Blood Money

Blood Money Jane Whitefield leaves her quiet life as a newlywed to rescue a young girl fleeing a deadly mafioso and to stop a growing evil is forced into an uneasy alliance with a Mafia hitman with a photograph

  • Title: Blood Money
  • Author: Thomas Perry
  • ISBN: 9780679453048
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jane Whitefield leaves her quiet life as a newlywed to rescue a young girl fleeing a deadly mafioso and, to stop a growing evil, is forced into an uneasy alliance with a Mafia hitman with a photographic memory to steal a fortune from the mob.

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      Thomas Perry is the author of 25 novels He was born in Tonawanda, New York in 1947 He received a B.A from Cornell University in 1969 and a Ph.D in English from the University of Rochester in 1974 He has worked as a park maintenance man, factory laborer, commercial fisherman, university administrator and teacher, and as a writer and producer of prime time network television shows He lives in Southern California.His website is thomasperryauthor


    1. Another decent addition to the series. Overall, it wasn't a great story, but it had some excellent moments. Perry slips some amazingly well crafted bits into every novel. The overall premise was kind of ridiculous, but allowing for that, the rest flowed pretty well. I loved the frustration that Jane had to feel with her charges at various times & the way paranoia flowed through the ranks of the enemy.It was a shame he chose a chestnut as the tall, old tree. I wish.My library has one more in [...]

    2. Jane Whitefield is a treasure. In this adventure, one of the last of her first set of books (she has recently been resurrected), Perry and Jane do what they do best, take someone – in this case two someones – who are targets or potential targets of the bad guys – in this case, the mafia – and help them become invisible to the pursuers. Bernie the Elephant spent a lifetime as the money manager for the major mafia families. He wrote down nothing, but kept the information in his prodigious [...]

    3. I love Thomas Perry's "Jane Whitefield" books and was delighted to stumble upon one that I hadn't read. Jane's courage, stamina, cleverness, physical ability, etc. make her a modern day "Wonder Woman," except she also comes across as endearingly human. Another reason I am drawn to these books is that Jane always survives unscathed, no matter how much danger she is in, plus there's no unnecessary gore, just excitement and suspense. I'm entranced by Jane's brilliant maneuvers as she outwits the ba [...]

    4. I read book 6 called Runner first and I loved it. All of the others I've tried have been disappointments. Jane is an awesome character and the idea of her hiding people from bad guys is exciting. However, it's become formulaic. Also, I've noticed that each time Jane meets the person she is to help, there is a LONG, BORING info dump in the form of conversation. With 2 of the other books I was able to get through to get to the action, but it's become a chore. Also, the people that Jane helps are o [...]

    5. This is one of a series by the author starring Jane Whitefield, a Native American woman who helps people disappear (as in witness protection) . with a strong female hero and fast pace, this is an excellent series to savor on a long plane flight or while on holiday!

    6. Well I definitely enjoyed this 5th book in the series, but I find it strange that this huge chunk of who Jane is supposed to be now (a married society lady??) is barely ever spoken of in these last two books. It could have been never a part of the story arc and wouldn't change anything in regards to who she is, what she does, or how she goes about doing anything. To me it adds nothing to her character because it's never been integrated into much of anything about her. Nothing about her being mar [...]

    7. I love Jane Whitfield books, but this one, not so much. It felt like Jane was running the whole time. She is living the life of a doctor's wife, volunteering at the reservation, when she sees a young girl who looks to be in trouble. Jane can tell she needs help. The girl is Rita and she had been the cleaning woman for a man, Bernie who took care of Mafia money. A man who kept no records because he has a photographic memory. As he is aging and started to forget, he arranges to have himself killed [...]

    8. # Five in the series.Yet another stranger shows up for help from Jane and , in a instant, she deems this young girl worthy of saving. As is Jane's karma/fate, there's always much more to the challenge than initially seen.She leaves her settled live and adoring hubby and plunges in to spirit the young woman and her puzzling side-kick into a new identities.Soon, she's messing with the Mafioso army and dispersing billions (yes billions) of shady investments in need of laundering.I struggled with th [...]

    9. Could I say this was an interesting read that at time was far-fetched?I still thoroughly enjoyed the story in the universe of this story, mostly because it had the Mafia and killings and investigative logic. I will definitely seek out more Jane Whitefield stories because I am curious about her talents and the need to make people disappear. Very intriguing!Five stars in this first novel I've read from Thomas Perry, I like his style and flow and look forward to many more adventures

    10. I did really like this story. However, Mr. Perry is one of any number of authors who insists on introducing the entire Mafia in this one for example. I've absolutely had my fill of mentally seeing and figuring out a pronunciation for all these names. Makes me chuckle. Hey, for me it gets to be hard work since I am a word reader. And Jane actually takes them on and leaves them in a mess.Interesting accomplishment. Really enjoying this series.

    11. This installment in Thomas Perry's Jane Whitefield series is different from the others I have read. She does do her disappearing act for her client but there is a twist on it. Jane also takes on an enemy that is really big and has lots of resources. There are multiple challenges along the way. It was hard to put the book down!

    12. Oops! I read this out of order. It suffered because I decided that I wasn't going to continue the series. As I read the jacket blurbs and scanned some pages in the prior installments, I realized what I had missed--the Native American mysticism. Admittedly, this book was a Federal Government wish fulfillment of how-to bring down the Mafia, so that's kind of mystical. I'm not going to retrace the missing segments because I just can't buy the mystical, all-forgiving husband.

    13. i love jane whitefield, i mean, she's my heroine, right? a tall skinny woman who beats up bad guys with her bare hands but is not afraid of putting a couple of bullets in them when the circumstances really, really require it, and all for the sake of keeping total strangers who turn to her in distress safe. from the moment she takes them on, she makes a deal with herself -- not the runner, never the runner -- that if there is a bullet to take, she'll be the one who takes it, end of story. this gr [...]

    14. The weakest entry thus far in the Jane Whitefield series. We've seen time and time again how resourceful Jane can be in anticipating the opposition's actions and evading them - there's lots more of that here, albeit almost too routine by now. Jane's acceptance of a new runner is almost perfunctory, despite her promise to her husband not to continue her work as a guide, and is followed by a periodic peppering of guilt as she contemplates her betrayal of that promise. The underlying problem that c [...]

    15. PLOT OR PREMISE:Jane Whitefield is happy in her new life as a suburban housewife. But then someone shows up at her door on the reservation, knowing she used to be the-woman-who-makes-people-disappear. And this one needs to disappear -- a young woman who worked for the mob, taking care of the house for an old man who was the mob's moneyman with a photographic memory, keeping it all in his head. When the man escapes, and then gets whacked, Rita knows she needs help to disappear before the mafia fi [...]

    16. I have loved all of Thomas Perry's "Jane Whitefield" novels. And this one was very good. Loads of suspense, bad guys, information on the Native American Senecas and great characters. The only thing I didn't really care for was the presence of "the Mafia". I'm not a big fan of Mafia based novels, movies, or anything else for that matter and this book was absolutely Mafia through and through. So many families, so many bad guys, so much violenceHowever I really liked the runnersRita, a young girl a [...]

    17. This is the 4th in the series that I read (well, listened to - been doing these through the audio versions.) I quit this one about 1/3 through becasue it was so absurd. I stuck with this series as the premise was interesting and there was some suspense. But I never cared for the boyfriend/husband storyline. This book (as far as I got) doesn't have much with her husband, but what was there was terribly overwritten. So the plot of this book I wanted to quit during disc one as the story line seeme [...]

    18. This is the last of the five original Jane Whitefield novels, after which Thomas Perry took a 10-year hiatus and wrote about other characters. It's a fast-paced, suspenseful and highly improbable story in which Jane teams up with a former Mafia money man ("Bernie the Elephant") to steal billions from his former employers. Bernie, it seems, has an incredible memory that allowed him to keep track of all the billions without committing anything to paper or computer. After he fakes his death, the Ma [...]

    19. To begin with Thomas Perry is one of my all time favorite authors, so if this seems a little biased, it probably is, but I don't care. This one is the fifth in the Jane Whitefield series, and the reason I read The Comfort of Black last week. Jane makes people disappear, again, not in the bad way.The best thing about this book is that you get to find out if somebody who came from no where, and who is completely unknown to anybody can "stick it to the mob" - we're not talking just a tiny tickle, b [...]

    20. The McGuffin in this 5th Jane Whitehead novel is La Costra Nostre's (LCN) money. Not some of their money; All the money the entire Mob has accumulated over 50 years. Only 74 year old Bernie the Elephant knows where it all is and how to access it. But Bernie is tired of managing all that loot and wants to retire. He turns to Jane to help him and his young housekeeper disappear. Jane agrees provided that Bernie transfers all $14 billion anonymously to 100s of charities so the LCN can't get it back [...]

    21. I could quibble (and probably will), but I'll start by confessing that I find Thomas Perry's brand of chase-suspense-thrillers to be addictive. Less whodunnits than howdunnits, the focus is on the detail of the chase. In this case, in my first encounter with his Jane Whitfield series, the heroine is a professional who helps people disappear, often from the Mafia. In uneasy retirement as a promise to her husband, she gets back in the game to help a young girl who is implicated in a complex financ [...]

    22. Blood Money - G+Thomas Perry - 5th in seriesJane Whitefield, a one-woman witness protection program, is semiretired, married to a doctor and living a quiet life until a teenage girl, Rita Shelford, comes to her door seeking help. The girl is being hunted, having witnessed a mob shakedown at the Florida house she was employed to clean. Protecting the girl propels Jane into a series of adventures involving Bernie the Elephant, an old man with a photographic memory who has kept Mafia financial reco [...]

    23. This is an astounding series. I love book series and this might be my favorite! Jane Whitefield is a Native American who helps people disappear from very bad people - a personal Witness Protection. In this series Mr. Perry creates believable, high tension scenarios which push his amazing leading character to be incredibly imaginative, knowledgeable and above all brave to get her wards out of trouble. In every book he puts Whitefield and her protectees in impossible situations and somehow she get [...]

    24. I read this book for Madison Murder Ink and didn't know until after I started it that this was book 5 in the series. Even though there were several instances that hinted at previous stories, this was a good story overall. I am interested in getting to know about Jane Whitefield and how she became a one-woman show in helping people disappear much so that I have already reserved the first book in the series. It was a quick and compelling read with lots of action throughout, but there were some jum [...]

    25. This book is about Jane Whitefield trying to helps teenager Rita Shelford, who kept house for an old man in Florida for a year not knowing he was the Mafia's moneyman. Now that the man's been murdered, the Mob suspects Rita of stealing the record of a shady investment worth billions. Rita's mother was doing prison time on drug charges. The girl has had to make it on her own, mostly by cleaning hotel rooms in Florida. Recently and Rita had been performing housekeeping duties for a guy in Florida [...]

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