BRADY by JEAN FRITZ -254pages.i answer to the question 2 and 11.Does this story or its characters remind you of another story you have read? Does it remind you of a movie? how are they alike? and how are they different?this story remember me another story that i read several years ago: the history of ''kunta kinte'' by alex haley. i was so attracted by this book that i rent the movie. it was an interesting book with a true story. the story in ''brady'' the book i have already read is similar to [...]

    4. "Brady Minton’s trouble was that he couldn’t keep a secret. He just naturally had to tell everything he knew. After all, there were so many interesting things to talk about: his brother Matt had just been appointed a professor of history; his friend Range knew where the best trout fishing was; and something strange was going on at Drover Hull’s cabin. That’s what really started the trouble. Brady just had to tell about the runaway slaves he thought he saw at Drover Hull’s cabin. The mi [...]

    5. Early in this gentle novel, Brady, a pastor’s son, stumbles upon a neighbor’s Underground Railroad “station” while playing in the woods with a friend. When Brady, unable to keep a secret, shares his discovery with his family, he is surprised by their reaction. Unsure of his own feelings about slavery, Brady begins to notice the tension between those around him who are on opposite sides of the controversial issue. Then Brady stumbles across an even bigger secret related to the Underground [...]

    6. Brady, a Pennsylvania pastor's son, is out in the woods one day when he comes across a hermit neighbor's Underground Railroad station. Brady's community, so close to the Virginia border, is much divided on the subject of slavery, and even his own home is unsettled: his Southern-born mother is on one side, and his father seems to be on the other, a question that is finally put to rest the day he courageously preaches a sermon against the evils of slavery. Violence against the family's property en [...]

    7. One of my favorite books that I still read over and over to this day. I'll pack it in my bag when I'm going on a trip or even when I know I'll have a bit of a wait before an appointment.Brady is a sweet book about a boy who learns to have convictions and think for himself and how he's forced to act on those convictions. The book has enough suspense for younger readers, but the true beauty in the story is how Jean Fritz wrote such real personalities with her characters, the depth in revealing the [...]

    8. A sweet book which takes place in the 1830--a time period I haven't seen a lot of historical fiction for. The Revolution is still being fought in the memories of the oldest inhabitants but slavery and abolition are fast becoming a challenging political issue. It's told from the point of view of a boy who can never keep a secret yet stumbles upon the huge secret of the Underground Railroad station in his neighborhood. A good read. (Read for my tutoring work).

    9. Classic YA book, with the title character coming of age on the border of the Mason-Dixon line in the years before the Civil War. Son of an abolitionist preacher and a former plantation belle for his mother, Brady is conflicted on just what slavery means for him.This is a great novel to introduce kids to the Ante-bellum South and the issue of Slavery (both north and south). Not much in the way of female leads (or female characters at all), but fun regardless.

    10. I love stories about people doing what's right even when it's dangerous or scary. Because of that I love to read books about the Underground Railroad. "Brady" is one those books that kids don't often grab because, honestly, the cover and the title don't make it look all that interesting. Don't judge this book by it's cover. It's an exciting story, with a character, Brady, who helps you to see the slavery issue and the underground railroad from the perspective of a child. I loved this book!

    11. Okay. I had read this in the fifth or sixth grade, and picked it up after I bought it for my dad for Christmas this year. (It takes place in his hometown, Washington, PA.) I almost gave up halfway through, but the ending proved fairly satisfying. Might be a good read for pre-teens, but didn't have enough punch to be a worthy read for most adults I would think.

    12. Very good story that offers the young reader insight both to the issues of slavery pre-Civil War & the inner struggles of a boy learning to become a man (character traits). It does this well without being too heavy. We read this for history as a read aloud-- my daughter (grade3) really enjoyed it!

    13. Of all the juvenile literature I have read recently, this has been my favorite. Gentle, and quiet, yet somehow still filled with action and adventure. Story of a boy and the Underground Railroad, touches on deep, emotional issues without being graphic or inappropriate for the age group. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for youth and adults.

    14. Decided to re read this quickly once more before giving it away. Good historical fiction and a lesson for ALL of us in this age of "TMI" and oversharing of personal information. Took only about a day to finish, but glad I took the time

    15. Another one from school. It was okay. Not the worst school book ever. Wouldn't mind reading it again if I ever had to.

    16. This is a great book with some references to history and religion. I really enjoyed reading this suspenseful book!!! I would definitely recommend this book to young readers?

    17. Wonderfully timeless historical fiction on the issues of pre-Civil War slavery, the Abolitionist Movement, and the Underground Railroad.

    18. We read this as part of our history curriculum and Keagan loved it. It's a good story and I would recommend it for preteens.

    19. Wonderful book! I read it aloud to my kids(ages 5-12). They loved it! Beautiful telling of the Underground Railroad, it's dangers, and the variety of human emotions surrounding it.

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