Gone Tomorrow

Gone Tomorrow Suicide bombers are easy to spot They give out all kinds of tell tale signs Mostly because they re nervous By definition they re all first timers There are twelve things to look for No one who has wor

  • Title: Gone Tomorrow
  • Author: Lee Child
  • ISBN: 9780593057056
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Suicide bombers are easy to spot They give out all kinds of tell tale signs Mostly because they re nervous By definition they re all first timers.There are twelve things to look for No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them.New York City The subway, two o clock in the morning Jack Reacher studies his fellow passengers Four are OK The fifth isn Suicide bombers are easy to spot They give out all kinds of tell tale signs Mostly because they re nervous By definition they re all first timers.There are twelve things to look for No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them.New York City The subway, two o clock in the morning Jack Reacher studies his fellow passengers Four are OK The fifth isn t.The train brakes for Grand Central Station Will Reacher intervene, and save lives Or is he wrong Will his intervention cost lives including his own

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    1. Lee Child

      Lee Child was born October 29th, 1954 in Coventry, England, but spent his formative years in the nearby city of Birmingham By coincidence he won a scholarship to the same high school that JRR Tolkien had attended He went to law school in Sheffield, England, and after part time work in the theater he joined Granada Television in Manchester for what turned out to be an eighteen year career as a presentation director during British TV s golden age During his tenure his company made Brideshead Revisited, The Jewel in the Crown, Prime Suspect, and Cracker But he was fired in 1995 at the age of 40 as a result of corporate restructuring Always a voracious reader, he decided to see an opportunity where others might have seen a crisis and bought six dollars worth of paper and pencils and sat down to write a book, Killing Floor, the first in the Jack Reacher series.Killing Floor was an immediate success and launched the series which has grown in sales and impact with every new installment The first Jack Reacher movie, based on the novel One Shot and starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike, was released in December 2012.Lee has three homes an apartment in Manhattan, a country house in the south of France, and whatever airplane cabin he happens to be in while traveling between the two In the US he drives a supercharged Jaguar, which was built in Jaguar s Browns Lane plant, thirty yards from the hospital in which he was born.Lee spends his spare time reading, listening to music, and watching the Yankees, Aston Villa, or Marseilles soccer He is married with a grown up daughter He is tall and slim, despite an appalling diet and a refusal to exercise.


    1. Superbly fantastic and definitely worth reading.Lee Child has outdone himself once again with this thirteenth installment of Jack Reacher series. Unmistakably, Gone Tomorrow falls into the ‘exceptional read’ category. For me, this book had a very riveting and ingenious plot, and with each unforeseeable twist and turn, my curiosity grew bigger and bigger. The more I got into the story, the harder it was for me to put it down. This one had me completely hooked!This book is, hands down, one of [...]

    2. You know that game you can play where "The Karate Kid" becomes a lot funnier if you just imagine that Mr. Miyagi is stoned the whole time?You don't? Well, now you do.Anyway, I've devised my own little game, and I play it every time I read a Lee Child thriller. I imagine that his hero, Jack Reacher, has Asperger's Syndrome.Before any of you "psychologists" out there jump all over me -- no, all the pieces don't fit -- but his obsessive tendencies, his refusal to own any possessions, his rootlessne [...]

    3. This one's hard to review because any little detail I reveal might turn out to spoil a surprise for someone. I will say this was an exciting, satisfying read. Much more like his earlier Reacher books that got us hooked. Once you get past a certain point in the book, there's no good stopping point. You just have to keep reading right on through. Don't expect perfect plausibility. It's a thriller, so let yourself go and enjoy! There are even a few good laughs along the way. The thing about the rub [...]

    4. This book was brilliant. I couldn’t put it down. The action was there right from the beginning and didn’t let up throughout the whole story. The plot was fast paced, which made it a real page turner. The main character is one of those people that you can’t help but like, despite the fact that he’s a killer. The characterisation of Reacher is in-depth and gives the book real integrity. Having read Killing Floor - which introduced Jack Reacher - but nothing in between, I liked how the char [...]

    5. I was on page 369 before I realized that one of the characters in this novel by Lee Child was named Lee. Yes, yes, it was her last name, but she is constantly referred to as Lee, and yet I didn't notice till I was more than halfway through the book. I usually notice that type of author hilarity fairly quickly, but not this time. THAT'S how completely immersed I was in the action. This book is utterly absorbing. I am amazed at Child's ability to keep the pace break-neck and the turns switch-back [...]

    6. I like the Jack Reacher series but my goodness this was tedious. I kept putting it down and not wanting to go back to it. Reacher is on a New York train when he sees a woman who meets all the usual requirements for a suicide bomber but when he sticks his snout in, the woman whips out a gun and kills herself. Everyone else on the train car disappears and he is left to explain what happened. Immediately he is hassled by the feds, the NYPD, and some mysterious foreign guys in cheap suits with phony [...]

    7. One of the best Reacher books yet - I'm giving it 5 stars just because how he dealt with the evil doers. No condescending bullshit, the author knew the reader wanted to see the villains suffer - I certainly did, after having nightmares reliving "that scene" - so he had Reacher go all out crazy on them. I applaud you, Mr. Child!As usual, Reacher is minding his own business - this time in the subway - when he sees a situation and gets involved. Soon enough, he's looking for answers even though the [...]

    8. Gone Tomorrow, the 13th book in Lee Child's Jack Reacher Series - Jack Reacher, maverick, loner, a nomad who drifts from town to town and who lives by his own rules and regulations is back.This time he's in New York City and one night riding on the subway, spots a woman in the same carriage he's travelling on, who he finds intriguing and he reads her body language which makes him think that she may be a suicide bomber.“Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all sorts of telltale signs [...]

    9. Hi,Another Lee Child's book finished.Although still good, I feel this one was a little slower then others I have read. A little too much bogged down in history although did build up to a exciting end.Starting next oneregardsSean

    10. BrilliantOne of the best opening chapters of any book I have ever read. Always excellently researched, as always. Following Jack Reacher's logic is thrilling. Read it.

    11. I hate subways. They are a claustrophobic and xenophobic nightmare. Underground tin cans bulleting through tunnels, stuffed wall-to-wall with sweaty, grumpy people. Not my idea of fun. After reading Lee Child's 13th book in his Jack Reacher series, "Gone Tomorrow", I hate them even more.Reacher has a talent for finding trouble. One could argue that trouble finds him, but half the time he does most of the footwork. In this case, a simple subway ride turns into a violent roller-coaster with geo-po [...]

    12. I like the Reacher series. When I’m done with one, I’m eager for the next. This was goodORY BRIEF:While riding on a subway train, Reacher sees Susan Mark kill herself. He is questioned by the cops, the feds, and a group of mercenary security guards. These groups and others think Reacher knows more than he says, and they follow him, pressure him, and try to hurt him to get information. This makes Reacher want to retaliate. So now he is now on the trail to find out what’s going onVIEWER’S [...]

    13. This is the 13th novel in the Jack Reacher series. I have found the series to be very enjoyable but as with any series some stories are better than others. This is one of the better ones.When the novel opens Jack Reacher is in New York City riding a subway at 2AM. He is observing the few other passengers in the subway car. There are five. Four look okay. The fifth doesn't. She raises a red flag in Reacher's mind. When he was an MP and in Israel he was made aware of a list of physical and behavio [...]

    14. I'm a big Jack Reacher fan even though he is a totally ridiculous fantasy of a man. Jack is homeless but not broke. He travels with a fold up toothbrush, an ATM card and an expired passport. He has no suitcase. Just buys new clothes when the old ones get dirty. That's the fun part of the character. A sort of paladin who stumbles into mysteries which he must solve with brain and brawn (Jack is a huge guy who pretty much never loses a fight even against four or five experienced fellows). And, in e [...]

    15. Typically I devour a "Jack Reacher" novel. His quick wit, logistical and deductive reasoning abilities make for an likeable, deadly, eccentric hero. "Gone Tomorrow" however, was somewhat disappointing. Instead of being enthusiastically pulled more and more into the story, I had to push myself to read through dead spots and a couple totally unnecessary graphically gruesome ramblings. Also, Reacher's famous wit seemed sparse and somewhat flat. Overall though, a viable, intelligent, solid plotjust [...]

    16. A mystery/thriller with a plot about terrorists, in both the past and present. The first half of the book was mostly solving the mystery. The second half was mostly action and dealing with the bad guys. One plot point was partially unresolved, which disappointed me a bit. Maybe it gets addressed in a later book in the series? A quick read that held my interest.

    17. 4,25 stars English paperback - I have dyslexia -Bought this book in Amsterdam, and read it while on a boat trip. The book was more interresting than the trip! " He has the swithback plotting and frictionless prose that only Child has. " - The Guardian -I agry! The twist and turns are Child's trademark for me.Love the book more than the movie with Tom Gruise because than I can make my own film with my favorite actor. 😀

    18. I'm going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you've read this one, you've read 'em all. If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher's your kinda guy. Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher. Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal/human running around on this planet and that in spite of social con [...]

    19. Jack Reacher is in some ways a silly sort of character. He's an adult man with no driver's license who rides busses around the country while solving crimes. Like some kind of knight errant mounted on a Greyhound instead of a charger. He doesn't carry any baggage and this apparently means he is constantly buying new underwear (and outerwear?) I mean, he can't go to a laundromat to wash his clothes because he has nothing to change into while his one outfit is being washed.Anyway, I try not to dwel [...]

    20. At the beginning Jack is riding a NYC subway and spots a woman he deduces is a suicide bomber. After a while he confronts her and she unexpectedly shoots herself. Jack then commences to try to find out why she did and of course uncovers a huge criminal enterprise. Very exciting.

    21. We all know that Jack Reacher is a psychopathic loner wandering aimlessly across America working out childhood conflicts by breaking bones. While he is socially isolated and eschews attachments he has a strange habit of instantly involving himself in conflicts which do not involve him, thus presenting the opportunity to inflict excess violence on his newly discovered foes. What more could you ask for? We tend to overlook his manifest faults because the writing is so good, and the foes so evil, i [...]

    22. This was the first Reacher novel I read, and after reading it I had to read every single one of them, so now I am caught up. Why do I love Reacher? For a few reasons. First, because he seeks justice no matter what, and it is fascinating to see a character in action who follows that ALL THE WAY to its conclusion - which can get to some very unexpected places. Second, because watching him solve the mystery and do the deductions and bring obscure knowledge to bear is what every mystery reader has l [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book. Probably the best Jack Reacher yet. I had issues with a couple of the first Reacher novels, and the later ones too - mainly because Reacher tends to talk and think more than act in them. This one has just the right balance of mystery and suspense - Reacher has to figure out what's going on and why and the process is as interesting as the action sequences themselves. What's more, the mystery itself is interesting. The US foreign policy insights are accurate and interes [...]

    24. Reacher is Reacher. You know what to expect and then you are not disappointed.This a storyline that you will not forget. If you like technical detail it’s for you. Full of violence- I could not keep up with the body count. However following Reacher’s thinking and strategizing made all worthwhile. This time Reacher investigates the connection of a woman who shoots herself on the train to a senate candidate. The book also draws from real world events for it's backstory. The story features one [...]

    25. I really like the Reacher stories and this is one of the best. Some might describe Child's books as guilty pleasures and they are certainly full of violence and suspense but they also contain snippets of Reacher's philosophy which he has arrived at after realizing his chosen field as an Army Investigator was supporting a corrupt system. Reacher realizes that a woman sitting across from him in a NY subway car is a suicide bomber. When he tries to dissuade her she pulls a gun and shoots herself. T [...]

    26. I loved this book! This was my first Jack Reacher novel (and what a brilliant blurb it has? How could I wait 13 books in order to read it?) and it did not disappoint. Even now, months later, I think about this novel when I'm reading others in the Jack Reacher series. It kept me guessing until the end and I really liked that. The plot was brilliant and the characterisation was superb.

    27. My theory about authors who write stories like this is that they spend too much time playing violent video games and then transfer that violence of kill, kill, kill to their novels. Such is the case here. And the story is needlessly too long with many more kills than necessary. 2 of 10 stars

    28. An author often sets their stall out in the very first paragraph of a book. You get the sense from the very best writers that they pore over many drafts of those first few sentences, knowing that this will be what hooks a reader. Lee Child is certainly a master of this and with a plethora of Jack Reacher books to his name, he knows how to set the ball rolling. ‘Gone Tomorrow’ is the 13th outing and has one of the best starts, but can the rest of the book keep up with the superb momentum of t [...]

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